Captain Phoenix & the Mission to Save the Queen

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After the Andromeda Galaxy finally collides with the Milky Way, new planets and species promote intergalactic travel, especially since Earth has become uninhabitable.
Phoenix, a 19 year old terran who's parents were killed in The Collision after a nuclear reactor near her home, well, reacted, has worked her way up in this new society to become captain of her own crew of pirates.
In this "episode," Phoenix and her crew are tasked with rescuing the Queen of the Strafians.

Submitted: September 30, 2019

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Submitted: September 30, 2019



Various species were scattered throughout the bar on Vespia, chattering, drinking, or watching the silvery Mertian dancers on the anti-grav stage: strangely beautiful creatures with translucent dark skin and long fish tails. 

Phoenix adjusted her eyepatch, moving it from her right eye to her left so that she could see in the dark. Her favorite thing that The Collision had given her was this mutation; in one eye, she saw normally, but the other always saw as if it were looking through a pair of night vision goggles. It came in handy, especially as a pirate. 

“Table in the left corner behind the dancers,” Andrew murmured. He was a quad, one of the more common mutants that The Collision had graced with an extra pair of arms. Strangely, it had only affected a select group of men. 

Two smaller creatures known as Strafians sat on Andrew’s shoulders, a war species that was half human, half bird and wore elaborate suits of armor. One had dark skin and wings that resembled those of a sparrow, and the other had short silvery blonde hair and the wings of a blue jay. 

“Good eye,” Phoenix said. Mia froze. “What’s wrong?” 

“That' brother…” she said, staring at the larger faun at the table they were headed for. “Captain, I’m sorry, I don't think I can do this-” 

“Oh, yes you can,” Phoenix said.

“Please, Mia,” Adelie, the blue jay said. She had crash landed on Phoenix’s ship and hurriedly given them their next mission: rescue the queen of the Strafians. 

“Without the queen, our planet is doomed,” Orla chirped, her speckled wings fluttering in anticipation. Phoenix had never seen her so distressed over someone else's wellbeing in all the time that Orla had been on her crew.

“Come on, Mia, I need you,” Phoenix said. “Andrew, hang back with the birds.” 

“Are you sure about this?” Mia squeaked, her small hooves clicking on the floor and tail twitching nervously as Phoenix linked arms with her and dragged her over to the table. 

“Vex!” Phoenix said through a plastered smile, ignoring Mia’s question as they trotted up to the table. “Didn't expect to see you here.” 

“If it isn't the lovely Phoenix,” Vex leaned back in his chair, looking her up and down as he took a sip of his drink. He had the face of a snake, with large yellow eyes and slitted pupils. He had a long, scaly neck that disappeared into his coat that trailed down to his ankles, which were wrapped in a green tail. His forked tongue kept slipping in and out of his mouth. He was sitting between two larger figures, an olive-skinned man with scruffy hair and a faun that was nearly twice the size of Mia and had large horns that curled around his ears. 

“May we sit?” Phoenix smiled, sitting before Vex could reply. 

“Mia?” the faun narrowed his eyes. “What are you doing here?”

“Hi, Mason,” Mia said meekly, shrinking into Phoenix. 

Phoenix and Vex spoke at the same time, “You know each other?”

Mason cleared his throat and muttered something indistinguishable. After an awkward silence, Vex sighed and leaned back again. 

“What brings you here, Lieutenant?” he asked.

“It’s Captain now, actually,” Phoenix said, pushing a few buttons on the table. Shortly after, a colorful drink with a decorative umbrella popped up in the center, which Phoenix took. 

“Oh, good for you,” Vex said with a smile. 

“Who are these lovely fellows?” she nodded to Vex’s colleagues. 

“Friends. Acquaintances. Mason, Harvey, this is Phoenix, I used to be her boss.”

Phoenix rolled her eyes, “He was barely a rank above me before he abandoned our crew."

“However the story goes,” Vex swirled his drink. “What brings you to Vespia?”

“Funny story,” Phoenix said, fiddling with the umbrella in her drink before she set it down. “Mia and I were passing through, dropping off some cargo, but we couldn't help but notice this lovely little creature of yours.” She leaned forward, examining the cage. 

Inside was a Strafian, noticeably larger than the others that Phoenix had met and significantly nicer-looking. She had the large golden wings of a barn owl and a pair of round glasses that sat on her pretty heart shaped face and made her eyes look extremely large. She was wearing an ornately decorated grey gown that trailed down onto the floor and hid her most likely taloned feet. 

“Gorgeous, isn't she?” Vex smiled. “This is her majesty Queen Athena of Strätá.”

“The Strafian queen?” Phoenix marveled. 

“She’s gonna catch a pretty price, won't she, boys?” Vex lifted his drink and the table erupted.

“So you're selling?” Phoenix interrupted.

“Why? Are you interested?” 

“What’s your price?” 

“It depends,” Vex set his drink down, “who else is here with you?”

“No one,” Phoenix said. 

“No one?” Vex’s tongue slipped through his teeth as he spoke. “What about your little bird friends?”

Phoenix’s stomach dropped. “Bird friends?” she said, feigning surprise. 

“Don't play stupid, Phoenix. Andrew isn't exactly hard to miss, is he?” 

“Phoenix?” Mia said, her voice shaking with fear as Vex’s crew stood up. 

“I’m not looking for trouble, Vex,” Phoenix said, raising her hands and shifting protectively in front of Mia.

“Are you sure? You always had an affinity for it,” he said. 

“I think of it more in the way that trouble has an affinity for me,” she shrugged, casually placing a hand on her sword. “Give us the queen, and no one gets hurt.” 

“I thought you’d grown up a bit, Phoenix, now that you're captain and all,” Vex spat, drawing his weapon. “Too bad you're still a child.” 

He swung at her, but she drew her rapier just in time to parry. “Yet, you're the one drawing your sword in the middle of a crowded bar.” 

Vex bared his fangs at her, withdrawing slightly.

“Mia,” Phoenix murmured, “grab the queen.” 

Mia reached for the cage, but the larger faun grabbed it first. 

“Let it go, Mason,” Mia said, trying to sound intimidating. 

“Get out of here, Mia. Piracy doesn't suit you,” Mason said, holding the cage above both of their heads. Athena tumbled around behind the bars, wings flapping insistently, but she made no other noise.

Vex swung at Phoenix again, but she ducked out of the way just in time, right into Harvey, who grabbed her and use two of his arms to pin Phoenix’s to her sides, and used another of his hands to snatch her sword and hold the blade to her throat. 

“Oh, you lizard,” Phoenix spat, struggling until she felt the sword digging into her neck. Vex flashed her a smile as he turned back to the table to take a sip of his drink. Phoenix glanced around and noticed that Mia had disappeared, and she felt a pang of guilt for dragging her into this mess. 

Before she could think too hard about it, however, Andrew rushed up and punched Vex into the table. His glass smashed against his reptilian face, spilling the remainder of his drink everywhere. 

Orla and Adelie flew up around Mason in a flurry of feathers, surprising him so he dropped the cage. Phoenix cried out, but before the enclosure could hit the ground, Mia had dived onto the floor and caught it, queen and all. 

Orla continued charging and clawing at Mason’s face, forcing him away from the group as Adelie rushed down to aid her queen. 

Andrew hurried over to help Phoenix, brandishing Vex’s sword alongside his own. “Let her go,” he glared at the quad holding her hostage. 

“Or what?” Harvey taunted. 

Andrew pointed both swords at Harvey’s throat, and he let go of Phoenix with a laugh. Andrew tossed her Vex’s sword, and she caught it with ease.

“What are you gonna do?” 

“It’s six arms against four,” Phoenix smirked. Harvey growled and swung at each of them, but Andrew and Phoenix easily blocked the sword and trapped it between their own, twisting their wrists until any normal human would have been forced to let go of their weapon. 

However, their opponent had twice the amount of arms that any normal human had, and used all of them to wrench his sword free with ease, surprising Andrew and Phoenix and giving him the advantage. Phoenix grunted as her own sword was thrust into her side.

“Phoenix!” Andrew’s voice sounded distant and muddled. Orla was still attacking Mason's face, and Mia and Adelie had managed to break Athena out.

Her vision became blurry, and suddenly, everything went black.


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