Socialist America in 2024

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This essay describes what a socialist America might look like. It is based on the way Venezuela crated it socialist economy and how it fell from being the richest country in South
America to being the poorest in a few years.

Socialist America in 2024

cover photo by Llse Orsel

published September 30, 2019

With the election in 2020 of Elisabeth Warren as president of the United States and Berne Sanders as vice president, the American economy quickly went from progressive to socialist. The Democratic party’s control of both the House and the Senate insured that she would be able to implement the policies she had campaigned on. In order to get Sanders on her ticket she had promised him to include his one payer health care program.

The minimum estimated costs of the programs proposed were:

Universal childcare $1.25 trillion over 10 years

The green new deal $32 trillion over 10 years

Cancel student debt $1.25 trillion over 10 years

Affordable housing $470 billion

They were also having a study done for reparations for African Americans, which if enacted would cost an estimated $17.1 trillion

Bernie Sanders single payer Medicare for all Program was estimated to cost $32 trillion over 10 years.

In 2021 The Democratic party began to follow the path into socialism taken by Venezuela, which had followed the path of Soviet Russia. Their first priority was passing amendments to the Constitution. This was important because they had to do it while the voters still strongly supported their socialist agenda. When they started feeling the effects of it, like much higher taxes, it would not be possible. Both houses proposed the amendments by two thirds vote and three fourths of the state's legislatures approved them. They repealed the first amendment that prevents the government from making laws which respect an establishment of religion, prohibit the free exercise of religion, abridge the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the right to peaceably assemble, or the right to petition the government. They also repealed the second amendment about gun ownership and the twelfth amendment about the electoral college. They believed that they had disarmed the nation and guaranteed their reelection for decades to come. Then they added six new justices to the Supreme Court. With that accomplished they were able to start the nationalization process.

The liberal media was astonished when they were the first to be nationalized. They had always been supportive of the Democratic party, and they felt extremely betrayed. They didn’t realize that the party’s leaders knew the media would turn on them as soon the nationalization process began. Half of the population of the country would be vehemently opposed to it, and they didn’t want that reported, so they had to control the news about what was happening. They created the office of public information to ensure that the news was reported the way that they wanted it to be.

In 2022 Single payer (government) insurance, their second government takeover, went into effect. It was one of the most important promises they had made to their base. Bernie Sanders Medicare for All Act (S1129) was passed into law. It created a national health insurance program that replaced all private insurance and included vision and dental coverage. Non-residents were also made eligible. No premiums or cost sharing was required, the people would pay for it with higher taxes. A Universal Medicare Trust Fund was created by absorbing funds associated with Medicare, Medicaid, the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, and TRICARE. The higher taxes didn’t bother most of their supporters, because most of them were in the group of 46% of Americans that didn’t pay any income taxes, and the benefits were much better than the old free ones they were getting before.

In 2022 the government passed the “Green New Deal” legislation without raising taxes. People had laughed when its creator, Ocasio-Cortez, said “We will just print more money to pay for it,” but that was exactly what they did.

 The government wanted to spend $32 trillion it didn’t have, so it asked the Federal Reserve for it. The Fed can credit accounts without having real money, so with a few keystrokes on a computer the Fed credited the treasury with $32 trillion and with some more keystrokes the treasury issued $32 trillion in bonds to the Fed. The Treasury then brought back the $100,000 bill, with the socialist hero’s Present Wilson featured on it, but these were not payable in gold like the original ones were. They were payable by the Federal Reserve like all our money. These bills were sent to the Federal reserve banks for dispersal. That is how the money was created out of thin air.

In 2023 the government nationalized all of the energy companies operating in the United States. Electricity, oil, coal, wind and solar companies became government property with the stroke of a pen. Then they nationalized the “big banks”, farms, factories and grocery stores. The shareholders of these businesses were wiped out. Money invested in 401K’s lost most of their value. Hundreds of lawsuits were filed against the government claiming that it had violated the constitution. The handpicked local judges of the Democratic party determined that they had not. The question was argued in the Supreme Court, but the six new justices joined with the other liberal justices to uphold the nationalizations.

The government wanted to “fight climate change the way America had fought World War Two” Its goal was to meet “100 percent of the power demand in the United States through clean, renewable, and zero-emissions energy sources” and would upgrade “all existing buildings” with state-of-the-art energy-efficiency technology.

Oil fracking and coal mining were prohibited. Then gasoline was severely rationed and airline flights were only allowed when proven necessary for business travel (it was always necessary for politicians). Government controlled electric and gas meters were required on all homes and businesses (but not political offices). These could shut off the services remotely from government offices at any time. All these changes put millions of people out of work, so the Green New Deal include “guaranteeing a job to all people of the United States”

The government raised the taxes of “the rich” to 70%, which brought in $3.3 trillion. The total taxable income that year was $10.2 trillion, so if every taxpayer’s income had been taxed at 70% it would only have raised $7 trillion, 22% of the cost of the new program.

The creation of $32trilllion out of thin air soon led to inflation. The government tried to control it with price controls, but that didn’t work, so they had to devalue the currency. They did this by selling the dollar on the foreign exchange market and buying other currencies. That temporarily slowed inflation but led to higher prices for everything imported from China and the rest of the world.

The government-controlled business could not determine what the consumer demands would be (That can only be determined by free markets). Shortages were soon seen in even the most basic commodities, so they had to be rationed. That is when the protests began. The government became alarmed and passed the “gun buy-back” laws

The government hadn’t sold the weapons, so it wasn’t actually buying them back, it was confiscating them. They had been legally purchased, so this was a case of making. millions of Americans guilty in retrospect. It met widespread resistance. Police agencies were reluctant to enforce it. Very often when they rang people's doorbells to collect their weapons the door was opened with a weapon pointed at them, with no words being said. They quietly walked away. Most governors refused orders to send the national guard out to collect them, they knew it would be political suicide if any shooting started. The “buy-back” laws were quietly repealed by a government afraid of an armed rebellion against them.

In 2024 they tried to regain public support by cancelling all student debt and passing Universal childcare. The cost of these programs was $2 ½ trillion added to the national debt. This happened at a time when American exports were the lowest in the 21st century. We could barely provide for our own population, so there was little left to export. But the government desperately needed foreign currency so it exported what it could, less than half the previous administration's amounts, and caused more shortages at home. The largest exports:

Food, beverage, and feed dropped from $133 billion to $60 billion

Crude oil, fuel, and other petroleum products from $109 billion to $0 (we had to import oil)

Auto parts, engines, and car tires from $86 billion to $25 billion

Passenger cars from$53 billion to $0 (their manufacturing was stopped by the green new deal)

The pace of inflation, after four years of socialism, was out of control. Starting with the 2.5% rate when the Democrats took office in 2021 it had jumped to 5.35% in 2022, 27.2% in 2023, 40% in February of 2024 and was 62.4% at the time of the November presidential election.

Everyone that wasn’t a diehard Democrat knew that America’s flirtation with socialism was over. The Democratic party’s candidates ran on the slogan,” Just give us another chance and we will fix everything”. Eighteen Republicans entered the primaries, but Donald Trump was not one of them. He was now a healthy 80 years old but was in no mood for a long bitter campaign. He was content to manage his vast business empire.

There was no doubt that the Democrats would run the Warren-Sanders ticket again and the Republicans were all criticizing each other, as usual. None of them stood out of the crowded field, and a ground swell movement arose to get Trump to enter the race. He said that he would not campaign but would not object to his name being put on the ballot or being a write in candidate. But he specified that if elected he would not serve unless a Republican majority was also won in both house of congress. He was elected with five and a half million more votes than his opponents. He only needed one more vote, because the electoral college no longer existed.

In his first weeks in office congress created legislation to repeal all the socialist agendas and he signed them. Then congress voted overwhelmingly to reinstate the deleted amendments which were eventually voted for and passed by most of the states. Legislation was written and signed into law returning all nationalized businesses to their rightful owners.

Fracking for oil and gas made America an exporter of those products again, bringing in foreign currency that helped reduce the rate of inflation. By the end of his second term in office the economy was almost back to where it had been when he left. Having served two terms, he could not be president again.

In 2028 The Democrats nominated Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to be their presidential candidate.

Submitted: September 30, 2019

© Copyright 2022 Tuxie. All rights reserved.

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Well, it's a scenario but America isn't Venezuela. Underneath high-falutin' ideas grubby material interests invariably lurk. Maduro is running a rent-seeking robber-clique which is ransacking and crashing the economy there. But his crowd don't really care. They're OK.

The US economic elite have zero interest in the outcome you describe. They don't like Trump because they're still wedded to their fading global neoliberal project and don't care about the white working class. But that ship has sailed. Trump may be an erratic disruptor but the current administration is nevertheless groping for the contours of the new world order. More nationalistic, more socially-cohesive and more defensive against the rising China.

Don't think when push comes to shove the (scary sounding) Democrats will be able to make their fundamentallly backwards-looking vision stick. Though I expect the next few years to be messy - a rough ride.

Tue, October 1st, 2019 6:56pm


Thanks for your comments. The sequence of events in my essay follow the sequence that occurred in Venezuela’s and Soviet Russia as much as possible. They are the systematic method of converting countries to socialist or communist economies and the results are generally the same. Cuba and North Korea are other examples. America is not immune to economic realities.

Tue, October 1st, 2019 12:19pm

En Raiter

This reads like capitalist propaganda. Capitalism has done some good, but it's collapsing under its own internal contradictions, but it was quite the upgrade from feudalism.

Fri, July 15th, 2022 7:16am


Capitalism is not a perfect system, nothing in this world is. It has proven to be the best system to improve the lives of millions of people whereas socialism has reduced millions of people to poverty.

Fri, July 15th, 2022 9:21am

En Raiter

I guess to you what determines proof. Would America you say be the greatest showcase of capitalism?

Fri, July 15th, 2022 7:07pm


Yes, it is. It is based upon individual choices and abilities. It allows people with little education to live well, and occasionally become rich. It does not create class systems; corrupt government does that. Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried, and only survives with military force. China, Russia, Cuba, and Venezuela are recent examples of that. It would work that way here too. During Covid-19 the socialist leaning states gave themselves powers not granted by our constitution. They want to dis-arm our citizens. These are all symptoms of socialist countries.

Sat, July 16th, 2022 2:32pm

En Raiter

Capitalism has failed numerous times and dependent on socialistic themes to transfuse lifeblood into it, as far as I'm concerned it never made it back off the table.

We can trace it just for kicks. Capitalism next to feudalism looks heaven sent, but the status maker that money is the sheer indecency one will reach for in the name of profit motivation is boundless. The destruction of the environment, fascism of the workplace, psychological bombardment of advertisements, lobbyists bending the lawmakers to do their bidding to our detriment. It is breaking under the weight of its many internal contradictions.

I mentioned before it being lifeless on the table I meant was first the introduction of credit cards that of course caused more harm than good, but system had to find some way to survive after the wages grew stagnant, businesses were shipped overseas, and no one could purchase the goods being manufactured. Of course we know what happened in 08. Was it socialist to use our money to bail the banks out?

Are government subsidiaries socialism? A pound of beef costs about $30 without subsidiaries, yet so many go to the store and buy it for $5. What happens if we let flesh reflect its actual environmental cost and subsdize healthier foods instead?

Instead we have capitalism which creates absurdities like simultaneously having both have a homeless crisis and too many empty houses.

The majority of Americans couldn't handle an emergency 500 bill or are at times choosing whether to pay a bill or buy insulin. You point to me a time where capitalism was successful.

Wherever profit motivation exists corruption is also. Is that true? If not can you point me to where it isn't?

Sat, July 16th, 2022 10:19pm


I never said that capitalism was a perfect economic system, only that it was much better than socialism. That is why any country given a free choice between the two chooses capitalism. Socialism is imposed, seldom freely chosen. It was imposed after the Russian revolution, after the Chinese revolution, in East Berlin, after the Cuban revolution, and in Venezuela after a dictator came to power. It was voted for in England after the Second World War. Ift failed when all the people that had made that country a good place to live in fled in masses that came to be known as the "Brain Drain".

Socialism must be maintained by force. When the citizens, unarmed, rise to try to overthrow the system they are shot by their government's army. The same thing would eventually happen here, but our citizens are not unarmed. The result would be another bloody civil war in which the government would refuse to relinquish it power and the citizens would refuse to give up their freedoms.

Sun, July 17th, 2022 1:23pm

En Raiter

Well, let's remove perfection from the equation entirely and look more at an appropriate standard of decent, here too I think it can be shown that capitalism is below the line.

The police force in this country are not here to protect and serve they are here to preserve private property.

Capitalism is imposed through menticide(the killing of the mind) by bombarding us with brainwashing advertisements that degrade our rationale by guiding us to wanting not just something we don't need, but things that are killing us, so the few can profit. We have an obesity problem why do fast food corporations spend billions of dollars annually in ads?

Why does prescriptions cost so much. How wicked to supply and demand medicine.

The best of capitalism suggests "an informed customer making wise decisions for themselves and their families." Is this genuinely what we see? I see us plundering the ocean destroying the oceanic ecosystem when plankton accounts for the majority of what creates our oxygen. To make matters even worse the oxygen creating carbon dioxide absorbing super plants that we call trees are being chopped down to make room for the inhumanely bred carbon dioxide and methane producing animals that we slaughter by the trillions annually, but who needs clean air and healthy oceans when Bezos wants another Yacht.

Most Americans are struggling and have been for a very long time, but they have been indoctrinated with the myth that if they just keep their head down and work hard their country will take care of them, that they'll get to retire at 65(never for millennials) and "enjoy" the next 15 years since life expectancy is about 80. I say a dirty crime has been committed. Wage slavery is real, would you say capitalism works for them? Them is over 60% 30% of the 40 remaining is a bad back or a few missteps away from being in the 60% and are much closer to homelessness than they are to the 10%

This is a good system? Better than socialism you say and you point out places where it fails, yet I would say the best of American policy is socialist. Looking at where it failed and disparaging the entire philosophy is akin to looking at the KKK and denouncing Christianity.

I'm not just criticizing capitalism, but private property pleases no one but the exploiter and humans shouldn't be reduced to beasts of burden in a feeble hamster wheel type life running and running to avoid starving. We should be free to use the bulk of our time creating, developing, thinking, laughing, and being. What area of capitalism do you actually agree with where it shows it validity in numbers and well being.

Mon, July 18th, 2022 4:39am


It is clear to me that we observe the world from two different sets of values. I do not claim that mine is better, only that it is different than yours. I do not know how you came to yours, but I will give you a brief look at how I came to mine.

My parents were both immigrants that came to this country in the early 1900's. I was born in and lived on the upper West side of New York city where central park ended, and Harlem began. We were poor. It was during the great depression. My father washed windows to make some money. I can relate to poor people.

With hard work and a willingness to take some risks he started his own business which enabled us to become "middle class". I joined the Marines at age 17 to get the G.I. bill of rights to pay for my college tuition. All of this was possible because we had the freedom to make our own choices and a willingness to live by their results.

Socialism makes people dependent upon government's decisions. It destroys any incentive to take responsibility for your own life, The government does that for you. You become a number to them. They have no way of knowing what you like or dislike, and they do not care. They make arbitrary decisions that dramatically affect your life without giving a thought to how they will change it.

The choice is obvious, do you want control over your life, or do you want to hand that control over to anonymous politicians that will eventually become a class unto themselves while everyone else begs for more "free" handouts?

Mon, July 18th, 2022 11:33am

En Raiter

"Slavery was never abolished it was expanded to include all colors" - Charles Bukowski

Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck working for fascist corporations that gradually exploit them more and more with each passing generation. The labor movement of the 20's would be outraged by what we settle for as normal today.

I am a socialist and an anarchist. How I arrived here was by looking around and seeing how profit motivation infects everything it spreads to from the price of insulin to child care from environmental catastrophes to CEOS making 500x more than their entry level employees.
We have children starving, collapsing infrastructure, a broken education system, dead end jobs that feel like you're blasting another hole into forever when you wake up and lace those shoes up to begin another yesterday, to begin another tomorrow, to spend the day doing the same mundane thing until you crack like Charlie Chaplin in modern times. What was true back in 1936 is even more true now.

What happens when you have greed go completely unregulated? You do insane things like cut down a football size area of the Amazon down every year, you dump chemicals near drinking water and other waterways, and advertise junk food incessantly despite it killing the customers. This is capitalism personified.

It is said capitalism allows for competition and this benefits the consumer, but was the next step in this logical chain of events considered? You have 3 businesses in the market let's say, but two are too powerful, run the other out of business, the other two build and build, then either merge or pull a Walmart and Amazon crushing any small business wherever they are. We mustn't fail to mention the Moment it becomes fiscally achievable to move the job overseas to save a buck they'll do it, then amplify race relations and immigration bigotry as scapegoats for corporate executives, so that we keep fighting each other, instead of truly thinking about there possibly being a better way.
I believe there is.

Thu, July 21st, 2022 3:10am


I understand your objections to capitalism; they are real and unfortunate; I just do not believe that socialism will provide better results. My son-in-law was born and raised in communist Cuba. I know from him how it works.

There are two Cubas, one for the citizens and one for the tourists. The citizens live in separate worlds from the tourist and only interact when they are serving them. They are not allowed in their hotel's, beaches, restaurants, and similar tourist attractions. They are not allowed in their hospitals or medical offices. They have a separate currency and are not allowed to make purchases, if they can afford them, in stores that only accept dollars in payment.

I could go on, but I do not think that I would convince you. I suggest you go there as a tourist and see socialism at work with your own eyes.

Thu, July 21st, 2022 10:01am

En Raiter

With each passing generation the scope of who capitalism benefits shrinks, eventually we will go from where we are now 65% living life as wage slaves to 90%. There still will be people out there who adhere to your line of reasoning at least we aren't Cuba or China.

The bottom line of capitalism is profit. The motivation for profit we have already seen infect wherever it is allowed to venture. The system is not flawed. It's evil, inefficient, callous, and spiritually corrosive. Is this why Jesus said that you cannot serve but one master. You'll love one and hate the other. It is God or Money. This country mishandles both because of their insatiable appetite for status and material gain.

My question to you is a genuine one. How broken does this system have to become before you hop off the tempest ship? Where is the line drawn for you?

Fri, July 22nd, 2022 7:11pm


You seek perfection in an imperfect world. You are destined to be disappointed because human nature makes us seek our best means of survival. It is different for everyone. The Robin Hood effect, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, is the first attempt at socialism. It should be remembered that he was a thief.

If you do not create anything of value, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by socialism. If you do, which I believe is true of you, what you create will be taken from you without so much as a "thank you".

I have had more than 50,00 readers on booksie. It represents thousands of hours of writing over a period of more than ten years. As you know, I did not earn one penny from this. My point is that it is possible to be a capitalist without being greedy and without seeking to make a profit from your efforts.

Sat, July 23rd, 2022 11:31am

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