A secret love……

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: The romantic house
Erotic romance short story (Fiction)

Submitted: October 03, 2019

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Submitted: October 03, 2019



Eighteen year old, luscious, Arian, and ho Lollita steps out of bed at a slow pace. Damn. A guy next to her is fast asleep! It was just another regular hook up for Lollita. Lollita’s philosophy is, viewing a guy on a dating site, sending her nudes, video calling, and then meeting up for a wild fuck! That’s her life momentum. With her best friend Candy. She has a group-friend circle, also Baxter and Max.  


Lollita has been feeling ill for a couple of days now….. She’s been vomiting too. Shit! She hopes it’s not what she’s thinking!..... Can she be accidently pregnant? Even though she’s on the pill? And her partners are very cautious with using a condom. There’s only one way to find out…… 


Lollita drives to a pharmacy to get a pregnancy test. She checks it and the results are negative. That should be a consolation for her.


That night Lollita and Candy plan for another marvelous night out to clubbing again habitually. The USA Atlantic city is a great place for enjoying a resplendent night for people who live there! But Lollita and her group live in New York. Two smexy ladies walk downtown times square. New York is always busy. Fully-packed with people, large screens, cars buzzing, and of course, the bright-colored, disposition and framework of the famous city.


“Tonights gonna be an untamed night!” Lollita gets cracking.

“Gurl, you always say that! Unlike something we’ve never heard”

“Whatever I still say it, what’s up with you bitch?”

Candy chortles.


“So how was last night with that bloke?” Candy asks.

Lollita downfalls feeling only a millimeter of regret, wanting to just get on with it.

“Yeah it was a mad night, nothing too special” deep inside her she knows she has feelings for her childhood friend AND crush, Baxter…… but Baxter has no idea! The unfortunate thing…… what a pity for her……

“How was your night with that guy?”

“Oh my fucking god! Don’t even remind me of it!” Candy gets cross.

“What happened?”

“Just in the middle of our orgasm he fell asleep that douchebag!”

“ohhhh noooo!!! What a bugger maybe it was from all the alcohol he drank…..”

“Yeah maybe”

“I had to call my other fuckboy to finish off our experiment” 


“Hey I have an idea, let’s call up Baxter and Max too” Lollita proclaims.

“Yeah that would be fine with me” Candy replies.

Lollita calls her lover, Baxter……

“Okay they’re coming!” Lollita announces at once.


Its 10pm on the dot. The best attractive and smexy ladies reach their destination.  Marquee club. Their favorite go-to club.

15 minutes later Baxter and Max approach them too. The night begins……

The group gathers around the bar stools and orders their drinks.


Lollita protests,

“A martini, tequila, vodka and a gin and tonic please hottie”

“Sure right away!” the barmen, Joe replies.

Full blast music pumps up the group’s ears, people are dancing, drinking, and going crazy!

Lollita begins to try and flirt with Baxter to get his attention,


“Hey Baxter your looking so fine tonight!”

Max woos both of them in a sexual way.

“Why thank you smexy” Baxter responds.

“Let’s play truth or dare!” Lollita exclaims.

 “Baxter, truth or dare?”

“Dare of course!” Because he is just as bad as Lollita!

“Okay, I dare you to pick either me or Candy, not a stranger and own us tonight baby!”

The group stares at Lollita in shock value!


The boys and girls mumble and woo.

“Are you kidding me gurl!” Baxter asks.

“Nope I’m not I’m dead-set serious boo!”

“Just accept it lets try something different for once can we mate?” Max says.

“Oh alright okay you win Lollita”


“I pick……. You Lollita”



Lollita is secretly pleased by this…….. She is so content right now!

“And let’s not break this chain, Candy and Max you’re in this too”

“ohhhh what!” they both say.

“Okay fine bitch whatever!” Candy says.


The group persists to dirty dance and drink like maniacs! Having the time of their lives until 4am.

When the time comes they all commit to what was planned.

Lollita and Baxter go to Holiday Inn hotel with Candy and Max but obviously they do stay in separate rooms.

Lollita is always the one to guide the over limit alcoholic so she wraps her arms around Baxter as they glide perfectly to their room.

Eyes lock in each other……


“Baxter you know me very well, I’ve been with many guys tasted so many flavors, but none are like you……”

“Wait, what do you mean?” he asks with agitation.

 “I thought we were best friends but if anything, you have kept your secret so well!”

“I’ve always wanted you Baxter, since when we were kids, but I just couldn’t open up to you because I never wanted to break our friendship”

Baxter stares at Lollita.

“Wow what have I just heard!” he scorns and eases off.

“And I’m not gonna wait any longer, I want you tonight boy!” Lollita’s words build up with temper and overload.


Lollita does the unexpected and unpredictable! She rips off Baxters Gstar raw t-shirt open with her precious long hot pink nails. But luckily Baxter doesn’t disapprove because they made a deal. It was a dare. Baxter back in return after all those years. Lollita loves Baxter and it’s not something like, okay I fucked you get lost sort of thing. Lollita will stay loyal if only Baxter agrees to her proposal.


Their sex drive is in a high-speed level! French kissing, lips brushing, biting, and clutching. They’re undercover, in close proximity, piping hot, until early dawn!  


Its 7am, Lollita is in bed. With Baxter. It’s like a dream come true for her!  She feels on top of the world and as happy as Larry!










© Copyright 2019 Lilac Maria Sussex. All rights reserved.

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