Gift Horses

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Alien Trading Partners, what a concept. But like all business venture the question is, "Can you trust them?"

Submitted: October 04, 2019

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Submitted: October 04, 2019



The spacecraft was about the size of Hawaii's big island and it was the most "Blah" colors you'd ever want to see. Actually, it looked something like a computer module.

It was a long box, I guess that is what the shape was, just a rectangle. 

When it arrived near earth it took up an orbit alongside the moon.

Suddenly smaller craft began separating from the main body. Like stacked dominoes, the smaller crafts were just smaller versions of the main ship.

Several of earth's governments attempted to communicate with the craft's inhabitants, with no response whatsoever. Then the earth's missiles were readied to launch.

It wasn't long after the eight smaller spacecraft entered earth's atmosphere that all missile system shut down. Right after that, military communication systems failed all around the globe. All electricity had been cut off.

The eight craft separated and flew to mostly desolate landscapes, in various parts of the world. One such place was the Sahara Desert, in Africa, and another was in the Arizona desert, in the USA. Each place was a desert in its own right and had not known much vegetation in centuries.

Once in place, the crafts landed and began emitting a series of vibratory sounds-waves. The earth in those areas began to violently shake, then water bellowed out of the ground from several places.

Well, it wasn't long before rivers formed and lakes began to appear.

It was not long after the lakes formed when each of the craft began emitting electrical charges. And as the charges hit the largest of the lakes, great billowing clouds began to form; then, hours later, rain began to fall.

For roughly a week the electrical storms that came from the various crafts continued, then, in unison, they stopped. for a long time the alien crafts sat dormant, or so it seemed.

However, the rain did not stop; it kept falling for as long as there was moisture in the clouds.

When the rains did stop, and the sun was shining brightly, sprouts of native vegetation was seen growing for miles around each craft.


Power was restored and images of the various transformed deserts started appearing on all the television channels and social media sites. After a time a voice was heard, saying, "We do not do war, we come in peace.

We seek the acquisition of minerals and, as you have seen, we have much to give in return. So let your heads of state meet with us, your scientist see what we have to offer, and your agriculture experts be trained by our staff. No-one on earth need go hungry, ever again.”



In a few months, emissaries were sent, deals were made, and the technological, as well as the agriculture training, began.

All meetings and training were done aboard the alien landing crafts, and at the entrance to each spacecraft was a glass-like enclosure.

Each enclosure was a decontamination corridor for people to walk through as they entered each ship. The aliens did not want humans bringing their germs into the ships.

These aliens had thought of everything.


At the end of the training period the aliens made ready to depart.

They assured their different business partners that they would be sending cargo ships to retrieve the minerals they had bargained for.

Surprisingly, the amount of minerals they bargained for was barley worth what they gave in return. But hay, as some on earth say, “Don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth.”

Well, it wasn’t long before transactions were completed and the smaller ships joined the mother-ship. And with that, they disappeared into space.


In just a few months the earth's population realized that they were the ones that were contaminated. The ones who entered the ships had been decontaminated going in, but not decontaminated coming out. Apparently they were covered in alien germs. And once the germs hit the earth's air, the wind spread them like wildfire.

Ninety percent of the humans on earth died of alien viruses, and those that survived moved as far away from civilization, and the stench of rotting flesh, as possible.

A few years later the aliens came back to earth with massive amounts of robotic mining equipment and transport ships. They had every intention of stripping the earth.

And, yes, very one of their inhabited ships was sealed, preventing germ contamination.


But as they said, "We do not do war.” And for that reason they apparently could not detect conventional weapons that had no need of electricity or computers.

So the newly formed regional militias did all they could to poke holes in whatever ships that landed, and that they could hit.

They didn’t manage to disable many of the alien occupied ships.

With such weapons as anti-tank launchers, artillery guns, and tanks, that would have been impossible. But the holes they produced in the remaining ships sure did let all sorts of earth's germs in. They certainly were not sealed any longer.

Then there was the use of Catapults, believe it or not. They used them to toss Raw sewage into some of the breaches in the ships.

The alien ships that could still fly, holes or no holes, left quickly.



D. Thurmond / JEF


© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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