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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Introductions

Submitted: October 09, 2019

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Submitted: October 09, 2019



"Do you want anything to drink?" Jacob asked. "I've got coffee, tea, scotch." O'Connor shook his head. "No, but thanks anyways." They sat in silence. "Yes" O'Connor said suddenly. Jacob turned. "Yes what?" "Yes I'm from Scotland" came the reply. "You been here long?" O'Connor shrugged. "If seven years is considered long then yes. I moved here after I finished highschool." "How old are you?" "25." They fell into silence again but this time Jacob got up to pour himself a drink. He made one for O'Connor too and passed it across the counter. O'Connor looked at it for a moment, sighed and then picked it up, taking a few precarious sips before putting it back down on the marble. Jacob returned to his seat. "What about you?" O'Connor asked. "Where are you from?" "Los Angeles, California" Jacob replied. "At least, that's where I grew up at." "What do you do for a living?" "I'm a bartender at J Alexander's." O'Connor lifted his drink and swirled it around in the glass. "Gotta say this is pretty bland for a bartender." "Come up there one day and I'll make you something on the house." After a moment Jacob smiled. "What's got you so in the mood to talk all of a sudden?" O'Connor's eye's rolled. "Nothing. I have no choice. It's either this or stare at the wall's. And just between us, that shade of purple is atrocious." Jacob laughed. "You're funny." "It's unintentional" O'Connor replied and lifted his glass again. "So are you fully Scottish or are you mixed with something else?" Jacob asked. "Scottish and British" the older man replied. The line connecting Jacob's mouth to his brain severed. "Your accents kind of hot." The instant he said it, his eye's went wide and every ounce of color in his face disappeared. Did I really just say that out loud, he thought. Way to go Jake. He glanced quickly at O'Connor who's heated gaze was upon him. "I mean-its just that, it's kind of nice...you know, kinda different-" he cut off realizing he was rambling. "Thanks" O'Connor said dryly. Jacob sighed. "So why does the transaction take so long anyways? I mean, it should just be a quick in and out thing, right?" O'Connor looked at him. "You really are a bit thick, aren't you?" Jacob shrugged. "Well back in America it only takes about five second's to-." "Well this isn't America" O'Connor interrupted. He added sarcastically, "is it?" "You really are a bit rude, aren't you?" Jacob asked. "I'm sure the authorities back at home are much more pleasant." O'Connor scoffed. "I bet they are." "So what do you do in your free time?" Jacob asked. Now that the other man was starting to loosen up he wanted to get to know him. At least in the way that stranger's can. "Beat people up, stand up comedy, football-." "Excersize" O'Connor replied. "Girlfriend?" Jacob cursed again and shook his head. "Don't answer that I'm still tired."

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