Club Seven

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Elisabeth Bevan or Bess to her friends came from nothing and fought for everything she had managed to achieve she had, she worked her way up from a waitress, to a bartender to finally be managing the night club that she had first set foot in when she was just eighteen.
She knew that her bosses were a little less than above board but she knew not to ask questions and she knew how to run a tight business and an above board business at that.

Table of Contents

Tick Tock

I unlocked the door that lead from the apartment that was attatched the the club and stepped nto my office; there was a fresh cup of coff... Read Chapter

Full house

I watched Luca head to talk with the doormen while Gideon and Blair walked behind one of the three bars and chatted with Theo our head te... Read Chapter

Some birthday

I  picked up the wine glass and finished it I looked around the table the three of them were looking at me. "Okay you are making... Read Chapter

My mistake

I was more than happy for this distraction from the conversation in the office. I walked through the crowd toward the four guys that were... Read Chapter

What did you do to me

Luca looked at Gideon and then to Blair with wide eyes. "One of us are you insane... she can't... Can she?" He questioned "She's ... Read Chapter

Different feeling

My head pounded and each time I took a breath a dull pain radiated through my abdomen, there was a scent around me that I didn't recognis... Read Chapter


There was a smell of a winter stew or broth cooking as Blair took me down a huge sweeping staircase. I was taken aback by the heavy gothi... Read Chapter

Whats happening

Agatha made a pot of tea and brought it in to room where I was laying on the couch. I moaned and felt every inch of me ache I rolled onto... Read Chapter


Gideon stared into the flames of the roaring fire in the study. One arm was resting on the carved Stone Mantle in the other hand a crysta... Read Chapter


Luca walked into the club Gideon walked away from the DJ and over to him. "Everything okay?" "Aggie sent me out of the house so s... Read Chapter


The scent of fresh coffee filled the air making me from my sleep. I ached when I stretched but I wanted to find where that coffee was. I ... Read Chapter


I slowly got to my feet and walked up to Luca and reached my hand out before pulling it back "It's okay they are just feathers" he sm... Read Chapter


I stirred from sleep and rubbed my eyes, I couldn't remember falling asleep and I hadn't dreamt anything. I moved to the edge of the bed ... Read Chapter

Hearing him out

Blair walked over to me and stood behind me. I could feel the warmth from his body and I had to lock my knees to stop them from buckleing... Read Chapter

New life

I hadn't realized just how hungry I was until I looked at the empty plate. Blair got up and refilled the brandy glasses and sat back down... Read Chapter

What am I doing

I walked back into the apartment and Blair followed me and closed the door behind him. the fair in the hearth filled the room with a heat... Read Chapter

far from home

I sat next to Luca as he drove his Ferrarri through the busy streets light. Late winter afernoon sun cast long shadows through the moden ... Read Chapter

Dinner and wonder

I walked out into the living room Blair wa sitting on the couch working on his laptop. His hair was swept back from his face the stubble ... Read Chapter

Above everything

"So is the club okay?" "It's fine, You love that place don't you?" I nodded "I suppose it's become the home that I never had" I s... Read Chapter


I looked in the mirror my skin was still flushed from the past couple of hours of Blair taking me in every way imaginable. I tucked my ha... Read Chapter

Make up

I stripped out of the dress and hung it and took off my jewlery and make up and wrapped in the thinck robe. I rubbed my temples, I had... Read Chapter

Guardian Angel

The shivering in me subsided as Blair held me against him tucked under his wings. I Looked up at him His face was dark and his brow was f... Read Chapter

New day


What to do

I wiped my face as I got off the tread mill the view from the gym was one that was across the Med and the large expensive yachts that wer... Read Chapter

Coming to terms with it

"We're going to need alcohol for this" Gideon rubbed at his temples. "Lets go back to the hotel and go to the bar" Luca got up and sm... Read Chapter

New life

"Questions are good if it's making you feel easier" Gideon smiled at me "Can I die... I mean I'm not looking at doing that yet but...... Read Chapter


Luca had a frown on his face as I moved around the kitchen and made a pot of tea and put soup in to a pan on the stove. "You want a c... Read Chapter


Leo pushed his hair from his eyes and looked at Luca  "So you my sisters boyfriend?" he asked "Er... No" Luca shoo... Read Chapter

Like a nightmare

I walked back in to my apartment and Leo was washing up the bowl and things from his food. He looked over his shoulder at me. "You've... Read Chapter


"So he's good?" I asked as I could here Bliar literally grinding his teeth "There is nothing in his system" Gideon nodded  "... Read Chapter

A weight lifted

I sat at my desk and worked on paperwork while the club was packed just on the other side of the door. Blair was in the club keeping a wa... Read Chapter

My turn

I walked down the stairs of the house wearing one of Blair's shirts, there was the sound of humming coming from the kitchen. I walked in ... Read Chapter

Turning heads and unwanted guest

I walked across the Tarmac talking to my head barman as the bags were loaded onto the plane, Luca stood in the doorway and offe... Read Chapter

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