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Chapter 2 (v.1) - on the run

Submitted: October 09, 2019

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Submitted: October 09, 2019



“ Happy birthday princess, blow out the candles so we can eat some cake. “ 

“ Okay daddy.. “ Said Jhene. As Michael made his way through the tiny apartment they now had, he entered the kitchen and grabbed a knife to cut the cake. It’s been 2 years since Grace disappeared.. And 2 years since Michael saw that man in brown. Michael and his daughter, Jhene who was his little sister but got custody. Have been on the run from this man since Jhene was born. Jhene is a special kid, and this unknown man named A, will not stop until he gets to her. See when Jhene was born, she was born 3 months premature but was still so healthy as if she was still born at 9 months. The only difference was, she had a special brain particle that was never known before. Jhene was worth a lot when she was born. Yet to this day.. Is still worth more than you can think of. Michael had always protected Jhene as his most prized possession, only for the fact that Jhene was the only thing he had. Grace was never around to take care of them, they were homeless yet she would still leave them alone. She somehow had tons of money, and wasted it every night going out and partying and that's why up to this day, Jhene sees Michael as her daddy. Because Michael is all she ever had. Michael swore one day he would give her everything he didn't have, and he is stuck with that. 

Michael is now 17, living in a tiny 2 bedroom with a 7 year old. “ Papa, papa ! wake up ! wake up papa , todays the day. “ Jhene shouted as she ran into Michael’s room. “ Im up, im up. What are you so excited for ? “ He asked. “ Daddy, you promised, today is the day I get to go to work with you. “ Michael looked at the time and it was 4:00 in the morning. “ What are you doing awake at this time ? its very early for a little princess like you to be up. “

“ I don't know dad. I just woke up, and now we are here, having this conversation. “ said Jhene, with the biggest smile on her face that Michael could never put a price on. “ Okay, okay, come lay down in my bed and watch tv while i make daddys little princess some breakfast before we go. “ “ okay daddy ! “. As Michael tucked Jhene into his bed, he kissed her slightly on the forehead and said to her “ Never forget you are a star, and shine brighter than a diamond, i love you princess. “ he walked away to the kitchen. Opening the fridge to pick out some pancake batter, Michael received a phone call. “ Hello ? “ Michael said as he picked up the phone. “ Who is this ? “. There was dead silence on the other side of the phone. Michael hung up, and almost immediately he got a text that reads “ Your precious little angel will soon be mine. I now know your location, and you guys better run. Well there isn't much meaning to it, you guys can run but can't hide. “ This made Michael extremely anxious. He Dropped the pancake batter, and ran to his room. As quickly as he could, he got himself and Jhene dressed. He ran downstairs closing the door behind him. He quickly fastened Jhene into her carseat, and took off. Pulling into his buildings parking lot, he gets a text. This text read “ That's a pretty sweet civic you're driving. I knew you would be here, so I beat you to it “ attached to the message was a picture of Michaels building, and afterwards a picture of Michaels car. Michael quickly pulled out the parking lot and headed straight for the biggest highway near him. “ Daddy. Where are we going ? I thought you had work today ? “ “ yes princess, i know. But right now daddy has other places to be, and you get to tag along. “ replied Michael. Speeding through different half streets, Michael finally got onto a highway. He proceeded to dial on his phone. Michael called his manager and continued to say “ Hey, he’s back again. I need to leave town, change my number, and ill contact you when i get to our planned building. “ And hung up. “ who was that dad ? “ asked Jhene. “ it was nobody. Let's listen to music and focus on the road “. 

Still speeding down the highway, Michael received yet another text. “ You’re a lucky man. You ran fast enough, but not fast enough to hide forever. You know i'll find you again. Just you wait on it. “ This gave Michael so much relief. Michael proceeded to slow down, and relax more. 

“ Hey, we are around some food, what do you want to eat ? “ “ Lets go to a diner “ said Jhene. “ Let me see what I can find “ replied Michael. 20 minutes looking for a decent diner, Michael pulls into a diner called “ The Region “. He has heard some pretty good statements of this diner, so decided to let Jhene have the experience here as he did. Jhene ordered a chocolate pancake with a side of strawberries and whipped cream. Michael simply just ordered a piece of toast, and some eggs. Finishing up breakfast, Michael takes a look at his phone and notices that it's already 7:57. He grabs Jhene and makes his way for the car. When he notices Hope. The same gentled face lady that would always try speaking to him. He put Jhene in the car, and headed over to speak to her. “ Hey. Remember me ? “ asked Michael. “ is it really you ? ive been looking everywhere for you. I have important news concluding your mother.. Grace. “ “ what ? my mother ? “ asked Michael. “ Yes , your mother. I know where she is “ “ Here, take my number, and call me. I have my daughter in the car, and we have to get going. “ replied Michael. He gives hope his number, and heads off back onto the highway. As Michael looked over his shoulder checking on Jhene, he sees she has fallen asleep. He lowers the volume of the music, and continues on the right lane taking an exit. He’s traveling to his close cousins house. His cousin, Angel, was an undercover agent associated with the C.I.A. Angel had many ways he can help Michael anytime he would need it. Michael knew exactly where he was headed too, with no questions asked. Arriving in Angeles city, he called him and let him know he was coming. 

“ Hey.. Set up, im almost there. “ said Michael. 20 minutes later, Michael arrived. With it not being a surprise to Michael, Jhene was still asleep in the back seat. Angel said, “ Leave her, my wife will get her. We need to get to the lab immediately. “ Angel had a huge basement he used as a lab for his career. In that lab, he had a hidden door. It was under the stairs, and it led to more secretive detector objects such as dna testers, trackers, chemical tests, and more. Michael and Angel started creating that basement when they were 5 and 10 years old. They are now 17 and 22. As Angel led the way to that hidden room, Michael received yet another text from that mysterious man A. it read “ Where are you pretty boy ? I need to know. “ 

He showed the message to Angel and said “ what can you do with theses messages ?”. After overlooking the messages, Angel came to a conclusion of what he can do. Angel decided he would open Michael’s phone, take the chip, and take a couple of the simple tools of inside the phone that actually made the phone run. After discluding all of those items from the phone, he threw it out and immediately start doing some weird tests. “ Uhm, Angel what are you doing ? “ asked Michael, “ Hush, and go upstairs. Let me work” replied Angel. Michael made his way upstairs very confused. As he got upstairs, Jhene woke up and immediately ran towards him. “ can we play now ? can we , can we , can we ? ! “ asked Jhene. “ Okay, okay, let me go get a ball from the card and we can go play catch in the yard. “ replied Michael. As Michael continued outside playing with Jhene, Angel was still downstairs running his weird manufacturing tests. “ I know exactly how to stop this man “ Angel thought to himself. Angel quickly ran upstairs to tell Michael the news, but as Michael had been driving around all day, he was easily tired. Angel found him asleep in the guest bedroom. “ Well, tomorrow is another day. “. Angel decided to write a note and left it on the side dresser. The note read “ When you see this. Come see me in my office at work. I know how to stop this man from assaulting you and your kid. “ 

After leaving a note on the side dresser, Angel got into his car and sped as fast as he could to his office in his building. He logged onto his computer and started searching things up. One of the first things he searched up, is A. He wanted to know A’s history, who he is, where’d he come from ? After researching a little bit, Angel later found out that this man was a mastered minded criminal. The cops have been chasing this man for 15 years. He’s wanted for many murders, many sexual harassments, robberies, homicides, and even several kidnapping situations. This man was BIG ! He was also a huge known drug dealer, and after finding all of this house, Angel knew the perfect way to stop this guy.


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