Never forget your darkness as it makes your light shine brighter

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Embrace your darkness , but let it go ..

Submitted: October 09, 2019

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Submitted: October 09, 2019




Never forget your darkness as it will make your light shine brighter


"Never forget your darkness as it will make your light shine brighter. " , my grandmother used to tell us this when we were kids.

I never really understood the meaning of the words , I kept thinking she was talking about bad things that we had done ( I remember blowing up the christmas tree lights while fiddling with them , i had a whole day of trying to have to find a way to explain why my curiosity had led to darkness , i could not hide my mistakes , but remember how telling the truth and my dad showing me how to fix the lights , from that darkness came a special light , so to speak , a cherished memory ) )but as an adult ( On the outside anyway ) I realize that life needs its downs , its dark times , its chaotic times and its oversaturated colorful ones, and as the pendulum swings , those good times are going to be even better. But If one never had any bad things happen in ones life and experienced a life without any turbulence or dips , it would br bland , mundane and boring , so balance is the key word , when things are at their darkness and the deepest darkest night feels like it is going to swallow one and you are at the lowest emotional point in your life , when things are at their dimest , just know , things will change , Chaos always moves to order and happiness is even more robust and felt when contrasted with the opposite emotions.
In nature all things evolve quicker and become better , and stronger than they were , only if the environment has harsher contrasts , not many things can be found in stagnant green ponds , but the brightest and most beautiful birds with its multitude of neighbors can be found in harsh , rainy hot equatorial forests. Even the deepest oceans with its enormous pressures come some of the most amazing and beautiful creatures. ( Eternal Jellyfish , Gulper Eel , Greenland Shark , just to name a few , and the immortal Tardigrade ( Sea Bear) ., ok , now back to topic.
So embrace the darkness , greet it and usher it towards the door as you allow it to exit and the golden afternoon sunlight will be savored even more


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