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Submitted: October 09, 2019

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Submitted: October 09, 2019



Delta Phi Delta sorority house

New York

December 1, 1967

Winter time


The cold, bitterness of the Christmas shopping season at Delta Phi Delta sorority house, cast a queerness in the moroseness of the December month of 1967; the queerness, as it was downplayed by Mrs. French, the house mother, stirred up the old memories of horror. In her red colored gown, she stirred the pot of Irish stew in the small kitchen with a brown ladle in her right hand. 

She gazed at the falling snow.

It would be heavier than previous years in Central Park; it was heavier than when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, four years' or so ago in Dallas, Texas. New York was its own city. Mrs. French stared out of the window, and saw the sorority girls in their dorm rooms laughing, cheering, and acting girly as they applied red lipstick to their lips, and toes, as well as fingers. Their dancing gowns for parties with their boyfriends, was a rite of passage, apart from going to the school Prom. She grinned at them.

"Make me feel better, girls. Merry Christmas!".

"Merry Christmas, Mrs. French", Anna Bletcher said.

And she smiled.


Mabel Denning watched the decorations across the creamy doors. She had long, black hair, bright, blue eyes like the ocean, and she was dresssed like a festive elf. She seemed relaxed, as Maddie Sanders smoked a cigarette. On the radio was Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit". As the psychedelic music played, the short, rock song played; the song ended. Mabel watched the snow. "Is it going to be a great Christmas, Maddie?", she asked her.

"Yes, Maddie. No fraternity brother will take you out dressed as an elf".

"It's my Mom's idea".

"It's queer".


"Everything's strange these days".

"Have you finished your Christmas shopping?", Mabel asked her.

"Just beginning. The dorm is closed for the holidays on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day", Maddie answered.

"I figured that".

"Do you, now?".


"Then, do you want a drink of coffee?".

"Yes, please".


There was a loud knocking on the front door. 

Mabel opened it, and saw three fraternity brothers dressed in Christmas clothes. 

"Man, you're weird", she said.

"We're not visiting the North Pole with Santa Claus, and his wife, Mrs. Claus", Roger Martin, the President  of the Phi Kappa Kappa fraternity, said.

"They don't exist, man", Donald Price, the Vice-President, said.

"Shut up, Donald!", Roger yelled.

"Fine. But there's the Angela Frank situation".

"Angela Frank", Mabel said.

"It's nothing, Mabel. She's saying bad stuff about you".


"Yeah, she think's we're in the sack, you dig me".

"I am not 'in the bloody sack' with you, Roger".

"I know, Mabel. She's neurotic".

"She's insane".

"Well, she could turn on anyone who she perceives as a threat", Donald said.

"Call the New York police on her".

"We can. Her parents are rich and powerful".


"So, one phone call to Mrs. French, and she's gone...and you're dead".


"Yes", Roger said.

"But, it's Christmas time".

"I know. Terrible, isn't it".

Mabel sighed, and let them inside the dorm before they were too cold.

It was thirty-five degrees in New York.


The radio DJ spoke in a strong, Bronx accent. 

"It is cold in the city that never sleeps. Other dorms are preparing for the vacation of a lifetime; others are preparing for a long trip. In short, you can count on Dee Myerson in the next three hours, to bring all of the hits for you this afternoon. Coming up is Donovan's 'Catch the Wind', which is the top track in the hour".


"I heard there's a murderer on the loose", Mabel said.

"That's what the newspapers say", Donald stated.

"And the radio".

"Yes, they're trashing the newspapers. It's the 'Hook' situation. You know, the urban legend about a psychotic killer stalking teenagers who're on dates, and he leaves a bloody, sharp hook on the left-side of the car, while the dates are dead inside. The story's been around since nineteen fifty-four", Donald said.

"So, does anyone want some coffee, and Christmas mince pies?", Mabel asked them. 

"Yes", everyone answered her.


"We're getting off the subject", Roger said.

"And that is", Mabel said.

"The murderer is outside", Donald stated.

"How do you know?", Mabel asked him.

"I found this note by the mahogany dresser", Donald answered. 


Everyone is guilty

I am passing Judgement to those who sin

Merry Christmas!


Unsigned letter.


"She must've been here before", Donald said.

"She's waiting", Mabel told him.

"For you, Mabel", Roger said.

"Yes", she said.


As she opened the front door, she saw the dead body of Christina Baker, a fourth year sorority sister, who was eighteen. A Christmas wreath surrounded her body. Blood dripped down her cold mouth.

"It's not going to be a festive year after all", Roger commented, and shivered.


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