american sensibility

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
10-10-19 12:24 am

headed to Japan today. this could very well be my last post ever. it was between this one and another. this one won because the one I didn't post is about someone this trip has me thinking about. "see you again, space cowboy ..."

Submitted: October 10, 2019

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Submitted: October 10, 2019



american sensibility

(in homage to the nights spent listening to emo songs)

you said that you were splashing around in the rain

and I was on a dream vacation but couldn't get out of bed

when I'd go out, you hovered over all the streetlights

an ocean away but always on my mind

Europe had me wishing that you still cared

bittersweet, like the last time we had sex

vodka breath, and vomit in your hair

some memories shouldn't be celebrated

or written about and posted online

my writings hurt your feelings sometimes

maybe it's my American heart

the one that romanticizes internal pain

and misidentifies completely ruining my life

for a chance to start over again

calming to realize that existence is fleeting

everything that lives will eventually die

which means, we are as insignificant as we think

so tell me girl, tonight what will you dream?

please, don't give up hope 

or hangup the fucking phone

why do we keep each other around?

that's something I find easy to think but hard to say

like "what would you do if I got you pregnant?"

 or "I'm scared of not waking up one day"

I need your voice and skin more than ever before

you know that I worship your bones

we should die together ...

in a car crash or over the phone

we are a crime that goes unsolved

we are the broken glass in parking lots

I find it hard not to overthink

overwhelmed by useless thoughts from the moment I wake

like wondering what you're wearing

or if the next mass shooting will happen today

most people wouldn't understand what that means

and that's why you mean the world to me

this kind of love is going out of style

the participants are comfortable being throwbacks to their younger days

love, destroy and complicate


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