Not A Mistake

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: K.C.'s Content

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 1

Submitted: October 12, 2019

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Submitted: October 12, 2019



My vision is blurry and my stomach hurts. With my back to the ground, there are four sets of eyes staring down at me, chuckling. The light hurts my eyes, and I feel weak. The girl, who I remember as Skylar, takes her heavy feet off me and another girl, I think her name is Josie, lifts me up by the collar of my school uniform.

“What kind of Air Elementor are you?” Skylar laughs. My head feels light and I can feel my legs trembling. I turn to my left and my best friend Eden is looking, horrified, at me. Her hands are restrained behind her by a boy who’s name I didn’t know. 

“She doesn’t even dress normally. It’s like she’s a boy,” taunts another girl. “What kind of girl wears a sweatshirt and tights?” I feel ashamed about my clothing choices.

“Who even brought you into the world? You shouldn’t even exist!” teased another girl, this one much smaller than everyone else, including me. Her hair is pulled in a purple hair-tie and I finally notice she I holding my backpack hostage. I wanted to punch her, run away and never come back. 

“I wonder if her mother is also defective!” taunts the boy. The bullies roar with laughter and Skylar pretends to be weird. I look around without moving my head; it’s just too painful. I don’t see anyone else besides me, Eden, and the bullies. I hated school. Every day, I’d get pushed around by the same kids, and this might be the worst of all. I can taste blood on my lip, and my eye is swollen. From history, I know the element Air had created her children to be kind and graceful, but apparently, these kids were defective themselves. But so was I. 

“Stop!” I hear a familiar voice, but it isn’t Eden’s. I tilt my head a little and see my twin brother.

“Lyndon,” I manage to choke out. I wanted to cry.

“Oh my gosh, London, you’re bleeding!” He turns to face Josie. “Put her down. Immediately!”

Josie smiles grimly. “If you say so. Bye-bye, loser.” I am thrown off the ledge of our floating school, and as I start falling, I hear Lydon and Eden screaming my name. Just before I close my eyes, I see Lyndon jump off the ledge after me followed by Eden who had stopped to retrieve my belongings, but they both look a million miles away from me.

Unless I start with two feet on the floor, I cannot bring myself to fly, and I am an Air Elementor.

My heart races, and my hair whips against my face. I begin telling myself this will be the last time you see light. I didn’t even bother trying to fly, knowing I wouldn’t be able to. Why am I so stupid. Why do I have to exist?

Now is a great time to wonder why Air as never tried saving me, never tried saving me from my death. I pray in my head, telling the Element to let me live, as I had done nothing wrong.

It feels like I’ve been falling for eternity, and thank goodness that the school is pretty high up, otherwise I would have hit the ground by now. My prayers are answered when two arms wrap around me and my fall is slowed until Lyndon and I are hovering in mid-air. I put my arms around his neck, and he holds on tight.
Lyndon is exactly six minutes and twenty-one seconds younger than me, and he has to carry my burden and protect me because I’m so weak. I always feel guilty that even as the older sibling, I can’t do anything to help him, even if we were born just minutes apart.

I couldn’t hold back my tears, and sometimes even sixteen-year-olds need to cry.

Lyndon chokes on his words. “I should have been there sooner. I could have done something but I didn’t. You really need to tell Mom about this. You can’t keep this a secret forever. Think about all those times she asked you about the cuts and bruises you come home with every day.” He rubs my back comfortingly.

“I can’t, Lyndon. I- I just can’t.” He holds me at arm's length as Eden appears next to me. My fingers wrap around my white backpack as soon as Lyndon hands it over.

“I’m so sorry, London. I’m just so glad you’re alive.” She hugs me gently even as Lyndon is still holding onto me, being careful not to touch the small gash on my arm.

“We need to get these wounds cleaned up,” Lyndon tells me. “Can you fly from here? Since you’re you know, stationary?” I attempt to fly, but my head hurts and I become slush again. Lyndon tells Eden to get the other side of me and they bring me to the infirmary in the school which is open until five.

“My goodness,” starts Nurse Riley, “we need to get you patched up right away!” I’ve been to the infirmary more times than I can count, so Nurse Riley is almost like an older sister. She would make a nice sibling because I didn’t have any sisters, only Lyndon, and Karter who is nineteen. Lyndon sets me down on the gurney, and I slowly situate myself in a lay-down position. My brother and Eden leave to go sit outside in the hallway and Nurse Riley grabs two sticks of medicine. She cuts the tip of them off and gives them to me to drink, explaining to me that they will help with the healing of the wounds. Next, she cleans my wounds, applies anti-infection cream, and puts on air band-aids which are invisible yet they hide the wound. Good job to the new cutting edge technology.

The whole time I have been in the infirmary, Nurse Riley hasn’t asked me a single question about what happened today, and I’m relieved to not have to talk about the experience. She announces that I am free to go, and I walk outside after waving goodbye to see my brother looking down at his feet and Eden looking at his worried face. She turns to face me and hugs me for the second time. 

“Let’s go home. Can you fly now?” Lyndon asks me. I tell my brain to work my flying powers and I hover a few inches off the ground, showing Lyndon that I could fly. He still helps me out of the school and keeps a watchful eye on me as we fly up to our five-story house, Eden going to her home next door. 

“Hi, L-Twins! Welcome home!” Mom looks up from the sink where she was washing dishes and comes over to Lyndon and me.

“Mom!” we both groan. She laughs and squeezes us to the point where we both had to wiggle our way free. Karter is sitting at the dinner table, doing some homework. He glances at our direction, rolls his eyes, and continues with his work. He isn’t exactly the best companion. Or brother. Half the time, he spends time with his girlfriend, Sadie. I knew he had dinner with her tonight, breakfast and then a movie with her because it’s Saturday, and then Sadie is coming over on Sunday to ‘study’ with Karter. He said that they had an exam on Monday for math, and they needed to spend lots of time studying.

“Do you have any homework?” Mom asks Lyndon and me. “Because if you do, then have Karter help you. I’m going out to get groceries and you do not want to bother your dad while he’s working.” She laughs before closing the door behind her. Lyndon and I look at each other and immediately go upstairs with or backpacks. Lyndon and I share a room and bathroom in the attic, but it’s a very cozy attic that resembles a normal room. Mom, Dad, and Karter sleep on the fourth floor with two separate bathrooms each attached their rooms and the third floor is the dining room, kitchen and living room. The second floor is the den and the first is technically the basement, which is hidden inside the cloud platform that supports our house.

Almost everything in me and my brother’s room is identical. With me getting the left side of the room and Lyndon getting the right, we both have white walls, a gold bed frame with poles sticking out from the corners and connecting to hold translucent fabric curtains, the same white desk situated in the same place, just everything. Both of our desks meet in the invisible line dividing our rooms. What I hate about our room is that we have a window right in front of us, and the furniture is extra heavy in case any wind accidents happen.

“You have math homework?” Lyndon asks me.

“Nope. I have English though.” I take out my notebook and begin writing my two-page essay.

“Are you excited for summer?” I slump down in my chair and look at Lyndon.

“Seriously? Who isn’t?” I slowly turn around in my spinning chair and summon a book into my hands. “I can’t wait for another week!”

“Actually, it’s five days,” corrects Lyndon. I roll my eyes and get back to my essay.


“Finally!” I stuff my notebook back into my backpack and grab a white sweatshirt with golden swirls on the sleeves and black tights to go change in the shower. From the window in the bathroom, I look out, not expecting this.

“Lyndon!” I yell. I quickly pull on my tights and rush out to see Lyndon try closing the open window with his strength and his powers. I run over to help him and the window locks shut.

“This is the worst time to be having a wind storm!” I shout over the loud whistling of the wind outside. Wind storms only happen when Air is angry or someone has done something to provoke her. This time, someone had really made her mad because the wind was never this loud.

Karter peeks his head into our room and mumbles just aloud for me to hear, “Good. You’re not dead,” and leaves. I can feel the house shaking I scream as our home creaks loudly. I fly into the basement with Lyndon trailing behind to Dad’s office where he is trying to gather up all of his papers that are flying around the room like maniacs. 

“Don’t just stand there! Help me!” Dad screams. Dad, Lyndon, and I frantically try retrieving papers, and at last, we had round up most of them.

“Go upstairs and go into your room. Now!” Lyndon and I dash upstairs and we close the door, lucky to find nothing had blown away.

Dad isn’t actually our dad, which is why he treats Lyndon and I like garbage. Our real dad had died from a flying accident when my twin and I were five. Then, Mom had to marry stupid Theo Glen, our new step-dad and have a step-brother named Karter Glen. Luckily, the original family is still the Miller family.


The wind storm soon subsided and I looked out the window from the living room. Every once in awhile, something would fly by, and someone would occasionally come out of their home to see the damage. 

What worried everyone is that mom hadn’t come home yet. She had left around four hours ago, and yet, I still hadn’t seen her friendly face peek in through the door. 

I pulled my knees closer to my body and looked over at Lyndon who is beside me. 

“What do you think is keeping Mom from coming home?” I ask shakily. 

“I’m not sure,” replies Lyndon. “I’m just worried about her.” I look over at Karter and even he seemed worried, sitting at the dinner table. My mom is his mom, too, and that cannot be denied, no matter how many times I wish he and step-dad would get out of our lives.

Dad is making billions of phone calls, first to the police, then work, more police, more work.

“Um, Dad?” Dad turns to look annoyed at Lyndon. “Maybe you should call the hospital.” Dad rolls his eyes, but I know he is trying to dial the local hospital after getting off from a phone-call meeting for work. 

I continue to stare out the window, hoping to see Mom flying up to the house. I hoped there was just air traffic or she’s stuck in the grocery store for safety measures and she’ll be coming home any minute. I blocked out everything from reality and closed my eyes, trying to picture the relieved looks on everyone’s faces once Mom comes home with dinner.

“Karter,” said Dad. He turned to Lyndon and me. “And Lyndon and London.” This is the first time he’s ever referred to me and my twin by our real names without adding something like ‘brat’ at the end.

“Yes, Dad?” Karter asks. I can tell by the look in his eyes that Dad has something really important to say. I draw in a shaky breath.

“I need to go to the hospital now.”


© Copyright 2020 K.C. Chung. All rights reserved.


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