Not A Mistake

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: K.C.'s Content

This chapter is emotional (maybe- it surely makes me emotional!)

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter 3

Submitted: October 15, 2019

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Submitted: October 15, 2019



Monday is absolutely dreadful. I needed to skip English. And history. And music. Also math.

I stand with my back against the wall in the girl's bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror. I had already thrown up twice and my face is red, my palms sweaty. I couldn’t go to my classes. Not when I could 

I am so relieved that no one has come check on me. Mom is constantly in my mind, and she still isn’t back from the hospital. Dad called Karter and told him to get everyone to bed, including him, for he was going to stay at the hospital for a long time with Mom. None of us know what had happened to her.

I can’t seem to get rid of the horrified look on Lyndon’s face when I shatter all the glass on the third floor of our house. And every time I picture Karter’s expression as he said I am a monster sends shivers down my spine. 

I jump when the door opens, and I relax when I see Eden run toward me, putting both of her hands on my shoulders. 

“Where were you?” she asks me. I stay silent. I haven’t told her about what had happened yesterday.

“Come on Lond. You can tell me.” She gently shakes me, and I give in.

“I did something wrong yesterday,” I state. I explain how Karter was drinking and how he started to lunge at Lyndon and I just sent a huge shock wave of air and broke all the glass.

“Wow. But how could you do that? No Air Elementor can do that.” Eden bit on her nail. “You’re-”

“Different?” I guess.

“No! Special!” she clarifies. She paces back and forth, and I watch as her strides are evenly spaced out.

“Why do you think I’m like this?” I ask her. She stops dead in her tracks. There is an uncomfortable silence.

She shakes her head. “I’m not sure?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" She suddenly turns to look at me with wide eyes.


“Your shock wave can't be a bad thing.” She purses her lips, and I stare at her, trying to decipher her sentence.

“How, exactly, is it not a bad thing, if I almost blew up my house?” Eden shrugs her shoulders. I roll my eyes while smiling. “I’m going home.” I leave the bathroom to head towards my locker with Eden looking at me with a sly smile.


“Brat! Come and do the dishes!” Karter yells at me from the living room as I come through the door. I expected him to be at school, but of course, he stayed at home. Great, my worst nightmare. “And when you’re done, give me a foot massage.” I’ve had enough with him. I trust my hand at him from the kitchen and cause him to be punched by a strong gust of wind.

“Massage. Yourself,” I say through gritted teeth. 

“Or what?” he laughs.

“I’ll do what I did to you yesterday,” reply, gripping my backpack.

“Try me.” I stare at him with rage but I don’t attempt to do what I had done to him yesterday. The cut on his face is nasty, and if the police found out, I’d be put in jail or something.

I storm up into my room, ignoring the dirty laughs of Karter. I flop down on my bed and stare at the ceiling. Eventually, I take a small nap that keeps me busy until Lyndon comes into my room after school.

“Where were you?” he screams at me as he throws his backpack on the ground. “Why weren’t you at school?” 

“Leave me alone,” I yell back. My screams are muffled by the pillow.

“If it was because of yesterday, then it’s a stupid reason. There was homework, London! And a lot of the teachers marked you absent! What do you think Mom’s going to say about this?”

“Mom’s not here!” I send the pillow flying at him with all the strength I have, and he stumbles onto his bed. There is a silence between us.

I begin sobbing again. I spin around to sit on the edge of my bed. “You don’t know what it’s like to be cursed with this power that no one else has! And I’m already an outcast, not being to fly!” I scream at him.  “It’s not like you’ve ever been an outcast! You’re perfect little Lyndon, on three sports teams, has good grades, and has good, working powers!” I breathe in and out with labor.

“I’m just as much as an outcast then you!” he screams at me. “Don’t think I’m not bullied at school! I get pushed around because I have a sister like you!” Lyndon puts a hand up to his mouth, catching his mistake. I have my mouth wide open, and I furrow my brows at him. I turn away from him, wishing I was never born. The room is silent once again until I hear Lyndon get up.

“I’m sor-”
“Shut up! Leave me alone to die!” My voice cracks and I glare

“Never did I think you’d freak out over something like a power disability.” 

“Never did I think you are such a mean brother.” And I hear the door slam.


“How was school, Karter?” Dad asks Karter. He shrugs his shoulder. We all eat our cold pizza and water in silence. I quickly dart my eyes to everybody's face. 

Lyndon is extremely focused on his dinner, but I can see the anger in his eyes. I wanted to apologize to him after our fight,  but he had seemed irritated just by my presence in the kitchen when I wanted to say sorry.

Karter had covered up his cut with band-aids, and I couldn’t help but remember that Air had made her children kind and sweet, but I had proved her wrong when I had hurt Karter like that. And Karter broke the expectation, too. Strangely, he is smiling, like he has some evil plan up his sleeves. I shake my head ever so slightly, telling myself it’s just my thoughts.

Dad is worried yet excited. I don’t know what he wants to do, or if he wants to anything at all. But he soon wipes his mouth with a napkin and holds up his hand for attention. All three of us turn to face him.

“Tomorrow, something will be happening,” he says. Karter smiles.

“Tell us, Dad!” Karter replies, sarcastically. I began shaking a little. Dad turns to me and gives me a cold stare.

“Don’t act all innocent, London,” he says grimly. “I know what you did to Karter and the house,” He holds up a shard of glass and sets it on the table, sliding it at me.

“Don’t think I’d cover up your tracks, punk,” Karter laughs. 

“So,” begins Dad, “the authorities will come to bring you to the Correctional Facility, where you will live from tomorrow on.” Dad laughs and Karter joins in.

“What?” I exclaim. I look at Lyndon with wide eyes and he too is covered with worry. I couldn’t believe this. I was going to leave my family and live my whole life surrounded by doctors and strict counselors.

“You have and always will be a freak!” roars Dad. “All the elements will thank my son and me for putting the mistake in the dump!”

“You can’t put her there!” Lyndon protests. He holds my hand and squeezes it tightly.

“You have a problem, boy? Cause’ I won't hesitate to put you in the facility in there with your other mistake!” hisses Dad. “You were literally made to be twins!” Lyndon looks down and Dad continues to glare at him and me.

“You better start packing!” snickers Karter. He whisks my dinner away from me and dumps it in the garbage bag and puts the empty plate in the sink. Even when using all my strength, using his powers, Karter takes the fork from my grasp. He and Dad laugh and Lyndon eats his dinner a lot faster. However, Karter doesn’t forget about him and he loses his dinner as well.

“Lyndon!” I whisper, trembling. He ignores me.

“Go upstairs, dorks!” yells Dad. Lyndon and I rush upstairs, stumbling on the stairs and closing and locking the door behind to our room behind us.

I crumble onto the floor and a tear comes down my cheek. Lyndon grabs my backpack and hands it to me.

“This backpack isn’t going to pack itself,” he tells me. I look up at him angrily.

“You want me to leave?”

“I never said that.”

“Then don’t tell me to pack!”

“It’s better than having Dad yell at you and dumping you outside without any belongings!” Lyndon throws the backpack at me and sits on his bed, summoning a book. I sit up in rage and slow down when I remind myself I am to be leaving my only home to be ‘corrected’. I dig around for my suitcase under my bed and put thing after thing in there. I’m glad I could fit everything in just my luggage and a backpack. Why am I even packing if I don't want to leave? And Mom wouldn’t even know I’m gone! I turn to Lyndon.

“I’m sorry, Lyndon.” I sit down on the edge of his bed and he turns to look at me. He puts the book beside him and sits next to me.

“I don't want to lose you,” whispers Lyndon. “Please tell me you’ll sneak out and live with me alone without Karter or Dad.” He puts an arm around me and rubs my arm as we chuckle. 

“I’ll try,” I joke. Dad bangs on the door and yells, “Twelve-thirty tomorrow!” and leaves, laughing.

“I hate Dad,” Lyndon states.

“Like we ever liked him at one point,” I giggle. I look around the room. Knowing that I’ll be leaving tomorrow makes me devastated. I’ll miss the whole house; the kitchen, my room, even the bathroom. I’ll miss Mom’s love and most of all, Lyndon’s comfort. He’s always protected me when I was in need and is my best friend. I couldn't stand the idea of losing him and I embrace him hard.

“Promise me you’ll write,” I manage to say.

“Every moment I’m free.” We hug for a long time, and I make sure I enjoy every last minute.


I wake up with my back to Lyndon’s. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep on his bed but for some reason, I don’t recall sleeping next to him.

Lyndon groans and wakes up, rubbing his neck.

“How’d you get here?” he asks me.

I chuckle. “Oh, I don’t know.” I turn to look on the floor where my luggage is laying there motionless. The depression washes over me once again, and Lyndon rubs my back.

“Better get going. We have school,” he reminds me. He climbs out of bed but I call after him.

“I don’t feel like going,” I complain. “Besides, I don’t even think I should go since I only have a few hours of school.” His expression changes, and goes into the bathroom and floats my toothbrush and toothpaste over to me.

“You still need to take care of your hygiene.” I sigh and brush my teeth as I’m sitting on Lyndon’s bed. I look out the window and see the people of the Air Kingdom going on with their morning business. It dawns on me that I don’t know which Kingdom the Correctional Facility will be in or if the facility will have other Air Elementors. Fire and Earth Elementors weaken Air Elementors while Water strengthens us. 

I hear the toilet flush and Lyndon walks out in his school uniform. He gives me a powerful hug, the last hug, I will have from him. He kisses the top of my head before going for the door.

“Bye London.” I will always remember the last time he says my name, the way he says my name with comfort and reassurance.

“Bye Lyndon.” As he starts closing the door, he mouths the words, “I love you.” Now, I am alone.


“It’s a shame she has to leave such a lovely family,” proclaimed Dad. I wanted to kick him.

“Yeah,” I grumble. He shoots an evil look at me when the Air Elementor officer turns his head behind him to tell the other officer with black hair, obviously a Fire, to set up a cabin or something. I am too busy thinking about my future to really listen.

“So just to be sure, you, London Miller, age sixteen, will be coming with us to the Elmonte Correctional Facility today?” I nod my head solemnly. The guard writes something down on his clipboard and nods his head. Dad pushes me on the back and I stumble out the door with all my bags towards a sad, little, gray train.

“Don’t worry. The Correctional Facility isn’t as bad as you think it will be,” the guard with blonde hair informs me. His words are soothing, and I immediately know he isn’t going to contribute to my misery.

I slowly move my head to look at him. “What do you mean?” Instead of receiving an answer, I am given a wink. I still don’t understand the officer, but I continue to walk forward.

The train is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. It has four cars, not including the driver's car. I’m guessing each car is for each of the Elementors because the first car is white, the second blue, the third green, and the last red. The officer helps me into the white car and I see four different cabins with red, sliding doors leading to small rooms equipped with a bed, a desk, and a door, probably to a small bathroom. I’m extremely surprised to see the cabins as cabins and not cells with handcuffs. The floor is covered with royal red carpeting and the walls a dark wood. 

A girl is sitting in the first cabin to the left reading a book, occasionally looking out the window. She catches my eye and smiles but goes straight back to having her face buried in her book. I go into the cabin beside her, hoping I would make her feel more at ease. I set my belongings on the floor and sit on the bed. I’ve taken the cabin on the right so I couldn’t see my house from the window. I already missed it. I missed Lyndon. I missed mom. I even wished the girl across from me is Eden.

My backpack is tempting and I rummage through it, seeing if I missed anything. I find an envelope covered with different hearts. They all look different, so I assume that different people drew them. My heart melts and I wipe away tears because I just know its a farewell note.


Dear London,

By the time you see this, you’ll probably already have left the house. I miss you so much. I really wish Dad wasn’t so evil. He should be the one in your place. And Karter- he’s just as much of a brat as Dad. Please try sneaking out. I can’t live alone without you for even a day, let alone for eternity.

I know you’ll be lonely at the facility so I want you to know I’ve got letters from everyone telling you how much they love you. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, and I definitely regret it, but I had known you were going to be sent away for a few days. I overheard Dad telling Karter his ‘evil plan’. I’m super duper, extremely positively sorry and hope you will forgive me. Dad is a stinking mess waiting to be thrown out. And why are we even calling him our dad?

Always know I’m in your heart and it’s open for you and you only. All I ever think about is you, wondering if you’re safe, if you think about me, and if you need me to comfort you. You are not just my sister, you are my twin, and when you are taken away, half of me is too. I hope you read this letter and lock it deep inside your heart when you are done, throwing away the key. Remember, I’m here for you and feel free to write anytime.


Lyndon, your brother, friend, twin

  And other half of you


Dear London,

Don't ever change, have fun, love you! I'll be waiting!

Sincerely, Eden


Dear Sweet London,

How could your father do this to you? I will make sure to get rid of him once I’ve recovered. He should have at least explained this to me! I honestly thought he was a loving and gentle man. How could my mind have bent my perception of a dirty-minded man? And why didn’t you and your other L-twin tell me earlier? I could have done something. But in this letter, it’s not the time for arguing. I really miss you, sweetheart.

Yes, I’m fine. I was hit by an unidentified flying object on the way back home from the grocery store and had to go to the hospital. I was knocked unconscious, but don’t worry about me, mommy’s strong.

I wish I could help you but the officers have enough evidence to take you away. Karter never should have deserved that camera I rewarded him with when he turned fourteen. I hope you understand that I can’t convince the authorities to give you over. I was presented with the evidence in the hospital. Yes, I saw everything. And Lyndon sent me a letter telling me about your flying problems. Honey, you can’t keep secrets from me like that! Your flying defect could have put you in so much danger! And don’t think I don’t know about the bullies. I could fly them all the way into space and leave them there forever if you wanted me to. Or I could report them to the principal. Whatever you want, darling, I’ll make it happen. 

Don’t let your new power get in the way of being you. London Elis Miller, you will always be my daughter, rockstar, and love, no matter. You have always been my favorite child (don’t you dare tell Lyndon!) and always smile. Everyone you cherish and everyone who loves you will never leave you.

Forever Love,



© Copyright 2020 K.C. Chung. All rights reserved.


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