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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

this is a lil longer than usual but I worked rlly hard on it so plz enjoy or else (hehe jk)

olso i already started working on the chappy chap after this which introduces some new charecters that I think will rlly be a fan fave xoxo uwo luv UU uwo

Chapter 3 (v.1) - The End of the Beggining

Submitted: October 24, 2019

Reads: 27

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Submitted: October 24, 2019



What would one wear for their first day as an FBI agent? Basil decided that he would go with the casual overalls and tye-dye shirt. Remembering suddenly that there was a dress code, he fastened three  bow ties around his neck and horn thingies. He looked proudly in the mirror. He was ready. 


 “Agent Mackentyre!” A sharp voice shouted. 


 “no.” Basil said, upset that they had used his last name. “My name is Basil, and I will be addressed as that and only that, or I will take it up with your superiors,” He said swiftly, crossing his hoofs. 


 The person calling his name (Agent Brown) looked at Basil. “Sir, that’s against protocall.” He said after a second. Basil glared. The agent sighed, giving up. “Fine then, Agent Basil. Mr. Parker needs you in his office,” 


 “Oh my, a field trip! What for?” Basil asked excitedly. 


 “You’re getting your first assignment. Fair warning- it might not be the most exciting thing in the world,” he said. 


 “Oh that’s okay,” Basil said, waving a dismissive hoof. “ I have high blood pressure so everything is like a rollercoaster!” 


 “That’s… lovely,” Agent Brown said. He hastened to make more small talk as they entered the elevator. “So, uh, interesting accent, where are you from?” 


 “My mawma’s uterus!” Basil answered happily. Agent Brown sighed. This day was going to be long. 


 As soon as the two agents finally made it to their destination, Agent Brown left. Basil was on his own. Slowly opening the door, he walked in the large office. 


 “Howdy!” He yelled. Everyone in the office looked at him. “Oh, no need to stare! I know I’m beautiful, but not as beautiful as your spirits!” Everyone slowly averted their gaze. “Tough crowd…” He mumbled to himself. 


 “Mr. Mackentyre, in my office.” Someone shouted, peeking out from what Basil presumed was his office. 


 “Be right there!” Basil screamed back enthusiastically. He skipped happily to the room where the man was standing, waiting. “Knock knock!” He said, ramming his horn-things on the wall next to the door to make a knocking sound. The wall, subsequently, caved in. “Well, it’s a good thing I caught that before somebody got hurt!” Basil said, carefully stepping through the narrow doorway. 


 “Yup, just… come on in...” The man, sighing. He pulled out a chair for Basil to sit on. 


 “Ooh, a polite man. I like you!” The man blushed. 


 “Thank you,” He said. “Anyways, my name is Peter Griffyths, and I am going to be your field secretary,” Peter paused to smile at Basil, before continuing. “Since this is your first day, I need to have you do some paperwork,” 


 “Righty tighty! Where’s my desk?” Basil asked. 


 “Over here. The paperwork you need to do is already on your desk. Come to me when you’re done!” Peter smiled once more and flounced back to his office. Being the snooper he was, Basil took the opportunity to get a closer look at Peter. 


 He had floppy brown hair the color of chocolate goop. It looked very yummy. His eyes, shadowed by his previously mentioned floppy hair, were also brown, however more of a warm honey color. It, as well, looked very yummy. On his beautiful face he wore a pair of equally beautiful black glasses. Basil smiled. He thought he liked Peter. 




© Copyright 2020 J. C. Candlestick-Blackgloop. All rights reserved.


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