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Chapter 35 (v.1) - Whatever

Submitted: November 08, 2019

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Submitted: November 08, 2019



Roma knocked on the door, it swung open.


“Roll me in,” Roma ordered. The nurse made an annoyed sound and pushed Roma’s wheelchair into the room. The light from the hallway lit up the room, Aaron was in the window bed. Nicholas was asleep in a chair by the bed. “Roll me to the bed.”


“I am.” The nurse rolled the chair across the room, stopping beside Nicholas. Nicholas was Roma reached down and pulled the brakes on her wheelchair.


“You can leave, lady.” The nurse was already gone, the door was left open. Roma looked between the sleeping boys, picking at her hospital gown. Nicholas was snoring. “How can you two sleep so comfortably?” She kicked the leg of Nicholas’ chair. “Wake up!” Nicholas jerked awake, looking around. “How's he doing?” Roma asked. Nicholas regained his bearings, wiping his eyes.


“Gulliver says they have him drugged,” Nicholas said. Roma looked around the room.




“The doctors. They have him drugged so he doesn’t feel anything.”


“A doctor named Gulliver? That’s a weird name.”


“Gulliver isn’t a doctor.”


“What?” The two of them went silent for a few seconds. Roma scratched her legs. “I can’t stand it here.” Nicholas lied his head back.


“Why not?”


“Beds too soft.”


“I guess I understand that,” Nicholas said. “I can’t get comfortable either.”


“Whatever.” Roma propped her feet up on Aaron’s bed.


“Why do they have you in a wheelchair? You can’t walk on your own?”


“I have a concussion from that psycho tried to bash my head in.”


“So, you can’t walk?”


“I probably could if I wanted to.” Roma slipped her hospital gown off. “But I don’t mind getting wheeled around.”


“What are you doing?”


“It's bothering me.”


“I don’t care, keep your thing on!” Rome laid the gown over herself like a blanket.


“You’ve seen me naked, what are you complaining about?”


“Why are you here?” Aaron leaned forward, meeting Roma’s wandering eyes. “Do you want something?” Roma shifted under her gown and closed her eyes. “Hello?”


“Leave me alone, ass.” Aaron sighed, letting himself return to sleep.

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