Chapter 1: A Test in Time.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Hi, my name is Johnny, have you ever wondered just how amazing life truly is, I never did I just thought that you got in life just what you put into it but then one morning something happened to me that changed my life forever, I went to work that day and little did I know just what life had in store for me. I could try to explain but the easiest way is to go back in time and just start from that very morning, don't worry if you get confused because it took me a while to find out just exactly where I was going to so hold onto your hat and enjoy the journey.
It was just like any other morning, Johnny stretches and lets out a yawn to welcome the new day, he walks over to the window and draws the curtains, it was still dull outside, the sun was just starting to break the horizon so he jumps into the shower and then gets dressed. He pours out some fruit-filled oatmeal into the bowl which he had left prepared the night before, he sits down to eat his breakfast and then turns the news channel on while eating to see what the world had to offer that morning, it was very much the same as always he thought to himself, “ One day there might be some good news,” he said to himself out loud. He finishes breakfast and washes up then grabs his Air Force jacket and picks up his car keys and leaves for work, he stretches both arms outward toward the sky then gets in and turns on the engine and then the music, it was like it had been hammered into him by the military, it was a process that had to be done or his day wouldn't start right and it would upset him for the rest of the day, he puts it into gear and off he goes to start a new day, “ Where will this one take me to I wonder.” he says to himself, “ Just another ordinary day.”
Johnny arrives at the base and then pulls up at the guard's gate outside the entrance, a soldier comes over and looks at his Identification, ” Looks like another nice day to go, flying captain, thank you very much, sir, OK open the gates and let him through,” he drives through the gates and parks up outside the ready room, he goes in and inside are all of the other pilots who are starting there duties. They continue getting dressed into there flying suits, it takes time they are a real pain to put on, very tight they are virtually moulded to the pilots so its a squeeze to get into them,” How come I don't have all this trouble getting into a rubber sir,” Johnny replies, “ That's enough of that Drake you should know better, anyways we all know you don't have half as much to put in your rubber,” the rest of the crew's start to laugh and so does Johnny secretly.
 “ So how are we all doing today,” he says out loud, “All fine Sir, You know us we’re never happy unless we're in the air.”
 “ OK boys lets get finished up here and get our flight package for the day.”
They all finish getting dressed and then go into the briefing room, they all sit down and an officer walks in, “ OK sit down gentleman settle down, your orders for today are as follows, You have Sector Green to cover today gentlemen, it's just a simple cover OP, so it's going to be boring so take a book,” the entire room erupts into laughter.
  Johnny replies,” Thank you, sir, you do know how to inspire don't you,” with a grin on his face Johnny calls out to his crew, “OK it looks like we have drawn the short straw guys, everyone to your planes, let's go we have work to be done.”
  They all get strapped in and they're waiting for clearance to take off on the runway, after a short while the tower comes through on the radio,“ Yellow Squadron you have your clearance for take-off, you have yourselves a good day sir.”
 “ Thanks very much, tower, I am sure we will,” Johnny gives his orders to his other two jets behind him which made up his full flight crew, he opens the throttle and they all roar off from the airstrip to start another boring day flying around in empty skies.
It just seems to be another peaceful day flying the highest - Tech fighter the world has ever seen, it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining into the cockpit and all was well in the world when a request comes through on the radio for them to check out an unusual radar contact that had been detected so then Johnny says,” Well we got work to do the funs over.”
“ We have received orders to inspect a location 45 clicks from here so light them up gentlemen it’s time to earn our pay,” they reach the point but there’s nothing to report, the skies are clear for miles around and he is just about to call it in when he looks down at the radar screen in his cockpit, there is a strange blurring coming and going like a fazing in and out it was very strange, flashing on and off starts on the radar screen and he is just about to report the contact back to base when a giant flash envelops his leading craft and everything instantly freezes, for just a few seconds it felt as if time had stopped and he was able to see everything that was happening around him, it was all so serene and peaceful and then all the lights just went out and he was gone.
 The fighter spirals downwards with a thick black smoke leaving a deathly trail behind it and it breaks up into flaming pieces of metal as it falls to the ground.
The second plane makes a complete circle of the wreckage and reports the plane is down but is unable to give any explanation as to how it had happened, then the other two jets stay in the area to secure the crash site until rescue services arrive and only then do they return to base for immediate debriefing.
The rescue helicopters arrive at the scene to find the aircraft is smashed to a million pieces, he reports back to base that the chances of finding crew which are alive going off the devastation of the aircraft were Zero and he tells people to get ready for the bad news.
 A full search team arrive after a couple of hours and start to inspect what is left of the wreckage after all the fires have been extinguished and a thorough search of the area is undertaken to look for clues as to how the aircraft had been knocked out of the sky when after some time a shout is heard desperate to get help, it was the crew, they were there lying amongst the undergrowth covered in ice, how they survived nobody had any clue but they were there and that was all that counts, as the rescuers get close they could see all the ice all over them but when they tried to inspect the bodies the rubber gloves they wore began to melt at the touch and burn their hands, for some impossible reason they were encased in solid slabs of ice but it was literally white-hot, it took some time to figure out how to remove the body’s as they were and then they were finally removed into rescue choppers and taken to the closest military hospital for an autopsy.
located in the hospital both crews were getting emergency treatment if that is what you would call it, top military doctors were flown in from around the globe to try and access just what was going on under all the ice because no one or nothing can get past the combination of ice and heat from what is proving to be impossible to diagnose from a doctors perspective, they just have no idea what is happening and eventually, they decide to just leave them and wait and see just what will happen.
 Brigadier General Iceal Hambelton arrives at the hospital and asks for an update on the men’s status, “ The pentagon wants answers gentlemen and they don't like to be told to wait,” and he is promptly told that nobody alive can answer that question because they just don’t have any idea, " We are dealing with unknown forces here General which no one here has ever seen anything remotely close in all of our lives," he informs the General that all they would be able to do is wait for whatever was happening to stop and only then would they be able to reassess what was going on.
 He promptly replies to them all, “Your all god damn FIRED, what the hell use are you if you know nothing,” and storms off, not even realizing the sheer enormity of what he was witnessing, his last remarks are,” Nobody hears about this gentlemen, nobody do you understand what I am saying, Colonel.”
 “ But general these men have family’s sir, their unit will want to know what’s happened to them what do I tell them,”
  “ You tell them anything they want to hear but you don’t tell them the god damn truth do you hear me.”
 ” Yes sir,” he replies, “ leave it with me.”
The very same day a news story is released to the press of a tragic collision between two aircraft, no survivor’s, and no remains, and soon the affair is just swept under the carpet to be forgotten, pilot error was never going to sit well with the squadron but that’s the military for you, “ You have your orders you carry them orders out and you ask nothing.”
Six weeks later there is a full military funeral taking place for the lost pilots and as the reverend speaks and the rifles fire in succession he glances over to the horizon where he notices a man standing at the top of the hill looking down onto the funeral, the guns fired in a rapid course of succession once more and finally, when the service comes to the end everybody begins to leave when everyone has left the man comes down from off of the hill and looks at the name on the headstone, he places his hand on the gravestone as if to say goodbye, It’s HIS NAME, he walks off but just who is he that was the question.

Submitted: October 19, 2019

© Copyright 2022 N Todd. All rights reserved.


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