The Powers Within

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - troubled journeys

Submitted: November 07, 2019

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Submitted: November 07, 2019



Chapter 13,Troubled Journeys.
 The sky is a wonderful light blue color and there are wisps of white clouds scattered out all over below her, Sally looks down and says to herself,”It truly is wonderful up here, You really can think that you are close to god up here”, It really was that easy to persuade yourself of the fact, although there was the sound of the jet engine whirling away in your ears, and the fact that you were looking through some on the worlds highest technology on your headgear, you sometimes just forgot you were sitting inside a F16C Falcon. She was so happy when she was up there, hell who in their right mind wouldn't be, It really was a privileged to do such a job and to top it off it was all so much fun, and to top it all off you even got paid for it as well, so how lucky am I she used to say to herself.
Johnny was right, it was the perfect tonic to take her mind off all that had happened, the chaos inside her mind was gone she was at peace, but she couldn't help but be worried about what Johnny was up to, it was still playing on her mind  but she could push it to the back and just enjoy the moment.
 It was just another routine patrol, the Sky's were empty, there was a few traces of jet trails here and there but all in all it looked like it was going to be another peaceful day for all, All of a sudden she hears a alarm going off, ”What the hell is that”, she looks down on her controls in the cockpit, all is green no problems, so what the hell is it she thinks to herself, no contacts from the other jets so she starts to think it must be a problem with just her jet, she quickly does a full scan of the cockpit but all seems fine, so what  the hell was it.
 “Oh my god you bloody fool” she says out loud to herself, It was Johnny's phone ringing, “How the hell is that going off up here,” She fumbles around and takes it out from the pouch on her left leg, she lifts her visor and releases the air mask from her face, “I really don't believe this” she starts laughing.
 She presses the button and says “HI Johny's is that you darling, you will never guess were I am right now”.
Johnny replies,” Jesus your not flying are you”, “I am how the hell is it working up here”.
“Listen Sally meet me in the usual place OK, I have to go, Bye” and he quickly hangs up the phone.
“God damn it”, Sally screams to herself” and hangs up the phone, you bloody fool, how the hell could you be so stupid”  and replaces the phone into the pouch.
There are no more problems for the rest of the flight, everything is normal and the sortie comes to an end, They all land, go to debriefing and then shower, and then she changes to go home.
Sally is sitting in the house and she is acting really nervous she is walking up and down the room, she is waiting for a knock on the door and finding military police there to take here into custody but thankfully nothing happens, so she picks up her car keys and jumps into her car, she drives down to the motel all the time checking to see if she was been followed, there seems to be nobody following so she pulls up at the motel door and knocks and enters the room.
“Johnny are you there darling”, there is no reply,” he told me to meet him here”, she goes in to check the bathroom and its empty, but the hot tap is left running and on the mirror, a message is written in the steam using his finger just like when  watching an old detective program. It reads,
“Hi Sally, Go to room 104 in the Sanctuary Hotel in New York, I will see you there”.
“PS don't forget to wipe off the message XX”
She wipes off the message on the mirror and leaves the room with a large smile on her face, she jumps into her car and drives off, “This had better be good”, she says to herself, its a bit of a drive over to New York.
  About half an hour into the journey she looks back and sees a large black SUV behind her, am I just been paranoid or not she says to her self, it was just the sort that the military use so she starts to get very uneasy, The vehicle speeds up fast towards her and at the last second it pulls out and overtakes her, She sighs with relief and tells herself to calm down, clearly it wasn't a military vehicle just one of those annoying coincidence's that we could all do without.
 The sortie had taken its tole on her that day and she starts to get very tired at the wheel so she sees she is approaching a small diner at the side of the road so she pulls off and parks up, she gets out and walks into the diner and orders a large black coffee with a donut the size of a car wheel, this lot of sugar will keep me awake for two days she says to her self, she picks them  up, pays at the checkout and finds a nice secluded seat where she can just sit and watch the traffic go by.
 She is half way through her donut when she sees the black SUV go past again, it slows down and then stops on the road then reverses back and enters the car park for the diner, She slowly moves the coffee cup from her lips as she meticulously watches every second to see if she was in trouble or not.
 The SUV parks up next to her own car and now she starts to really get worried, she cant make a break now she was stuck so she had to let it unfold and see what was going to happen.
  The driver gets out of the SUV and looks around, he was dressed in full military officers uniform and now she can feel her heart rate starting to rise, he leaves the door wide open on the car so she can see the car was empty, there was only him, nobody else,” No military police thats good,” she says to herself, just a coincidence she says to herself and carries on with her coffee.
 She watches the man enter the diner and he gets a coffee and a piece of cake and walks over to her table, “Hello Sally would you mind if I sat here, I really would like to have a little chat with you”. Her heart had stopped for just a second she was sure of it, “Of coarse feel free, are you just out for a little drive”, she says to him.
 He starts to laugh, “No not at all, I am out looking for you actually, I was told by the guards at the gate house that you headed off in this direction, just lucky finding you thats all, I thought I had missed you”. Now Sally was getting worried but she kept a cool head and started a conversation to get some answers from him, “So you have found me what do you want, if its about the phone call it was just a silly mistake thats all”.
“ Lets not start this conversation the wrong way captain, it is Colonel to you or do you not know what these stars on my shoulders stand for, and I am sorry but I  don't know anything about any phone call as a matter of fact”.
“I am sorry sir, I just seem to find myself wondering what a Colonel in the air force might want to talk to me about”, she was terrified and she was sure she could hear her voice starting to shake, it had to be about the phone call when she was in the jet, it just had to be.
He sips his coffee very slowly and deliberately, forcing her to place all the wrong questions into her mind first and then replies, “Damn thats good coffee, I am going to have to remember this place”, He hesitates for a few more seconds, just long enough for Sally to get the wrong idea then he looks up at her and looks straight into her eyes and says,” Sally I have a bit of a problem and I am hoping you might be able to help me with it”.
Sally heart stops beating  “Of coarse Sir, any way I possibly can, but I don't know how I would be of any assistance to you”.
“Sally I need help with an old friend of yours, he fell out of the sky a few weeks ago in a ball of fire, Johnny's the name thats on the file in my records, you were down as one of his closest friends so I have been told”.
Now Sally is really worried, just were can he be going with this she says to herself, she starts to sip her coffee again slowly, “Yes I was his very good friend sir, how can I help you”.
“Well Sally I am probably going to do fifty years in jail for telling you what I am about to say so listen up, I wont be repeating it”, He went on to say,
“My name is Paul Hunter, Colonel in the Air Force, Science division, I look into all of the little unusual things that happen to fall there way, thats the little things that they want the world not to find out about I am sure you know exactly what I mean, and at the moment I am looking after your best friend Johnny, He is not a well person to say the least but he is alive sort of, but I don't think he will be for very much longer, I have been playing tricks on them in the pentagon but I am running out of time, I just don't know how I can help this man any more, the strange thing is I don't really know why I am helping him, I have done some terrible things in the name of science and until now I was without a conscience, but then your friend comes along and now, well now I just cant do the things they are telling me to do. I am in a fix and I need some help in getting what is going on out there in the real world, because as long as the world thinks he is dead nothing will change, but if the world was to find out that he was alive, Well that would change everything, wouldn't it”.
  Sally takes a long drink from her coffee, “You are telling me that Johnny is been kept in some secret facility, still alive but he wont be for much longer, is that about right”.
“Yes thats about it, I cant hold the dogs off much longer, the other assistants are getting very suspicious about everything I do now and I think its getting back to the top brass so I am on borrowed time to try and get him out of that place, I am asking if you can help me help your friend thats all”, I have only one nurse who I have told about this, she is the only help I have and I don't really know were to go to next, I have never been a team player my whole life and I am way out of my depth and starting to drowned”.
“Well Paul this must just be your lucky day today”, she starts to laugh, “its strange the way things turn out, its as if they were just destined to happen all along”.
 I can take you to see someone who you just wont be able to stop talking too for weeks, your in for some serious science upgrades to say the least”. ” Do we use your car or mine”.
“We will have to use yours, mine is Lo Jacked, its amazing they haven't caught up with me all ready, they must have realized I am missing in action by now”.  Paul replies.
Paul has no idea what she was going on about, but he has no  other choice than to trust her and follow her, she was his last chance for finding answers to his problems, and relieving the guilt he now felt for being responsible for adding Serena to it as well.
He was now in the hands of someone else, who he didn't even know so he couldn't help but feel he was starting to loose control of the situation that he was in.
 They finish there coffees and leave the diner, they get into Sally's car and drive off up the highway, “So how is this going to work then Sally, I feel like I am being kidnapped by you, this isn't the way I was expecting things to go down here”, “I am sure its not sir but if you would look back a second to the diner”.
Paul turns his head round and he sees three black SUV s just like his own surround his car and armed soldiers rush out of them and surround the vehicle, The windows are smashed so they can get access to his car and they start to search it looking for god knows what, Another two  armed teams rush into the diner to search inside, it was obvious that they had realized he had gone rogue and they wanted him back as quick as possible.
“Well it looks like I can take this uniform off now, something tells me there not in a very good mood with me now”, He shrugs his shoulders at looks back to the road.
Sally says to him, “ My god your taking this rather calm, they would have probably killed you back there you do know that, you know too much now and they will have to shut you up, your life is over just like mine because they must have known you were out looking for me”.
“Keep driving as fast as you can, we need to get rid of this car as fast as we can so pull in the first place were we can pick up another one and just leave it to me”.
They drive down the road another ten miles and pull into a fuel station, Sally parks the car behind the garage in a small area reserved for dumpsters and they both get there belongings from out of the car and walk away leaving it behind them.
 Sally looks back and says, “I am going to miss that car we have been together a long time”, “Where are we going to get a replacement by the way” she says to Paul.
 “Leave that to me” Paul says to her, They walk round the corner and they find a small car park, only about a dozen cars they looked like they hadn't been moved in years, so if they were lucky it would be some time before the owner reported it missing to the police.
 That will do Paul said and walked up to a small Volkswagen beetle, he picks up a small rock and smashes the passengers window, he climbs in and starts rummaging around under dash of the car, “just give me a minute” he says to sally.
“So is it normal for a Colonel in the air force to know how to hot wire a car these days”.
He looks back at her smiling and says, “I wasn't always a Colonel Sally, I tended to get in a bit of trouble in my youth shall we say”.
Sally replied “ You could have got into trouble stealing a bit of a better quality car don't you think”.
“This is perfect for what we need believe me, nobody is going to realize its missing for days and nobody is going to think anybody would be stupid enough to steal it as well, so you see perfect”.
The engine fires up and he tells Sally to get into the passenger seat, “Hope you don't mind but I think I should drive I just need to know which direction”.
“No problem, I am not going to fight over driving this thing”, “ Thats not a nice thing to say you will hurt its feelings”, He smiles at Sally and they drive away back onto the highway.
 “We are going to New York  room 104 the Sanctuary Hotel  so just wake me when we get there”.
“OK not a problem, you don't like to talk much do you Sally”.
“I don't like to talk to people that I don't know Paul thats all”.
“Well I don't want to be a pain but its going to be one long boring journey if we don't so how about a truce and we tell each other a little about each other, sort of break the ice as it were,  I will start, he goes on telling her about his childhood, his parents, his school days and before he knows it she is snoring her head off.
“ Well nice chat” he says then “Sweet dreams Sally, see you in New York .
 “ Hey Sally wake up, Come on we are here, Sanctuary Hotel right”.
“Jesus have I slept the whole journey, I am so sorry I didn't mean to be so rude, I thought all the sugar I had would have kept me awake for days”, “Don't worry about it, I guess my life story must be pretty boring to listen too, Hey this person must have some coin if we are meeting them here, this is one hell of a nice place were at”, Paul replies.
Sally walks up to the desk and asks if the occupant of room 104 is in.
“Yes I believe they are, We have been instructed to give you this key and you just have to head on up, do you need anyone to show you the way madam  the room is on the tenth floor”.
“No thank you we will find it our selves, thank you very much”, Sally picks up the key and they walk over the foyer to the elevator, they  both get in and the doors silently close, they enter the floor and off they go rising up to level ten.
The doors open and they step out, its a beautiful hotel, Sally was regretting having to bring Paul because why would Johnny want to meet with her here it didn't make any sense, they walk up to the door, there it is in front of them room 104, She knocks and calls out,”Hello are you there Johnny”.
Paul's eyes twitched when he heard the name, it was too late to back out now he just hoped he hadn't wasted his precious time thats all
Sally turns the door handle and walks into the room, It was a fantastic room, the view was amazing looking out of the full length windows onto the city, They both enter the room and standing in front of the windows there was a man with his back facing them.
Sally walks up to him and says,” Hi darling”, and kisses him, I am sorry about the phone sweetheart I just never thought about what I was doing, Guess what, I have brought someone to meet you, I have a feeling you will have lots to talk about”.
Paul is standing there wondering just who this man could be who could answer his questions, it just didn't make any sense to come all this way, and then the man turns around so he could see his face.
“Good god in heaven I know who you are don't I”.
“Yes you do my name is Johnny, Johnathan Dyce”.
He holds out his hand to shake his hand, nice to meet you Paul.

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