No Escape

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A woman returns to a cabin from her childhood to escape from the world, but finds her past waiting for her.



She stood by the opened window of the bedroom, staring out at the silence of the night. A cool breeze ruffled a few strands of her hair, as the scent of lilacs came from somewhere outside. Through the darkness, she could see the empty field of tall wild grass and two large pine trees, standing a few feet from each other. Beyond that was the dark and looming shadows of the forest, where people had warned her never to go in. When she had asked for a reason, the only answer they would give would be of the urban legends of the forest. It would have scared her when she was a little girl (in fact it had back then), but now she knew it was nothing more than stories.

Hell's Hollow, what are the real secrets you are hiding in there?” Jenny asked under her breath.

In a way, she knew that was something she would regret asking, even though she had no idea why. Still, it really didn't seem like something that she would really worry about. For why should she even worry about something that was nothing more than fiction? There was something that taunted her soul so deep though, making it impossible for her to ignore. But, more than that, a strange sense of DA-Ja-vue and couldn't figure out why. Probably nothing more than some faded memory deep within the recesses of her mind, unable to obtain. Why the hell am I back here? Out of all the places I could have went, I ended up here? Questions which ran through her mind, that she couldn't begin to try and answer.

Her arms crossed over her chest as her body shivered slightly. The only thought that stayed on her mind was, what could be out there in those woods. That was, if there was anything at all. It seemed foolish for her to be thinking about it, when she knew it was nothing more than her own imagination. Yet, she still wanted to know why she came here? What was it she was suppose to discover?

Jenny sat on the edge of the bed, her head lowered as her hands covered her face. For the first time in her life, she felt so alone. Mainly because, her parents had passed away years ago and recently her husband had left her for someone else. The truth of her past was too much for her to handle and knew she needed to get away from everything around her. To be someplace where no one knew anything about who she was, or of her past as well. The only thing, which she could think of was wanting to fall asleep and let this night be over with. But, something within her soul made it difficult for her to even do that. She figured it was because of the stress which she had endured that made her feel that way. And yet, there seemed to be something else as well...something that she wasn't sure about.

From the corner of her eye, she could see something sitting on the floor in the doorway. At first, she tried to believe it was nothing more than the delusion of her imagination. Still, Jenny knew she had to find out if that was the truth or not. She got up and made her way to the doorway, not sure what it would be she would find there. Not even really knowing why it would be she would want to go to it. The only thing which she knew was that she had to.

When she got closer to the doorway, she could see that it was a ceramic doll with golden hair and wearing a pink summer dress. It instantly brought about the memory of her childhood, something she had thought she had forgotten about. Just like so many other memories which would fade away within the mind in time. But, for some reason this one didn't. She had this exact same doll back when she was a little girl, probably when she was five or six. Her age back then was hard to remember, but that was something, which she really didn't care about. But the doll was important to her, as important now as it was all those years back then, when it was first given to her. It was impossible for it to be here though, for she had lost it back when she was six...lost the forest. Yes, she remembered being here with her parents back then and losing her doll in the forest. Even though, she wasn't sure about it, it felt right to her. How could that be though? That was the one thing which she had no idea about. The only thing Jenny knew was that she had to find out what the hell was going on. Knowing there had to be a reason for this and why that doll was left there.

As she held the doll in her hands and looked down at it, the white ceramic lifeless face seemed to look back at her, as if it would speak. Bet you thought you've seen the last of me. Well, fooled you! It was a voice, almost that of a little girl's voice that said that, echoing within her mind. She wanted to figure out what that could really mean, but just pushed it away as nothing more than her own wild imagination playing with her. Just like so many times people had said to her in the past, when she had been admitted in the psychiatric hospitals. The last time, was because the grief of her second divorce had consumed her so much that she couldn't handle it anymore. Not to the point where she wanted to kill herself, but strong enough for her giving up on doing any of the normal routines she did before. Even getting out of bed was a task which she really never wanted to do. Believing it would be better just to lay there under the thin cotton sheets and let her life just pass her by. Of course, that wasn't an option with her now. She needed to know why this doll seemed so familiar to her? Along with what the real reason could be for her being here.

I must be going crazy, that's the only thing it can be. What do you think?” she said as she looked down at the doll.

She found herself wanting to laugh for actually thinking the doll would answer her. That was something only a child would think could happen. Jenny felt so foolish, as her face flushed in such embarrassment. Then she turned and made her way back to the bed, still holding the doll within both hands and then sat down on the bed. She could feel her mind throbbing in pain, from the questions which filled it, questions which seemed to not have any answers. There was only one question which she seemed to focus on, one she needed to know the truth. What am I doing here? To her, it seemed like there was something about this old cabin that drew her to it. Something that she really couldn't explain, even if she wanted to. The more she gazed at the doll, the more she found herself wanting to know why it seemed so familiar to her. As if this had been part of her past, a part which she had buried deep within her sub conscious so she would never have to remember it.

It was then she heard the sound of a child laughing, coming from outside. For a brief second, she just stood there, not sure what she was suppose to do. And in a way, not sure if what she had heard was really there. Still, Jenny knew there was no way she could just sit here and wonder what was happening. Without thinking, she made her way to the window, holding the doll close to her chest. When she reached the window, she took a breath as if to bring up her courage. But why? There was only a child out there, a little girl from the sound of the laughter. So, why would she find herself afraid? Even though it was ridiculous, she felt it none the less. Knowing if she didn't find out what was really going on, it would haunt her forever.

When she looked out the window, Jenny could see a young girl, no more than seven, standing a few feet from the cabin. The girl faced the darkened forest, the breeze ruffling the bottom of the pink summer dress she wore. Jenny wanted to call out to her, yet found herself unable to. Then she looked up at Jenny, showing a devilish grin on her lips as she stood there in silence.

Why have you left me? Why didn't you come for me?” the girl's voice echoed within the air.

What? Who are you? What do you mean?” Jenny said confused.

Jenny-belle why did you leave me here? I thought we were going to be there for each other forever.” the girl's voice said.

Jenny-belle? Why did she call me that? There was something about that name which seemed was so familiar to her. Yet, she couldn't remember what that could be? Jenny wanted to ask the girl where she had heard that name and how she knew her? She raced downstairs and then out the back door to the porch, stopping only once by the railing and looking out at the darkened field. Jenny could see the little girl moving through the field closer to the edge of the dark forest. The only thing which she could think about was wanting to go to her, to find out what was happening. Even though there was something about the forest which made her want to stay away from it. Without thinking, Jenny started to race off the patio and into the field of tall wild grass. The only thing, which she thought about was of this girl... hoping to find whatever it could be she knew.

With each step she took, she could feel the anxiety building within her soul, pushing her to keep moving forward. She watched as the girl disappeared into the darkness of the forest. She knew she probably would lose her right now, but something inside her made her want to keep going. To find out what she needed to know, if this girl would know that. As she moved closer to the forest, she suddenly had the strange feeling as if something was watching her. In her mind, she wanted to believe it was nothing more than her anxiety playing tricks on her. Yet, she found herself unable to believe that. The air around her suddenly turned as cold as death itself as her arms wrapped around her. What the hell is happening to me? The one question, which she really wasn't sure if she wanted to know the answer or not.

From the corner of her eye, she noticed something that was standing a couple feet from her in the field. All she could see was a strange, dark silhouette which seemed like dark smoke within the wind. The ends of it seemed like ripped cloth that floated effortlessly within the breeze, as its deformed arms seemed to reach out to her. It didn't seem to have a faze, but definitely had eyes, which were blood red eyes that seemed to stare directly at her. There wasn't a sound that could be heard from it, as if it didn't have a voice. If it did, she was glad that it didn't speak to her, for she felt she wouldn't be able to handle it. Jenny had no idea what the thing could be, but her attention seemed to stay trapped on it...waiting to see what it would do next. The only thing it seemed to do was to stand there as if it was watching her for some reason. Jenny knew she couldn't let that stop her from finding out the truth. Even though she had no idea why she would be so determined to do this. The only thing which she knew was that she couldn't turn back now, no matter what. Still, that silhouette seemed to be trying to give her a warning for some reason, even though it didn't speak.

“What the fuck are you?” she whispered under her breath as her eyes darted at it with such rage, as she started to move toward the forest.

Minutes later, she found herself moving through the shadows of the dark forest, her eyes staying focused in front of her. She started to wonder why in the world she would want to let herself go into this place? Yet, there really was no answer which she could find that would make any sense. The only thing she knew was that she had to find that girl she had seen. Yet, was it really worth it? What if she didn't know anything? Then this whole adventure would be for nothing. Still, Jenny knew she had to find out what she could. For if she didn't, she would regret it for the rest of her life. Her hands clutched tightly into fists as droplets of sweat ran down her forehead. For a moment she wondered where she could be, for nothing looked like it had during the day, when she walked to Havershire Lake. The darkness seemed to make everything appear like another world, one which no one had ever witnessed before. And there was still that feeling that something or someone was watching her. She wished that she could ignore it, but it felt like it pressed against her skin, almost grabbing her. Even though that was something which seemed impossible to do so. The night seemed to have a way of changing things around you to the point you can't even recognize them anymore. That was the way which Jenny was feeling right now, even though she had no idea why that could be? There were so many times before she had walked through the night and loved it, never feeling something like she did right now. Even though it confused her, she still found herself wanting to continue down the path, even though she had no idea where she was headed. How she wished that she could hear he sound of the girl again., just to know she was going in the right way.

Come on Jenny-belle, you have to keep the wits about you. This is nothing more than your own imagination.” she found herself saying to herself.

She was so nervous about what she had found herself in, that she didn't realize that she had called herself Jenny-belle. A name that she had sworn she would never call herself that, or lat anyone else as well. The only thing that she wanted was to get out of this forest and never return to it again. Of course, there was her stubborn attitude which she had, never letting herself turn back from the things which she set her mind to. And this was the same type of time that she knew there was no way she was going to let her fear stop her from finding what she needed to know.

It was then she could hear the sound of the girl's laughter, so soft that echoed around her. Just hearing that, brought about a sudden rush of fear that raced through her. Stiffening her body for a moment, as she forced herself to keep moving. She knew she wouldn't let it stop her or make her turn away from what she wanted. The more she walked through the forest, the stronger the fear started to fester within her soul. The muscles in her thighs started to throb in agony, as sweat ran down her forehead. She had no idea how long or to what distance she had walked. The only thing which she knew was that it felt like an hour had passed. But, she couldn't tell the time of day, for the foliage of the trees blocked out the sky. She started to wonder if this was a wrong decision to do.

It was then she started to feel like someone was watching her again, from somewhere in the shadows of the forest. This time though, it seemed to grow stronger, pressing against her skin. When she looked around her, all she could see was the shadows of the forest. What the hell is happening to me? Where the hell am I? Questions that ran through her mind, but never finding the answers which she was looking for. The only thing Jenny wanted right now was to get back to the cabin and forget about this forest and what she had endured so far. Yet, she found herself unable to know which direction she was suppose to go. As ridiculous as it would sound, it was the truth.

The forest seemed to close in on her, as she moved deeper into its darkness. Jenny believed if she were to stay here any longer, she would truly go mad. For there had been nothing to tell her that she was getting closer to the girl or even what she was looking for. Getting her to the point where she just wanted to give up on everything, which of course she knew she couldn't.

It was then she noticed a large dead tree trunk lying over the path a few feet in front of her. She could feel her frustration starting to build within her.

Great, now what am I suppose to do?” she muttered under her breath.

She made her way over to the tree trunk and then leaned against it. For a moment, Jenny wasn't sure where she was suppose to turn now. Her mind was filled with the multitude of random thoughts, which made it difficult for her to think logically. As she stood there, a sudden rank odor filled the air, like that of rotted meat. She tried not to let herself become sick,knowing she had to find what she was looking for. This all seemed like nothing more than some bizarre dream that she couldn't get out of. Yet, this was something so much more than just a dream...something which she knew she couldn't begin to describe.

Come find me....that's what you're suppose to do.” a girl's voice called out from the shadows.

She got to her feet and looked around frantically, expecting to see someone around her. Yet, the only thing she could see was the dark, looming shadows of the forest, which seemed to close in on her. Jenny stopped for only a moment, as she looked around her, as if she was trying to find the direction she wanted to go to. It was then she could hear the girl's voice whispering in her head, even though that seemed impossible. Yet, it was still there and there was nothing she could do about it. Just remember Jenny-belle, you can never avoid the truth. Even from the past. She had no idea why that thought came to her mind. At least, that was what Jenny believed the voice in her head was, for it was the only thing she could do. There were so many questions which stayed trapped within her mind and yet, she couldn't find a way to ask them. Mainly because she didn't know who or what she would be asking it to?

How do you know me?” she asked.

For a moment there was silence and then it seemed as if the air around her sighed. She could feel something lightly touching her back, as if it was guiding her somewhere. Jenny wanted to stop, but she knew she had gone too far to turn back now.

How could you ask that? We grew up together, don't you remember? Don't you remember me?” the girl's voice said saddened.

I have no idea what you are talking about. I don't have a sister, never did.” she said in a stern voice.

And yet, there was a part of her that wasn't even sure about that. For some reason, there was a part of her past which she seemed unable to remember. Just like the reason for her coming to the cabin and a few other things as well. Somehow her mind had blocked it all out, so she wouldn't know the truth. Right at this moment, Jenny wasn't sure what the truth really is...or there is any truth at all. She had now found herself lost within the curiosity of what the girl had said.

Of course you have a sister, it's me. I am your older sister, Jacqueline. We came up to these woods with mom and dad every summer...and would walk to the lake together. You do remember, don't you?” the girl's voice said and then hesitated for a moment. “Oh please say you remember....please.”

Jenny wasn't sure what she was talking about, for as far as she could remember, she never had a sister. But there was something deep inside of her that made her feel something just wasn't right. There was something that brought her here to find within the shadows of the forest. She stopped for a moment, her arms crossed over her chest as she tried to calm herself down. Everything was becoming so confusing that she just wanted to scream out in frustration.

The one thing she remembered the most about her parents was how the took her to the doctor for her to get help with the anxiety she had gone through. Getting to the point where she had to be in the hospital for a while as well. Even the memories of the hospital seemed kind of cloudy as well, which she had never known why. The only thing she remembered was that it had to do with the cabin and this forest. But what could it be?

I know that you remember, Jenny-belle. Mom and dad haven't pushed it entirely out of your memory.” she said.

How she wished the girl would stop calling her that, it was really starting to annoy her. She had always hated that name, something that would always seem like someone was harassing her by saying it. Just like the type of harassing nature a sister would do, not really meaning anything by it...just doing for their own humor. That was the one thing which hit her like a lightning bolt, rather than a simple slap in the face of reality. Could this be the truth? How could it be, that I didn't remember her? How could I never remember I had a sister? The questions which she had no idea how to really answer, for she had no idea what it would be.

Yes, you remember me.” the girl's voice said.

If you are my sister, then how come I don't remember you? I don't have any memory of you at all.” Jenny said as she looked around her, quickly.

Silence again and then that sigh again, this time seeming even closer that before. It was almost as if Jenny was suppose to know the answer to it. Of course, her mind was so clouded by her confusion and fear, that she couldn't see the truth of it all. At least not right away, for she was focused on seeing who this Jacqueline really is. Even though she could feel that there was a chance she had a sister and somehow had forgotten about it, she needed to see the proof of it. The only thing she had to figure out was how she was going to get Jacqueline to come to her, so she could see her. Even though Jenny could have just demanded her to reveal herself, what if it would be a mistake. What if Jacqueline was really some horrid beast or something that was waiting to kill her? Still, she knew she had to do something, because the shadows made it impossible for her to know how to get out of here.

You know why that is....our parents made sure that your mind wouldn't remember me or what happened here. You were always the baby of the family and the one mom and dad always sheltered you.” Jacqueline's voice said.

I was never know that.” she said in anger.

Now, that's the sister I remember. “ Jacqueline said and then was silent for a moment. “So, why have you come here? Why did you come into Hell's Hollow at night? What are you hoping to find?”

Jenny had no idea what she was really looking for or why she was there. That was something that she wasn't ready to really explain about. But now, she had to figure out what that really could be. There was only one answer which she wanted to say out of instinct. Mainly because of the hard life which she had been through and the pain and frustration that she had went through and still was. Yet, there was a part of him that was holding it back, not sure what it would be that she would be saying it to. Knowing if this was something else than what it said, it could give to her what she wanted to say. And then she would regret it.

Tell me, Jenny. Tell me the truth.” Jacqueline said. “I mean, I brought your doll back that you had lost. So, in a way you owe me.”

She remembered when she had lost her doll, that doll... back in the summer when Jacqueline had disappeared. Remembering how Jenny had cried about it, not because she felt insecure without it, but because she wanted to keep it for the rest of her life. To give it to her daughter when she would be married. Of course, that was the one thing which had never happened, never got married and never got the chance to have a kid. In her mind, she had always thought it was the best thing for her now.

If you want me to tell you, first I want to see you. To know that you are who you are who you say you are. I think that's a fair thing to ask.” Jenny said.

Once again, there was that silence and that sigh as well, as if Jacqueline was thinking about what she had requested. Jenny had no idea if Jacqueline would do it, or if would do something else, to escape from the chance of revealing itself. But why would it do that? What would it have to fear about, even if it really wasn't who it said it was. Jenny could feel a gentle breeze caress her face as she started to slowly walk forward. Not really sure where she was going, only that she felt this was the direction she needed to go. Ahead of her she could see a clearing, where an old, run down shack stood. It looked like no one had lived in it for at least ten years or more. The boards of the siding were rotten and some fallen off, the glass of the windows broken and the plants had grown on top of a few sections of it. Next to it was a fenced off section of land, which had what looked like sticks poking out of the ground for some reason. Even though she had no idea what it could be, a sudden chill ran down her spine, stiffening her body and making it impossible for her to move. Her breath became rapid as her attention was drawn to the fenced in area. Deep inside her she wanted to know what that was and what it was used for. Even though there was a part of her that would regret knowing. Was this the place Stephanie wanted to show her all those years ago? And if so, what was so special about it?

Stephanie? Where are you?” Jenny yelled out as she felt her desperation burning like an inferno inside her.

I'm here, you don't have to yell.” Stephanie said suddenly.

It was then Jenny seen a young girl walking out of the shack. It was the same girl she had seen when she looked out the window before. But now, Jenny was able to see just about every detail of her. As the girl moved toward her, Jenny just stood there not believing what she was seeing. For she knew now, without a doubt, that this girl coming toward her was Stephanie. But how? That was the one thing she really couldn't understand.

Been a long time sis.” Stephanie said in a sarcastic voice as she smiled at her.

I guess with you being dead has a way of doing that. “Jenny said and then hesitated for a moment. “You are dead, right? I mean this isn't some sort of dream?”

Maybe it's a dream within a dream.” Stephanie replied and the giggled. “Sorry, couldn't resist that. But, you are right, I am dead.”

For some reason when Jenny heard that, she could feel herself wanting to faint. Yet, she fought the sensation off, not wanting to be taken away from this moment. It seemed ridiculous that she would react that way, when she had known the truth for years. But why did she come back to her? That was the one thing Jenny really needed to know. Yet, she found herself unable to utter a single word, let alone a question.

Why did you come here, Jenny? Why didn't you stay the hell away from here?” Stephanie said in a worried voice.

I don't really know. There was something that drew me back to this place. I guess, it was to find you.” she said .

Stephanie just stood there, smiling for a moment and then her expression turned to a serious expression. For a brief moment, neither of them didn't say a word as they could suddenly hear a strange faint sound in the distance. Stephanie turned and looked in one direction and then returned her glance back to Jenny. This time there was an expression of sheer terror on her face, making Jenny wonder what could be going on.

You have to leave right now, before it finds you.” Stephanie said panicked.

What are you talking about? What is it that is going to find me?” she asked confused.

I'm not sure what it is, really. All that I can tell you is that it's the thing that killed me as well as all the other people it found.” she said suddenly.

You mean like all those stories the people in town talk about?” she asked scared.

Yes! All those stories are true! Now, you have to leave and never come back here or to the cabin again! If you do, your fate will be the same as mine!” Stephanie said in a demanding voice.

Jenny wasn't sure what to really believe, for the longest time she had made herself believe it was all fantasy. That there was nothing to the stories which had been told to her. But now, she was starting to realize that she had been so wrong to not believe in it. Her body froze in fear, making it impossible to move as the sound started to grow louder. It almost sounded like something slithering with a snapping sound, like that of bones. How she wished that this was nothing more than a dream and she would wake up from it. Yet, that seemed like something that would never happen. And now, she had to find some way out of this nightmare that she had walked into.

Please Jenny-belle, leave now....before it's too late.” Stephanie said as she started to cry.

I'm not going without you. I don't leave family behind.” she said suddenly.

You fool, it's to late for me.... I'm dead. But you have a chance to survive. Don't make the same mistake I did. Please, go now, before it gets you.” Stephanie said.

From the distance behind Stephanie, she could see a deformed silhouette emerge from the darkness, moving slowly toward them. It slithered slowly at first, its arms were like limbs of a tree in a way, with large claws at the end of them. The thing looked just like the silhouette that she had seen in the field, before she had entered the forest. Could it be the same one, or maybe another one, like a scout waiting to see if she would enter? That was something which really didn't matter now. The only thing that did was for her to get as far away as she could from this thing.

“Stephanie, come with me now. I can't leave you here.” Jenny said reaching out her hand to her.

“Go now, it's to late for me. Leave, before it gets you.” Stephanie said and then turned to the beast.

Stephanie slowly moved toward it, her hands to her sides as Jenny moved a couple feet away and then turned back to her. She knew she should have kept going, like her sister had told her. But, she couldn't just leave her there, with that thing moving in on her. Jenny noticed that the thing didn't really walk, but hovered over the ground like a mist. It let out a low, ungodly growl as it moved closer to Stephanie, yet she didn't try to run away from it.

“You took my life, but you are not going to take my sister's life as well! This is going to stop right now!” Stephanie screamed.

“What in the hell are you doing?” Jenny called out to her.

“I'm saving your life, Jenny! Now, get out of here while you can.” Stephanie said.

Jenny wanted to refuse, but knew that wouldn't do any good at all. When she looked at the beast again, she knew there was nothing she could do to save her sister. Even though she didn't want to leave her there, she knew it was the right thing to do.

Before Jenny could say anything, the beast's jagged claw ripped into Stephanie's body making her scream out in such agony. Yet, it was silenced when her body was severed in half. Her blood flowed onto the dirt ground as the sections of her body flopped down like cold slabs of meat.

“No!!!!!” Jenny screamed in terror as her eyes stayed focused on the beast.

It didn't say anything, just stood there as its hand reached out and pointed at her. It was just like back in the field, but this time it was more threatening than before. Without a second thought, Jenny turned and raced off into the darkness of the forest. Not thinking about where she was going, only wanting to get as far away from this thing as she could. As she ran, she tried to keep her anxiety from overwhelming her. For she knew if it did, then she would have been paralyzed with terror. Even though it had only been a couple minutes that she had been running, it seemed like forever to her. She had finally found the path and started toward the cabin. She could feel the muscles in her thighs throbbing in pain as the sweat rolled down her face. At any given minute, her legs were going to give in with exhaustion, making her collapse onto the dirt path. But, Jenny couldn't let that happen as she continued to push herself. In her mind she believed that if she were able to get inside the cabin, she would be safe. If that would be true or not, that was something she really didn't think about. She could hear the slithering sound of it moving in on her, as she tried to make herself run faster. The pain in her legs had now grown into her chest, as she started to cry in terror. Knowing that any minute her body would collapse, unable to even move. And because of that, she would be helpless to the attack of this beast. Just another nameless victim for the townspeople to talk about. That was if they would find her body or not. Keep going Jenny!!! You can't let yourself stop now! That thing is moving closer!! Don't let it kill you!!! That was the only thought that ran through her mind as she pushed herself to move faster.

After a couple minutes, she could see the opening of the forest, the field beyond it as well as her cabin. Suddenly, the sudden rush of excitement filled her, knowing that she was actually going to make it. She was going to survive the one thing that all those others never had the chance to. It was then she could feel its claw slice into her back making her scream. Jenny's body fell down, hitting her head on the ground as the pain surged through her veins. She wanted to get up and continue running, but the strength was drained out of her as the darkness closed in on her. In her mind she thought, this is how it ends for bright light at the end of the tunnel. No flames of hell ready to consume me...just thick, silent darkness.

The next thing she knew, was something that she wasn't sure right away was real. She found herself waking up in a hospital room, the beeping sound of the heart monitor echoing around her. Jenny wanted to scream out in fear, but she was too weak to move or even make a sound. Just for her to have her eyes opened was an accomplishment in itself. There were so many questions she wanted to ask whoever was around her, but she was too weak to do that. She couldn't even turn her head to see if she was alone or not. Outside of the heart monitor, she could hear the sound of nurses and doctors talking nearby. Even though she couldn't make out what they were saying, it was a comforting feeling just to hear them. It was then she heard a woman's voice talking to her in a soft and kind tone. Even though she couldn't make out what was being said, it comforted her. Her eyes started to become heavy as she found herself unable to keep them open. Darkness came once again, enveloping her into its sweet eternal silence.

The next time she had came out of the darkness, she still found herself in the same room of some hospital, or at least she thought it was the same room. She could still feel the weakness of her body consuming her, yet somehow she found the strength to speak slightly. From the corner of her eye, she could see a woman in a dark, navy blue scrub uniform, sitting by her bedside, looking at her phone. Her dark brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, showing the soft, pale skin of her face. Jenny wanted to say something, anything just to get the woman's attention, but found herself struggling to do it.

“Who.....Who are you? Where....Where...W....Where am I?” Jenny struggled to say.

The woman looked up from her phone over to Jenny, as a shocked expression appeared on her face. She instantly stood up and moved closer to Jenny's bed.

“Oh my God, you're up. The doctor's said there's a chance you would be...and now you are.” she said excitedly.

“W...where am I?” Jenny asked in a weak voice.

“You are at Sunset Cove Hospital. From what I understand, they found you at the edge of the forest unconscious with a few wounds on you. You have been here for three days now.” the woman said and then hesitated for a moment. “Do you remember anything?”

“Hell's Hollow....shadow beast...cemetery....” Jenny rambled.

The woman looked at her in shock and fear as she reached over and held Jenny's hand. It was obvious that what she said, effected her in a way. Bring about something that she knew, which she didn't want Jenny or anyone else to know.

“You're very luck to have come out of there alive. So many people have disappeared in there and never been found. Those who have....were dead. But, that's something you don't need to worry about. We're here to make sure you get well and back to your life.” the woman said.

It was then, Jenny could feel a cold chill in the air, pressing against her skin. Her eyes looked around her, wondering what could be happening to her. Could this be nothing more than a delusion of the mind, an effect of whatever drug they're giving her, or is it that she's going crazy? She had no idea what the real answer could be, but wished that she could wake up from this nightmare. Right at than moment, she could see something appearing in the mirror on the wall, behind the woman. Her reflection disappeared and a dark formless mass appeared in the mirror. It seemed to move with the rhythm of Jenny's heartbeat...slowly starting to take shape. As it did, the woman continued talking to her, trying to let her know what had happened to her. Yet, Jenny already knew. She had survived the attack from the beast.... but it had found her again. And now, there was no way she would be able to escape. Or at least that was what she thought.

“What's wrong? Are you alright?” the woman asked.

By the time the woman had, the image in the mirror had formed into the silhouette entity...or beast, that she had ran away from in the forest. Its arms reached out through the mirror, toward the woman standing at her bedside. It was then the woman's expression had suddenly turned to shock...her body trembling, eyes widened as she collapsed onto the floor. A doctor came in and screamed out for help as people started to run in, to help the woman to a gurney. As they raced her off, a nurse came to Jenny's bedside and looked at her. The nurse said something to her, but all she could hear was the entity's voice.

“You can run all you want...but will find you. And when the moment is right, you shall become mine and your body shall rot within my garden. There is no escape from escape at all.” the voice said.

“Miss are you alright?” the nurse asked.

“No...I never will be alright. Never will be ever!!!! “ Jenny replied.





Submitted: October 20, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Michael68. All rights reserved.

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