Maggie Meadows

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Romance

Liam O’Riley finds a steal of a deal in a piece of property overseas, where he discovers a stunning beauty who lives in the woods. The enchanting lady stirs his heart strings and all he wants is to bring her home. Fairy tales do come true but as he finds out, they come at a cost. For over a hundred years Maggie Meadows lives alongside the Fae of Ireland. Her only friends being the creatures of the forest, until one day she nets herself a human like her. Her prince charming had arrived to bring her home. Doing so brings the anger of the Fairies. Her return to the mortal world has a dreadful consequence.







Copyright© 2019 MJ. Nyght All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of MJ. Nyght


Chapter 1



Maggie gazed up at her mother as she hung the clothes up on the line. The winds gently blew the crisp clean linens. Enormous white clouds sailed lazily along through the blue sky. Their shadow stretched out where she lay on the grass, slowly flowing over her as they moved. The first day of summer break, no more school until the farm season ended, a smile pulled at the corners of her lips. So many adventures awaited her and her brothers. 

While her mother hummed an old Irish tune, Maggie let her mind wander. The warm gentle breeze flowed across her bare legs as she wiggled her toes. She let the slender strands of green caress her feet. A soft giggle escaped her as it grass tickled her. Several blue jays called out to one another from overhead. It truly was a lazy day.

She closed her eyes and her thoughts drifted to the swimming hole she and her older brothers were supposed to go to later on today. She wasn’t allowed to go by herself. Being only eight years old she had to wait for Mac and Taylor to finish their chores in the field before they could take her. The soft lulling of her mother’s singing began to take a hold of Maggie. Her eyes grew heavy and soon she could barely keep them open.

The warmth of the day awoke her, a bit startled, her eyelids flew open. The brilliant sun hung far to the west, letting her know it was late in the afternoon. The clothes on the line hung motionless as the winds had died away. She sat up and stretched, almost like her cat Gilbert would do.

As she stood her hands smoothed out the rumples in her white smock and grey petticoat. Maggie spied the wicker basket beside the pole, her mom had left it at the line. The notion to bring in the dried clothes crossed her mind after all next week was the county fair and she wanted to get on her mom’s good side so she could go.

Grabbing the basket she began to unpin the laundry, it always smelled so fresh and clean when it came off the line. Making sure to place each wood pin into the wooden bucket. Maggie folded the clothes and she stacked them neatly into the hamper, thinking to herself how happy her mom would be. As she pulled her brother Mac’s good Sunday shirt from the line she let out a squeal, the shirt moved in her hands and fell to the ground. Reaching for it, it skittered away; Maggie stared at it with a bit of curiosity. It moved once more, and she could see something fluttering within the pocket.

Pouncing onto the shirt, she grasped the pocket area between her small hands. Maggie was sure she had caught a small bird as she felt the fluttered panic against her palms. Slowly she opened her hands; just enough to be able to see what she had caught. She blinked in amazement, a shock of wild red hair adorned the tiny head of a freckled face minuscule boy, he glared at her, his purple and orange wings fluttered and tickled her palms. He was clad in a green tattering of cloth, a darning needle was held in his right hand. Compared to him, it may as well have been a sword. “Let me loose giantess!” he said in a voice so low she could barely hear him.

Quickly she clasped her hands closed, a bit more in disbelief than in fear of letting the thing escape. Again she parted her hands while a tiny foot kicked her. “You’re a big meanie and rude!” he told her. A sharp prick of a needle into her flesh caused her to yelp and release him. He fluttered up and flew toward the apple grove. Maggie gave chase, very much wanting to capture the tiny being to show her brothers. Everyone knew of the wee folk legends and fairy tales abounded of the mischievous little creatures. But no one Maggie knew ever claimed to have actually seen them.

Clambering into the tall grass surrounding the orchard, Maggie raced after the fleeing pixie. The dust he left behind him glittered in the late day’s sun and made following him very easy, even when she lost sight of him she could still see the trail. Maggie came to a stop before the forest edge. She was not permitted to enter the woods. 

She cast a glance back to the small one story whitewashed house. A slow billowing of smoke drifted into the air from the stone chimney atop the roof. Father’s white horse snorted out loudly. It was tethered to the post near the barn and Mother would be busy with preparing supper. Maggie knew she would not be missed for a while yet. Darting in under the bough of a pine tree, she continued to give chase. 






Liam eyed the small property over. The fields had long since gone fallow. Long grass and shrubs encroached all the way to the one story house. The apple orchard, although in full bloom would need a serious cleanup and the trees needed to be trimmed. The small house as well needed major repairs. The roof was missing shingles and appeared to be a bit crooked. A thick stone chimney needed to be completely replaced as did the broken windows. The place had seen its last resident nearly twenty years ago. Someone within the family had maintained it for a few years after the old man had died but that too fell by the wayside.

He walked back to his motorhome where he would live until they finished the construction of the property. As he opened the door a slow singing drifted on the light breeze. He turned his attention to the ethereal sound drifting from the woods lining his new property. Having been informed that his nearest neighbor was fifteen miles away, his curiosity peaked. 

Liam decided to investigate so he could introduce himself to whoever had trespassed. He stepped into the heavy woods, the soft singing drawing him in further. The sunlight filtered in, casting dust rays throughout the thick woods. The heavy leaf litter floor crunched lightly under each of his footfalls.

The angelic voice grew nearer as he made a small pond. He peered over the tall cattails. A vision of loveliness greeted his gaze. Liam dropped quickly to his knees to not be seen. With shaky hands, he parted the reeds revealing the beautiful image. His heart thudded thunderously inside his chest as he nervously licked his bottom lip.

A young woman bathed in the waters. Her long flowing red hair clung to her milky white skin. He held his breath, not wanting to startle her by making any sounds. She sang in a language he didn’t understand but the tone was so sweet and melancholy. Several butterflies fluttered around her while she sang. 

As she stepped to shallower waters he caught sight of her nakedness. A swallow lodged in his throat. Every inch of her flawless flesh glistened in the sunlight. Small trails of water trickled down her body, each bead caressing the soft curves of her frame. A stiff ache began to grow in his pants. Her face tilted up, her deep green eyes peered toward where he hid.

Panic filled him, he scurried backward, not wanting to be caught. As he fled the trees and brambles lashed at him. The idea he just acted like a pervert flooded him and his cheeks warmed. Never once in his thirty years of life had he done something so callous as to spy on a naked woman.

 The air whipped around him, his legs flung up toward his body. He flew in the air entangled in a huge net. Leaf litter covered him as he swung back and forth, him and the netting suspended in the air by a thick rope hanging down from a lofty oak tree. 


Chapter 2



Maggie and Fen peered at one another then up to the big man tangled up in their webbing. Her wee friend had been right. Their trap worked.

“I told you we would catch a giant.” He bragged. He fluttered his gossamer wings as he held his fists to his hips.

“He’s not a giant, Fen, it's just a man.”

“A Hue-Mon.” He asked mispronouncing it yet again.

“Yes silly, a human, we will have to let him go.”

“No I want to keep it.” Fen sulked, he stomped his tiny feet onto her shoulder.

“And just whose house will he be sleeping in…yours?”

“No we can share him like we shared Mr. Jay.”

“He is not a pet bird Fen, we can’t keep him.”

She sighed deeply as she spun the net around and around. The man trapped inside complained in a strange language. It sounded familiar but it had been so very long since she last heard it. As he stared down at her with his sea blue eyes he continued to grumble. Slowly, the words he uttered picked at her memories and Maggie began to understand the man. He wasn’t very happy with her.

She nodded to Pep and the rest of the gang up in the tree. The small group of fairies began to hack away at the rope which suspended their prize in the air. With a painful sounding crash, he hit the ground hard. A foul cuss word hissed from his lips just before he lay very still.

“Is it dead?”

“I don’t know.” She picked up a stick from the ground and poked at the man. He didn’t move. 

“Oh that looks fun, my turn…my turn!” Fen exclaimed.

“Stop it,” she told him as she shooed him away from the stationary form.

With the greatest caution, she untangled him from the net. A small trickle of red ran from the side of his forehead, matting in his golden colored hair. He wore a pair of dark blue trousers without suspenders. The odd shirt had been painted with letters and a set of draft horses pulling a wagon. Never in her life had she seen such clothing. He must be very important to wear such outlandish things, she thought.

“Oh my! I think he is a Prince.”

“Should I jump on it?” Fen asked. 

“No silly, I think he is asleep.”

“Well wake it.”

“He may be angry with us.”

“Don’t be scared, I’ll protect you Maggie,” Fen stated bravely as he wielded his darning needle.

Maggie laughed at her pint sized friend. He was the bravest friend she had. The other pixies and fairy folk were timid around humans. She glanced up at the gang flying overhead. An idea floated into her thoughts.

“Let's take him to my house.”

“I thought you said we had to let him go.”

“We will but he can’t stay in the woods by himself after dark,” Maggie was still very much afraid of the woods at night.






His head pounded, his eyelids struggled to open and a warm heat covered him. As he cracked his eyes, he was a little surprised. A small fire flickered in the darkness. The silhouette of a curvy form lounged in front of the flames. The fiery light making the long flowing hair appear as red as the blaze itself. The day’s events filtered into his mind. He peered around nervously, realizing he had been caught spying on the naked lady in the pond.

He tried to move quietly, as he did the pine boughs that covered him rustled. The figure turned to him and smiled warmly.

“You are a sleepyhead,” She stated.

“Where am I?”

“My house. My name is Maggie.”

“Hi, I’m Liam O’Riley, listen I’m”

“The O’Riley’s from the Loch, is Aideen your sister?” She broke in.

“Ah no…no relation. Listen I’m sorry about earlier.”

“Sorry for what?”

“The pond, I didn’t mean to…well…yeah I’m sorry,” He told her. He felt as if he were a school boy getting caught doing something naughty. Heat rose up to his face at the idea.

“No need to be sorry.” 

He scanned the area over; a small lean-to had been erected behind him. The ground around the area appeared to have been swept clean of the forest litter. A small fire pit lined with stones sat in the center of the area. 

“So are you one of those survivalist?” he asked. She shook her head as she stirred the fire a little. He noticed as it flared that a flat stone rested beside her leg. 

As he watched her, she pulled what appeared to be a blackened fish from the coals and placed it on the rock.

“A naturalist?” he ventured.

“Oh yes I love nature. Here you must be hungry,” She stood with the flat stone and walked to him. As she sat on the ground she placed the food in front of him.

“Ah…thanks,” He told her staring at the charred remains of a trout, “it looks great.”

Liam poked at the meal, it fell apart into burnt chunks. Not wanting to be rude he nibbled on a piece.

“Mmm, it's awesome,” He smiled with the mouthful of uneaten fish. Maggie beamed at him. He forced the swallow, fighting not to gag on the ghastly flavor of charcoal.

“You have water,” he almost coughed out.

“Of course,” She rose and walked toward a stand of trees. With her back to him, Liam tossed the rest of the fish into the woods.

Maggie turned and crouched low to the ground, her gaze darting all over the area.

“Ah you okay?”

“Shh I heard something,” She whispered.

“Oh that was just me, I moved the branches,” He lied as he picked up a pine bough and waved it at her.

She eyed him for a moment, her lips in a lopsided grin. His cheeks grew warm as she passed him a skin bag, it was tied at the top with a strip of leather. He drew in a big mouthful of the warm water, it helped wash away the burned residual bits in his mouth

“I see you ate all your dinner, would you car.”

“Please no,” he blurted out, “I mean I’m stuffed, I couldn’t eat another bite. Thank you though it was the best fish I ever at.”

“Oh thank you.” she smiled the proudest grin he had ever seen. She wiggled herself a little closer to him as they sat there. She gazed up at him, the firelight reflected in her eyes. He was overcome with an urge to kiss her. Common sense kicked in as he berated himself for being lucky to get away without a peeping tom charge being laid on him.

“Where are you from,” she asked breaking his train of thought.

“I’m from New York.”

“Is that the same as Old York?” 

“Ah funny.” He said, “how about you, where are you from.”

“The Gleann not far from here.”

“I never heard of it,”

“It’s not too far from here, Oulart itself is maybe a half days ride from where I’m from.”

“That’s a far enough trip. Must be a hell of a boring trip.”

“No, whenever we used to visit, we would stay at the inn by the Loch and my brothers would take me fishing.” 

The young woman had an innocent nature about her that he rather liked. Her thick rich Gaelic accent he found musical to his ears. They talked for hours lounging in front of the warm camp fire. As the sun began to peek through the forest canopy he finally drifted off to sleep.


Chapter 3



Maggie awoke to a tugging on her hair. Being still tired, she rolled over ignoring her pesky friend. A firm yank pried her left eyelid open, revealing a blurry form perched on her cheek. Fen’s wings beat furiously in the air about him. She blinked her eye hurling him off her eyelid. He tumbled backward down her cheek.

She stared at him as he came to a cross legged sitting position and folded his arms over his chest. His tiny purple eyes glared at her.

“Your Hue-Mon has escaped.” He yelled.

“He is not my human Fen,” she sat up forcing him to flutter up into the air. With a quick glance around she found Liam was nowhere to be seen. A panic arose in her chest. The fear he left without saying good-bye filled her and tears welled into her eyes.

So much time went by without talking to another person. Sure the wee folk cared for her, raised her in their ways. It was not the same. All of her tiny friends were grown, married and with little Fae babies. She had no one to call her own. Now her Prince had come and in the swiftness of a dream, he was gone.

The near thunderous crackling from the tree line drew her attention. Her handsome Prince strode out of the bush with one hand behind his back. A wide smile played on his lips. 

“For you, my fair lady.” He pulled his arm from behind him, a lovely bouquet of wildflowers flopped about in his grip. 

Several angry pixies flew from their minuscule homes within the center of the blooms. They flung nasty cuss words at him as they drew their small needles. The attack commenced. Liam batted at them with his free hand. Several of her tiny friends made their mark and the poor man hollered in pain. Fen shouted words of encouragement to the troops, egging them on.

She stared for but a moment. The towering man attempted to defend himself against the stinging barbs of the wee folk's weapons. She bore witness before to their heroic efforts to defend their homes as well as her own self. The large brown bears, foxes and hawks in the area were more afraid of their tiny army than her brave Prince Charming appeared to be.

“Enough, please stop!” she hollered out in the Fae tongue.

The flurry of battle ended with her plea. The wee folk paused their fighting, hovering just out of Liam’s reach and stared at her wide-eyed.

“Why did you make them stop?” Fen demanded.

“He’s my friend,” she sobbed. Maggie rushed toward the towering man. She flung her arms about his neck squeezing a hold of him for dear life. 






Liam was left stunned. He never thought bees would elicit such a reaction from Maggie. She squealed out something in her odd language before hurling herself about his neck. Her warm embrace caused him to smile wider; he wrapped an arm about her waist and pulled her tightly to him. The annoying insects dispersed, leaving him with a few painful stings. The woman’s tiny frame shuddered within his embrace, he gently pulled her from him and stared down into her angelic face. 

Her green eyes glittered as tears lined her bottom lids. The small beads threatened to crest her lashes. His heart overflowed with a need to fix whatever hurt had caused her to cry.

“Hush now,” he murmured, “I’ll never let anything hurt you.”

“I was so afraid,” she sobbed, “Please don’t leave me.”

“I’ll never leave you my sweet Maggie,” he swore. For the first time in his life, his words of endearment held an oath to them. His mind drifted to all the women in his life. 

The casual one night stands, a year’s long girlfriend here and there, and even a few ladies of the night. None of which made him want to keep them by his side. No, not like his sweet Maggie. With the gentlest touch, he reached out and swept away the lone wet trickle that slid from her eye. He never wanted to be the cause of another tear from her.






Maggie peered up into the deep sea blue eyes of the man holding her. He uttered an oath, just like the ones her mom used to read to her from her book of fairy tales. A broad smile pulled at the corners of her lips, her heartbeat rapidly beneath her breast. A warm flush rose to her cheeks as a strange, alien sensation grew within the pit of her tummy. She peered longingly at his moist lips. Her only wish was to feel them upon her own, even if just once.

No one had ever made her feel so safe. His strong muscular arms, adoring gaze, gentle caress and sweet smile, all but consumed her soul. She snuggled back into his warm embrace. Not wanting him to ever let her go.

“Shh, it was just a few bugs.” He whispered, “No need to be afraid.”

“Bugs!” Fen yelled from overhead. The disgusted tone in his voice was very clear. Maggie peered up at him. His purple and orange wings turned a darker color. She smiled at him as he huffed off into the forest foliage. 

Liam pulled away and cupped her chin. 

“Are you alright now?”

“Yes, very much so. Thank you,” She eyed the nasty red welts of his battle wounds, “You’re not though. Let me put some mud on those.”

“Oh no, it’ll be fine. I have some calamine lotion at the camper.”

“Silly, mud works way better than any tincture can.” She grabbed him by the hand and led him down the deer trail towards the pond. The cool slick banks held the richest dark brown mud. It worked the best for taking the sting out.






Liam walked along behind her, trying to keep an eye out for bees. His face stung in several areas. He winced a little, hoping he hadn’t appeared too much like a wimp in front of Maggie. As they walked along she hummed, again the melancholy of it pulled at his soul. Several beautiful butterflies fluttered around them as they strolled along. The unique colors of their wings unlike any he had ever seen.

“What tune is that?” he asked as they came to the edge of the pond.

“It’s just a song about the flowers, it has no name,” she told him. 

“Well I like it. You have a beautiful voice,”

“Thank you, I love to sing. Sit down on that big rock, I’ll fetch some mud.”

He flopped his bottom down onto the large bolder and watched her every move. Such a whimsical woman, he thought. Everything about her was carefree and pleasantly odd. As she returned with a big leaf coated in dark wet mud, he wondered about her clothing. The reed skirt and flower petal top were peculiar enough. If she was a naturalist it made sense, he tried to convince himself.

“Here, now hold still,” she told him, “This won’t take but a minute.”

Her fingers were cool as she brushed his hair from the edge of his forehead. Her tender touch sent a pleasant tingle over him. She seemed to scrutinize his face for a moment.

“Looks like they got you good.”

“Thank you. You didn’t have to do this.” 

“Of course I did, you were very brave.”

“Well I don’t know about brave. You know, you should let me fix you supper.” He asked. His words brought back his last meal. The nasty burnt taste built back in his mouth at the memory. It had been the last thing he ate and now his stomach ached from hunger.

“You can cook?” She tilted her to the side as she dotted globs of mud onto his face.

“For you I would cook every day.”


Chapter 4



“All better?” Maggie asked as she gazed into his eyes. 

“Almost,” he whispered.

Liam pulled her in closer. The fire in her eyes stole his breath away. Her full sweet lips glistened. Their faces drew nearer. As their lips met his body tingled all 

over. For the briefest moment the world stopped, his heart bursting from the soul capturing kiss. He never wanted the moment to end.

Maggie pulled back, her face still only a few inches from his own. The rich earthy scent of the forest drifted from her hair, skin and attire. A deep sigh passed her lips. Her lightly freckled cheeks flushing a rosy color.

“Come back with me, I’ll make us something to eat and maybe we can have a picnic?” He ventured. He needed to return to his own property but didn’t want to leave her here. A naturalist or not, it could be dangerous for her in the woods.

“A picnic, oh I haven’t been on one of those since I was little.” 

“Really, well come on then. I’ll fix up a nice basket, some decent wine and a blanket, we can go wherever you want to eat. There’s a nice stream not far from my house.”

“I don’t know…”

“We will have a great time. I can show you my place, I just bought it.”

“I’m not sure,”

“Come on, I won’t bite.” He told her as he took both her hands in his own. His left one grabbed the leaf covered in mud she still held. She giggled at him as he shook the mud off his palm.






As Liam set about tossing dirt onto the remaining embers of last night's fire, several fairies ventured to where she tidied up her lean-to. They all had forlorn expressions on their faces. She could tell they were not happy with her going on a picnic without them. Vern spoke first, “You can’t leave Maggie, we’re not allowed without the elder’s permission.”

“I’m allowed to go eat,” She whispered.

“But you’ll be breaking the Fae laws.” Vern gasped. Her blonde curls bounced about her face as she made a dramatic gesture by shooting her arms up into the air.

“I’m not a Fae, I’m human.”

“Bad things happen outside the forest. Maggie please don’t go.” Vern stated, her overly bright emerald eyes glistened with tears.

“Listen I’ll come back, I swear it. Cross my heart and hope to die.” She went through the motion of her promise, running her finger over her breast in an X.

“You will never come back,” Fen grumbled, “You’ll forget about all of us.”

He stomped back and forth in front of her along the main support of her makeshift home. His little arms crossed over his chest and his wings were folded up together. His red hair and freckled face now a richer shade in the early evening light.

“I’ll be back, you know I will. It’s just a little picnic.” 

“There that should be good, can’t see it starting a forest fire now,” Liam spoke up from behind her. “Are you ready?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“We better head out before it gets too dark.”

“I don’t know the way.” She told him.

“Well allow me,” he gestured for her to take his hand and she did.

 A boyish smile danced on his handsome face. The sun filtering in from the overhead canopy made his golden hair glitter like fairy dust. With a quick peek over her shoulder, she smiled at Fen. He still appeared upset. She would bring him back some of their lunch as a treat, she thought that would cheer him up.

They walked through the woods, the air was abuzz with the small voices of the Fae. Some called out to her not to leave, some warned her she would never be able to return and others were crying. Her chest grew heavy with every step away from her forest home. Soon they were in an area she didn’t know, it was close to the borderlands of the Fae. Her heart raced more and more. Fear began to grow in her that maybe her friends were right.

Maggie watched as Liam strode to the edge of the fairylands. He peered back over his shoulder with an outstretched hand. He tilted his head to one side, a questioning expression on his face.

“I’m afraid,” she whispered.

“There is nothing to be afraid of.”

“I can’t go out there.”

“Yes you can, I’ll show you.”

Fen tugged frantically on her reed skirt, he fluttered up and pulled her hair. Several more fairies flew out from the shrubs, all fluttering around her. Their tiny voices pleading for her to stay.

“Please Maggie, don’t go.” Fen implored as he fluttered onto her shoulder.

“My house is only a few hundred feet this way,” Liam said. She glanced from one to the other, her heart torn. Fen was her best friend, yet Liam she wanted to be her Prince. If she stayed, she may never see him again.

She watched as he stepped into the small clearing just at the forest edge. 

“Maggie, no, don’t, it will never be the same if you leave,” Fen whispered from her shoulder. 

“But I want to, please don’t be mad at me Fen.”

“I won’t let you go,” he told her and tried to pull on her hair more.






Liam waited, staring back into the fallow woods. Maggie stood there, large tears dropped from her eyes. Butterflies fluttered all about her. He smiled at her and beckoned, “Come on, we are almost there, my camper is just down the hill.”

A car roared by drawing his attention away as she stepped from the tree line. The large billow of dust it sent up drifted along the road. He hoped there wouldn’t be to much traffic while they had their lunch. He returned his gaze to his sweet Maggie as a heavy breeze began to blow. A flurry of leaves swirled around her, with each step the foliage spun around her more and more. 

He blinked wildly while his mouth flopped open. The reed skirt and flower petal top she’d worn was now a long, aged white smock over a grey petticoat. Her long loose flowing red hair, now hung down the side of her head in long braided pigtails. She stared up at him with her huge green eyes as a purple and orange butterfly fell from her shoulder to the ground motionless.

“Hi, my names Maggie, Maggie Meadows,” the young child said.



The end

Submitted: October 21, 2019

© Copyright 2021 MJ. NYGHT. All rights reserved.

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