The White Dragons of Suvwilur

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The White Dragons of Suvwilur

Feklaar lifted his head, ears pricked and quivering, as thunder cracked suddenly in the high, frigid peaks he called home. A shaft of bright sunlight illuminated the entrance to his lair, telling the majestic dragon no mere thunder reverberated in the mountains. The sounds died away, and Feklaar listened carefully. The unmistakable keen of a dragon followed the last echo of thunder. Feklaar growled deeply, the utterance rumbling deep in his broad chest. The Strange Ones, who appeared in the skies south of the Mountains months ago, just killed another of his kind. He lurched to his feet, allowing a puff of smoke to escape his toothy maw. Unfurling his vast pinions, Feklaar bared impressive cutlery and shot a brief burst of flame.

“Why isss thou angry?” A gentle voice asked. Feklaar swung his head around, and instantly the silky fur along his spine lay flat. He met his mate’s gentle blue eyes, and admired her long, silvery-white pelt. She blinked slowly, tilting her head. “Thy eyes ssspit purple fire.”

“Beloved Tarrvaj, thou issss right.” Feklaar answered, lashing his long whip tail. Silvery iridescent strands floated behind him. “Strange Ones kill again! Endanger this one, thee and our young.”

Tarrvaj swung her head towards the mouth of their lair, ears erect. The long hair on her spine rose, obliterating her graceful dorsal spires. She lifted her lip, revealing glittering fangs as the keening of a dragon in anguish grew louder.

“Thou issss right!” She unfurled her wings just as two small white fuzzy dragonets tumbled into the lair, scurrying to their parents. Fear sparked in both pairs of eyes.

“Mother! Father! “ Two shrill voices echoed in the lair. Feklaar puffed, sensing the dragonets’ terror.

“Children, please.” he commanded sternly, watching them as they faced him. Still in their baby fuzz, and only a few years old, they practiced flying for the first time three days ago. The female stared up at him, her aqua eyes wide, her entire coat bristling. Her brother drew himself erect, wings unfurling, his golden eyes ablaze.

“Thorlaar sssssee!” The youngster bobbed his head. “Practice fly. Ssssseee Strange Onessss in flyer. Kill Old One! Thorlaar and Elavaj fly home! Ssscared!!! Why? Sssstrange Onesss kill Old Doqularr Why?”

“They kill Doqularr?” Tarrvaj hissed, curling her wings protectively around the young ones. Anger and paternal instincts flooded Feklaar.

“This One flyssss!” The huge white dragon roared in outrage. “Sssstrange Onessss go too far!”

“Feklaar No!” Tarrvaj threw her head back, shrieking. “Ssstrange Oness fire too powerful! Thou no match!”

“Must go. They come too close. They kill old ancient Wissse One.” Feklaar snarled, and scrambled to the mouth of his lair. Ignoring Tarrvaj’s protests, Feklaar launched himself into the sky. Shutting his mind to her mental pleas, he belched forth a blast of fire, searing the rock outcrop as he banked upward with strong, wing sweeps. Steam sizzled, as the snow cover evaporated instantly. The bright sun played over his crystalline fire-resistant white pelt. Illusive rainbow colors sparkled across his wings as icy winds whistled in his ears. He soared, pulling his attention away from admiring the sunlight on his own body. No time for that selfish delight.

He roared in fury, and heard answering Draconian bellows. He surveyed the high Suvwian peaks with sharp vision, and spotted old Doqularr’s mate as she swooped and dove near the entrance of a dangerous, narrow canyon. Her flames flared bright against the deep azure sky. A pang shot through Feklaar as he realized now, with the Wise One gone, the job of Dragon Chieftain fell to him. His anger diminished with the influx of emotions. Though he wanted nothing better than char that new den of creatures to ash, suchreckless revenge might evoke unwanted retaliation from the Strange Ones. The flyers the Strange Ones possessed out maneuvered any dragon out on the plains and in the low hills. Only here, in the mountain peaks, did he and his kind have any type of safety. He rumbled his frustration and flew to the bereaved female.

*Meervaj!* He mindcried firmly. *Meervaj! May This One speak with thee?*

*Feklaar?* The slender dragoness halted her wild flaming, and looked up. Her violet-blue eyes gleamed with hate and grief. Her voice echoed among the peaks.. “Feklaar! Doqularr issss gone! The Sssstrange Onesss flamed him from the sky!! He protected This One!!”

“Sssssoo, Thorlaar hass told Thisss One.” Feklaar answered gently, though his second stomach roiled. He belched a cloud of smoke.

“They took him! Down, down they went! How can Thisss One sssssend him on his Final Flight to the Ancessstorsss!” Meervaj wailed, a short flame jetting from her jaws.

“Isss Thee sssure they took him?” Feklaar asked.

“Thissss One sseeee him fall, fall, fall! Sssstrange Onesss follow in flyer! Doqularr fight flyer!! All fall! In there! Thissss One cannot find.” Meervaj pointed a foreclaw at the entrance of a narrow canyon.

“Meervaj, Doqularr will make hisss Final Flight. Thisss One will find him.”

“Thou will do thissss?” Meervaj gazed at him, huge eyes glimmering. A tremor passed over her frail, thin frame. Feklaar noticed her shabby condition. Her frizzled, dull pelt shimmered with not one gleam of its former glory. Feklaar belched another cloud of smoke as his stomach churned with wrath. He knew with certainty Meervaj wished to follow her mate on that Final Flight. With her death, the Wise Ones of the Suvwian Clan would vanish into the mists of time. And why? Feklaar rumbled. No reason, no reason that warranted the killing. No dragon had yet purposefully killed a Strange One! Oh, they did die, but only by Draconian self-defense. Most of those fools in flyers maneuvered poorly among the peaks, unable to handle the fickle winds and updrafts. The occasional raid of the Strange One’s animal dens in bad times surely did not call for extermination. Feklaar rumbled, then snorted smoke and flame, meeting that hopeful gaze of the remaining Wise One. He relaxed, glad to see sanity in those eyes again. She flattened her ears briefly.

“Thou are wisssse. Doqularr chose well hisss sssucccesssor.” She tipped her body, pointing a wingtip toward the canyon. “There. Down there.”

“Thiss One goes.”

“Thiiis One isss grateful, and will await your return in the lair he and I had ssshared.” Meervaj banked away. Feklaar hovered, watching her, saddened by her labored breathing. He must find Doqularr for the remaining Wise One’s sake. He swooped down, spitting a narrow flame to relieve his aching stomach, and dove. Sunlight glittered off the deep pristine snow, in a kaleidoscope of illusive, crystalline colors, reminding him of his mate’s magnificent pelt. Not even he displayed such variety of color as she did. He inhaled, and shot out another burst of fire, sighing with relief. The pain in his stomach eased.

He dove into the canyon, twisting and banking, his wingtips sweeping snow from rocky outcrops. He knew why Meervaj did not attempt to follow her mate. Frail, and weak, she might smash herself to death in this gorge. Feklaar maneuvered with every bit of his skill. Finally the chasm widened, giving him more room. He gained altitude. Suddenly, high wailing not unlike a dragonet in distress assailed his sensitive ears, followed by waves of juvenile terror that struck his paternal instincts. He scanned the ground, eyes eager to sight that poor fuzzy youngster. He snorted, realizing he picked up not a single mindcry with the audible wails. A scared dragonet’s mind-shrieking rattled the brain of anyone within range. Using his ears, he homed in on the wailing, and dropped altitude. He rounded a bend in the canyon and spit sparks in surprise.

Doqularr’s body lay sprawled across the canyon floor. The Elder’s bright green-gold eyes stared unblinking. A keen of grief escaped him, but shock moved his eyes off the elder and focused on a spot beyond the prone Dragon Chieftain. A Strange One’s flyer lay in pieces, smoldering ominously. The crying intensified and Feklaar spotted the source. A tiny Strange One. not larger than a hatchling, stood beside another, who lay on the snow, as still as Doqularr. Curiosity quieted Feklaar’s remaining angst. The little one stood as upright as a tree trunk, and he surmised that Strange Ones all stood such.

Feklaar back-winged, landing gently past Doqularr. The small one looked up, and her terror lanced through Feklaar as she shrieked. Feklaar knew then the little one to be female, and on the heels of that revelation, came yet another shock. A tiny, high mindvoice threaded into his head. Abruptly, the vocalizations made sense to him.

“Please! Please! Don’t eat me! Please don’t eat me! Please!” The tiny being sobbed, water streaming from her small, grey-blue eyes. Feklaar settled on his haunches, and lifted a forelimb, hand out, palm up, talons curled in the Draconian greeting.

*Little One,* He sent firm mindtones, hoping she would hear him. *This One will not eat you, nor any Strange One.*

The child ceased sobbing, and raising her face to his, she stared.

“D-d-di-did you just talk to me?” she stammered.

*Yes, Young One. This One speaks to you.*

“Strange Ones?” The young one asked. “You mean me and Daddy? We are humans, not strange.”

*Humans? So that is what thou are called.* Feklaar scowled, allowing a puff of smoke to escape his throat. *Why Little Human? Why did thee kill Doqularr?*

“K-k-kill D-Do-Doq-u Doqu-larr?”

*The Old One.* Feklaar pointed a sharp talon.

“Old one? Oh, oh no! You mean, you mean the dragon!” The child gasped, and Feklaar sensed her shock and remorse. “It was an accident! Really it was! Daddy always believed that killing the dragons was wrong. We came out here to study! That is all!”  The child sobbed. “But, but I guess the old dragon thought we were bad! He attacked our shuttle. We had to shoot him. He hit us anyway. We both crashed. My dad, oh my daddy! Daddy!” The girl trailed off into weeping.

Feklaar advanced until he stood over the prone adult human. He touched his muzzle to the body, and heard the shallow breathing. He also sensed the human’s body temperature dropping. He cocked his head at the stricken child. He must help this young one.

*He lives Young One. Your sire lives.*

“My dad is alive?” the child’s face brightened.

*Yes. But he needs warm place. Getting cold.* Feklaar scanned the sky above the canyon and saw telltale clouds. He scented the winds. *Sun goes soon. Storms come. If thee stays here, thou will die.*

“But our shuttle! It is wrecked!” The child wailed. “We can’t leave! And even if it were good, I can’t drive it!”

“This One can help thee.” Feklaar’s mind raced. If communications opened between him and the male human, perhaps the killings would stop. Perhaps even better things might come of this. Perhaps old Doqularr’s death might mean something good after all. Feklaar tapped his chest with his talons. *This One Feklaar. Who art thou?*

“M-my name is Johanna. Daddy, Daddy’s name is Dan.”

*Is thou brave enough to ride a dragon, Johanna?*

“Ride you?” The child’s eyes grew round.

“Yess. Ride This One, while I carry your ssire.” Feklaar said outloud.

“You, you would help us? Even after what happened?” The girl gaped.

*This One easily senses you speak truth. Doqularr’s death accidental. Come. Climb on. Storms approach.* Feklaar lowered his head. Johanna stared for several heartbeats, and glanced at her unconscious father. She scurried to the wreckage, and dragged out a strange box with a curious red emblem on it, and a bundle of what appeared to be odd animal pelts. She hurried forward, and jumped onto Feklaar’s neck, grabbing the bony, curved spikes of his spine. The child’s long head hair burst free of her hood to sweep across his face. He blinked and sneezed, but did not flinch another muscle. She draped the bundle in front of her, cramming the box between her body and a dorsal spine. Johanna settled on his lower neck, just above his wing joints.

“I am ready.” She announced, awe in her voice.

*Hold tight.* Feklaar commanded and felt her hands clutch his spines. He picked up the girl’s father in his forearms, cradling the human against his chest. Unfurling his wings, he strode forward on powerful hindlegs. His vast pinions beat furiously, sending snow swirling up the canyon walls. He lifted clear of the ground, heaving for air, for altitude. Johanna shrieked, as Feklaar banked sharply several times in his ascent. His wings brushed the canyon walls, sending snow spraying over them. The girl screamed, and her hands clasped his spines in a death grip. Finally, he cleared the lip of the chasm, and a few thrusts of his wings brought him easier flying. He banked in a gentle arc, heading for home. The girl shouted with awe, and glee. He glanced northwest, and realized his instincts told the truth. Ominous dark clouds gathered, and he scented snow.

“I smell snow.” Johanna shouted into the wind. “You are smart! I always thought dragons so pretty, even the black ones in the mountains way south of here.”

*Clan Suvgij.* Feklaar rumbled, his mindvoice touched with unease. *Aggressive is that Clan. This One perhaps understands now why you Humnas fear us enough to kill. We must all try to understand. Why is thy kind here on Suvwilur?*

“Su-Suvwilur? What a cool name.” Johanna answered. “Is that what you call your planet?”

*Yes. Our world.* Feklaar turned his head, glancing back at the girl. *Why art thou here?*

“Our ship crashed here,” Johanna answered. “We lost all contact with Earth, our home planet. Its so cold on this world, so we have to try and survive. We are stranded here.”

*This One understands.* Feklaar nodded his head, a stab of apprehension stirring his second stomach. Ahead lay his lair, and Tarrvaj. He back-winged, slowing his descent, and landed gently at the mouth of the lair. He entered slowly, carrying the human with care. Tarrvaj bristled, as he laid the human in front of the hearth.



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