"Lu map" 14 tons of gold, secretly imported into the United States before the outbreak of World War II. The treasures of the Nazis- the secret of Annenerbe, under the sign of templar and the protection of the God......

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This mysterious legend about the treasure map, no one, for more than 80 years, could not dispel. But I still managed to do it!

Perhaps many have already read about this map. Personally, I once read this story, about 30 years ago, in some edition, now I don't remember which one. I remember that at that time I was interested in this story and I carefully examined the mysterious map with quite understandable interest and a desire to understand its secret. But the fervor of desire was cooled by the accompanying information on this card, I only remember that it could not be deciphered due to the loss of the key and the complexity due to the presence of Masonic symbols and complex computational formulas. The comments said that most likely there is no gold there. It (gold) has long been deposited in the accounts of a certain American bank and all attempts to reveal the secret of the card do not make sense. More recently, starting in 2015, this story reappeared on the Internet under various headings. I will give a brief description of these articles.

The Lue Map and the Nazi Connection
The map you are looking at is one of the most famous maps in treasure history. The Lue map seems to be of Nazi Origin. The map was created by an unnamed Nazi loyalist in the United States. Whose property was used as cache site for 100 tons of Gold Bullion that was smuggled into the US by Nazi Agents. The purpose of the Nazi mission was to sell the gold on the US Market and to crash the US Economy which would stop the US from entering World War II. Around this same time the United States passed the American gold act which prevented the Nazis from selling the gold on the open market. Someone in the U.S.Intelligence had learned about the Nazi plot.
The Nazis then moved in to try and recover the gold with the hopes of smuggling it back out of the US before they could be stopped by US Agents. But the Nazi Loyalist who’s property they had buried the Gold on had mysteriously died. Taking the secret of the Lue map with him. The Nazis where not able to crack the map on their own and the dug all over the Loyalists property for the gold but could not find the cache. There dig was called off by Hitler and they returned to Germany. The gold is still in the ground to this day
The map got into the hands of the public through the FBI who had also been alerted by the CIA about the Nazi plot. Their code breakers where unable to solve the mystery and they let it leak into the general public hoping someone could solve riddle. The map was made popular by Treasure Hunter Karl Von Mueller who published it back in the 1960s.
It’s been suggested the code for the Lue the nazi Loyalist used when he created the lue map was based on templar secrets. The Nazis may have discovered such secrets during their excavations near Renne le chateau. A Knights Templar stronghold during the Middle Ages.
The Nazis where have said to have access to a coding system that was created by the Knights Templar and that they shared the code with the Japanese to help them hide their own caches of gold deep in the jungles of the Philippines.
A study of the Lue map will reveal coordinates of the search area for the Nazi Gold Cache site. How one finds the coordinates within the symbols of the map is mystery. The search area is six miles buy three miles within this area will be found a large land mass where a pyramid will be outlined by Monuments. The lue map itself when the code is broken does not tell you where to search within the Pyramid area. To learn that you need the key to the Lue map which is said to be the American Dollar Bill.Which is loaded full of occult symbolism.
The symbols on the dollar are Masonic in origin but they of course have a connection to the knight’s templar. The masons received much of there occult knowledge from the templar and it would have included there coding system as well. So, if you take the american dollar bill and study it and you will find a key two inches to the right of George Washington’s nose. This key in combination with the map reveals that the gold’s location. The gold is buried under the left leg of the Pyramid Layout. How the two work together to reveal this is a mystery. The location of the Lue Cache is said to be the Four Corners area of the South Western United States.
The Lue Treasure document regarding Lue sites in Colorado and New Mexico
This is one of the most valuable historical documents for anyone who is interested in the Lue Map and the mystery behind it. It tells the locations of two lue treasure sites one in Colorado and one in New Mexico. The one in Colorado and was an obsession of the famous treasure hunter Karl Von Mueller who was the first to release the Lue map to the public. This document is specific in areas and in the symbols that have been found in the area that match with the famous Lue Map. A great document for the Lue Seeker
The Lue treasure map.
The Lue treasure map is something that gives treasure hunters many sleepless nights. But you won’t find any streets, lakes, or highways on this map. This map includes obscure images and geometric shapes that criss-cross each other or sit beside each other. The map also has a large sweeping curved line from the bottom left-hand corner to the top right-hand corner. The reason why the Lue treasure map has given hunters so much grief is because it tells of a place where massive amounts of gold are buried. While that undoubtedly should leave some happy treasure hunters, the problem is that no one has been able to decode the Lue treasure map – even though it’s more than fifty years old!
The Lue treasure map was created by the Nazis but it was a Nazi follower that actually lived in the United States that created it. It was at this follower’s home that the Nazis had buried over 100 tons of gold which they had smuggled into the States. They did this so that they could sell the gold on the US market and crash the US economy, preventing the United States from entering World War II. However, someone in the United States government got wind of the Nazis’ plan and passed the American Gold Act, which prohibited any gold from being sold on the open market.
Once the Nazis found out that their plan had been foiled, they tried to get into the United States to take the gold back. When they reached the follower’s home however, they found that he had died, leaving the mysterious Lue map behind. The Nazi soldiers dug all around the follower’s home looking for the gold but were unable to find it. They continued to search until Hitler called it off and had them return back to Germany.
Once the Nazis had returned home, the American government tried to decode the map with some of the most brilliant FBI and CIA officers. But they too, were unable to decipher the odd map. The government then leaked the map to the public, in the hopes that someone would be able to decode it. No one was able to do it, but famous treasure hunter, Karl Von Mueller published the map in 1960 and ever since, people have been trying to figure it out. But that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been many theories!
Some think that where the sweeping line meets the pillar in the center means “turn me”, and that the two lines coming through the middle of the pillar and the arrow also mean “turn me.” The map also seems to be a sort of pinwheel. This comes from the fact that there are two three-dimensional gimbals located within the map that create the pinwheel. If the wheel is turned, the map is said to then reveal all sorts of information. But very little of it will be useful as the majority of it is false. This was a special feature that the Nazi follower incorporated into the Lue map to make it even more difficult for anyone to find the gold.
It’s widely believed that the bars appearing at the bottom left hand side of the page represent the actual bars themselves. And because a pyramid sits on top of these bars, many think that it’s within some sort of pyramid that the bars are hidden. The map doesn’t give you a location for the pyramid, but it does give the location of a very large field where the pyramid sits among other large structures. As the treasure hunter turns the map and extracts information from it, the location of this field will be revealed to him.
Of course, all treasure maps come with a code or a key and this one does too. It’s thought that the key lies in the Great Seal that can be seen on the one dollar bill to the side of George Washington’s nose. Using this key, along with the Lue map, and the notes that the treasure hunter has made by turning and analyzing the map, it’s said that the gold can be found in the pyramid, under the left leg of the pyramid layout.
Of course, this is just one theory to decoding the Lue map. And of course, if these theories had proven true, we’d probably be reading about someone who found Hitler’s gold, rather than theories on how to crack it’s location!
A few words on the background of this topic. In my youth I was fond of (but not for long) chess. Then, having understood the meaning of the game, it became clear to me that the game is banal, it all depends on the training of mathematical memory and the ability to store hundreds of combinations in my head, calculating all possible combinations of moves. For me personally, it was somewhat tiring. I became disillusioned with this game, since chess turned from an interesting game into some boring activity, akin to doing accounting (count everything correctly) and I forgot about this game for a long time.
I came across this strange map again when I was on vacation. My vacation was already coming to an end, and I was already bored with all kinds of entertainment, I was just bored. Out of idleness, I remembered chess again. Having accidentally seen a chess problem on the Internet, I suddenly became interested in solving it, because it is the simplest one - checkmate in two moves. And from that day on, I began to regularly search for assignments in this application. And suddenly I came across an article called "Dozens of Lost Treasures Around the World."
After reading a legend there called "The Lue Map", I suddenly remembered it.
I again carefully read the story and was surprised only that it again, for some reason, appeared on the Internet, it would seem this fake should have long ago been debunked and lowered into the junk of oblivion. But I was bored, and I decided to look at the map as another chess problem, to try to at least understand whether there is any meaning in this picture and what the author was trying to draw, what this set of symbols means. In general, without any interest in the topic of the card, without naive dreams, about an alleged treasure with gold. Just for fun, and without any illusions.
If ou've ever solved chess problems, you know how it happens. Made a move, look through the options. If the move leads to an error after calculating the options, then you need to discard it and look for another option. So, examining one by one the element of the drawing (making, so to speak, a chess move) I tried to look for meaning in it and calculate the answer options. Something like this, and it looked. And suddenly a picture from the puzzles began to appear. And now, this has already interested me, as a solution not to an abstract problem, but to a very real topic. Further more, I "got headlong" into this story, starting to read and study many documents (a kind of diving into the history and reality of the time when this map was born). Now, I understand that if it were not for the cold, judicious approach to solving this problem, I would not have been able to decipher it. And the most important thing is that the puzzles all came together, the picture opened, very logical and darkly bewitching.
The card told a lot.
Gradually, step by step, taking into account the details and thinking through solutions, an interesting picture began to open. And at first the assumptions suddenly began to be confirmed by facts (from various sources). The topic began to attract more and more, the history of people and their biographies, events that were somehow related to the creation of this map.
I began to study material, myths and legends and much more. Everything was present when creating this card. Gradually, I found out who created this map and why, we must pay tribute, this is not an ordinary person, I would call him a genius, and this is not the Nazi whom a priori everyone considered the author. In fact, the author of the map was executed in April 1945.
___ His genius in the fact that he was the most outstanding psychologist, he knew the subtleties of thinking of 99% of people and took everything into account. The very existence of this card is better than any defense. (The fact that the card exists simply proves that this story is supposedly bluffing, and that the card is just a fake with a set of characters.) And this, the author's genius! The calculation was correct, even if someone decrypts the card, then, firstly, few people will believe it (after all, for the security services it has long been clear that this is a bluff, he skillfully introduced it!), And secondly, they are at their best they ? think about a psycho in the case, and thirdly, even if they allow the thought that it?s really so. What proves the correct calculation, our author is a psychologist! ___
Many people wonder if there was such an operation, why there is not a single witness who would not have leaked the information?
The answer is obvious: due to the excessive secrecy of this operation, all the "performers" participating in it were destroyed. This was, by the way, to our author. The remaining involved, influential people were skillfully and wisely eliminated by the author himself.
I found out why the card was needed at all and why it was so, why it had such a strange name. I found out, that is, I decoded both the place and the precautions that must be observed in order to penetrate the secret vault. I also recognized the second "dark" side, maps of Lou. Besides its apparent simplicity, there are actually many difficult things. I paid tribute to the author of the creation of the map, surprised at his courage, courage and cunning of the author. I learned that it was originally planned that the operation would fail, and the whole story with her was brilliantly foreseen by the author and correctly calculated.
Since the author did not need a plan of action to destabilize America before the war, he pursued his personal goals. And therefore, there probably is not only the declared gold of 14 tons, but also his personal savings, so to speak, "for old age", possibly in a different form and quality.
I also learned that the second plan for the development of this operation was and remains relevant. So to say, plan B (in the end, in such operations, a second plan is always developed, both in case of failure and in unforeseen circumstances) and as a guarantee for the author that in case of disclosure no one will get anything! (After all, nothing would have prevented them from additionally bringing in several tons of explosives!) And the fact that after 80 years the probability of automatically triggering a second unpleasant surprise increases every day. An event may occur that was originally planned by Hitler himself and "a little by the author of the map." And it cannot be ruled out that there may be casualties and the destruction of the “Objectâ€, which is important for Americans, so to speak.
I have decrypted the card, but I am not saying that at the moment gold is still stored in the indicated place because firstly it is possible that the special services decrypted the card a long time ago, and this is not a secret. But I did not find evidence of this version. Since this story will probably appear in the media, but this did not happen, which, in my opinion, speaks in favor of the opposite. But the most important thing here is not gold, but the threat of an explosion of enormous strength, a historical object. And, accordingly, you need to adhere to the map plan so that tragedy does not happen, but for this you need to follow the rules listed on the map, which means that you need to know the decryption.
I can say with confidence that the mystery of the card, which remained a mystery for 80 years, was revealed by me, and I can prove it if necessary. It is necessary to add here whether there are treasures there or not, this can only be checked with the approval of the US government. If you have any questions, leave comments. You can be judgmental and evil; I will not be offended. I will accept criticism with understanding. Thank you and good luck to all of you! --------------------------------------
The most frequent question in the discussion of "but how can only 14 tons (or 100 tons?) Upset - destroy, the US economy, having national reserves, which in 1940 were measured in TENS OF THOUSAND TONS? an economist and not a financier, but such an assumption seems unlikely. " You don't have to be a financier to understand this. You just need to remember what the US economy was like in 1937-1938. Here is the reference
The economic downturn that took place in the United States during the Great Depression and the New Deal of President Franklin Roosevelt's administration. Dubbed the "Roosevelt recession".
The political deadlock of 1937, associated with the formation of opposition to the New Deal in the US Congress, coincided with the resumption of the economic crisis: in May, the recovery peaked and by August, economic activity again markedly decreased; in September, observers, including Minister Henry Morgento, began to notice an already rapid decline. In October, the US stock market was shaken again by the crisis, which caused the "horror of 1929" to be remembered. The pace of the new decline even overshadowed the rate of decline in the economy in 1929, with stocks losing more than a third of their value in just a few weeks, and corporate profits plummeting nearly 80%. Steel production in the last quarter of the year fell to a quarter of the mid-year level, resulting in a 40% decline in total industrial production; At the beginning of 1938, payments to the unemployed in Detroit quadrupled compared to 1937. The organization of new unions virtually ceased, and by the end of winter more than two million workers had received notice of layoffs. They expanded the ranks of the unemployed, bringing their total to less than 10 million - or 19% of the workforce.
I completely don’t know all the subtleties of the mechanism that affect the quotes of the stock markets, but I know that very often they are affected by various kinds of dumping. There is the concept of "Exchange panic". The stock market rush can lead to panic. The development of the operation, let's call it conditionally - "Red Tail" began in the early spring of 1939. For Hitler, in those conditions, all that was needed was a dumping of gold prices, to create a panic on the American stock exchange, which would lead to excitement - a fall in prices for it and, accordingly, could become a trigger for an economic recession and this could again plunge the country into an internal political crisis. And for this plan, a huge amount of gold was not needed. It was enough, about 100 tons. It was only necessary, correctly, to choose a place and calculate the time. And with a targeted strike, for a while (Hitler knew that it was not realistic to destroy the economy, but he could gain time) to exclude the main and dangerous player from the game at the beginning of the war. He needed time to seize new resources, so that later, on an equal footing, or even superior, to fight America, hated by him, which could stand in his way to world domination. He hated and feared this player.
Hitler all his life dreamed of world power, believed that Germany should become a great empire and a new force in the world, so that the capital of Germany would become the main city, a metropolis from which he would rule the whole world. Having received practically unlimited power, he began to implement the goals outlined in Mein Kampf. First secretly and then openly, he went to violate the terms of the Versailles Treaty, which in fact deprived Germany of the army. After becoming chancellor, Hitler began to pursue an aggressive foreign policy. In October 1933, Germany withdrew from the League of Nations. In just 5 years, he brought the country out of the crisis by raising industrial production, eliminating unemployment, and betting on melitarization. His dreams began to take on tangible forms, he had the right to be proud of himself. But his plans could be hampered by the United States.
For a long time he thought about one problem - where to strike the first blow, in the west or in the east. If he strikes in the west, the United States will immediately enter the war and this is a very serious enemy and he is not yet ready to fight with him, to strike in the east - the Russians are also good fighters (he knew this from the First World War) and a peace treaty with them signed.
There will be a lyrical digression, I ask you to excuse me for this, but without this you will not understand the essence. But it is very close to reality! The solution to the problem, with the entry into the game of the United States, in the early stages of the war, he found unexpectedly, looking at one interesting document(as many must know, Hitler was a mystic and isoteric, he was fascinated by everything connected with this, he believed in providence). -Providence itself helps us! Surely he thought. And the plan ripened instantly. He gave the order to the adjutant to call urgently Walter Funk, Reich Minister of Economy. After consulting with Funk, he invited several more people (I will not name them) and, sharing the general features of the plan, ordered to start developing the operation. Having received the order, everyone began to disperse, Hitler called out to our hero, and asked to stay, inviting him to the table. On the table lay a strange document, the Fuhrer intercepting the look of our hero and said - "Dear Otto (name is somewhat different), I want to give you this", he pointed to a sheet of document. "-Let it become the basis in the development of the plan," after making a theatrical pause, he continued - "As strange as it may sound, but it was he who indicated the solution and even suggested who should do it, pointing to your name!" And then he pointed to two very interesting points in the document, saying - "You see?" while slyly looked at Otto, and with pathos uttered "Providence itself gives us a hint!" - "I am amazed at your genius! My Fuhrer" answered Otto. At the same time, mentally, with a grin, he said - "Yes .. Providence itself, gives us a hint how to keep your pocket wider" remembering with what difficulty he managed to slip this document to the Fuhrer. And how much did it cost him to make the Fuehrer think that it was he himself who thought of this operation? Lead him to this idea of surgery? Only he knows! His "finest hour" has come! All his life, he went exactly to this. He had a lot of painstaking work ahead of him, but the game was worth the candle! Now he had to carefully weigh and analyze everything. This is how the plan of the operation was born, as we called it - "Red Tail". In the development of the operation plan, our author of the map played a rather important (if not key) role, about him, a separate story, and it is quite long, so we will only touch on certain points, a little bit later. And the flywheel spun! The preliminary, the most difficult part of the work was done (communications, people, locating, preparing the storage, time and routes of delivery, everything was calculated, the top secret stamp was imposed) And the submarines began to deliver the cargo in small batches. It may seem strange, but the very idea of creating this map, the author conceived back in 1916 and the main elements in it were drawn by him at the same time. But the final version of this map was drawn by him in 1936. After a regular meeting at the headquarters of the Reich Chancellery, Hitler asked Otto, "How are things going with the preparation of Operation Red Tail?" Otto replied that the final stage was going according to plan. But our submarines are at great risk when unloading cargo. The work schedule of our person at the facility, a day, after three, we are forced to adhere to it. But even on his watch, it is not always possible to unload, as there is a great risk of being lit up, my Fuhrer. "-Bad, very bad! The Fuhrer almost shouted, you need to accelerate, deliveries at any cost!" "- Yes, my Fuhrer," Otto saluting with his right hand, he was about to leave the office, but Hitler continued calmly - Yes, the risk is very great, by the way, has everything been done to maintain the secrecy of the operation? "- Yes, my Fuhrer, each participant in the operation is familiar with only their part of the work, my Fuhrer." -The commanders of the submarines do not know about the content of the cargo, the people involved in the loading are thoroughly checked, but they do not know what they are loading, but for safety reasons, they will be liquidated after the work is completed. The development of the details of the operation, at the destination, I entrusted my deputy, you know him well, this is Hugo. But he, like me, do not know the exact place of storage, since he is engaged in this directly on the spot, his personal agent recruited by him back in 1915, a very capable and inventive fellow, he was given the right to determine the location himself, since this is included within the framework of special secrecy. Personally, I can find out the place where the cargo is stored, only at a personal meeting, as it was agreed in advance. -By the way, your personal surprise, my Fuhrer has already been prepared! The explosives have been delivered and already installed, the fireworks will be great! Otto showed his right thumb when he saw Hitler smile at the message. One-day companies are already registered, a full package with documents and licenses has been received. They are already ready to enter the game on the exchange! All leading media are already "charged" with us, at the right time, newspapers will publish "hot" news to create excitement. Our active supporters, at the signal of fireworks (surprise), are ready to take to the streets to provoke riots. - "And thanks for that, my dear Otto", he came up and put his hand on the shoulder of our hero, looking into the eyes with approval. “Okay dear Otto, you convinced me, go and work. For the good of Greater Germany,” he added. Otto saluted again and left the office. "So ... everything is going according to plan," he whispered, rubbing his clenched right fist. To be continued. P/S I beg your pardon for the short posts, the fact is that I do not speak English and use Google translator. And a lot of information is not translated correctly due to complex semantic phrases.
- Yes, safety, first of all! It's time to end this circus and put a fat point, Otto mused while sitting in an armchair near the fireplace, holding a glass of his favorite brandy, - he could finally relax in his personal office. His office was a fairly bright room with large windows and a high ceiling. A grandfather clock stood between the windows. They had a gilded dial and a glass door, behind which a clouded pendulum swung. The room was furnished with oak furniture with green rep upholstery. In the middle of the room on a fluffy red carpet, there was a black table with gold inlays, the era of Louis XV, on the walls there were paintings in exquisite gilded frames, paintings by masters of the Renaissance, one of the walls was hidden by shelves, filled with books, a fireplace of red marble, above it flaunted heraldic signs. A huge chandelier hung from the ceiling, sometimes ringing with crystal. a fire was burning in the fireplace, and in front of the fireplace was a luxurious massive armchair. He had just returned home at last, the day was hectic and he was damn tired. After a meeting with Hitler, he personally went to the port to control the loading, today the submarine went on a campaign with the next shipment of cargo, and he also needed to give the captain an envelope for delivery to the addressee at the destination. Otto was an excellent psychologist, he easily managed to find a common language with people of different characters. For example, he could approach the first person he met and literally in a minute they were already talking like old friends. He had a talent to easily win the trust of these people and turn them into his friends, who zealously expected any praise from him and believed him unconditionally. Thanks to this ability, he was able to create his own personal agent network. At the time of his forced wanderings and being in the United States. After loading, waiting for the submarine to sail safely, Otto sent a coded radiogram with detailed instructions to his two best agents. They obeyed him personally, and believed without question. These two agents were his pride, they were the best in their craft, one was codenamed "Phoenix" the other, "Comedian", it was for the second that the package was sent. At the very beginning of the operation, Otto personally indicated to the agent "humorist" the exact coordinates where it was necessary to prepare the secret storage. This agent was also involved in solving all organizational issues, including the selection of field workers and monitoring the progress of work. Then, after the completion of the work, his men perform a sweep, deftly eliminating all hired workers. "-Yes, it's time to move on to the final chord." Otto, looked at the flames in the fireplace, birch logs crackled pleasantly, relaxing and soothing. Having emptied his glass, he lit a Havana cigar, closing his eyes with pleasure. "-It is necessary to contact tomorrow, with my old friend from the British intelligence", but this thought has already flashed through the clouded mind, Otto plunged into a deep sleep.
As the saying goes, service is service, and friendship is friendship. In the old friendship with Tony, they both appreciated sincerity and although a priori, they were potential opponents in the service, since they served in opposing structures, they never tried to find out secret information from each other. If a friend sees fit, he will share the information himself. Both of them served, each to his homeland. But in this case, turning to your friend was an exception. Otto had no intention of betraying. The homeland, with the coming of Hitler to power, was on the brink of disaster, he immediately intuitively felt it. And the fact that he was going to crank up, leaving Hitler "with a nose" in the story with gold, he did not consider it a betrayal. The risk increased, the submarines were indeed in great danger, delaying the operation was fraught with failure. Be that as it may, Hitler is still not so stupid, and he could request more detailed information on the state of affairs on the US gold and foreign exchange operations exchange. Thank God, he is not up to it now, he is completely obsessed with Napoleonic plans. The next morning, Otto woke up quite vigorously, he felt rested, quickly put himself in order, with the help of a little exercise and shower, he had breakfast with gusto. In front of him was planned, no less troublesome day. A bright sunny day and blue chill of the sky - the threshold of autumn. There seems to be darkness inside the air Something in the nature of the day is already being lost: there is still green foliage on the trees, it is still warm in illuminated places, but some kind of doom is already felt in nature and an incomprehensible longing for the passing summer approaches. He unhurriedly, as if walking, went to work on foot, specially went out early, and now he was enjoying the autumn nature with pleasure. Coming to work in a slightly sentimental mood, Otto did not hold a scheduled meeting, informing the secretary that, on the personal order of the Fuhrer, it was necessary to speed up the work without wasting time. Therefore, everyone needs to get to work, immediately. To be honest, he just didn't want to see anyone today. To distract himself from the disturbing thoughts, he plunged into work with documents, of which there were plenty. While working with documents, time flew by. Otto glanced at his watch, it was a quarter to twenty. - Oh ****, I almost missed the time of the connection with Tony! He quickly put the documents in the safe and left the office. The secretary was gone, it seems he stopped by to say that the working hours were over, but he ignored it, as he was busy with an important document. Exactly at 21-07 (as in advance, it was agreed) he contacted his friend on a secret connection, wiretapping of the conversation was excluded, -at least some privileges of my position, he thought with a grin. -Hi old fart! He and Tonny always had a kind of game in communication, they always made fun of each other. Oh, who am I hearing! Is that you, you old senile? Tony responded with a feigned surprise. -How many winters, how many years! -Glad to hear you buddy,” added Tonny. Hello, hello old man. How are you, on the personal front? "Still looking after Mrs. Abagail?" No, she broke my heart by marrying a total idiot, John. Joke. -Husband asks his wife: -Dear, tell me honestly, are you cheating on me when I'm on a business trip? - I don’t even know .. When you’re not there, I’m kind of wild, I climb the walls. Then I fall from the wall, hit, lose consciousness ... Perhaps someone uses it.. Ah .. ha .. ha .. Tony laughed. Then he asked seriously. Okay friend, what's the problem? Why did you use the emergency call? -Yes, I just thought ... -Something you are being infringed upon, with the assignment of the next rank .. -I can help, in moving up the career ladder, not for free, of course, I think ... will a bottle of my favorite brandy be enough. Tony, a little wary. - Where is such generosity, my friend? Just like that? Why, just like that, out of compassion for a friend, Otto answered with sarcasm in his voice. I do not like it when friends are unfairly kept in a black body and not promoted. - And now to the point, Otto said seriously, and he shared information about Hitler's plans, outlining the "Red Tail" operation conceived by that. - I think your leadership will be very pleased. -Still would! exclaimed Tonny. And if I calculated correctly, then they will surely share information with the Americans. Figuratively speaking, they will want - "flatteringly, wag their tail." To my deep regret, you're right about that, buddy, Tony replied. - Yes, Tonny ... keep this information to yourself, I'll let you know when it's worth making it public.
After waiting for the submarine to return, Otto informed Tonny that the information could be transferred.
And the storm broke. For him, this was the most risky moment in the entire enterprise, but the calculation turned out to be correct. Hitler was furious.
- How could this happen? Hitler shouted: - How did the enemy know about our plans? -All of you, he examined everyone present, you are personally responsible for the failure! Severe punishment awaits all of you!
“My Fuhrer, this cannot be a leak from my department, as well as from the inner circle of the participants,” Otto said, risking interrupting the enraged Hitler. Hitler looked at him with an angry, prickly look. “Explain through clenched teeth,” said the Fuehrer. “If this were so, then our man, who is directly involved in all the work on the spot, would have already been arrested, and the gold would already be in the hands of the Americans,” but this did not happen, Otto replied. ... “I believe the information could only have been leaked from the Reich Minister's Office for Economic Affairs, since it has civilians who are not subject to more scrutiny by the Gestapo. Hitler continued to glare at Otto, then his gaze changed and he turned to walk to his desk. Without turning around, he said - If the gold gets to the enemy, I will personally be present at your execution of Otto, - Hitler said and added - Urgently evacuate the gold! - Okay, while you can go to work. All those present stood up, drenched in a cold sweat, threw up their hands and as a sign of greeting pronounced - "Heil Hitler", silently left the office.
There was only one piece of paper in the envelope sent for the "humorist" agent, it was a map. In the radiogram he sent to this agent, there was an instruction not to open the envelope, it should have been handed over to the man in the form of a postman who arrived for him under the guise of delivering an urgent telegram. and it will give you a conditional password. Pass the envelope with the following words: - Here is the exact indication of the storage location, I will join you later. Then say goodbye to him politely.
Otto had no doubt that one of his best agents would do everything unquestioningly and accurately. This person knows how to keep his mouth shut and never asks unnecessary questions. I open the envelope, he doesn't even think.
The people who arrived for the cargo of gold were instructed in advance by Otto, not by him personally, of course, but by his deputy (who supposedly worked through all the details of the operation on the spot and had “his” agents there. In fact, Otto manipulated him, using, as they say, “in blind ") - the instructions indicated how to contact the person who will indicate the place of the cargo and organize the evacuation.
The postman rode up to the house on a bicycle, stopped, straightened his bag and uniform cap, and went to the front door. He was watched by one person sitting in the car. He followed this house for quite some time. Seeing the postman leave the house and get on the bike, drove away, the man opened the car door.
There was a knock on the door again, the "humorist" with the words - Well, what else ..., opened the door.
A well-dressed gentleman stood in the doorway with a broad smile.
The postman on a bicycle, having reached the nearest gas station, went to the toilet. After changing into pre-prepared clothes that were in the mail bag
Then, prudently flushing the toilet, he left the toilet room. There was a pre-parked car at the gas station, he got into it and drove off.
- What the fuck is this drawing? - What did you bring us? -Where the hell are the coordinates of the cargo? - exclaimed one of those gathered in the safe house, referring to the newly arrived and handed over the envelope. It looks like he was the eldest of them.
-How do I know, I just followed the instructions. And he talked about meeting the agent and what he told him.
- May I take a look? stretching out his hand to the drawing, one of the participants asked. Then he took the map and began to examine it carefully. Finally, putting the drawing aside, he said, “It looks like someone is trying to trick us, and it looks like that someone is playing a double game. Perhaps we, as they say, are under the hood of the American intelligence service! So, we urgently need to interrogate this bastard who gave us this linden, to get his whole soul out of him, but find out where he hid the load!
"-And the guy was a humorist," the guest suddenly thought.
Unhappy and died while laughing.
After every anecdote he himself told, he began to laugh contagiously.
For the first time in his many years of work, he suddenly felt regret.
"YES .. getting old, getting sentimental,"
-It looks like it's time for me to retire.
He went up to the body of the owner, and touched the carotid artery with two fingers. Finally convinced of death, he carefully looked around the room. Going around everything, he took the cups from the table and put them in the cupboard, after washing them and thoroughly wiping all the places where he could leave prints, he called by phone. -Hello .. how can I help you sir? the operator answered in a pleasant female voice. Help, very strong chest pain, I'm scared. After answering the operator's questions,
while calling himself the name of the owner, and giving the address, he hung up. -It's time to leave, he again looked at the owner of the house. -Yes .. it's time for me to tie up with this profession, it's time to retire, he repeated leaving the house.
He already, on his personal account, has accumulated a rather round amount, and the money that Otto paid him is already quite enough to buy a small house overlooking the sea, somewhere on the Cote d'Azur.
Yes, this mysterious guest was agent Phoenix.
He was an expert of the highest class, dealing with extraordinary issues, and yes, he was a hired killer.
According to official reports, he no longer existed, it was believed that he died in a fire, during the storming of his house, when the police went on his trail.
During the assault on his house, a bullet allegedly hit the gas cylinder while coffee was brewing on the stove. And the burnt body, which was later discovered by the police, in fact, belonged to another person, his gardener, who just stopped by shortly before to receive a salary. Phoenix, during the assault, using a secret door, left, having previously shot at the gas cylinder.
Already getting into the car, which stood at some distance from the house, Phoenix saw a taxi drive up to the house and three people got out of it.
When the taxi left, the three of them looked around carefully and headed for the front door. Phoenix was no longer interested in this, he started the engine.
- What are you poking around there? One of those who approached asked, referring to a friend who was trying to open the door with a master key. -A second, he answered, and silently opened the door.
Entering the apartment, they found the owner in one of the rooms. One glance was enough to understand that he was dead.
-So ..., wow ..., surprise ... it turns out. Flip the whole house. We need to find at least something to help find gold. The senior of the group ordered.
But he was interrupted by the distant sound of an approaching siren. - Looks like the police, chief. It looks like it's time for us to leave here and as soon as possible ..
Already at a decent distance from the house, they saw that a fire engine was driving up to the house, and people in medical coats came out of it. -We'll wait a bit, we need to clarify something. The senior of the group said. After a while, a small group of onlookers formed around the house, they joined her.
Waiting until the stretcher with the body was carried out, one of the group of people asked the doctor - What happened? The doctor replied, “It looks like he died of a heart attack, which, incidentally, is not surprising in his age and given his weight.
In the evening of the same day, a radiogram was sent in which there was a detailed report to the center. The answer was wait.
The next day, they visited this house again, turning everything there from top to bottom and found nothing. Then they visited the morgue and presented themselves as the relatives of the deceased, found out the final diagnosis that led to death. It was a hundred percent heart attack - "from an overabundance of feelings" as the pathologist joked, "- He died strangely enough with a smile," he added. Returning to the safe house, for the rest of the day and evening, they sat studying the map, making many assumptions. -If we assume that this card is not a linden, full bullshit then there must be a key to decrypt it. And he, no, was summed up by the senior of the group, finally giving up this venture.
- By the way, under what pseudonym did we have this late merry fellow? “Looks like he had some Asian name, not Xiong, not Leung. Turning to the elder, asked Kurt (postman). “Looks like Liu, yes, definitely Liu,” replied Gunther, the team leader. - Why are you asking this? - I just thought, when drawing up the report on arrival, we still need to attach this ... drawing, map, he corrected himself. After all, it must be indicated somehow in the document. Well, that means there will be a map, Liu, - he summed up. Do not be surprised that the agent "Comedian" suddenly appears as "Liu". The fact is that in the development of Otto, he was always under the pseudonym "Comedian", but when entering him into this operation, Otto changed his code name deliberately, for that he had special plans. In the evening of the same day, at the next communication session, they reported on the results of the investigation and received an order to return. - What the hell is going on! The Fuhrer was raging again. -One failure after another. -What do you say in your defense Gruppenfuehrer, he turned to Otto. -My Fuehrer. Otto was completely calm, not a muscle in his face quivered. Hitler again caught himself thinking: - It looks like this guy, I'm starting to like him, he was not a sycophant, always collected and reasonable, and besides, not a coward! Otto continued, -In any development of a plan, it is impossible to take into account everything, and it often happens that in a carefully planned operation, "His Majesty -" Chance, unforeseen circumstances "can interfere and disrupt all plans. - But whatever it was, the main task of my department was to ensure the secrecy of the operation for the delivery of cargo and its placement in place, as well as the preparatory part for launching the entire machine of destabilizing the economy. And we coped with this task. - Yes .. with secrecy you seem to have overdone it, my dear Otto. It turns out now that we ourselves do not know where the gold is hidden? - I never thought that I would say so ... - But it seems like for the first time, super secrecy is also sometimes superfluous, and it has two sides of the coin, it turns out we outsmarted ourselves?...The question was rhetorical. -Yes, and also, do you think Otto, there is a risk that the Americans will still get this gold? - I don’t think, my Fuhrer, even if they accidentally stumble upon the storage, they will be in for an unpleasant surprise. The vault is well protected, my Fuhrer, it is mined and the secret to safely entering it is very complex. Worked on the mechanisms, our friend Skarzeny. -Get back your people. The Fuehrer ordered. - Well, we'll wait for their return. Yes, it seems they were talking about some strange card, upon arrival, give it to our encryptors, let them figure it out, Hitler added.
After the return of the group that was supposed to evacuate the cargo. The best specialists were never able to decipher the map, and later it was lost in the archives (but not forever). Otto skillfully took advantage of Hitler's favor and eliminated all unnecessary in this game. Our hero's calculation was correct. He rightly believed that Hitler had already dreamed that soon "-the whole world will be at his feet." And in that case, what does he need a few miserable tons of gold? And indeed, this story was later forgotten by him. He was fully occupied with "His own struggle", unleashing the Second World War.
Later, he will deliver his famous speech.
Hitler's speech at a meeting with the Wehrmacht command on August 22, 1939
"-I brought you together in order to outline the political situation for you, so that you get an idea of ??the individual elements on which my decision to act is based, and thereby strengthen your confidence.
Then we will discuss the military details.
It became clear to me that sooner or later a clash with Poland must take place. I made a decision back in the spring, but thought that first in the coming years I would have to oppose the West, and only then only - against the East. But the sequence of actions defies definition in advance. You cannot turn a blind eye to a threatening situation.
At first, I wanted to establish an acceptable relationship with Poland, so that, first of all, to lead the fight against the West. However, this plan, attractive to me, turned out to be impracticable, since significant circumstances changed "
The most complete story on this site, to be continued in my comments!

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