EAFLS [CHAPTER 2] New Faces of darkness.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
You can find more about me and future plans n stuff in here!

Submitted: October 26, 2019

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Submitted: October 26, 2019






Elanoire and Aswa leave’s her family house since the Christmas is over to go back to school. Aswa and Elanoire arrive at the school and they crash into Isabel.


Isabel scratches her head while sitting on the ground

“Hey… watch it, oh! Aswa and Elanoire! I saw your match Aswa… You were great!”

Isabel winking her eye to Aswa and giving him a flying kiss

Elanoire rounds up her eyes looking at Isabel and put her hands to a fist

“Isabel… you, Aswa… he is my familiar!”

Isabel chuckles her hands in front of her mouth

“Alright Elanoire, sorry”

Isabel leaves diva walking

Elanoire grinds her teeth grabbing her wand and starts to spell quietly a magical spell that slips her

Isabel slips and starts laughing and slowly looking at Elanoire

“Elanoire… I’ll challenge you to a school duel”

Elanoire laughs her eyes closed

“I’ll accept your duel”

Isabel stands up facing Elanoire

“Come to the backyard after lunch”

Isabel leaves with her other bitchy friends and Elanoire laughs to Aswa

“This bitch doesn’t know what’s coming for her”

School bell rings, Elanoire and Aswa heads to their classroom, they sit and wait for the teacher to come.

 Then the teacher comes and it’s a new teacher, so he introduces himself.

“Jopri”, is the name” I’ll only temporarily be here, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t teach you correctly, so… any questions?”

One of the students raises their arm, Jopri acts he didn’t see this

“Yeah your teacher is sick, but let’s get on with this then”

Jopri clears his throat and stretches his arms

“So, I assume you all know “strike” right? So now try to do it your own way, everybody does a simple line, try to do for example like this.”

Jopri makes void strike circle and inside it is a stunning electro ball.

The class is surprised and Jopri raises his arm

“You can try to do it outside after the break”

Elanoire and Aswa goes to the break and just about when they are going to step outside they see Isabel coming towards them and she just winks to Elanoire and slaps her cheek and laughs

Elanoire blows ice to her neck and then snaps her fingers towards Isabel and a small electro bolt shoots out towards her.


“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t see you there Isabel, I only saw only a bitch slapping me with her ugly hand”

Isabel’s neck is red and she just walks away huffing angrily.




Elanoire and Aswa go back to the class, and then heads to the yard to train modified void strike

Everybody fails to modify the spell, so Elanoire tries a different kind of spell, Elanoire puts 2 fingers up and closes her eyes looking down, does the freezing storm, mixed with a spike spell that rips off everything off the ground on small area and makes them to solid sharp spikes and then she looks forward eyes open and says the family magic words.


Acuta acutis et validis terram disrumpam cervicalia omnia, Quem bruma gelu procella parum commoda et uires, Et ex hyacintho guide dominus potestas in eaque mentem ac voluntatem meam


And then the spell grows and goes to the target and it breaks the sound barrier when it strikes to the target

Everybody looks at Elanoire shocked and the teacher slowly walks towards Elanoire while summoning a new hardened target.


“Well done, Elanoire… This! Everybody! Is what I mean by modifying your spells like a true master! But Elanoire, it was powerful but it was too long, you can make it shorter with your family magic, try to shorten it”

Elanoire puts her fingers up again closing her eyes

Bluemaster ut faciam voluntatem et praecepta eius poteris!


Same modified spell comes up stronger than the last one and goes right through the hardened target.


Jopri yells his left arm up

“Alright, this was today’s classes, take the rest of the day off!”

Aswa praises Elanoire

“You were great back there! How did you do that Elanoire?

“I’m not sure… I felt like I got much more power when I focused on it, and I saw my wrist family tattoo glowing, like yours do in some situations”

Aswa and Elanoire head to the school lunch, after lunch Elanoire heads to the backyard to get ready for the

Duel with Isabel, after a while Isabel arrives and Elanoire says

“You’re late, scared?”

Isabel shivers and says with loud voice

“N… No, I’m not scared of a failure like you!”

Elanoire grins and chuckles

“Let us start this duel then”

Isabel goes nervously to her place while Elanoire laughs going to her own spot and Elanoire says

“Well… Aswa! Start the countdown, from 3”

Aswa starts the countdown and shows it with his fingers arm raised up

“3… 2… 1… GO!”


Elanoire swipes her fingers up really quickly watching Isabel and does a void strike to knock Isabel down.

Then Elanoire casts a big electro ball and shoots it towards Isabel stunning her.





Aswa praises Elanoire with both of his hands up in the air looking happy

“Elanoire wins the duel! Way to go Elanoire! You fucking dessttrroyed Isabel!”

Elanoire blushes and whispers to Aswa

“My wrist tattoo was glowing again”

Aswa whispers back to Elanoire

“Oh? Well you did the magic spells pretty quickly for a student, even the teachers cannot do them as quickly”

Elanoire whispers again

“Yeah, it’s pretty weird”

Aswa says to Elanoire looking around him to make sure nobody’s there to hear them

“We need to talk with the principal right now, I need to say something important”

Isabel is being transported to the school medical room because she hasn’t woken up and Elanoire walks with Aswa to the principal’s office for Aswa to explain and say something and maybe asking why and what is this.

Aswa and Elanoire arrive at the principal’s office and Elanoire opens up

“Principal? I uhm have something important to ask.”

Gandalor turns around on his chair and asks

“Yeah, Elanoire? What is it?”

Elanoire walks few steps ahead with Aswa

“When I met Aswa my wrist tattoo has been glowing when I concentrate on doing spells, it drains my power more, but that’s not the point, why is my wrist tattoo glowing, like Aswa’s I’m sure you have noticed that already”


Gandalor puts his hand into a fist and puts the other hand around the fist and puts his head on it.


“Hmm, there have been rumors from the head of military council that the dark spirit has awakened… If that’s true it has high possible chance that you, Elanoire is the Light Master of the Lightened Spirits, and Aswa, the Light Commander of the Lightened Spirits.”

Elanoire gasps Gandalor continues his sentence

“You must not speak of this to anybody, and try to limit your dueling, so you get no suspicions on your neck, I’ll inform about this to the queen’s daughter immediately”

Elanoire and Aswa head out from the principal’s office and they meet Isabel outside with her 2 friends.

They are sisters, called “Jensaki and Jansuki Ki Es Pirotska”

Isabel goes towards Elanoire huffing angrily and looking very arrogant`

“Elanoire! You cheated somehow and I will revenge you!”

Elanoire looks at Isabel over her shoulder

“Oh, your back form the infirmary, and also I think you’ll never EVER will beat me with your ugly hands”

Isabel starts huffing and mumbling loudly while her friends are dragging Isabel away while Elanoire was taking her wand out.

“I will get you for humiliating me! Loser! You will always be a lose…”

Isabel shouting to Elanoire while being dragged away by her friends.





But Elanoire suddenly shot electro ball to Isabel and it knocked her out.

Elanoire and Aswa walks out to think this thing they just encountered through and Elanoire sees a boy she’s never seen before coming in to the school with guards next to him.


The nameless boy shouts Elanoire

“Hi there, beautiful lady!”

Elanoire blushes her mouth hanging open and Aswa says

“Elanoire… just first of all of the things, I’m not going to compete for love, love is something you earn, not something you win. It’s your own choice to love who you want, but this doesn’t mean I would just give you away to this pretty boy”

Elanoire looks at Aswa and says

“Don’t worry Aswa, I don’t even know him”

Nameless guy goes to Elanoire and bows in front of her and kisses her hand

“My name is Jefirson Ke Ju Henherinka, Prince of the Norsaki what’s your beautiful name sweet lady?”

Elanoire blushes and puts her other hand in front of her mouth and giggles

“M… my name is Elanoire De La Hyachist”

Aswa stands next to Elanoire emotionless his hands together and Jefirson stands up and faces Aswa

“So… what’s your name? Are you Elanoire’s lover or something?”

Elanoire blushes and says raising her voice

“N… no! He’s just my familiar! His name is Aswa Morina”

Aswa looks at Elanoire

“Wow… really Elanoire?”


 Jefirson takes Elanoire’s hand and they head to the school lunch together without Aswa, Aswa stays standing still waving his hands a little bit and says quietly.


“The fuck? Guess I’ll go eat with Jannise to eat then, what were supposed to be a surprise for Elanoire, oh well”

Aswa begins to walk to the restaurant but then Elanoire looks back and shouts to Aswa

“Where do you think you’re going? Come here!”

Aswa looks back and sighs

“B… shit…”


Aswa, Elanoire and Jefirson around a table waiting for their food to come, Jefirson can feel the anger Aswa is giving to Jefirson and he says to Aswa.

“Come with me for a second Aswa”

They walk outside and Jefirson says with intimidating voice to Aswa

“Elanoire is mine, don’t you try to stop me”

Aswa says with angry voice and closes in Jefirson’s face

“You better fuck off from my and Elanoire’s relationship or you’re going to regret you were born”

Jefirson laughs a bit and takes a breath

“GUARDS! HELP! THIS MAN IS TRYING TO HURT ME! hehehee… good luck Aswa…”

Elanoire runs to the door and looks at Aswa being dragged out while Jefirson walks to Elanoire and says

“Let’s go inside, your familiar just got a little aggressive”

Elanoire and Jefirson walk inside to the table and they get their food, but Elanoire looks unsure about

What just happened and Jefirson says with a smile on his face

“Elanoire, there’s nothing to fear, let’s eat, shall we?”

Elanoire says

“Y… yeah… but what happened out there?”

Jefirson take a sip of this drink

“Your so called familiar tried to attack me, so I stopped him and called the guards, but hey! Should we go

Dancing together? I see a dance floor over there.

“Uhm… I… I don’t know…”

Said Elanoire blushing and taking a small sip of her drink

Jefirson takes Elanoire’s hand and they go over the dance floor and Jefirson says to the musician winking his


“Play something slow and nice”

The musician says

“I gotcha

Jefirson takes Elanoire’s hand and pulls Elanoire close to himself and they start dancing slow Jefirson

Grabbing Elanoire’s breast. Elanoire makes a squeak sound and closes her eyes going with the dance

“S…stop Jefirson… Don’t touch me like that”


Aswa has been thrown out from the school lunch but he’s been allowed to go back in by the guards when

He told them that he’ll be nice.

Aswa looks in from a window seeing the 2 dancing slowly Jefirson grabbing her breasts, Aswa gives

Couple tears and quick walks to the front door and slams it open.

“Elanoire, was this your plan all along? I see… Well, good for you!”


Aswa starts walking away from the school lunch angrily Elanoire coming after Elanoire

“Aswa! It was not how it looked like! I was forced!”

Aswa looks back at Elanoire eyes wet

“Yeah… sure! I saw your eyes closed and you were hanging into him tightly while you were dancing with

Him ,I’m not stupid nor blind“

Elanoire bursts into tears and hangs to Aswa’s shoulder

“I did not! I…”

Aswa pushes Elanoire away from himself

“I’ve seen this before, I know exactly what you’re trying to do, and I really trusted you, Elanoire, goodbye, hope you’ll be happy with your new lover”


Aswa starts walking away with an emotionless face, but inside he is crying his soul out.

Elanoire bursts in tears and falls on her knees, Jefirson comes over to Elanoire with an evil smile and says

“Don’t worry about him, you have me”

Isabel goes over to Aswa and says

“I don’t know why am I doing this but, I think Elanoire was right, she was forced.”

Aswa turns over to Isabel

“How do you know?”

Isabel grabs Aswa

“I saw the whole thing, Jefirson took Elanoire by force from you, are you going to let go this easily?”

“Uh… He’s the prince, I’m a plebuskian”

Isabel says

“I don’t like to see broken hearths because of pretty boys, go get Elanoire back from that pretty boy”

Aswa says

“Yeah I’m not going to give up to some pretty boy!”

Aswa walks over to Jefirson angrily and punches him and gets over him and Aswa’s tattoo’s get glowing again, by the strong mind and sisu he has in him, it grows when it’s about love, the strongest one of them all! Aswa’s eyes start glowing.

“You will say sorry to Elanoire right away, or I will cut your throat right this second!”

Elanoire stops Aswa and helps Jefirson up

“I love Jefirson!”

Aswa looks at Elanoire

“Are you serious?”

Elanoire says


Aswa starts crying

“You see this Elanoire? This thing attached to me that keeps us bonded together?”

Aswa rips off a mark from his forehead and slaps it to the ground making Elanoire feel weak of a Familiar loss.

Elanoire says

“What did you just do!?”

Aswa’s emotionless face is full of tears.

“I’m not you’re familiar anymore, you’ll never see me again”

Isabel runs over to Aswa and asks

“What’s happening here?! Elanoire! How could you do this!?”

Elanoire says

“Isabel, this is not your business”

Aswa walks once again hearth broken away from the school and heads over to Gither’s restaurant and asks

“Can I get a job here?”

Gither says while rubbing a mug

“Sure, clean the dishes, but uhm, what happened? Elanoire’s kicked you out?”

“No, I broke the seal that bonded us, she hurts me too much, there’s this new student from Norsaki, he’s a prince and he took Elanoire away from me and Elanoire loves him, almost instantly fell for him”

Gither says putting a cleaned mug down

“So you just gave up?”

Aswa says with a downed voice

“No, I did not, Elanoire said she loves him, and she looked happy with him so I just left them be”

Meanwhile at the school lunch

Isabel’s arguing with Elanoire what’s suddenly wrong with her then Elanoire says

“Isabel, I need to talk to you for a moment. This prince is actually my old childhood friend, Aswa’s been watching other women’s chest so I had to revenge him, but I guess I went too overboard since Aswa b… broke our bond…”


Isabel can’t believe what Elanoire just said and she says with confused voice

“Aswa said he’ll be going to the restaurant for work until he figures out how to get back to his own world, you were his only reason to be here! If I were you I would hurry!”

Elanoire says to Jefirson that they need quickly to go to Gither’s restaurant

Elanoire and Jefirson arrive at the restaurant for Aswa and they see him down and crying over the sink washing some dishes.



Elanoire shouted


Aswa turns around and looks who shouted

“Elanoire, came here to make me feel even worse? Don’t worry, you won’t see me here very long, I made a deal with the highest ranked professor to summon me back to my own world… I don’t have a purpose here anymore”

Elanoire blushes and talks with her hands over to Aswa same time

“It was all a play, Aswa, I know you have been looking other women’s breasts… so I had to revenge you, but I went a bit overboard… I’m sorry Aswa… I… lov.. love you”

“R… Really Elanoire?”

“Really, I’m really sorry let me make it up to you this night on our room, if you uhm… want that is!”

Said Elanoire smiling and blushing to Aswa while walking slowly towards him and grabbing his arm

“Will you forget me?”

Aswa swallows loudly

“I… uhm I’m not sure, you really hurt me bad”

Elanoire says

“C’mon… I said I was sorry, and I admit I went a bit overboard”

Aswa says

“Well, guess I can try it out again”

Elanoire casts a spell to her lips

“You know Aswa, what to do”


Said Elanoire smiling and leaning towards Aswa’s lips, Aswa looks around and Gither nods with Jannise and Isabel.


Aswa kisses Elanoire and he’s been bound with Elanoire again.

“And that’s our second kiss, Aswa”

Said Elanoire hanging to Aswa’s chest and she looks up to Aswa’s face and smiles

Then a random guy with sunglasses comes in his left arm shadowy, not physical, almost like its magical hand. And Elanoire gets away from Aswa quickly

“Eyyy, what’s up!”

Everybody looks at this nameless man strangely

“Uuuh, was this not open? Oh well, came here to use the WC anyways and maybe get a drink but I really need to use the WC, alright buds?”

The nameless man starts walking happily and funny looking

“Btw, my name is Kylier Gormen”

Kylier opens the bathroom door and after a while comes out, asking for a drink. Gither asks this man

“What kind of drink?”

Kylier answers

“Hmmmm, give me something YOU like”

Gither looks this man strangely

“Uuuh, alright, 1 vodka with strawberry juice coming up!”

Kylier says to Aswa and Elanoire

“So… Are you like, a couple?

Elanoire blushes

“W… we are not!”

Aswa says

“She doesn’t want to admit it, but she likes me and I like her”

“uuuh… a tsundere, huh?”

Aswa says scratching his head

“Yeeah, but what’s with your left hand?”

Kylier answers

“Oh, you noticed, my arm was just cut off and I casted a shadow arm to replace it, nothing much”

Kylier snaps his fingers and shadows come up

“Get that door open, and also Aswa? Want to see my place with your girlfriend?”

Elanoire makes a grr sound inside her mouth

“We are not a couple!”

Kylier says

“Yeah yeah, if you want to come, come with me now”

Aswa says

“Nnooo, I don’t think so, sorry mate”

Kylier says while closing the door and laughing

“Alright mate, I understand, I’m just a stranger after all”

Aswa grabs Elanoire’s shoulders, looking straight to her eyes and blushing

“I have an idea, Elanoire let’s go to a camping trip on Friday, shall we? I can make everything ready, and just the two of us”

Elanoire looks away and says

“W… well if you insist”

Aswa grabs her head with his other hand and moves her head upwards and straight

“Do you want to come, or not? I won’t do it if you don’t”

Elanoire blushes and says quietly

“Y… yes”

Aswa says


Elanoire says louder


Aswa smiles and hugs Elanoire

“There we go”


Aswa and Elanoire heads out of the restaurant leaving Gither and Jannise smiling to Elanoire when she winked to them, when they’re outside Aswa and Elanoire head to the school, finding the princess on the yard waiting with her guards and 1 scientist.



Elanoire points at the princess

“Look! The Princess has arrived, and did you know we have been childhood friends?”

Aswa looks at Elanoire

“What? Really? That’s cool”

Elanoire faces upwards her eyes closed and her arms on her waist

“Yeah, I know”

Elanoire and Aswa heads to the princess and Elanoire runs to the princess

“Hello Amena!”

Amena sees Elanoire and looks surprised and smiles

“Hello Elanoire! Long time no see! But I’m here to investigate your familiar’s power, it has come to our attention that your familiar is very strong, and the kind itself is thinking of giving your familiar the commando rank in our kingdom, to do missions, for example spying and terrorizing enemies, if we can make him to control his powers and else”

Elanoire grabs Aswa and says with a little bit threatening voice

“No, if he goes somewhere, I’ll go with him!”

Amena answers calmly

“I can take your message to my father, but for now I have to research his power, this will take this whole week.”

Aswa says with sad and bit angry voice

“What!? No, I have plans with Elanoire!”

Amena says

“Oh, well we can research you this day and continue next week Thursday, does that sound ok?”

Aswa says

“Yeah! Sounds great, but what now?”

Amena answers

“We go to my ship, I have all my equipment there, let’s hurry!”

Aswa says to Elanoire with a big smile

“I’ll make sure our plan happens, and just the two of us, alone ok? I have a surprise for you”

Elanoire blushes and says

“O… ok!”

Isabel says to Elanoire

“Well well, would you look at that, Elanoire’s blushing”

Elanoire says “S… shut up!

Isabel laughs with her friends and they next head to the classroom.

At Aswa

Amena and Aswa heads under a giant tortoise with some big cannons, they go in and Aswa sees a laboratory with people working on something.

Amena says

“Secret, don’t ask what they are doing, come here”

Aswa stays quiet and follows Amena to a room where is all kinds of machines, that works with magic

Amena points to a big chair while searching tools form cabinet

“Go sit there”

Amena takes a hammer and says

“Now, let’s try simple test, will your power activate when you feel pain”

Aswa reacts what Amena said and says
“Wait wh…”

Amena hits Aswa and he says

“Was that necessary? Ow”

Amena puts the hammer away and turns Aswa’s chair

“Yes, it was and now we test fear, what do you fear the most?”

Aswa rubs his head

“I think its betrayal or uhm when you love someone for example a girlfriend and she cheats on you, I fear that, betrayal”

Amena says her fingers on her chin

“Hmm… so you fear the feeling of betrayal and loss, got it that actually makes kind of sense, so there is no actually a way to manually activate your power, your power comes straight form your soul, your so called “sisu” when you hear something someone betrayed you, you love for example Elanoire, your soul power activates and gives the power to you, causing your arms to create tattoos and activating the inner bad side/good side ying yang, and depending how bad the situation is, if its super bad your soul will be corrupted by the dark side of you momentarily until you see or feel something you admire the most, if it gets worse on that situation you might lose your whole soul to the dark side, making you one of the most dangerous enemies out there.”

Aswa rubs his head and stands up

“Ssooo, this was it? No more tests?”

Amena says her hands on her waist and opening the door

“Yeah, this was quick, quicker than I expected, now you can go do your thing with Elanoire what you had planned, have fun!”

It’s already late and Elanoire is waiting Aswa on their room and she asks

“How did it go?”

Aswa sits down on his bed wearing off his pants

“Amena says my power activates by my soul”

Elanoire says

“Wow, the most powerful source of power, same as mine”

Aswa says
“Well I’ll prepare everything tomorrow for our Friday camping trip, tomorrow is Thursday, right?”

Elanoire says

“Yeah, today is Wednesday so tomorrow is Thursday”


Aswa turns off the lights and heads to sleep, after a while Elanoire wakes up to a nightmare but Aswa doesn’t wake up to this heavy breathing, Elanoire gets up and she blushes when she sees Aswa lying peacefully on his bed, Elanoire moves Aswa’s blanket and gets under the blanket with Aswa and thinking on her head

“T… this is alright… he’s my familiar and he’s protecting me from my n… nightmare”


Elanoire falls asleep quickly, the morning comes and Aswa wakes up while Elanoire is still sleeping under his blanket, Aswa doesn’t feel Elanoire and he sees she’s not on her bed, Elanoire wakes up and doesn’t realize she’s under Aswa’s blanket and she stretches herself and Aswa takes the blanket away and he sees Elanoire stretching herself half naked and Elanoire quickly jumps up blushing running to her own bed

“I… I… you saw n… nothing”

Aswa swallows loudly as his hearth is beating harder.

“I… uhm… nothing”

Aswa said blushing and looking awkward and faces the wall

Elanoire sees this and she starts to feel a bit bad and gets off her bed blushing still without bra on

“Hey, Aswa… I told you could uhm… touch, so you can touch them now… if you’d like to”

Aswa blushes and looks at Elanoire while she’s blushing

“D… Don’t stare at them”

Aswa is about to touch them and then the door slams open and Elanoire quailed so she lost her balance and fell over Aswa without her shirt on.


“Oh… I see I interrupted something, well anyways the Princess Amena is eating with us so we have to look nice and make her feel entertained”

Roselina, a teacher said with the student council

Elanoire blushes while she’s grabbing Aswa tighter as she shouts

“G… go away!”

The teacher with her student council goes away closing the door slowly and Elanoire slams the door hard with her magic and she runs back to her bed blushing with a shirt on her hands and she says

“Aswa… nothing just happened… right?”

Aswa is still blushing as he gets back up

“But uhm didn’t ju…”

Elanoire gets up form get bed pointing her fingers with electric sparking coming out

“Nothing. Happened. Right?”

Aswa swallows loudly and says

“Y… yeah nothing happened Elanoire, don’t hurt me I’ll pack our things for our trip”

Elanoire says with embarrassed voice and shivering with a blanket over her shirt

“Y… yeah, sure”

Aswa asks Elanoire

“What’s wrong Elanoire?”

“It’s just that when I’m trying to get close to you somebody interrupts”

“Well, That is true, but we will get our chance when we are on our trip, tomorrow is day off and after that is the weekend, so we’ll have plenty of time, and if it’s alright we can leave immediately this days school ends for you. deal?”

Aswa said with a smile on his face while packing his stuff

Elanoire blushes and says waving her body around a little bit

“Y… yeah, it’ll be great”


Elanoire heads out of the room and Aswa continues packing important stuff they’ll need on the trip to the forest he heard from Gither, it is a beautiful place by Gither’s words

Aswa heads out to get some canned food for some easy food and some supplies to make fire and a tent, then he head for the chandelier to buy some romantic candles, Aswa has everything planned out.

Aswa heads out of the chandelier shop and heads out from the town to school with the stuff he bought, when Aswa arrives at their room he sees Elanoire’s clothes on the floor all around




Aswa thinks

“What a mess, but anyways I think she’s taking a shower”

Aswa starts packing some stuff to the bags, it’s been a while and he still haven’t seen Elanoire, Aswa

decides to go check on her, if everything’s alright, he arrives at the shower room and knocks couple times

“Elanoire! You there?”

Aswa hears nothing so he opens the shower room door carefully saying

“I’m coming in Elanoire!”

When Aswa has opened the door fully open he sees Elanoire lying on the ground with some dark veins on her neck and a towel on

Aswa rushes to Elanoire and says with a panicked voice

“Are you ok? Elanoire?”

Elanoire mumbles

“Y… yeah, I’m ok, I think I slipped…”

Elanoire blushes and pushes Aswa away

“P… pervert!”

“I… I was just trying to help! I saw you lying on the ground… I was worried about… you”

Said Aswa with a little blush

Elanoire looks away and blushes

“Y… Yeah, I’m sorry… I… uh”

Aswa smiles while he gets up himself

“C’mon, get up, it’s alright”

“Y… yeah”

Elanoire and Aswa heads to their room

Elanoire puts some clothes on and Aswa thinks and then asks

“Should we leave now or tomorrow morning? It’s evening now”

Elanoire says while rubbing her neck

“I think we should leave tomorrow morning, no point going now”

Aswa and Elanoire heads to sleep and they start heading to the location Aswa chose

When they arrive at the place Elanoire asks

“How did you know this place was here?”

“Gither told me”

“Oh, Yeah… obviously”

Aswa points to a direction

“Should we set up there? Looks nice and there’s a calm, small water stream too”

“Yeah, looks beautiful!”

Aswa gets the stuff from the bags and says

“I can set up the tents, you go wait on that rock over there, I have a surprise for you”


When Aswa is done with setting up everything, he takes the sweets and a wooden hearth he crafted himself, Aswa walks up the stream to the rock Elanoire waving to Aswa saying

“Hey! Come look at this!”

Aswa arrives at the rock with the stuff hidden inside his shirt

Elanoire points to the ground on a butterfly

“That’s a rare blue butterfly, my family has tons of those on our farms, since they water the plants automatically whenever they touch it, it’s their own unique natural magic”

Aswa says
“Cool, and it’s beautiful too, but want to know who’s beautiful too?”

Elanoire blushes

“Y… y”

Aswa interrupts blushing

“You, Elanoire, I… Uhm I’ll give you these, I made the hearth myself to represent m… my love… for you, I love you Elanoire! Let’s get engaged!”

Elanoire swallows loudly and blushes

“Uh… I… um… Yes”

Aswa looks at Elanoire feeling very embarrassed

“R… really?”

Elanoire squats with Aswa when he’s on his knees and grabs his face gently


And Elanoire kisses Aswa

“I love you too, Aswa”

Aswa gives couple of happy tears

Elanoire asks

“Are you alright? Are you crying?”

“N… no It’s just… back in my old world, I couldn’t find real love, it’s like I was meant to be with you, and not the way that we are the light masters and commanders but together, lovers”

Elanoire hugs Aswa and kisses his more deeply smiling

“I love you, I really do!”

Aswa says with a smile and closes his eyes

“I love you too”

Elanoire stops kissing and says blushing

“Should we… uhm… continue this on the tents?”

Aswa blushes and starts panicking

“But… wh… um…”

“C’mon, come with me”


Said Aswa smiling while standing up with Elanoire

When they get to the tent, Elanoire starts taking her clothes off

“They’re not big, so it’s your fault”

Aswa says

“They are perfect, because they are yours”

Elanoire blushes and takes her shirt fully off

Aswa blushes and begins to take off his shirt too

“Don’t be disgusted, I don’t have the perfect body”

Elanoire says

“It’s fine, and perfect as long it’s yours”





And Elanoire gets down to Aswa kissing him, she takes the lead even though it’s her first time doing it but Aswa guides her a little bit, what he has seen from porn videos he’s seen back in his own world.

When they are done with both of their first time (The girl in this story is 16, so don’t even try)


Aswa and Elanoire gets off the tent to eat, they talk what they should do tomorrow, since it’s evening I already.

“What should we do tomorrow?”

Aswa said nervously looking down on his feet

“I don’t know… I know this may sound childish, but I think we should build a hut or something here, out of anything the mother nature gives us”

“Yeah! I think that’d be a good idea too”

Aswa and Elanoire eat a bit and they head to the tents, they lay down, Elanoire looks at Aswa blushing while Aswa’s eyes ate closed, Aswa is trying to sleep.

Elanoire gets closer to Aswa, hugs him gently, and closes her eyes, Aswa opens his eyes and asks

“What are you doing?”

“Uh… N… nothing! J… just sleeping with you”

“Um… could you loosen up a bit tho?”




Aswa is trying to get a bit more comfortable but can’t as Elanoire’s arms are tightly around Aswa

but after a while both of them they fall asleep. When Elanoire wakes up she sees that Aswa isn’t on the tent so she wears some clothes on. She heads out and sees Aswa fishing on a lake with some fish next to him.

Elanoire walks towards Aswa

“Morning, Aswa”

Said Elanoire leaning down and hugging him with her small chest pressing against Aswa

“Oh, morning Elanoire”

Said Aswa blushing but also looking a bit down

“Are you still thinking about wanting to go home? Or why are you looking a bit down?”

“Yeah, I am… my family and my dog is there, wondering where am I”

“Well, I cannot relate to you in any way but I’m sure it hurts”

Aswa gives couple tears and puts his fishing rod aside and hugs Elanoire and cries over her shoulder quietly

“ok… ok… It’s alright, I’m here to love you”

Said Elanoire smiling and tapping Aswa’s back

“Th… thank you, Elanoire”

“I’ll be there for you, always”

Elanoire turns Aswa over facing her and leans towards and kisses him.

Aswa is surprised and blushes even more as Elanoire us kissing him deeply. Elanoire stops kissing and says

“Let’s coop up this fish, shall we?”

Said Elanoire giggling a bit with a blush on her face


Elanoire and Aswa heads at their tent and sets up a campfire, Aswa grabs some salt and pepper, Elanoire cooks the fish and Aswa seasons them.


They eat the fish and Elanoire says

“Should we build up the hut?”

“Yeah! But should we take a small nap first?”


Said Elanoire grinning


Said Aswa looking at Elanoire

“Nothing, but we will sleep together, right?”

“Of course”

Elanoire and Aswa take a nap and when they wake up they go to the forest to build a hut


“Alright, this hut looks awesome! Should we sleep at it this night? What do you think Elanoire?”

“Yeah! That’d be awesome!”

“Let me just go get our stuff we need for the night”

Said Aswa walking to their tent

When Aswa got their sleeping gear, some food and got back to their hut, Aswa sees Elanoire lighting candles on a small table she made

“Oh, you’re back already, I… uhm, thought we might have a… um… r… romantic dinner… with you”

Said Elanoire looking embarrassed and blushing while her hands are together in front of her shaking slightly

“Oh, yeah… sure! Want some stakes? I can cook them and season them”

“Oh, no no no no! I’ll be making the food, you just sit there comfortably, ok?”

Said Elanoire while she’s grabbing the food and seasoning with her on the outside

Aswa gets a comfortable position and he hears something crackling outside the hut but he thinks it’s Elanoire just being there. But after few minutes he hears it again and he says

“Elanoire? You back there?”

Aswa doesn’t hear anything, so Aswa gets up to go check on Elanoire if everything’s alright still. When Aswa gets to Elanoire he asks her

“Have you heard anything strange here? I just heard some crackling of sticks breaking”

“Oh, It’s probably just some birds or something”

“No, I don’t think birds can breathe that loud I can hear it”

“Well, maybe It was just a another camper, I bet beautiful as these woods, are pretty popular”

“Yeah, I think you’re right! Can I help with anything?”

“Yeah! I’m about done with the steaks, I’ll just season them and lets go to eat”


Aswa grabs his steak and Elanoire grabs her own and they sit around the table when Elanoire starts to blush and looks at her feet while holding a small box

“Uhm, Aswa?”

Aswa is chewing on the steak he just took


“Uhm… How can I do this… I’m ready to engage you when you proposed to me”

Said Elanoire blushing

Elanoire gets up and goes down her knees holding a ring box

“Uh, y… you serious?”

Said Aswa his eyes getting wet

“Yes, Aswa, I love you”

Said Elanoire with a big smile on her face

Aswa gets up and hugs Elanoire as hard as he can without Aswa thinking how hard he’s hugging

“Uhhh, A…”

Said Elanoire smiling but stopped talking when she saw Aswa is crying happily.

After a while Aswa says

“Uh, S…Sorry, I, uh”

“It’s ok, I understand”

Aswa smiles and wipes his eyes

“Let’s eat now, shall we?”


 Aswa sits down with Elanoire on the other side, they start to eat while they hear the crackling again coming from outside, this time it was faster and much more crackling, like somebody was running

Aswa stops eating and jumps up.

“Did you hear that Elanoire?”

“Yeah, I did. Let me put a protective barrier on us when we go to sleep but let’s go check what’s going on”


Aswa and Elanoire head out and they see nothing, so they head back in and Elanoire casts strong small blue protective ball like barrier around them.

“Let’s finish up eating and go to cuddl… sleeping”

Said Elanoire blushing


When Elanoire and Aswa is done with eating they go to sleep, Elanoire gets closer to Aswa like last night, hugging him and kissing him.

“I love you”

“I love you too, Elanoire”


Then they both fall asleep, but Aswa doesn’t see Elanoire when he wakes up, so he gets up quickly and sees Elanoire on the outside creating a campfire to cook breakfast

“Oh, morning Aswa”

Said Elanoire smiling while firing wood


Said Aswa looking sleepy

“Come sit next to me, let’s make breakfast, We’ll be leaving today, right? School will be starting tomorrow”


Aswa heads next to Elanoire and they cook up the breakfast

Elanoire says to Aswa

“I’ll go pack our stuff, you can just sit there or something”

Aswa says

“Alright, I’ll eat this”

When Aswa is done with his breakfast he gets up as he sees a strange abandoned looking and a small house. He heads towards it and looks through the window

“I can’t see anything, but what is this?”

Aswa tries to open the door but it won’t budge, so he breaks it open, Elanoire heard this.

“What was that sound?”

Aswa goes in and sees cauldron and strange flowers, ingredients and some strange books, so he goes back to Elanoire and says

“I found a strange small house nearby, want to come see?”

“A house? What?”

“Yeah, an abandoned, I believe”

 Aswa and Elanoire head to the house Aswa found. Elanoire and Aswa walks in to the house

“This place looks really creepy”

Elanoire said when door suddenly shut down

“What was that? I thought I broke the door down”

Said Aswa a little bit startled

“Well, well well… the light master itself, grand master of mizimu yowala, and her boyfriend”

“H… he’s not my boyfriend!”

Said Elanoire angrily and confused

“Oh, C’mon I have seen you together all the time, it’s obvious”

“Elanoire blasts a blue strong flame ball straight at the witch, the witch blocks it and counter fires it at Aswa, knocking him out.

“What, you, just did!?”

Said Elanoire with even more angry voice


“Mtsinje wa matsenga, chifuniro changa cha malingaliro ngati lamulo lako! wodala ndi mphamvu ya bluemaster.”

Elanoire was mumbling quietly


“You know, you won’t be able to hurt me”

Said the witch

Elanoire shoots a blue magic arrow blessed with her family magic

The magic arrow summons in front of Elanoire and it moves exactly like Elanoire wants it to, piercing through the witch. Elanoire de summons the arrow and says

“Oh, really?”

The witch then raises her hand and spells quickly a magic spell on Elanoire, stunning her, and the witch says

“Yes, really”

Aswa gets up and draws his dagger, it starts glowing immediately

“What!? You have the kurdyl already?!”

The witch said while teleporting away and Elanoire gets up and asks

“Did we win?”

Elanoire said

“Yeah, kind of, I think”

Aswa said

Then Elanoire and Aswa gets to their hut, grabs their tent, and starts heading out of the forest, back to the school.






















© Copyright 2020 Aswa Morina. All rights reserved.

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