Soul Bringer: a Grayson Montgomery novel

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Grayson Montgomery, billionaire bachelor and international media celebrity was the product of an extremely privileged upbringing, with multiple generations of his family making their fortune in the rare gem business. As a medium, not only could he speak with the dead, but as the name of his syndicated television show suggested, he was also a "Soul Bringer," a person who attracted spirits that were trapped between realms, offering them passage over to the spiritual world.

The "curse," as he often put it, started to show its dark potential when Grayson first met Felix, an evil spirit, when he was a child. Flash-forward to present day and now an adult, Grayson finds himself once again face-to-face with Felix in a classic battle between good and evil.

Would Grayson be able to stop Felix and other dark forces from finding passage back to the realm of the living? His failure could result in an unstoppable wave of darkness that would shroud and suffocate all hope, all good and all life in existence.

"Soul Bringer: a Grayson Montgomery novel" is the debut story in a series of tales that follow the adventures Grayson Montgomery, Andreanna Fallbrook, and their friends.

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You really can't put a price on the so-called gift to speak with the dead. It is just one of those things that, if you happen to be a... Read Chapter

Grayson and Andreanna

High atop the sundeck of his Ocean Alexander Megayacht anchored just off the coast of Key West, Grayson smiled as Andreanna walked barefo... Read Chapter

Vander Nash

Vander Nash was a dark and complicated man, the product of far too many foster homes and countless trips through desperately mismanaged o... Read Chapter

Soul Bringer

It was another capacity crowd of two hundred and fifty in Studio 2A at Montgomery Productions, home of the highly-rated, American syndica... Read Chapter

Gods and Monsters

Vince Carmichael, the famous weekly primetime entertainment news magazine reporter and award-winning feature correspondent for one of the... Read Chapter

Untraversable Thresholds

The cameras were turned off and long put away. The lights were folded up and stowed back on the trucks. They struck the set, most of the ... Read Chapter

Abraham McCray

With the warm, Louisiana September air whipping through his hair and the ferocious roar of the finely-tuned, quad-turbocharged engine rum... Read Chapter

A Plan is Hatched

Robert and James McDougal, better known as Bobby and Jimmy in Vander's crew, were brothers, three years apart, from a small town in Flori... Read Chapter

Dr. Wheeling

Andreanna routinely kept monthly, and sometimes weekly, appointments with her therapist for nearly ten years - almost as long as she had ... Read Chapter

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Robert Helliger

An enjoyable, dramatic book with great characters.

Sun, October 27th, 2019 5:28am

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