Chapter 56: Travel, Part III

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Lance turned the garment over in his hand, feeling the incredibly soft texture with his thumb. He found the bottom of the robe and pulled it over himself, his attention going to the golden rope at his waist. 
"Do we tie these or—"
The two strands of the rope moved on their own, forming a slipknot hanging at the side of Lance's leg. He looked wide eyed at Zidane, who only shrugged and finished tying his own.
"The knot changes every now and then. The last time I was here it was a noose."
Lance kept himself from asking why the noose, and watched as Zidane quickly checked different parts of his robe—the start of the back of his neck, elbows, wrists, before suddenly noticing something on his hands. The crossbreed grinned a little, quickly removing the fingerless gloves hiding his Razalek marking.
"Almost forgot about these."
He pulled one arm in, seeming to pocket them from underneath the robe before speaking, his arm returning to the sleeve.
"So in order for you to blend in, I'll have to create a little modification. You'll need a tail."
"What—" A quick pressure set against Lance's tailbone and when he spun around, he caught the glimpse of a white-tan tail spinning with him. He reached behind himself, bringing the tail into view. He saw Zidane smile a little.
"Just thought I'd give you a fair warning."
"Mine's not the same as yours." He doubled checked, seeing how Zidane's was long enough to curl and avoid brushing against the ground. There also wasn't a narrow, elliptical spot pattern, either. 
"Yeah, mine doesn't have any markings. Those went on my arms, instead. Deformations. Yours is average size, so don't worry about the length."
Lance raised his eyebrows, an obvious joke on his mind as he let go of the tail, briefly feeling the slightest tug as the limb returned behind him. 
"We should get moving," Zidane said. "The town isn't very far from here." 

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