Chapter 80: Moving Along, Part II

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"So, what happened?" he asked quietly, as if he already knew the answer himself. Maybe it was the fact that Zidane's disheveled hair exposed his ears. Maybe it was the color of his eyes that gave him away.

Zidane shifted his weight, staring down at his covered feet as Yittek replied, hands holding one another in front of himself.

"It seems we were unsuccessful."

"You..." Lance swallowed. "You didn't get it?"

"No," Zidane answered. "He knew we were coming."

"Fuck!" Lance yelled. He stepped forward, and for a moment, Zidane thought he might bash the guitar. "God dammit!"

It was then, seeing him, that Zidane realized why Lance was playing. Why he chose now, instead of all the other seconds before.

He was practicing for when he went home.

Tears nearly stung Zidane's eyes. He looked down, blinking them back, and once again realized this was all his fault.

I couldn't stop it in time...

"This isn't your fault," Yittek said, speaking into his mind. "This is only a minor setback, not the final result."

Wise words. Words along the lines of Zooka's wisdom. But the thought of her just sent lead into Zidane's gut.

"So, what now?" Lance was asking. He lifted up his guitar, moving the strap above and around himself as well. "What's the next step?"

The reply was automatic by now.

"We keep searching," Zidane replied, looking up to meet his eyes. "Yowlitch has some kind of serum, something that can deactivate Spiros."

Lance instantly grinned.

"We're stealing it," he said, putting his guitar back on to strum a heavy chord. "Dude, tell me we're stealing that motherfucker."

"Yeah," Zidane said in a laugh. "We're stealing it."

"Sweet!" A quick, fast solo was flashed out.

Just keep playing, Lance. You''ll be able to go home. But even then, Zidane's stomach nearly died.

Zidane forced a smile, spinning on his heel and walking out into the hallway again. Yittek didn't follow him, and hearing a familiar arpeggio, Zidane was thankful for the solitude.

"I do hope you're headed towards the kitchen," Yittek said.

Towards the Equilix, actually, Zidane replied, but thanks for the tip.

"Nourish yourself. You're of no use depleted of food."

I think I'm fine. The thought was almost loud enough for the Razalek to hear. Zidane kept it to himself, remembering Zooka. She would want him to have something to eat—heck, his clone had probably eaten more than he had. And he needed the energy to keep it running.

Alright, he responded finally.

With a few kind words, Yittek lessened the connection, and Zidane felt the pressure drop away. He took his time walking the hall, thoughts mulling over the question of restoring Lance's body and life, Zidane's own goals as well.

With this serum... We have a shot...

He couldn't help but feel a spark of hope.

He reached the end of the hall, a wide kitchen space with a long island and an equally long table in front of it. He passed through the doorway's barrier, feeling it shake and ripple at his entrance. Immediately, just being around all of the food presented, he thought of Zooka. Wondering what meals he'd missed, what wonderful creations she'd concocted while he was gone.

He felt homesick, taking those first steps into the kitchen. Taking the long way around, rounding the island and walking parallel to it. Going to the human refrigerator instead of the Razalek and Spiro dishes in the transparent cupboards.

He could teleport, connect with the clone right now and gorge himself on something fantastic. But it wouldn't nourish his real body, and this was the thought that stayed with him as he tugged open the refrigerator door.


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