Aspiring musician Lance awakes one night to hear a voice. Someone warning him of danger to come. Someone telling him to start running, now.

Lance has no choice but to shrug off the event as something of his own imagination, but upon falling unconscious, he is kidnapped and injected with deadly cells from a race kept hidden from humans, a race kept secret.

Zidane is a crossbreed of Razalek and Spiro, a breathing hybrid that shouldn't exist. There's too much hatred between the races; there's too much bad blood in his veins. But he needs to save Lance's life.
He has too much death on his hands already.

However, Lance isn't so easy to trust him. So, with a question, he's teleported into Zidane's mind and introduced to a world of magic, racism, and everlasting love. Memory by memory plays, giving Lance answers to his question. Giving him every reason to trust.
He has no choice, after all.



[Written from 2010 - 2017]

140,000 words, split into 100 parts.

Table of Contents

Dreams & Reality, Part I

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Dreams & Reality, Part II

  "Trust me, I know, When you look at me You see nobody at all. For the first time I can say tha... Read Chapter

Dreams & Reality, Part III

    ____________ Over the past week, he'd drowned himself in music. He had booked more gigs than usual for them... Read Chapter

Dreams & Reality, Part IV

Lance returned to his seat, giving a sigh of relief. He waited, and when Cal didn't move, Lance turned to see his fri... Read Chapter


  Lance opened his eyes. White. He focused, seeing the details in the ceiling. Where had he been last? Where was he now? ... Read Chapter


In which our hero, Zidane, is introduced.
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Edge of Insanity, Part I

The flames dissipated, and Zidane no longer found himself standing on the concrete surface of the plaza. The energy of th... Read Chapter

Edge of Insanity, Part II

Pronunciation guide:

Razalek: Raz-a-leck

Spiro: Spee-row (not Spyro, the purple dragon!! LOL)
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Erased, Part I

A/N: Because music is such a huge inspiration for "Grazing", I'll start to put in songs that fit with each chapter. For the sake of irony, this chapter's song is "Ain't It Fun" by Paramore :-)
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Erased, Part II

Cal glanced to him again. "Can I help you with something or are you just gonna keep standing there?" Lance tried to speak, tried t... Read Chapter

Answers, Part I

  Lance spun around, taking in the view of the cabin's main room. Everything was exactly as he remembered it, forcing a massive ... Read Chapter

Answers, Part II

"I'm not sure," Zidane said, his voice hushed. He looked away again, his eyes remaining the same deep blue as before. "I have some ideas ... Read Chapter

Answers, Part III

Zidane nodded. "I'm pretty sure I mentioned it before. It deals with emotions; the more positive the feeling, the brighter the eyes get."... Read Chapter

Answers, Part IV

  Lance nodded, thinking again. "Said something about him lasting for four minutes." He tried to push back the tightness in his ... Read Chapter

The Beginning, Part I

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The Beginning, Part II

Zidane nodded, and Lance felt the tension in his gut lift away. "Yeah," he said. "We just need to find it." "And it starts with the b... Read Chapter

The Beginning, Part III

Zidane smiled. "I heard that. Thanks for the sarcasm." You're welcome. But this one was much quieter; something the crossbreed didn't... Read Chapter

The Beginning, Part IV

A fear was pressing against his chest, somewhere deep inside. He was nearly tempted to back out, but the thought only became half of an i... Read Chapter

Gold, Part I

Color pulsed out from under Zidane's feet, spreading across the white, and curving upward as if a dome was being painted. The green grass... Read Chapter

Gold, Part II

  Lance shook his head. "No," he replied. "I'm good." "Let's keep going then," Zidane said, turning around and holding his m... Read Chapter

Gold, Part III

He looked the other way, noticing the shops for the first time. They were simple blankets, each holding a display of unique objects. Smal... Read Chapter

Gold, Part IV

"Well hello there!" he called, and there was something in his words that made Kyrene laugh, the sound suppressed by tightening her lips t... Read Chapter

Shattered, Part I

Lance looked away from the chime, stare going to his left, where a door was opening. It moved down instead of to the side, rotating into ... Read Chapter

Shattered, Part II

Zidane nodded, the motion easy as if he had seen the question coming. "That's a good question. It's a little complicated; after the war e... Read Chapter

Shattered, Part III

Zidane froze. His hands stayed in the river, sleeves floating high enough to reveal his hands. Lance could sense his thoughts; he could s... Read Chapter

Bright Shadow, Part I

One of my favorite chapters to write! Enjoy <3
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Bright Shadow, Part II

  Lance found himself back in his own body, watching Zidane rise to his feet. Despite the shaking of his legs and the frail hand... Read Chapter

Within, Part I

"There's something I don't get." Zidane looked up from unwrapping a packaged cupcake, waiting for Lance to continue. With his attenti... Read Chapter

Within, Part II

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Open Arms, Part I

Early update because of the holiday. Happy turkey day, if you celebrate it :>
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Open Arms, Part II

Hitching the duffel bag across his chest, Zidane slid one foot back, watching the man carefully. But the man's slow movements stopped in ... Read Chapter

Some Kind of Comfort, Part I

A moment after Zidane had turned and disappeared behind the nearest building's corner, Lance sensed the man fade out of the memory as wel... Read Chapter

Some Kind of Comfort, Part II

It was a question Lance was disgusted to think, but what repulsed him more was the fact that he couldn't bring himself to imagine what Zi... Read Chapter

Some Kind of Comfort, Part III

His stomach dropped as Arzo stepped forward. Zidane immediately slowed to a stop. He was still a good distance away—far enough where th... Read Chapter

Her, Part I

From his position against the wall, Lance looked around the small room in front of him. The coloring was strange; he didn't expect the wa... Read Chapter

Her, Part II

____________________   For all the times Lance had seen the orphanage's outside, he never expected it to have s... Read Chapter

Her, Part III

  The electricity registered for Zooka at the exact same time. Her hand stayed holding the doll for an extra moment and then she... Read Chapter

Trust, Part I

  "I've been looking for a way To bring you back to life And if I could find a way,  I would bring y... Read Chapter

Trust, Part II

"Come work for me." The shorter Razalek turned towards her, eyes wide. "Miz Ezyta—" The woman held her hand out to him in silen... Read Chapter

Trust, Part III

"Why?" Zidane seemed a little surprised. "Because I need to go," he said without thinking. "Why?" she asked again, a little more ... Read Chapter

Without, Part I

The smaller Razalek moved his hands, bringing them near his torso. He took a deep breath, inhaling the air of the ballroom-like room. ... Read Chapter

Without, Part II

No one paid any notice as Zidane stood across the room, and within moments Lance could feel his impatience burning. Ezyta hummed a sigh. ... Read Chapter


"Clear something up for me." Zidane looked up at Lance's statement, calmly meeting his eyes with a reverse-nod; a motion to continue ... Read Chapter

Quieter Than Wind

  Lance looked up at the expansion of black. It was calming, seeing all those stars decorating the sky. They reminded him of cit... Read Chapter

Found, Part I

"You belong here You belong here with me You were meant to be with me" - You Belong Here, Anberlin _________ The... Read Chapter

Found, Part II

The room faded into an expansion of white. Zidane stepped in front of Lance, the brightness of his eyes quickly fading. "You okay?" t... Read Chapter

Behind the Lion's Eyes, Part I

"The pride of a lion is your disguise   But the fear of a coward's in your eyes"   - Chasi... Read Chapter

Behind the Lion's Eyes, Part II

  "Why... You're helping me?" Lance repeated. "This..." A disbelieving smile hitched onto his face. "This is the reason why?" ... Read Chapter

Seeing Red, Part I

"So lay down, the threat is real when his sight goes red again." - The Red, Chevelle ___________ ... Read Chapter

Seeing Red, Part II

  "They're more advanced than anything humans have come in contact with. If we're not careful, this can definitely go bad. This ... Read Chapter

Becoming the Beast

Consciousness floated back to Lance. He sensed firmness, as if he were lying down. He'd been here before... Am I back? His eyes opene... Read Chapter

Travel, Part I

  Lance scratched below his eye, the muscles in his fingers aching at the movements. Like most of the pain he'd been feeling tod... Read Chapter

Travel, Part II

  "Yeah," Zidane said, answering Lance's question, "This is the forest on the outskirts of Tollo. Small village of about two hun... Read Chapter

Travel, Part III

      Lance turned the garment over in his hand, feeling the incredibly soft texture with his thumb. He found ... Read Chapter

Another, Part I

  When the crossbreed slowed to a stop, Lance did as well, casting his eyes towards the town in front of them. A short wall l... Read Chapter

Another, Part II

  _______________ Of all the towns Adelah had to be in, it had to be this one. It had to be the one Yittek stayed in... ... Read Chapter

Another, Part III

  Lance had dozens of questions bouncing off his brain, but he kept them quiet enough for Zidane not to hear. Only for him to se... Read Chapter

Another, Part IV

  "Boshik le." It is my honor, or the human equivalent of you're welcome. Zidane watched Lance's stare dart from his mouth t... Read Chapter

The Deepest Part, Part I

Zidane had never wanted to speak with his father. Ever. Even when Adelah came back, tracing the energy that had been released because of ... Read Chapter

The Deepest Part, Part II

  That concrete emotion lessened, the pressure falling away. Orah didn't move, standing tall and completely still. He turned bac... Read Chapter

Missing Pieces

  Lance sat down, feeling the bed below him instantly mold to his form. Whatever this mattress was, it was incredibly soft. Fati... Read Chapter

Progress, Part I

  Zidane breathed out, slowly exhaling through his nose. His eyes remained closed, but he could see the sky's morning light shin... Read Chapter

Progress, Part II

______________________   Yittek was silent for a long moment. He stayed standing in front of the counters, leaning a... Read Chapter

Closer Look, Part I

Lance sat with his shirt beside him, feet lightly kicking out into the open air. This was weird, but not any weirder than going to a norm... Read Chapter

Closer Look, Part II

"It may. However, too much can trigger a cleansing." "That's why Zidane has so many then..." Yittek met his eyes for a moment bef... Read Chapter

Under Glass

"I'm afraid to report that the medications were unsuccessful," Yittek began, hands behind himself as he walked to where Lance sat at the ... Read Chapter

Moments In Time, Part I

"Tell me about Cal." Lance looked up from the floor, watching the small strand float in between Yittek's fingers. The MDNA sample, cl... Read Chapter

Moments In Time, Part II

  These words were the easiest to say. He was falling into a comfort. A passion that woke something up inside him, a type of lig... Read Chapter

Peering In

Lance stepped out of the examination room and into the wide hallway, heading towards the library when Yittek's voice stopped him. "Pe... Read Chapter


Lance started down the hall, hair a little damp from the shower he had just taken. The bathroom was the most recently-made room in Yittek... Read Chapter


"A weapon of war?" Zidane asked. "Yes," Yittek replied. "One of my patients brought it up. He comes from Yowlitch's territory." "... Read Chapter


Lisa's smile reached her eyes, that warmth never wavering from Lance's chest. His mother spoke, voice ringing out through the darkness su... Read Chapter

The Razalek with the Moon Eyes, Part I

Zidane sat on the edge of the double-bed, letting the anxiety pile up with each thought. Would this actually work, stretching his body un... Read Chapter

The Razalek with the Moon Eyes, Part II

Even after standing up, his legs continued to shake albeit subtly. No part of him was used to the height of seven-and-a-half feet. But it... Read Chapter

The Razalek with the Moon Eyes, Part III

Zidane looked ahead, his footsteps placing him slightly ahead of Yittek as a large carriage caught his focus. The citizens walking along ... Read Chapter

The Razalek with the Moon Eyes, Part IV

A soft hum of fascination sounded from Yowlitch, the paper fluttering towards the floor before an invisible force pulled it towards Yitte... Read Chapter

Moving Along, Part I

And I take, the first step of a million more.

And I'll make mistakes I've never made before. But at least I'm moving forward, At least I'm moving forward."

- Moving Forward, Hoobastank

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Moving Along, Part II

"So, what happened?" he asked quietly, as if he already knew the answer himself. Maybe it was the fact that Zidane's disheveled hair expo... Read Chapter

Moving Along, Part III

___________________ Lance strode into the kitchen, shivering as the barrier rippled away from him. He'd probably never get used to Ra... Read Chapter


Almost immediately after walking into the kitchen, Lance stopped. He stared at Zidane, who was still slumped over the table, arm acti... Read Chapter

With Every Step, Part I

The heat fell away from Lance, and he fought the urge to brush himself off. He still wasn't used to that teleportation, or any teleportat... Read Chapter

With Every Step, Part II

______________ It was when they had settled down for the night, Lance in a special, rectangular hole that acted as a makes... Read Chapter

Whispers of the Fallen, Part I

Zidane was in the middle of telling a story when he suddenly disappeared. Lance's eyes grew wide, footsteps halting as he stood alone in ... Read Chapter

Whispers of the Fallen, Part II

Zidane pressed himself against the wall, beginning to sidestep the narrow path. Lance followed slowly, hearing his feet knock over sm... Read Chapter


Zooka met his eyes with a smile. There was an ethereal glow around her, a heavenly vibe. She grinned, but the words she said never reache... Read Chapter


Zidane waited for a long time. He continued to lean back against a tree, the shade immersing him. He closed his eyes, head bowing. Honori... Read Chapter

Nothing & Everything

Zidane looked up, eyes trailing over the pale-gold carpet, the pyramid staircase, before movement caught his eye. Gurenok's freakishly sh... Read Chapter

The Truth From a Liar's Mouth

Zidane hung upside-down, watching the sky's colors bleed into a vibrant orange. He waited for a long moment, a light breeze coming to him... Read Chapter

Cross, Part I

  When Zidane spoke, his voice was quiet. Barely a whisper against the dusk surrounding them. "We're here." Lance swallo... Read Chapter

Cross, Part II

_________________ Lance scanned the balcony again, seeing nothing but faint light glowing from the windows, the wide, entrance-less d... Read Chapter

The Light, Part I

  Time had no meaning. It passed by them like a blur, days fading to nights, with nothing changing. Lance stayed down, almost fe... Read Chapter

The Light, Part II

  "There's preparations we need to make." Arzo's smooth voice rang out between them. "Preparations for what?" A grin spr... Read Chapter

The Light, Part III

  ________________ Lance's eyes snapped open, a jolt twitching his body inwards. He stared, the earth and the ... Read Chapter

The Light, Part IV

__________________ Zidane struggled to breathe. He could feel energy around him, sparking and snapping away like live wire... Read Chapter

The Light, Part V

__________   Lance stood in the doorway for what felt like centuries. Zidane He He wasn'... Read Chapter

Survival, Part I

"Life for you, has been less than kind So take a number, stand in line We've all been sorry, we've all been hurt But how we s... Read Chapter

Survival, Part II

___________ Lance woke up with a headache. He sat up quickly, hand against his forehead. "It's best to move slow." Yittek's voice... Read Chapter