Beyond Language

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power of Not words

Beyond Language



I want to talk shit about languages today. As a very ‘smart’ species of animals, we humans label everything and everyone in order to better recognize them. We need to make a word up to name something new as soon as it is discovered. Soon as a baby is born, soon as a new animal is discovered it is labelled. As soon as something is put under a label it’s almost like it cannot be anything else. Like how a Doctor is a doctor and nothing else. “The doctor is definitely human, probably from Spain and has no hair, see he’s not JUST a Doctor.” Great point, he’s not JUST a Doctor, he falls under these several other labels that make him other things too. But my point is - how LANGUAGE masks our true nature which is actually infinite J

As we know everything we see, hear, smell, feel is our brain reciprocating to electric signals sent to it by our senses. We will never know what is truly ‘real’ but will always have a certain perception of reality. The human species took their perception of reality to a new level by creating languages and labels to everything. Imagine not knowing any language and standing in front of a tree, but you don’t know it’s called ‘tree’, would your perception of it be the same as it is now? I believe labels are a contributing factor in making our species more un-appreciative of what’s around them. Immediately, the infinite-ness of a being or thing is taken away by associating it to a word - “Meh, another tree”. Labels definitely simplify complexities but there will always be so many intangible feelings words will never be able to describe. It’s also crazy how much your language defines your personality, you ever wonder when you think – what language do you think in?

You’re given these set of words to express yourself and that’s it, say what you want to say. “Well, what other things would I want to say?” you may ask. You will never know! You can’t correctly assume what’s outside the rock if you have been living under it all along. But the chances are that there are infinite other ways you could feel if you were never bound by this ‘Only way of thinking’. These thoughts crept into my head during a great feeling of appreciation towards everything. The details on the leaf of a plant, the reflection of lights on the ripples of a pool, they had me observing for a while with a feeling I could never explain. Got me thinking how undermining the word ‘leaf’ was for something that made me feel so much gratitude. If you understand you do. If you don’t, I hope you are privileged enough to experience something similar. ­­

Submitted: October 30, 2019

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