The Tundra of The Mind

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
A comparison of climate change with the mind. I'm not asking for those who don't believe in climate change to change their minds, only open it up to the possibility that it might exist, and if so what would that look like?

Submitted: October 30, 2019

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Submitted: October 30, 2019



I missed the sunrise of my youth,

So I went to the tundra in my mind,

A desolate place absent of reason,

To lose myself in thought,

I came across a polar bear,

Dying from malnutrition,

He told me his tale,

I am the king of the north, he said,

The last of my kind,

Upon my death no other shall exist.


He looked to the east, and then to the west,

Before all of this he said,

There was nothing,

Then one night,

The skies fell from the heavens above,

And ground was created,

Cascades of water squeezed from the ground surrounded the world,

And then we were crowned as protectors.


I wasn’t here from the beginning. I was a result of it,

As were you,

We flourished from the beginning,

As we reached for the stars so did our hunger of excess,

Unwittingly and dumbfounded was what we created,

It was not of our essence,

It is not our crowning glory.


We became successful at nothing,

Though some call it progression,

Illusive concept we chased for many miles,

And in the wake we’ve destroyed what we were crowned to do.


Prior to that we were all kings up here,

Flourishing under the open skies of marvel,

I could walk for miles just to see the edge of the world,

Floating upon the majestic sea of infinite,

I could breath in the midnight air on a winter’s night,

Watching the stars fall from the heavens above.


Those were the times before the morning rise,

When the world was quiet and still asleep,

The winds of the north were clean and pure,

Just as a snowflake on the tip of your tongue.

What marvels the simple mind is what keeps it alive,

Sleep now my darlings, for the king is no more.


And with that the polar bear staggered off into oblivion,

Somewhere off in the barren of my mind he has died,

Never to be seen on the tundra again,

I keep search of him though,

I hold that thought like a fertile seed,

A promise I keep to myself,

As the midnight stars fall from the skies.

© Copyright 2020 Rhymis. All rights reserved.

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