Legacy of Yutsu

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

An Oraeka Project short
The second war for Erocia has been raging for far too long. Here in Metha, it needed to be stopped however, it was looking dire for the Human-Oraeka joint army.
Kutaru Yutsu was brought in from the Northern Campaign as a means of hope for this war. He will see it through.

A small breeze tussles the branches of a forest, though it’s not from the already cool weather in the southern half of Erocia. Another gale violently shakes the trees until a few fall over. The path of destruction follows for several miles towards the coast bringing varied sounds of screams and yelling. Massive armies have chosen this land as the point of conquest, both sides ranging and running at each other. Loud shouts break through the noise being caused by spells, while a large group of humans emerges from a cluster of the forest. Counting their heads would bring their number into barely above one thousand as they threaten to run over a single being standing in their path. It happens to be a female who slowly turns to the army charging at her. Her lack of emotion slows some of the frontlines but they continue to charge forward anyway. With a lack of emotion, she slowly turns to the army charging at her. Before any of them get into range, the front group suddenly comes to a halt as a man is lifted off the ground by a near-invisible thread. The lone girl walks forward slowly as he's dragged closer until he's forced to lock eyes.  Her pink eyes flicker about him in an investigative manner, revealing the black sclera surrounding the iris. His mind numbs for a moment causing seizure-like motions. 

“I sense fear, yet mere moments ago you were charging with no care.” The Girl’s head cocks to the side as words filled the man's head. At the sound of her voice, he widens his eyes while staring at her motionless mouth. Her eyes narrow as the man's mouth begins to quiver from moving. 

“D-demon! You're one of the Chaos-” His words are cut off when a Shadow like form snaps at his face. A gasp resonating among the troops behind him forces his eyes to open to a shock. A thin layer of light had formed between his face and the form of something he couldn't quite make out. It slithers in various dark colors and yet almost looked as if it doesn't exist.

“Tch. Luck happens to be on your side for meddling, now begone. I have no time to care about your existence.” A quick motion from her hand throws the strands she controls, tossing the soldier back towards the group. He bounces a few times as he hits the ground and slides to his allies. Once they picked him up, it did not take long for the frontline to turn tail from the lone girl after she had simply tossed the man. As they scurry off in fear, the girl's attention is drawn away from them.

“Come out of the shadows. Hiding is pointless.” Her words hiss in a monotone manner. Irritation from the stated fact shows on the man’s face as he emerged from the nearby brush. He steps up to the lone girl with confidence in his stride, long white hair bobbing from his large stride. 

“Nol.” He speaks the name out to her. She only blinks slowly, emotionless at his presence.

“Your presence is a bother to me, Sakurai.” Nol's reply was slow and drawn out as she spoke his name. He looks around himself as her voice bounces around. 

“Well just by the fact you are here brings a worry to my thoughts Nol. It's rare for you to show up for a very good reason.” His calm demeanor was shaken a little the more he stood in Nol's eyesight. 

“Wary of my presence or not, I am still here.” Her eyes narrow at him, making him flinch. “Why are you here? You should be helping with the battles.”

“You and I both know that fighting is the lesser of my abilities.” He clears his throat. “No, I'm afraid politically I'm here in the question of your presence. It… usually ends in interference.”

The silence between the two grows when she looks away. Loud noises coming from deeper in the forest, followed by screams. Sakurai pales from this. She turns back to him and sits. The motion at first brings surprise to Sakurai as Nol starts to sit on empty air. Realizing a woven chair had appeared beneath her had him embarrassed from his outstretched arms. 

“I am a watcher,” Nol speaks out, almost with a gaze that looks past the man. “I only interfere if things go awry. Around us is, at least to you, a horrific battle between humans and Kraeka alike.” Sakurai catches the fact he is now mysteriously sitting across from her, teacup in hand mid-sip. His surprise almost causes him to spit it back out, half choking as Nol continues. “Balance of the chaos of the world will be brought today, with no interference from me. You being here is a boon actually as they mention today is the day the battles stop.”

Sakurai eyes her wearily before looking at his surroundings. The time it takes for him to contemplate his answer doesn’t seem to bother Nol, who waits patiently. He nervously looks back over at her and takes a sip of the drink he received earlier.

“They?” The words come out shaky. 

Nol nods slowly. “The Light ones.” Her emotion doesn’t change as much as his does. This time he does spit his drink, the droplets not reaching the ground. “So wasteful of your drink. I’m only tasked to watch today. If all goes according to plan the war will end and there will be new legacies.”

“How- how do they plan for it to end? Both sides have only shown more aggression!” Sakurai had stood up from his sudden outburst. “In fact, my brother is supposed to be out here in Metha!”

Nol stands up, the chair she sat on vanishing from sight. Calmly she walks over to Sakurai, who tries to step back. His feet seem to catch onto something that makes him trip backward. An invisible force catches him to make him dangle helplessly in front of Nol.

“Only one Yutsu is meant to be here for the legacy to begin.” Sakurai’s eyes widen from this. “Their involvement has deemed it so. When they walk this world the war will end.” Nol’s hand covers Sakurai’s face.

“MMPHF!” He tries to struggle in his panic but slowly stops. Nol gently takes her hand away to reveal the man to be sleeping. Calm motions of breath is the only thing stirring him from otherwise dangling in the air.

“You will have no memory of this meeting I’m afraid Sakurai.” She whispers to his sleeping form. “Be away from here, for there will be only one survivor.”


The rustle of chainmail into trees breaks the common noise of screams and explosions in the distance. The brush gives way to a young man leading a group of other soldiers. After a moment of them all looking around cautiously, the young man turns to the rest of the group. 

“Oi!” His whisper holds a tint of anger. “You told me there was one female Kraeka in this clearing and here I see none!”

“Kutaru! My eyes didn’t deceive me when I was tossed aside like a ragdoll!” One of the men speaks up to the first. Kutaru gave them a scowl, an emotion not fitting for his young face. He brushes aside the bangs of his white hair and redoes the spiraling ponytail holding a floating mass in place. “She spoke without speaking you know! What kind of aura was that?!”

Kutaru looks over at him again in anger. “You kept screaming Chaos at the top of your lungs. If that were to be true I wouldn’t be looking at any of your faces right now as they’d be littering that clearing.” The men around him pale at the thought as Kutaru shoves past them. “Now are we done chasing tales? The chaos is not our problem, even if they were here, as we have one of the main forces of the Kraeka knocking at our doorstep. Now I need to speak to my higher in command pronto and you guys have me walking into the middle of the forest.” As Kutaru walks away from the group and into the forest the trees seem to move out of his path. Dirt, root, trunk, all of it creates an opening from the forest that leads out towards open plains. The men scurry to keep up with him, frightened from their previous encounter and frankly heavily shaken up.


At the exit of the forest, they encounter an encampment of the Human Army. It’s heavily fortified, spanning several miles in length as this encampment housed the main body of the army here in Metha. It was their last stand to defeat the Kraeka, or else they would have used up all of their resources. In the last several years the Humans have been fighting back from almost extinction before the Oraeka joined them in their fight. Kutaru was one of them, something that would have been hard to notice if not for the unnatural white hair and how it flows in the air. The group marches up to the makeshift gates that surround this area as Guards perched along the gate’s catwalks shout orders towards each other to open the gate at the sight of Kutaru leading. Ropes tied to pulley systems tighten and creak as the large gates slowly swing open. The scenery that opened up to Kutaru’s eyes was a busy one. Platoons were mostly off training, preparing for fights to come. Supplies were being carried in vast numbers by chains of carts all around the base. Kutaru barks orders towards the group following him to help out in whatever efforts they can or report to their chain lead before heading further in towards a large tent. 


The tent’s sheer size spans several thousand square feet to accommodate the various generals and officers that use it for strategy meetings. This also means it is heavily guarded, though not by humans. The entrance of the tent held at least a half dozen Oraeka heavily armed and clad in dense armor. Kutaru approaches the tent, silently nodding at one positioned by the main flaps inward. The man gives confirmation by returning the nod and enters with a flourish. Kutaru stands around outside absently picking at the rough leather he wears over his shirt of chain. He carries only a simple sword on his person, which he detaches the scabbard that held it from his waist to hold in his hands.

“Took you long enough to get here you know.” There was another guard standing by the flaps who was leaning on his polearm.

“Careful how casual you speak.” Kutaru smiles over at the Oraeka ally. “Head General isn’t too kind to that you know.” 

“Ha,” A small snort from his chuckle escapes him. “Who would she behead first with her sword. Me for talking casually out of  boredom or the Brig who was late?” 

“You have a Corporal who thought Chaos was in the forests.” The words come out in a grumble. “Fib or not I had to be sure.”

The guard simply laughs. “Was it humans? The stress must be getting to them.”

“From what I’ve seen during my travel to this battlefield I would say stress is only one thing on their plate, and ours too.” Kutaru takes a deep breath as he re-clips his sword at his waist. “That’s why I was summoned here at least. Campaign to the north was successful so we must stop the war here at all costs.” 

“Your presence alone should be good for morale, Kutaru.” He stops leaning on his weapon and beams him a smile. “At least that much I can say. Though if the Head Gen’ is here then why did they call you over?”

Kutaru smirks as the flaps open up, revealing the first guard who had entered. “I’m afraid that is classified information. Need to know only.” Kutaru quickly brushes any dust that had settled on his armor and follows the first guard into the tent. 


The flaps close behind them with a gust of wind, sealing it through aura means so the sound couldn’t escape or enter the room. The guard gestures a hand forward towards the center of the tent. 

“Mrs. Kazashi will see you now Kutaru.” He bows out of the way and stands in front of the tent’s flaps. 

Kutaru nods at him before pressing into the vast space of the tent. With its design made for discussion about strategies, it was built with visibility of all parties present in mind. The center of the area had a long table that currently housed a map of the local areas. Surrounding the table were a dozen chairs and fashioned so that none were on the shorter sides of it. One of the twelve chairs currently held a patron to its services that Kutaru eyed warily. He recognized her as the current leader of the Oraeka in this joint army between them and the Humans. She was glaring at the map before her in deep thought, ignoring her platinum hair falling into her eyes from the side. When it broke her vision too much she flicked it to the side, revealing it’s long length sliding back over the plate mail currently donned on her body. As Kutaru approaches her crimson eyes narrow and flickers toward his figure. 

“If I didn’t need you desperately right now I would chastise you for how late you are. We summoned you ages ago you know.”

“The roads aren’t exactly in pristine condition, Kazashi.” He pulls a chair out to sit across from her. “Neither are some Humans currently sane. Had a wild Chaos hunt that proved fruitless just a few hours ago when I arrived in the forest.” He leans forward towards her, placing his face into his hands. “That bad huh?”

She tenses and furrows her brow. “They’re fighting back tooth and nail, meaning we’ve cornered them hard. It’s become a stalemate out there and I can’t take the whole army alone.” She relaxes and exhales the air she was holding onto for too long. “At least you responded to the summon. I at least have some good news out of this side of the campaign for this horrific war.” She mirrors his motions of leaning on the object between them. “What about the other summons?”

“Well,” Kutaru sits up with a groan. “The humans are busy keeping the northwest out of Air Kraeka hands.” This information gets him a confused look. He raises his hands defensively before her gaze. “I was worried too until they showed a recent variation of a bow to me. ‘Crossbow’ they had named it. Capable of shooting larger shafts of iron or what have you, deadly accurate too. Even the Air ones had a hard time moving out of the way.”

“So from your group I only got you.” She pinches the bridge of her nose with a sigh. “I haven’t heard much from your brother and the other officers are trying to fight Kaede.”

The air gets solemn inside the tent at the mention of Kaede. Kutaru clears his throat first.

“Even I have a hard time fighting her. So she’s not here on this field? Something that holds up Mrs. Kazashi herself? The Glestel Kazashi?” He holds a smirk momentarily until a glare fixates on him.

“Strong as I am, I can’t fight these numbers.” Standing up, she leans further over the table to place figures about on the map. “We are currently based in camp here,” A figure slides to rest over a section named Tehle. “These woods have served us well in keeping us hidden and providing munitions for the humans. The few scouts that return, report that over here,” A separate figure that looks similar to a Fire Kreaka slides to the other side of the meadows representation. “They have forces of multiple types. Combination of all of them are on the field, save those that simply watch.”

“Chaos and Light.” Kutaru speaks the afterthought. Glestel simply nods in his direction.

“Correct. I’ve also attained the amount of force they’ve brought. They seem to be able to manage twenty thousand soldiers with more probably on the way.”

Kutaru’s cough interrupts her for a brief moment.

“I’m sorry did you say twenty thousand?! They only had a force five thousand in the northern region!”

“You see now why I had to call on quick aid.” Her gaze falls solemn towards the map. “After all the calls. After all we’ve done for them we can’t spare what was lost before our kind had joined them. Kutaru, you were my only reinforcement.” Her eyes seem to be stifling tears. The stress evident on her face focuses on Kutaru more. 

“My brother never showed?” His voice raises at his commander. “I had a word he was already on the way! Did something happen to my brother from Kisuragi Desert?”

“I’m… have had no word from him nor any scout reports. I can’t spare anyone to go find him out there.” She avoids his eyes for but a moment.

“No… no that’s fine.” Kutaru sits after realizing he had stood. “I spoke wrongly, for it’s not your fault he’s late. Tell me then, what are the numbers we work with?”

“Six thousand. Fewer every time a scout loses a skirmish and none to back us up.”

Kutaru sighs, resting his head onto the table. He sits in this position for a while before Glestel pushes herself out of the chair. She paces around the table towards Kutaru and places a hand onto his shoulder. He looks up at her, locking his eyes into her, the crimson washing over the stress he had. 

“I’m here for you general, May we right any wrong the Kraeka have brought on to the humans.”

“That’s the spirit I wish the human soldiers around me felt.” She leans back over the table beside him. “Right now the only reason I’m upset you’re late is that the main bulk of the army is already marching. We have a few officers leading the front along with small scouting bands running through the edge of the woods.” Glestel places figures representing each of these things in various places on the map for visualization. 

“Lead by Oraeka I hope?” Kutaru leans over pointing at various breaks of the forest. “If our scouts die before they see many fortifications, then it must already have Earth made buildings. Have they mobilized Air scouts at all?” 

“N-no actually.” The question seems to catch her off guard. She bites down on her lip in thought. “Meaning they don’t want us to see the point of origin. To answer your earlier question though, yes. I have squads led by Oraeka scouting the woods.” 

“Then the only reason scouts aren’t returning is because they must have bands of Air and Fire. The Earth ones only sit in their fortifications or act as the front line, so they’ll be at their base of operations and in the main bulk.” Kutaru stands up before setting an imaginary battle onto the map. “General if I’m correct on my instinct, then we’re dealing with the leader of the Air. You said Kaede wasn’t here, and she wasn’t part of the northern campaign.” He sets down the final piece on to the table. His eyes meet Glestel’s. “Other than here would mean she’s part of the Jungle campaign. The monarchy of the Earth is on that uncolonized continent closer to their home.”

“So you think it’s the Air leader. That explains the lack of reckless Air use.” 

“See Glestel, you’ve just been stressing without another good mind beside you. Look,” Their attention draws along the many formations he had made with symbols of scouts and alternate sides. The army of the Kraeka was depicted to move through the meadow in some box formation. On the sides, within the forests, there were droves of Air and Fire figures clashing with the Human army scouting bands. “With the low reserves of forces at hand, all they’ve done was force you to stretch. We must forget our own strengths and remember the Humans have strengths of their own. They’re incredibly handy at making things when they need it. My last question for you, General, is what have the Humans made down here?”

“Why couldn’t they have made you Head General?” Glestel walks over to a support beam and begins to dig through a satchel she had hanging there. What comes out of it looked like a well-worn parchment that she lays onto the table. “I’m only the strongest in relative. Take my power away and we’re practically even.” 

“I beg to differ, Glestel.” He laughs while he studies what was laid on the table. “Wood. Support beams. Counterbalance… Glestel, what is this?” 

Slapping her hand on the drawings, she beams Kutaru a smile. “This is something they call a… cat-a-pault… I think.” She reads back over it. “Whatever, as the name doesn’t matter much. The point of it is to send big balls of any kind of spell into enemy ranks or fortification. I haven’t used it yet for fear of the Kraeka finding a counter to it.” 

“The minds of these Humans at times. Well, that’s great! So they invented a way to make up the area damage that they lack. No.. no this will make the battle more favorable.” He points to a spot on the meadow. “Here! There’s a major slope that would block vision for the enemy, which is a perfect spot to launch a barrage.”

“Then here we can be as the front offensive. The humans are better off utilizing their tools than we are, so putting them in the front would just kill them.” She points out all of the Oraeka figurines. “Our numbers are small but our strength is equal to fifty of the Fire.” She holds Kutaru’s shoulders in a firm grip, softly shaking them. “We must be quick. I’ve held off some of us simply for your arrival, so we must mobilize now. You there!” Her gaze lands at the guard by the flaps of the tent. “Send out the signal at once! We must assist the human’s mobilization of their war tools! Today’s the day we end this!” 

The guard bows and promptly leaves the tent. The aura of the air fell to bring the outside noises in. Bells booming noise into the distance along with the audible rush of people shows they had been anticipating this. With a swift motion, Glestel has the map and parchment rolled up to pack away. After grabbing her satchel to store these items, she turns over to Kutaru and salutes him. “Raise as One!”

He returns the salute with a smile. “Respect the Order, Lady Kazashi!”


The flaps of the tent burst forward to reveal Kutaru and Glestel rushing out of it together. The guards have already moved away from it to help mobilize units so the surrounding area was empty. The only movement visible to them was the drove of soldiers making their way out of the gates. Amongst them were large wooden structures being pushed by a mixture of Humans and Oraeka. It seemed hastily put together with various ropes keeping it all together. Kutaru and Glestel waste no time hurrying to catch up to their forces, all the while barking orders to those under them. They march out from the makeshift walls into the open plains of Metha. The travel miles out, collecting various parts of the rest of the army that had been sent out ahead of time. Small bands of scouts scattered into the forests and ahead of the force. They brought to their leaders only grim news as they usually come back with fewer bodies. Luckily those scouting ahead came back with the news that the enemy’s main body hadn't occupied the space they wanted. They waste no time forming their formations at the base of the hill. The humans surround their war creations with groups of workers prepped. The rest of them made defensive walls around them with large tower shields. It’s the best they can muster right now as the Oraeka climb up the hill in a line. At the top, they stand strong over the stretched plains before them. They shine with brilliance with the falling sun with storms threatening to cover its rays. 

They wait patiently. The sounds of an oncoming march are clear in the air, which makes a few of the Humans nervous. The noise is deafening to them as the Kraeka army finally makes an appearance. Kutaru’s thoughts on their formation were correct once they notice their front formation is of nothing but Earth Kraeka. Donned in their specialty of heavy armor they come to a stop in the distance and begin to spread out. 

“Their numbers did grow.” Glestel was biting her lip as she stared out at them. She turns to Kutaru as if to read his emotions. He stares blankly ahead, more focused on his enemy’s movements. 

“They’re shifting the front line around.” His brow furrows. He eyes the distant clouds and the Earth Kraeka shuffling. “Glestel they're about to make a wall. Domes. We need domes!”

Her eyes widen quickly from the realization. She spins on her heels to face the Oraeka formation. 

“DOOME!” She screams the words out and her orders are obeyed without question. The line of Oraeka focuses their aura around them until they glowed softly in the light. Slowly the light leaves their skin and pushes outward into the air. It continues to spread until the army had been surrounded in a shimmering wall of light to separate themselves from the Kraeka before them. The ground around them continues to shake as on the other side of the field a wall was being erected from the surrounding earth. Before it stopped moving, figures appeared in the air as a fiend flock. Energy cackled to reveal the sheer number of Air Kraeka charging their aura in the sky. The light was blinding and the buildup of static was causing various particles to raise off the ground. Kutaru and Glestel’s hair stood on end while watching the enemy outside of the light. 

BOOM! A beam of electrical current had slammed into the shimmering wall protecting them, an Oraeka specialty. The constant cackle was deafening with the wind blowing all around their dome from the pressure releasing. 

“Humans!” Glestel’s voice booms were even louder than the barrage of energy. Those at the base of the hill look up towards Glestel, whose form eclipses the light from the spell being launched at them.  “You've proven yourselves to our kind once before that you have the strength and resolve to belong alongside us! Today we will prove that they are no match!” There's another clash of noise as another beam connects with the barrier. The electricity crawls across its round surface in pulses as the enemy keeps trying to break into the barrier. Glestel faces back towards the outer rim of their barrier. “Prepare your weapons!” The Humans did as they were told. They hustled around their mechanical war tools to bring down a hold area, which they created various sized boulders to load onto. Then they infuse it with their aura creating a rainbow of color at the base of the hill. Kutaru was watching this process in awe. To him, this was far superior to the creations the humans to the north had made. He turns over to Glestel to give her a nod of confirmation, which she returns back to him. Glestel raises a hand into the air with her fingers stretched towards the sky. “Mark this day upon your calendars! Today will be another day you Humans prove that you're not to be trifled with! We stand by you this day as you are our descendants!” The beam of energy dissipates into a small cackle, sputtering out in the air. The Oraeka drop the shimmering barrier holding the attack's from the enemy at bay. Before their eyes were the Kraeka Army in the air as well the ground. A sizable wall fortress had been carved from the ground to impose on those who wish to crash into it. Glestel takes a deep breath of air into her lungs. “RAISE AS ONE!! FIRE!”


Their wooden beams creaked from the shifting weight. The counterbalance swung to bring the main holder up and forward, launching a mass of aura at their enemies. They streaked through the air in various colors over Kutaru’s head. The Air Kraeka saw the cloud of aura first. They tried to contest with it with their own aura, that was until they realized the projectiles were physical. Those that were in the air and in range were swatted out of the air. The rest of their attack clashed with the Earth made Wall or went over it into the army behind it. It met with resonating success. Certain elements the Humans put into their boulder caused various explosions of the wall, dealing heavy damage to the fortifications. The army scattered trying to avoid various aura they weren't immune to and bodies flew into the air with screams. As successful of a first attack it was, the Kraeka army still holds a firm formation before them. The ground units begin to march forward. The soldiers in the air, however, nose dive towards the Oraeka. 

“Don’t relent on your powers, Humans!” Glestel shouts as she unsheathes her blade into the first Kraeka to get close to her. The Oraeka follow suit while shouting a war cry at their enemies.

“RAISE AS ONE!” They repeat the words of their leader to signal both sides are done showing off.


The clash of forces was immense. The Air Kraeka swoop in with blurring speed to pick at the front lines. They launch various aura of electricity and wind at them to try to disrupt the movement or footwork. Any Oraeka that lost footing for even the slightest second was met with a flurry of cuts along their body. Of course the same could be said about them, for a lot of them met their end at Oraeka blades. 

During a reload, a line of Humans emerges out from the formation of catapults carrying bows in their hands. They raise them to the sky while notching arrows. Light flares up from the fires at the tips and a volley is launched up and over the hill. The Air Kraeka react too late to the cloud approaching them. They retreat but take heavy losses. The Humans cheer from below from the newly gained sliver of hope. Kutaru looks over the field at the retreating Kraeka. The walls would show no sign of movement if not for the Air Kraeka retreating. Something feels off to him though, where was their main bulk? 

The ground quivers beneath Kutaru’s feet. He looks around in a panic before realization dawns on him. He spins around to look at his commander. 

“Glestel!” He calls out to her. “The bulk tunneled!”

The ground splintered in front of them to catch various Oraeka unaware. Chunks of rock are forced upward by an explosion revealing a mass of Fire Kraeka. Earth Kraeka emerge afterward finalizing a note that the main bulk had buried underground while they were busy fending off the Air Kraeka. Oraeka directly beside the blast were quickly slain before they can react. Glestel and Kutaru were able to react in time with an aura bubble protecting their sides of the line, but they both drop it promptly to join in on the clash. The Kraeka could not reach the humans at all costs, or the battle would more than likely be lost. 


Kutaru’s blade clashes with an axe of a Fire Kraeka. This is done with relative ease as none of them compare to Kaede, the current Great General of the Fire Kraeka and his ex-girlfriend. He forces the shaft of the axe back to cause a loss of footing for the soldier and makes a quick motion to end the fight for them. He hated this feeling of seeing another perish. He pushes the thoughts aside quickly when he barely evades the arms of an Earth Kraeka. Kutaru maneuvers around him to the backside of his armor and holds his hand outward. Aura pours from him in the form of flames that promptly incinerate the being in front of him. Kutaru then makes his way through the fight towards Glestel. 

A shockwave flows out from her to knock back the surrounding Kraeka. A few of them curse at her while charging back in. Their war cry ends abruptly as Glestel's blade ends up on the other side of them in such a swift motion of her strength. Their aura is visibly sucked into her being to create a hesitation in her foes. They know of the powers the Kazashi family held, one where the very essence of their being can be used against them. It's what made Glestel so strong, and why she was the commander of the Oraeka and none of the others. However, they all had a fight to win and the commander of their enemy is before them. Steeling themselves for a tough fight they press onto Glestel by trying to use the surrounding chaos and numbers to their advantage. They charge in by trying to use various diversion tactics or by attacking when she’s defending. Overhead swing by a Fire. Parry. Electrical shock from Glestel. She spins around in time to duck from the incoming greatsword of another and drains this one’s power to further enhance herself. The sound of the steel connecting with different blades rings behind her to cause her to whirl around. Before her was Kutaru’s blade holding back an Earth Kraeka. The ringing sound of the metal grinding against the other as Kutaru slings back the Earth Kraeka with force to knock them away before he gives Glestel a sly smile.

“Need eyes for the back of your head?” Kutaru presses himself against her back, breathing heavy from the fighting. 

“What’s a commander without her formidable strategist?” Glestel laughs to mask that she too was out of breath. 

The two of them set themselves into a stance as the enemy once more surrounds them on the battlefield. The combination of Fire Kraeka and Earth Kraeka makes for a deadly frontline force of both heavy armor and incredible power. The metal shines on them as various lights of the explosive fires and crackling lightning is cast from many different sides. Kutaru shifts his eyes between them all, making it a purpose to look them all one by one in the eye. Each one told a different story about how they felt being there at this very moment. The unbridled hatred they have for their enemies and yet… hesitant. They hold their swords with a clenched fist yet they have the posture of someone who is unsure. Kutaru takes a deep breath. A clap of an Air Kraeka’s aura being used in the distance seems to set off the wall of the surrounding enemy. They charge in a frenzy towards both Kutaru and Glestel with magic pulsing around them. The Fire Kraeka are swifter to approach as they use their Aura to bring about small explosives for speed. One of them brings their blade down onto Kutaru’s shield with a shockwave of sound. Behind him, he heard Glestel parry one down and the screams of both foes that charged them go silent as they make their cuts into them. The way these two fighters danced on the battlefield was truly a sight to behold as the lights of many auras being used cast shadows of their fight. Balls of energy being hurled above them from the Humans tools of war below. The crashing noise in the distance as Kutaru clashes with blade after blade of this tiring fight. 


Both armies continue clashing for an unknown time but the line slowly moves closer and closer to the humans. The sheer number advantage that the Kraeka have is enough to press this advantage, though they’re taking a heavy toll on their numbers for it. In the distance, at the base of the wall, the Earth Kraeka had conjured from the ground, stood a lone Male Air Kraeka. More Air Kraeka appeared from behind the wall and began to split off into separate directions. They fly low and ever so silent in order to use the chaotic confusion of the battle to stay hidden from view. Off into the various sides of forest that surrounds the battle they hide… and they wait. The lone Male glows in cackling energy as he raises his hand. He didn’t care if he expanded his exhaustion, for he wanted to see the end of the Oraeka head right here and right now. 

Rumbling thunder can be heard in the distance and for a brief moment, the fighting around Kutaru and Glestel paused as both Oraeka and Kraeka alike looked up in confusion. As Kutaru’s eyes glazed upwards they also widened at the sight of dark clouds rolling in.

“Glestel! He plans on bringing in a storm?!” His panicked voice raising to his Commander as she finishes off the foe she was fighting. She scowls when she looks up to the sky.

“So it seems.” The heat of her words seething through teeth. “This bodes unwell for both armies, the absolute madman. He seems to not care at all how he achieves his victory here this day.” 

The skies darken as noises of panic can be heard from the humans down at their catapults. The Kraeka army seems scattered and distracted at their leader’s decision, as the Oraeka line begins chasing them once more back onto the hill. That was when the first bolt of lightning struck. The electrical energy came blasting down atop the hill and directly into the army standing atop there. Kutaru flinches at the blinding light and sound in anger as beings of both sides are turned to ash under the powerful bolt. 

“Dome.” Kutaru spins to Glestel. “We won’t get a large enough dome up in time.” Glestel holds a face of absolute rage at his words. 

“Then we simply have to fall into their trap. We can’t flee fast enough from this field of battle.” Another clash of lightning falls in the distance. 

Kutaru looks about him to gather his senses in the chaos. Desperately he’s trying to rack his brain for any sort of answers to the situation at hand. What he could gather was the leader of the Air didn’t care about casualties of his own army. Looking into the sky once more he noticed a particular piece of the enemy army was missing. 

“They’re going to flank us. Chaos have me they’re using the storm to flank us!” A crash as lightning slams into a catapult of the humans. Screaming intensifies as the wind picks up around them. Kutaru clenches his blade and steels himself as he looks Glestel in the eyes. “So be it. Suppose we have to walk into the trap either way.” 

“Kutaru.” She has a pained look on her face before it turned serious once more towards her enemies around them. Many of them had been trying to make a break for it as to not die from the oncoming onslaught of electricity. “We will win. We have to win. Press further but know our advantage of an unknown asset isn’t saveable. We must take this fight to Him.” 

Glestel leads Kutaru in a charge forward, cutting down anyone willing to try to stop her. Kutaru follows behind, making their safety from the lightning storm his primary concern as he uses his own energy to keep her magically shielded. Together they stood at the top of the hill to look down it once again at the Kraeka army reforming below. Boom. Another Catapult explodes behind them to send the humans in a fleeing panic. What was left of the Oraeka stood their ground upon that hill, glaring down below at their enemy. The leader of the Air Kraeka floated above them with a smirk as he glowed from his crackling energy. 

“Look at his smug face, as if he’s won.” Glestel spits to the side.

“Strategically we had the downside no matter how you see it.” Kutaru pats his commander’s shoulder. “However his downfall will be that he angered the one and only Kazashi.”

“Correct on that point Kutaru.” She smiles at the man before taking a few steps in front of her army. She points her weapon down to the enemy forces, aura flowing about her to make her shine brightly. “The war will end here. It has to end here. For our futures. For the Humans futures. For the Kraeka futures.” 

The Oraeka line unsheaths their weapons and follow suit to point at their enemies. A wet drop taps Kutaru’s nose and he touches it in surprise. A smirk appears on his face. Fitting. He follows suit with everyone else to point down at his enemies. The blanket of water rolled across the battlefield to finally accompany the lightning that came before it and shower everyone into a cold drench. Glestel points her sword to be vertical in front of her as she scowls.

Raio os ont. Respot teh ordres.”


The Oraeka swarmed in down the hillside all around Glestel in a blood-curdling scream. The hill shook from their descent as they used their auras to put power behind it. Kutaru walks up to Glestel with a nod before the two make their own descent forward to their enemy of the day. The clash of the army’s weapons rang out across the rolling plains known as Metha. Now that the Oraeka were on the offensive it was clear exactly which of the two armies was truly stronger. It was brutal to see these beings on the offensive and not holding back for the sake of the humans they had been paired with. The frontline of Earth Kraeka was no match for the push, quickly breaking the line for the Oraeka army to slice through. Kutaru and Glestel quicken their pace towards the fight as the lightning storm quickens its own pace of electrical strikes onto unfortunate souls. The Fire Kraeka at least put up a much more fierce fight than the earthen beings. Thus the frontlines merge into one by the time Glestel and Kutaru join the fray side by side. 

Together the two carve their own paths deep into the enemy army. The rain dripping down both their armor to mingle in the sweat of adrenaline. They even use the rain to their advantage as it makes it far easier to electrocute and freeze their foes in their tracks. Crash! Lightning strikes sending more soldiers flying into the air and frying them. Walls of stone emerging to encapture foes and crush them in between if they weren’t strong enough to break through. The screams of those perishing in the fire echo around the field and foe after foe that fall to Kutaru’s blade was ever more a reminder of how much he hated war. How much it sickened him that this is the limit to living a life in this world. That in order to survive they must always find some reason to bicker. In the midst of his adrenaline rush of attacking the enemy, he feels it. The wind shifted. It started as a simple breeze that tugged on the sweat of his body before it quickly became a gale. They were arriving from two separate sides of the fight to throw the rain back and forth in the air with such a ferocity some of the fighting stopped altogether. 

“Glestel! The ambush!” 

Kutaru barely got the words out of his mouth before the first Air Kraeka made a strike at him. The Air are fast and it was difficult for Kutaru to bring the shield up in time to connect with the beings blade. Clang! Glestel deflected her own foe as the horde of Air Kraeka began their descent onto the fight. Flashes of lightning gave brief glimpses of them within the rain. Screams began to ring out as it was clear the less skillful Oraeka couldn’t handle the sudden appearance of this ambush. Glestel bobs and weaves with her sword against the barrage, using various means of ice and earth to make obstacles in the way of the Air Kraeka. Kutaru had to do the same and before long the two were separated within the chaos. 

He holds his ground the best he can, trying to think of the best possible plan for this scenario. He glows as an attacker grabs hold of him to shove him several feet along the ground. The Air Kraeka raises a dagger but is instead met with the cold spear of ice out of Kutaru’s hand. He kicks him off, trying to regain his posture in the fight. What looked to be finally a positive note for the army was crushed swiftly by the ambush Kutaru had predicted. However, they were too far into the fight, with no available way out. He grabs his sword once more while trying to find Glestel, who happened to be nowhere in sight anymore. 

“Glestel!!” His voice rings out over the battlefield while he defends himself from his foes. Another Air manages to get a blow to his side before falling. Kutaru tries to move and then winces at the pain in his side. He holds a hand to it and finally notices the blood. He glows, as that needs to be patched up as soon as possible.

A force knocks into him in his distracted state, followed by a surge of electricity to his system. A bolt from the sky had dropped near him and sent him flying several dozen feet away. He laid there stunned for a moment as he tried to wrap his head around what happened… until he heard a chuckle. Vision still blurry he lifts his head a little bit to see the leader of the Air Kraeka fly down to him. 

“How’s it feel ya traitorous bastard?” The man looked at Kutaru with disgust as he raises a hand to blast Kutaru with electricity. With his body still dazed, Kutaru couldn’t react to it and feels it surge through him while screaming in agony. “Not so tough when ya don’t have your precious Kazashi nearby are ya?” The Air Kraeka stops surging Kutaru with energy for a moment and brandishes a sword to point at the fallen man. His wings flap outward to fully stretch it’s span and a gust of wind begins to glow. 

Kutaru is helpless in this very moment, body numb from the aura cast on him. He’s trying to mentally move the aura around his being but the responsiveness is sluggish thanks to being so dazed. He could do nothing but feel the gust surrounding him now as the Air Kraeka began to rush forward in a blurry of speed. The sounds of battle nearby fuzzy and indistinguishable from one another as the pelting rain on his head is far louder than anything else. --taru--. He at least swears he hears his name and tries to move his head. An armored figure steps in front of Kutaru in a beautiful grace, a grace ruined by the new reddened blade sticking through their back. The numbness was starting to go away and feeling returned to the sore spots of his body. The rest of his senses begin to return to him as he slowly gets up in staggering motions. His eyes fall level on what he could finally perceive as the platinum hair of only one person. His eyes widen when he finally realizes who stepped in front of him. The Air Kraeka cackles before them… and then his face shows fear. The very aura of his being was being ripped away from him as Glestel coughed up blood, scowling with intense bloodlust one could imagine five hundred separate scenarios she murdered the man in before her. The Air Kraeka falls to his knees, being that his aura was drained from his body, and was then kicked away into the distance. Glestel looks over her shoulder with a bloody smile to Kutaru before eventually being carefully caught by him. 

“Need eyes for the back of your head?” She chuckles weakly at the irony of her words. 

“Glestel? Why- why did you?” He was glowing, trying to heal the wound on the lady but with the sword still sticking through her chest he didn’t have any real way. He hesitates when he grabs the hilt and is stopped as Glestel places a tender hand on Kutaru’s to pull the hand away.

“Do that and I will die faster.” She relaxes her head like this. Her eyes watching the golden light of a dome Kutaru conjured around them while he held his commander in his arms. She coughs a few times before looking back into his eyes. “Chaos have me does this hurt. Suppose pain is needed to change the world… no?” 

“Glestel..?” Kutaru holds onto her head, resting his forehead onto hers by leaning over. “Glestel what nonsense are you spouting? I am not letting you die here on me!” 

“Haha.. With what healer? We have powerful magic but not a knowledgeable medic, Kutaru.” Glestel rests a hand onto his cheek. “Will you listen to the last words of this Kazashi?”

Kutaru holds the hand of his commander firmly to his cheek. He stared into those blue eyes of hers and looked around the battlefield. There were a few Kraeka trying to break into his dome but to no avail. He takes a thumb and wipes some of the blood that escaped through Glestel’s mouth when she coughed as if to ignore the blurriness of his vision. He nods once slowly. Then nods a few mores in feverish succession as he breaks down into sobs.

“Kutaru. My strategist. My friend.” Glestel was… glowing. The brightness of the light in her pouring outwards to surround the two of them. Kutaru’s eyes widen at this sight. He begins to protest but is silenced by Glestel continuing. “I bestow upon you every bit of my dream to see this war end. By my powers as a Kazashi.” She coughs for a moment but the aura does as she commands. Such are the powers of the Kazashi, the manipulation of aura. The aura around them spins and spirals into Glestel’s hands. Kutaru feels the surge of energy, it wouldn’t have been the first time Glestel has done this to him after all. However… more aura than he’s used to receiving from the woman poured into him. “By- by my powers as Kazashi. I bestow my aura on you, Kutaru.” The woman in his hands was beginning to pale as the life force of Aura leaves her body, which makes it hard for her to fight back the encroaching death from her mortal wound. Glestel laughs. The laugh is broken and shattered by the coughs that follow soon afterward. “Send them all to the chaos for me. End. This. War.” She smiles one more time for Kutaru, a watery bead cutting through the blood on her face smoothly. “Raio os ont. Respot teh ordres.”

“Raio os ont. Respot teh ordres.” 

Kutaru clutches the body of Glestel as he feels the last bit of her essence flow through him. The river of his grief runs down the face in a brilliant shine as the new amount of power flows through him. The thunder rumbles away into the distance as the one controlling the storm no longer had the aura or energy to withhold it. Kutaru looks up into the sky to see the clouds break open, beams of light crashing through and down onto Glestel. He raises a hand to her eyes to gently pull them shut and sets her body onto the ground. He takes Glestels sword into his hands and stands up with a fresh ferocity in his mind. Around him, the winds swirl in the dome with a mix of various other auras sizzling about him. His body glows in such intensity the vast amount of fighting around him stalls. The dome drops as the light grew even more intense. Kutaru is moving every amount of Aura into his body as a large culmination of Light and in his grief, he is going to eradicate the essence of this war. It begins to swirl around him in his rage and extends outward in intense, destructive light. It chars up the very ground around him and the moment it touched another being they crumbled under its power. The screams of those caught in it couldn’t escape the speed of the light as it expanded rapidly all around and further past the battlefield. Through the entire plains of Metha, it burned a path into the ground of pure destruction. As sudden as it happened… Kutaru’s mind blanked. The light retracted rapidly amidst it’s destruction of this section of the world and Kutaru slumped onto the ground, unconscious.


Around many parts of the world, this explosive light was seen as if the sun had landed on the ground and laid waste to a part of the world. Far in the distance, at the edge of the Kisuragi Desert, stood a girl surrounded in a dark aura. Beside her was the man she pulled away from Metha earlier, though he’s wide awake now and chillingly pale. 

“Nol…. What was that?” He was shaken and looking at the powerful being before him.

“To you? The end of the war. Everything else to be known about that event is irrelevant to you.” Nol turns away from the scene with her stoic eyes looking about.

“Irrelevant? What about my brother?!? What about Glestel??”

“Fret not over them. One is fine. The other…” She glows, revealing a soul she has ensnared. “The other has a purpose for another time. I will tell you no more than that Sakurei. I would go retrieve your brother, however, as the waters will eventually reach him from the crater he made.” 

Sakurei looks between Nol and the forest leading towards Metha with wide-eyed fright. He scowls at Nol for only a brief moment before dashing off into that direction. Nol, of course, watches him and then looks back down at the soul in her hands. The soul of the only friend she had in this world, or at least that’s the word the other beings would call it. Her directive was to watch the battle and make sure it went as planned and yet… No. The Light Kraeka’s words are absolute. However, this soul was something she had a plan for. If the seers of the Light Kraeka were correct then this will not be the last war this land experiences. If that’s the case then Nol will be prepared to see it through. 

She begins to walk deeper into the desert with strings of chaos energy spindling outward to serve the purpose of information gathering. She was going to spin her web, for none will escape this spider’s grasp. 


Submitted: October 31, 2019

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