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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This could happen to almost anyone, but probably won't.

Submitted: November 04, 2019

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Submitted: November 04, 2019



Floyd Jefferson had taken a mean fall and his doctor recommended that he move into a complex for the elderly.

Floyd could do almost everything himself, for himself, even though he was in a wheelchair.

He often thought, "As long as I can reach it, I can handle the task."


However, the apartment complex that the doctor recommended had apartments that were equipped with wheelchair ready showers and bathrooms designed for the handicapped.

Even the little kitchenettes sported counters and sinks that were more suited to wheelchair heights.

So, with a letter from his doctor Floyd was able to secure a small one-bedroom that would fit his budget and his needs.


Floyd's nephew, John, someone Floyd had grown very close to over the past few years, and two of Floyd's younger friends moved all of Floyd's belongings into the new apartment.

His nephew's mother, Floyd's late brother's wife, along with two of her friends, did the rest. And by the time they were done Floyd had a livable space.


Floyd got along great at the senior's apartment complex and made some new friends along the way.

And very often he would go to the small park, which was in the center of the complex. He would go there just to chat with others, or to play checkers or shuffleboard.

Floyd was one of eight in wheelchairs; many others were using walkers, and a good deal were using a Cain, so the handicap issue was never an issue at all; that helped with the fitting in.


John came by Floyd's place to play a game of chess, now and then. Or sometimes he came by to catch a game on the tube, Floyd had all the sports channels that were worth having.

And on just one such occasion John heard the most god-awful noise coming from the apartment next door.

“What the hell is that?” John asked as he put his hands over his ears.

Floyd laughed and replied, “Oh that's Harold, next door. He is taking Clarinet lessons, online, but I’m afraid he’s not doing very well. After about ten minutes of practice he starts cursing and I do believe he's gonna do that instrument harm if he doesn't get any better."John asked, “How do you stand the noise?” Floyd replied, “My hearing isn’t what it used to be so I just turn the TV sound up for awhile. With the TV up and my bad hearing I can easily handle the noise.”

It wasn’t long before the Clarinet noise stopped and and a lot of cursing was heard, then a "Thud" occurred before quiet fell over the area. And the quiet was just in time, too, the game had started.

So both men settled in, to watch the game, with a beer, some chips, and of course, Floyd famous Red-Hot dipping sauce.


About halfway through the first inning John noticed that Floyd paid special attention to an advertisement for "Dogs for the Disabled."

"Look at that," Floyd said, as the advertisement showed all the things the dogs could do.

"Those dogs open refrigerators, helps carry stuff, and some even call 911 if the owner needs help. That's amazing," Floyd stated, as a smile expanded across his face.

"Would you like a dog like that?" John asked.

Floyd shot back with, "Sure! Who wouldn't? But I checked and I could never afford one. All that training takes time, and time is money, so I'm out."


Well, John is a "Can Do" kind of guy, so he checked all the agencies in the area that trained dogs and found what some people might call a, "Bargain-Basement Special."

You see, a veteran's agency had a Golden-Retriever puppy in training, but it just wasn't making the grade.

The almost fully-grown puppy just couldn't handle the emergency phone dialing, a must for this agency's criteria.

Also, the Pup had trouble with a couple of the fetch commands, nothing dangerous, but they could not sell a dog with such defects in its training.

John found out that dogs like this go up for adoption and that the agency charges only minimal fees, mainly for their shots and boarding.

And talk about luck, it seems that John had called at exactly the right moment. If John wanted the dog he had to come get it before the word got out. It seems, even partially trained dogs sell quickly.

When John arrived at Floyd's apartment he said nothing about buying the dog for Floyd's birthday. He just pretended that he was dog-sitting for a friend. That way, if Floyd didn't take to the dog then John would just keep it. After all, who doesn't love a Golden Retriever.


Well, Floyd and the dog took to each other in an instant and it wasn't long before John had to admit to Floyd what he had done.

Floyd was overjoyed! In fact, Floyd named the dog "Champ" right away and he asked John to take him to the pet store so he could stock-up on doggy supplies.


It was a busy time of year for John at his auto-parts store, so he hadn't managed to go to Floyd's apartment in some time.

However, one Sunday presented the opportunity when a big game was on the tube and Floyd asked John over to watch it.John went over there, not just to see the game but to see how Floyd and Champ were getting along.

When John arrived he was surprised to find Floyd trying to train Champ to fetch and asked him what he was training the dog to fetch.

"Sticks," Floyd said, "he just can't manage to understand what stick I'm talking about unless the stick is in my hand and I toss it. But if the stick isn't right where he can see it, well, he doesn't do so good."

"Really," John questioned, "so what is Champ bring back?"

Floyd pointed at the coat-closet and told John to open it.

When John opened the closet he saw six well crafted wooden Cain’s, two golf clubs, and one badly cracked Clarinet.



D. Thurmond / JEFalcon


© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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