Noah Mitchel. 17, highschool senior, loner and bonified member of Emerald Valley Highs geek squad. Enter Gabriel Kate. 18, also a senior, captain of the football team and Emerald Valley Highs biggest jerk. What is it in the end? A relationship or a disaster?

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Noah daydreamed in class. Alot. Fistful of hair in his hand, eye's focused on absolutely nothing at all. He was a dreamer. He'd l... Read Chapter


"You joining the chess club this year?" Noah shrugged. "I don't know there was barely anyone in it last year. Are you doing it?" ... Read Chapter


Gabriel. Gabriel. Gabriel fucking Kate. Noah grabbed at his hair in frustration and pushed his plate away. He was so done f... Read Chapter


  Noah's first six period's of the day went by fairly smoothly. In English they watched a movie, Othello, the original play... Read Chapter


  Noah slung his book back over his shoulder and kissed his mom goodbye. His dad was already at work but he'd said goodbye to hi... Read Chapter


Walking into class Noah looked around and couldn't find Gabriel of whom he hadn't seen or heard all day which was strange because he usua... Read Chapter

Self Worth

The first floor bathroom next to the cafeteria was where Noah ended up. He wasn't crying but he was on the floor and also very near to te... Read Chapter


The end of lunch was winding down. Noah made his way out to somewhere he almost never went, the football field, where he watched the othe... Read Chapter

Work Ethic

Noah was so excited when he went home he could hardly stand it. His mother questioned him about it and he lied and told her he thought he... Read Chapter


Four day's passed without them scheduling an after school meeting for the project and Noah was starting to get anxious. They hadn't even ... Read Chapter


When Noah got home later on that afternoon his mom was there by herself. "Where's dad?" He asked. "Out getting pizza." He nod... Read Chapter


Noah paced back and forth between the living room and the kitchen. It was Tuesday, 5:30 P.M. The project was due tomorrow and today w... Read Chapter


They sat down in the kitchen side by side and Noah glanced over nervously. He still couldn't believe that he had Gabriel in his house rig... Read Chapter


Noah's pencil tapped against the table in sporadic click's. A.P. Government had to be the worst class he'd ever taken and quite possi... Read Chapter

Early Arrivers

All four boy's met up directly after school. They stood together in the front of the building with their cell phone's and bag's. Noa... Read Chapter


The first thing that told Noah it was gonna be a packed house was when they got back to the school building and the parking lot was alrea... Read Chapter

character photos

This is my depiction of what the Geek Squad look's like. Hope they fit what you've been imagining!
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Prime Time

The stadium was packed. Up above the sky was a riot. Various hue's of pink and red and orange as the sun began its descent below the hori... Read Chapter

Play Call

The Tiger's kicking team were lined up on their ten, the giant's down at their twenty minus their punt returner, Drew Crosby, who was dow... Read Chapter

Night Light

The second quarter rolled around followed by a short halftime and then the third. By the time the fourth quarter came to be the Tiger... Read Chapter


The weekend rolled around and Noah did pretty much nothing except on Sunday he went over Carter's house to play COD after the other boy r... Read Chapter


At lunch Noah made it a point to sit down on the bleachers and wait for Gabriel. He got there so early that the football player's wer... Read Chapter


"Mom Gabriel's coming over tomorrow to work on the project."  Noah tapped his foot sporadically on the linoleum of the kitchen f... Read Chapter


Noah eyed his phone where it lie on the other side of the bed and groaned. Man why did he have to be such a loser? What would Gabriel... Read Chapter


Noah entered AP government and stopped just before he reached the row's of desk's.  "What?" He muttered. In the second to la... Read Chapter


Noah brought his book and paper's down where Gabriel was waiting in the kitchen.  Clarisse and Charlie had left a half hour earl... Read Chapter

Group Fun

"So she told you yesterday that she wanted to meet with us?"  "Yeah" Noah said. "It was really weird. She just came up and asked... Read Chapter


'Where the fuck are you? We're supposed to be working with partner's today and I'm by my fucking self because you decided not to show the... Read Chapter


Monday rolled around and then Tuesday and Noah felt as good as if he'd never been sick a day in his life. He came to school to some g... Read Chapter


Noah waited until after school to go over Carter's house to play basketball. The boy had a hoop on the curb and a brand new ball his ... Read Chapter

Bleacher Boy's

Let's go Tiger's! Let's go!  Let's go Tiger's! Let's go! Noah, with Jake and Carter in tow went up the bleachers and found t... Read Chapter


To Noah's surprise and to the general surprise of the rest of the fan's on the bleachers, the Raven's put up a pretty good fight what wit... Read Chapter

The Boy's

On Saturday Noah stayed in bed until twelve. He eventually got up, showered and dressed but only because he was scheduled to go to the ma... Read Chapter


After leaving Footlocker the boy's began making their way to the other store's surrounding them. Pacsun was first what with Carter really... Read Chapter


Noah walked through the school corridor with his head down and his hand's shoved into his pocket's. He was so tired he could of just drop... Read Chapter


Lunch was okay, nothing special. The boy's sat at their usual table with the girl's and chatted away while working on homework and making... Read Chapter


  The day was Thursday. Outside the sky was gloomy and dark. The first half of the day was exactly how it always was, confusing,... Read Chapter


Warning- This Chapter contains explicit content. If you are not comfortable reading please skip this and wait for the next chapter :)
Read Chapter


It was pretty obvious that Gabriel wanted to talk to him. From the way he looked at him in class and the way he eyed him from afar but No... Read Chapter

Helping Hand's

Noah woke up to the sound of the TV blasting downstairs. He felt around the bed for his phone and then read the time. 12:37. Groaning... Read Chapter


Lol I've been pushing out these chapters really quickly. I don't know if you guy's like that or not, but the idea's just keep coming and I need to get them out before I forget them so :~)
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This one's kind of a long one but...bear with me people, I think it's worth it. :)
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The rest of Saturday passed and Sunday as well. Noah spent his free time within them trying to forget Saturday as a whole, but while his ... Read Chapter


  Chemistry was a breeze. He and Gabriel turned in their completed project together and thankfully the other boy didn't bring up... Read Chapter


Wendy's thankfully wasn't packed. Noah was grateful. He didnt want to be late getting back even if he did have a study hal... Read Chapter

Rules and Regulations

  The day was Thursday. Wednesday Noah and the rest of the student body were off from school because of the teacher's needs for ... Read Chapter


"So this is the one and only." Mark took a seat across from Noah and Gabriel and Noah moved his stuff to accommodate him.&n... Read Chapter


I am so lost on this right now it's insane. Like there's a certain place I want this story to be but I feel like I'm dragging it out to much if that makes sense. There's just a lot of bases to
cover. Bear with me please I'm almost there :)
Read Chapter


The two team's made their entrances from their respective side's. Testing the video capacity during the kickoff Noah quickly found out th... Read Chapter


"Bean. Bean wake up. Wake up." Noah opened his eye's and blinked sleepily.  "What?" On the right side of the room the cu... Read Chapter


Noah closed the door behind them and watched Gabriel as the boy circulated around his room eyeing the wall's and his various belongings. ... Read Chapter


Charlie came back around four thirty to watch the game and Gabriel left to go to work around five. The send out was akward but only ... Read Chapter


Just started school again from winter break so chapter's might be coming a little later in the day, just a little heads up :) #seniorseason
Read Chapter


Contrary to popular belief, Noah didn't see Gabriel in government. He didn't because the fourty five minute class was replaced in full wi... Read Chapter


The next day he took Carter's advice. He didn't text Gabriel, didn't look at him, didn't make a move to find him. He kept to himself, kep... Read Chapter

Sky Blue

I'm probably more excited than you guys at this point, lol, but no seriously this is moving along just the way I want it to and I'm really happy! There have been some delays but it's mostly because
of school and the fact that sometimes my mind blanks and I have no idea what to write but anyways thank you guy's and looking forward to putting out the next chapter!
Read Chapter


In the morning Noah got dressed and practically ran to get to Carter's house even though the other boy was already out the door and on hi... Read Chapter


  The first thing Noah noticed when he walked into Chemistry was the glaring absence of Gabriel's presence. He shrugge... Read Chapter


Noah followed Carter and Jake around the building and down to meet the girl's. Today, it seemed the cafeteria was more packed than usual.... Read Chapter


There's a reference to a show near the end of the chapter called "Jimmy Neutron" that used to come on. For those of you who don't know the main character, Jimmy, is really smart, like genius level
and his friend, Sheen, is significantly less intelligent so that's what that's all about. :)
Read Chapter

The Help

We've officially hit 3k!!!! Thankyou all for the support. This chapter's kind of a long one so bear with me :) and please...don't be afraid to comment, let me know if there's something you'd like
to see or something you notice! ^_^
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Noah was joined by all of the other's during his study hall after lunch. Jake and Connor had the same study hall as him but the other's d... Read Chapter


Ok so just to let you guy's know I have no idea how bass guitar work's, lol, forgive me, and another thing, sometimes this website glitches or something and some word's appear lighter than others
so I don't think you can see it in dark mode :( but anyways thanks for reading, enjoy! :)
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This is a long one folks :)
Read Chapter


The group met back up at the center of the mall at five thirty with Joseph and Paula being the last pair to find their way back... Read Chapter


Warning- This chapter contains Explicit Content. If you do not wish to read please go down until you see the sentence, "Noah paused and for a moment was... confused" and then stop there.

Also...down below are the links to the two song's that were playing during this chapter just in case you wanted to give them a listen :)

1. 2.
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It's funny I post these chapters late even though I have no life ^_^ anyways sorry for the lateness, enjoy! :-)
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On Wednesday Noah made plan's to meet up with Elizabeth during lunch on Thursday. They'd go down to the choir room and do a run-through t... Read Chapter


Below is a link to the rhythm Noah comes up with if you'd like to give it a listen... :)

Also does anyone know whether or not bookie allows you to go past 100 chapter's? Ive searched all over and can't find the answer :(
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Ride Along

Soooo sorry for the lateness you guy's. I literally got the biggest case of writer's block ever :( I'll make sure to be prompt from now on ;-), scouts honor.

P.S. we've hit 4k!!!!(+_+)
Read Chapter


On Monday, Noah got the call that he'd gotten the job. His parents were estatic and so was he. His frst ever job since the internship did... Read Chapter


Once again I apologise for the extreme lateness. There's a lot of good things I'm trying to work out with this story right now and if I was to put out a chapter every day you'd be getting straight
garbage and no one wants that :( Thank you for being patient with me as I seem to have gotten out of this dry spell. Next chapter coming soon! :)
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Eleven fourty five is really not the move anymore :( but that's okay we'll figure it out :)
Read Chapter


Noah chose to wear pink.  Last Christmas his Grandma on his mother's side, Eileen, whom he called Nana, had gotten him a pink tu... Read Chapter

The Night

Warning- Explicit Content
Read Chapter

Star Boy

I don't mean to complain but I am furious :( I wrote this chapter TWICE. And I accidentally deleted it TWICE. But anyways enjoy the chapter :) sorry for the rant.
Read Chapter


Sorry this one's kind of short :( but it's ok it'll get better I promise :) Happy belated Valentine's day to you all and congrats we've reached 5k!!!!
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They ended up picking Berserk.  It was a two mile long outdoor horror maze located on the outskirts of Cincinnati. It was open f... Read Chapter


Noah held tight to Gabriel's hand and allowed himself to be pulled deeper into the maze. The fog was thicker than it'd seemed from the ou... Read Chapter


Aaannnnnddd... we're back from the world's longest case of writer's block! For those of you still here, thank you for holding on so long and for those of you who have left or forgotten, believe me
I understand I wouldn't have made it that long either :)
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Fall Apart

The ride to Gabriel's house was done with the windows down. The air was growing colder now that fall was passing but not cold enough that... Read Chapter


Warning- Explicit Content
Read Chapter


Sorry for the lateness! Internship was crazy today :(
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Minor warning for homophobic language.
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Not gonna lie I'm feeling pretty good about this book. I've had my fair share of moments, trust me, where I've thought that it was straight garbage we are :)

Warning: Explicit Content
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On Wednesday both Noah and Gabriel decided to go into work early at two o'clock instead of the usual four. Mark was there, along with the... Read Chapter


On Thursday Noah found himself in Clidesdale Park with Connor for company. They'd gone home for a couple of hours each and then Conno... Read Chapter


Noah's birthday dinner was on the day before his birthday instead of the day of. It was partly because of scheduling and partly because s... Read Chapter


Man it has never been this hard for me to stick to something but I'm gonna get through this somehow I just know it! :))
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