The Captain

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 12 (v.1) - Arrival

Submitted: November 08, 2019

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Submitted: November 08, 2019



Noah paced back and forth between the living room and the kitchen.

It was Tuesday, 5:30 P.M. The project was due tomorrow and today was the day Gabriel would be coming over to help him. Noah bit his lip and pulled anxiously at his hair, the black strand's fell down limply in front of his face and he pushed them away. The plan was that his parent's would stay until Gabriel showed up and then once they'd met with him they'd go out on their date and be gone till eight. If thing's went as planned they'd be done with the project in at least an hour and a half and the other boy would be gone before they came back.

Noah was worried though. He was worried sick.

Gabriel had said that one of the rule's was that he didn't have to stay till after six, but it was a half hour till six now and he couldn't possibly think they'd complete the project in twenty minute's. I mean was he even coming? Noah opened his phone and let his finger hover over the call button. The only communication they'd had was the day before when he'd sent the text asking for Noah's address.

He jumped when Clarisse put a hand on his shoulder. She had her hair curled up and was wearing a red dress and wedge's.

"You look nice mom" he commented and she slapped his shoulder and squeezed it.

"Well you know I have to get a little fancy. It's not like we go out very often."

Noah rolled his eye's.

They went out just about every week at least once and sometimes on the weekend's but on those days they took Noah with them. Usually he didn't want to go but Clarisse would make him go anyways saying he had to spend sometime in place's outside of the house and his room. Carter's house was included in that. Speaking of Carter, the other boy's parents were on their way back from Costa Rica and would probably be back tomorrow. Carter had wanted to hang out after school but Noah had had to cancel of course due to his project.

"Bean, relax" Clarisse said softly.

She squeezed his shoulder again and he let his arm's hang limply down at his side's.

"He'll be here, he's just a little late."

 Sure he is. "Yeah mom, I know. I just want to get this project done."

"Yeah. I know how stressful it can be. Senior year and all. When's picture day?"

"October 18th."

"Oh well that's still pretty far away. Remind me when the day comes so I can order them."

Noah laughed. "Why are you even so worried? We still have senior portrait's to do too."

"Well I missed it and didn't get them last year and this is your last year so I want to make sure I have them. I want it to be on the card for your graduation party."

Noah scoffed and went to the window. He pulled the curtain back and peeked out at the empty driveway. "Mom that's so far away. We're not even past first quarter yet.

 "Yeah but this year is gonna go by really fast for you."

Charlie came down the stairs still folding the cuff's of his shirt. He had on black slacks, dress shoe's and a red polo. He looked nice. He looked happy. Noah was happy for him.

"Yeah, I know."

His eye's floated back to the driveway where a black Lexus with tinted window's was rolling up slow. Noah had no idea Gabriel drove. I mean he was a senior and based on his outward appearance he had money but it was still kind of a shocker. Plus that was a nice ass car. He blew a raspberry and sighed out of happiness and relief. "He's here." 

The knock on the door came.

Noah had to physically restrain himself from telling his parent's not to be wierd. When he answered Gabriel stood there leaning up against the wood of the doorframe. He was wearing another tracksuit, this one grey and white and had nothing with him from the look's of it besides his phone and his car/house key's which were in his hand. Noah noticed his hair, it was pulled back into a ponytail but was also slightly wet, like he'd just gotten out of the shower. It made it look even brighter than usual. Made him look even brighter than usual.

"I know I'm late" the boy said in greeting. "I had to go home and change first."

Noah stuttered and cursed himself. "I-its fine. Come in."

Gabriel stepped over the threshold and Noah shut the door behind him. "These are my parent's" he said shyly. "Mr and Mrs-"

"Mitchel" Gabriel finished.

He stepped up to them confidently and held his hand out to Charlie. "The name's Gabriel." He said then added as an afterthought, "sir."

He and Charlie shook. The handshake was firm. Gabriel moved to Clarissa and shook with her as well then complimented her on her outfit.

"Why thank you!" She said blushing. "Such a nice boy."

"So what type of stuff do you do?" Charlie asked and Noah turned away. They'd said they wanted to meet Gabriel and leave not stand in the living room and play twenty question's.

"Uh, I play football for the school" the boy said. "I'm the Captain."

Both of Noah's parent's exclaimed loudly. "The Captain?" Charlie said. "Well I'll be. Congratulations. What position?"

"Quarterback and thanks."

Charlie patted him on the back and nodded. "That's good, real good. Maybe you can teach Noah some stuff about sport's. Lord knows he doesn't get outside."

Noah blushed.

Clarisse grabbed Charlie's arm and squeezed it. "Honey you're embarrassing our son in front of his friend."

Charlie shrugged and put his hand's in the air. "It's the truth."

He cleared his throat and stood tall. "Well it was nice meeting you Gabriel. I'll leave you guy's alone so you can get started on this project. Wouldn't want you to be here all night."

He shook Gabriel's hand again and nodded in Noah's direction. "Alright, we're out. We'll be back around eight."


They bade Gabriel goodnight and then left. Noah looked at the other boy who let his eye's wander around the front foyer and nodded before locking eye's with him.

"No wonder you have so much time on your hand's" he snorted. "You never get out the house."

Noah winced and led him into the kitchen. "Shut up, he was just joking."

Gabriel looked him up and down and smirked and Noah almost fainted. "No the hell he wasn't." 

© Copyright 2020 B. A. Anderson. All rights reserved.


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