The Hollow Creek Road

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Hello, this is a short chapter, because I am super tired. Anyways I hope you like it, also do you think the girl is the one who was calling her? Do you think that she is Creator, by her blonde

Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Call

Submitted: November 08, 2019

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Submitted: November 08, 2019



Her phone rang through out the rest of her classes, the same number over and over. She kept declining, but it didn’t work, she finally answered “What do you want?” Cali yelled harshly into the phone, the answer was surprising “I want to play a game, but I need your help” they said, their voice shaking. She replied “I’m sorry, but I don’t help DUMB kids that think it’s FUNNY to prank call someone who is BUSY!” hanging, she threw her phone in her backpack. Cali covered her face as her phone rang again, screaming into her hands she swooped the phone out of the backpack, and without looking at the number, she answered it and screamed “STOP CALLING THIS NUMBER!” her mother answered “H-hunny, this is your mother….” her voice shaking, frightened from the yelling “Ah, sorry mum. There are these stupid kids that keep prank calling me.” A tall girl watched her from a far, Cali glanced over. The girl turned around and covered her face, walking behind a wall, the only thing visible was her hair slowly disappearing behind the wall

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