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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Some Poetry.

Table of Contents


Words of wonder, Fear, excitement and bliss.   Flying, falling, Screaming, roaring.   Sharp as a pinpri... Read Chapter

Right Here, Right Now

Right here, Right now.   Sat at home, In a musical cloud.   Spending every day at the college I love, ... Read Chapter

That Feeling

“You’ll find them eventually” So easy to say when you know it’s true for you and those around you. Of course it’s true.... Read Chapter

Pain Makes You Stronger

It hurts. It’s something you never want to experience again. You learn how to control it.   It causes rage in your... Read Chapter

If I May Be Naive Enough To Say

If I may, If I may be naive enough to say, Be the rock and let yourself be engulfed by the waves.   I heard a story ... Read Chapter

A Day

Cold. Cold and crisp is the air that wisps around my face.   Bored. Bored is the word as the tape runs on.   Aw... Read Chapter


Slowly, slowly protecting every drop, Quiet and meek echo their feet, Quiet fills the air for the hunger is prowling.   ... Read Chapter

To My Dearest Josh

To my dearest Josh, I regret to inform you that the meeting you so delicately arranged has been cancelled at the request of your part... Read Chapter

Dear Head Examiner

Dear head examiner, sir, I am sorry for the pain.   To start I begin with yours, In the length of this day. I am... Read Chapter

Dear Email Bastards

Dear email bastards, I have been receiving a fair amount of emails, until recently that have all been useful that I have chosen to ac... Read Chapter

George O'Riley

There was a tiny door some did say, There was a man on the motorway, There was a car abandoned at the side of the road one day, ... Read Chapter


There once was a 20 year old women called Jessie, She rode an untamed Scottish horse named Nessie.   She performed in Ro... Read Chapter


There he sits in his hunters robe, A monstrous grin etched onto his face. ~ The bloodied hand raises up, Rifle in it's gr... Read Chapter

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