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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

this is the story of pudgy our little dog that thought he was human, and his funny antics. Hopefully this story will help you to understand a bond between a person and their dog. Dogs give us so much and ask so little in return.


At night when I would crawl into bed, he would crawl in next to me, head to head, back to back.  I would feel his small body next to mine.  He would stretch out and sleep next to me the whole night, until dawn, when he would feel me stir and when I turned over, there he was with those big brown eyes.

They called him “Fat Boy”….OK, so he was a little rotund, like a small ball of black and white fluff.  But “Fat Boy”?

When I first saw this small puppy he was this round bundle of energy.  I could barely hold him still, but I knew at that moment that he was mine, or would be mine, if they let me have him.  It took some sweet-talking to his then parents, who weren’t sure who I was.  But my best friend lived across the street from them and explained how we just lost our other dog and what a wonderful home we would give him.  So, they let me adopt him and he became part of our family.  But first, we had to give him a new name.


I would put him in a laundry basket when he got a little too rambunctious, and he seemed content there in his little basket with his blanket and his toys.  But not for very long, then he would tumble all over the house.  More like waddle – really!  A little black and white bundle of fur that you just wanted to reach down and grab all the time.

 Teaching him how to go upstairs was funny, you had to give his little bottom a push over each step and then we had to make sure he could get down the stairs without tumbling down each one. It made you laugh just to see him try and maneuver the stairs, but he did it in a very short time.  Although he did have a few tumbles before he got it right.

Pudgy was black and white and had the softest fur, so the first thing we did was to re-name him “Pudgy”, which suited him a lot better.  And he got to understand his name very quickly.  So Pudgy, he became!

This wonderful ball of fluff was such a delightful dog.  He enjoyed life so much and everyone around him.  He had a little stuffed toy that he would carry around the house and when he went outside, he would bring it out and gently lay it on the ground and then, when he was ready to come back in, he would pick it up and gently lay it on his bed. 

Pudgy also loved jelly beans, and when he heard the gum ball machine (where we kept the jelly beans), he would run over to it and beg for a jelly bean.  Then he would quietly eat one or two or more!  Just the sound of the gum ball machine and the jelly beans hitting the glass and he would come running from where ever he was.  He would literally jump onto my husband’s lap and try to take a jelly bean out of his mouth.  Maybe we should have named him “Jelly Bean”!

But more than anything else Pudgy loved to ride in the car. When he was a small puppy I would put him in his laundry basket and put the basket on the floor of the front seat of the car and we would go for a ride.  When he got older he rode in the passenger seat of the car and he would always lean on the arm rest between us. ( We have had many dogs in our life, but we have never had a dog that did that, but then there were many things that Pudgy did that other dogs never did).  Pudgy was a great companion, because he always talked to me as I was driving.  I would say something and he would answer me…. Well in his own way of course.

Oh, how  Pudgy loved the lights, any kind of lights, he was fascinated by them .  He loved it when Christmas rolled around and we would drive around and look at the lights. But if the truth be known, Pudgy  just loved being in the car.One day I opened up the car door and he jumped in and wouldn’t get out until we went for a little ride.  OK, so I spoiled him a little, well maybe more than a little.

We had a summer place on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire and this was one of Pudgy’s favorite places to go to.  On our way to the lake we would always stop at a McDonalds and get two orders – a cheeseburger for each of us, a small coffee ice-cream shake and a small order of fries.  Then we would share this treat as we drove to the lake.  We did this a couple of times a month and he loved McDonald’s. 

 One day I drove through the McDonalds drive-through and decided the line was too long and decided to go elsewhere.Pudgy jumped in the back seat, looked out the back window and started to cry!!!  He carried on so, that I turned the car around and went back to McDonalds….. this would have made a great tv commercial for McDonalds.“Dog loves McDonalds so much that Burger King just won’t do!!!!”

Pudgy loved the lake as well.  Our place was directly on the lake, so we had a beach and a boat dock where we kept our boat tied up.  It was a beautiful spot with views that went on forever, the water, the islands and the mountains.  We could walk to the small town that had an ice cream shop, a hardware store, a grocery store and a wonderful bakery.  The town dock also were within walking distance, so this was the perfect place to be on the lake with a wonderful sandy beach an outside fireplace and a wonderful tree by the fireplace for shade.  Our place overlooked all of this and we felt to very fortunate to have it. 

As you know Pudgy loved to ride in the car, but he also loved to ride in  the row boat, and the minute the row boat was  ready to go into the water,  he would jump in and wait for someone to pull it out into the lake.  Then he would sit in the bow of the boat and be “The Captain” of our little boat.We had a power boat as well, but the row boat was Pudgy’s  favorite!He had his little life jacket on and just sat there so proud in the bow of the boat. 

For someone who was so short and hefty, he was long but with very short legs.  His beautiful black and white body of fur was so soft and snugly.Pudgy was also very smart and he could be the most delightful little dog, but at times very obnoxious,  especially if he wanted something that was on the dinner table and he wasn’t allowed to try a little bit of it.  But then not everyone is perfect!

There was a time when we were having work done on our main house and we were going to be gone overnight and our carpenter said he would keep an eye on Pudge and make sure he was tucked in for the night.  When we came back the next day the carpenter said he let Pudge out, but forgot about him and the next morning the neighbor found Pudge in her dog’s house.  He somehow convinced this really large dog, that he should sleep outside while Pudge slept nice and warm inside his house.  Probably the power of persuasion!

Another time I couldn’t find Pudge anywhere, and I looked and looked, drove all around looking for him.  I looked everywhere and I couldn’t find him!  I was so upset, I was in tears and I was heartbroken.  For some reason after looking for hours, I went into the bathroom and pulled aside the shower curtain and there he was in the tub, fast asleep.  (It was warm that day and we didn’t have air conditioning, so maybe he wasn’t so dumb after all.) For us dog lovers, losing your “fur baby is devasting!”

 Pudgy also had Brownie, our senior Golden Retriever to keep him company, and she became like a mother to him.  She was 10 years old when Pudgy came into her life and one day he was too much for her, so she bit him on the nose.  But that didn’t stop him from loving her.  He loved Brownie until the day she went to heaven  when Pudgy was five years old and then he cried for hours.

Dogs are like people or sometimes even better than people, they give you everything and total devotion.  They don’t care what color you are, what your religion is, they only care if you are good to them and treat them right and love them like they should be loved.Dogs, should be loved, and cared for; after all they can’t really take care of themselves.  If you are gentle and loving to them, they will be the same way to you.They will love you forever, and be your best friend.Pudgy was my best friend!

If you have never had a dog that you love like a family member, it may be hard for you to understand what Pudgy meant to us.  He was our little boy, our small furry child.  His antics were wonderful, he was playful and funny and talkative.  He was so proud and so sweet.  He loved his toys and his walks, but he lived for his rides and the lake.  There was something about the lake that Pudgy just couldn’t get enough of.Maybe it was the freedom he felt he had, although one night he did fall off the boat dock, which was really funny.  It startled all of us.  Especially Pudgy, as I don’t think he expected to go tumbling into the water in the dark.But, we pulled him out right away, dried him off and he was fine.  He never was one for swimming in the lake, but the row boat and sunning himself on the soft white sandy beach was another story.  He could do both for hours on end.

Pudgy was such a great friend and companion, he was so soft and cuddly and I loved waking up next to him in bed….I know some people may go….how awful.  But it was delightful, this soft warm body next to yours. 

Pudgy left this world when he was only 6 years old, he had a complicated back problem that surgery couldn’t repair, so we made the excruciating decision to let him go over the rainbow bridge to heaven.He is there now with Brownie, the only doggie mom he remembered and truly loved.  But, Pudgy will be in our hearts forever, he has a special place there that will be loved and adored.Yet, we are still sad when we think of him, but he gave us so much pleasure in our life that is gold.

Submitted: November 08, 2019

© Copyright 2020 sweetseasons. All rights reserved.

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