Red Cloak

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A young girl named Lily, lived with her grandmother in a small town. After a few years has passed, there comes Lily's eleventh birthday. She received a red cloak from her grandmother, and never took it off. On her thirteenth birthday, she goes outside by herself, she encounters a creature she would never forget and worst of all, has an incident with it.

Submitted: November 08, 2019

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Submitted: November 08, 2019



Lily was a sweet little girl who lived with her grandmother in a small town called: “Hey Diddle Diddle”. She would always help grandma bake cookies and clean dishes. Her mother Irene, is a busy woman and can’t watch over her. So that is why Lily lives with her grandma.

 A year came around in the cold crispy fall, and Lily’s eleventh birthday was coming near. Outside, her grandmother called to Lily and had three presents. In one, was a nice purple hair brush that matched with Lily’s vanity. In the second gift, was brown flat heeled boots that Lily could wear during the fall and right now. In the very last gift…..was a red cloak with a red hood. It suited Lily with her dark brown hair so perfectly that she never took it off.

As Lily turned thirteen, she decided to go adventuring by herself on her birthday. She grabbed her red cloak and headed out. Lily wondered around her small town until she saw a big tree with a large dark gray door. “Why is there such a door on a tree?” Lily said to herself curiously. She knocked three times, but no one answered. Just as Lily was about to leave, suddenly she caught a glimpse of a creature by a dusty window boarded onto the tree. Lily screamed and ran home as she discovered who it was- the wanted killer wolf.

When Lily arrived home, she saw something unusual. Her grandmother would be cooking at this hour, but it seems that no one is around. She crept upstairs and saw her grandma on the bed with small wolf-fish ears…”Grandma..?” Lily said quietly. She tugged off the hood of her red cloak. Her “grandmother” looked at her coldly on the couch and asked, “Come closer dear. I’m too sick to get up.” Lily comes closer, and just as she stopped for a closer look at her grandmother- a paw suddenly appeared from under the covers and slashed Lily’s left eye! Lily screamed in pain and fell to the floor. She tried to get up but couldn’t. In the corner of her eye, she saw her real grandmother in an open closet- dead. Lily realized now that the ears on her “grandma” was the wolf’s ears! “How did he get here so quickly?!” Lily screamed in her mind. Just then, the wolf- came down and tore off a face mask that looked exactly like grandma.

 The wolf rolled Lily over to her back and stabbed her many, many, many times until she was just a soulless corpse. Blood was splattered all over the place and..was perfectly red matched with Lily’s red cloak. “What shall I do with this body now?” The wolf wonders to himself. He thought of a place high in the forest’s cliff and started to drag Lily to a sacred ground and put her body under a huge cross, and left. Little did he know, the sacred grounds used to be a witchcraft ritual hangout where witches do spells...and whoever is placed under it will be revived from the dead and placed with evil, revenge, cold hearted, and soulless.

Soon came a slight sob underneath the cross. It was Lily. Her red bloodied red cloak remained still on her, she was also turned to the cross, unable to see her face. The sun was beginning to set. “My grandmother- where is she..? I went home...and saw a creature..! Where-..? Grandma..?” She paused for a minute, then laughed evilly. “I remember everything now...EVERYTHING!!!!” Lily screamed aloud. “Wolf, wolf, took my grandmother away from me..and’s your turn to feel pain..” Lily said creepily once again. She turned around- and there was her face, bloody, scarred, and red eyed. “Wait for me wolf...I’ll be there in a what you do all the time….” 

She started to sing a very, very creepy song- in a creepy soft voice. “Are you afraid of the big bad wolf..? Big bad wolf..? Big bad wolf..? Are you afraid of the big bad wolf..? Yes, the big bad wolf…” (Song similar to London Bridge). Lily’s bloody red cloak hood was covering most of her face as she ran out of the dark forest to the wolf’s hideout. She knocked once, twice, and a third time. The wolf came down from the tree and took a peek through the window. “Eh? It’s that girl again? Does she have a sister? Maybe! I’ll let her in.” The wolf thought to himself. “EHM! Come in dear!~” The wolf made a grandmother-y voice. “Of course..grandma…” Lily replied back in an unusual voice. The wolf layed in bed with the same face mask while Lily was in the corner staring at the wall…. “Dear, why don’t you stand next to me so I can see your lovely face.” The fake grandmother wolf said in a sweet voice. “Are you sure grandma? I don’t want you to be afraid or anything…” Lily said creepily. “Of course! Now come here!” Wolf said impatiently. “If you say so…” Lily responded again- creepy. She walked over to the wolf and faced away from the bed. “Turn your head around dear.” The wolf said. Lily turned around and smiled widely. She was holding a sharp knife in her hand. “OH MY! It’s you?! How- How..?!” The wolf yelled in terror.

Lily laughed and laughed evilly. “You will now face the pain you caused years and years ...that is- death…!” She smiled creepily once again and stabbed the wolf countless times-! Until everything was bloody. Lily left the place and sang quietly down the sidewalk. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf..? Big bad wolf..? Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf..? Don’t worry cause I’ve taken care of things…..” There are now rumors about Lily. If you see a young girl with a red cloak- singing, means that she’s back to take revenge on all the evil generation wolves every single fall. 

No one knows about Lily or if she’s dead , nor her mother Irene. The folks say that something terrible could've happened to her mother after the wolf incident.. But most of all, they still wonder if Lily is actually now immortal. The town folks still does not know about the cross and witchcraft hangout location..

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