The Dark Web

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is about a college student named John. He explored something that no one should have explored. Will he make out alive?
WARNING: It's violent

Submitted: November 08, 2019

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Submitted: November 08, 2019



The Dark Web…

I'm John, a college student at “weston University” it’s popular to be on the dark web so I always thought it was scary. . . . . but now I don’t want anything to do with technology now, let me tell you my story.

One day once I got my new laptop I decided to try this “dark web”.

So I had one of my classmates come over and help me set it up.

He put me on “tour” it’s an add on to protect me from most hackers.

Once I was on I started browsing, it was mostly shut down and abandoned

Sites so I started to randomly click until I stumbled into a chat room. . .

The people on the call were talking about how they killed people as the ones in the chat were cheering them on, but one of them; “unculture86” sent pics in the chat of a little girl.. She was beaten, bloodied, and killed. The chat was still cheering him on, i made the worst mistake of my life. I typed in the chat “you guys are SICK!!” and I left the chat room.

After I left the dark web I shut my laptop and went to a friend's house to get it off my mind, until I got a text from my mom “home now, 911!” I left his house and ran home to call my mom she said it wasn’t her. I got another text this time with no name, not even unknown number it stated “check your laptop” I ran to my laptop and looked, it was back on the dark web. Chills ran down my spine as “unculture86” was following me on it, he texted me “tell anyone your next” he sent more pictures of the little girl. I slammed the laptop and went to sleep. I heard my closet creak, I saw a shadow and called the cops but when the came no one was their, just a bunny mask like his icon. The cops told me to go to a friend’s house until this all blows over and so I went to my friend jake’s house, he’s pretty nice and caring for the most part. I thought I was safe; wrong.


A couple of days later I got the same text with no title “check your laptop” I ignored it another popped up “NOW”. I dropped my phone and ran to my laptop and opened it, I was in a chat call with “unculture86” he was wearing the same bunny mask I found in my closet. His deep voice was rattling and skin crawling “look out the window” I turned my head to the closest window to me. A man was against a navy blue black tinted van with a laptop, he looked up and waved and spoke “I see I got your attention.” I was petrified and I yelled “LEAVE ME ALONE-” then stopped. He went live, there was a boy he was so clueless of what was going on a man in the bunny mask was sneaking behind him. I was shaking as he taped him down to the table, he took a hammer and smashed his hand until it was a mangled mess and took a pocket knife and slowly cut him. I called the cops as he drilled his head, I was crying so hard I didn’t notice the texts I got from everyone. He sent the livestream to everyone I know. When the police came they had to explain to everyone it wasnt me and I was hacked, the people who texted me those things quickly apologized. We had police stay at the house keeping control on who goes in and out and what time they did, I finally thought I was safe.


 Days gone by and I got another text from what I think is uncultre86 “you have a small surprise, look around, try to find it” I ran around my house as I got texts saying “hot” or “cold” I was shaking. When I went into my room it smelled like rotten flesh or body, I opened the closet. It was the boy on the stream he left it to frame me. Jake had apparently called the cops on me, they took me into custody then court next week. I pleaded and cried to the judge “IT WASN’T ME IT, WASN'T I PROMISE” then I looked over to the window, it was the same man that was out of my house window with the van. He framed me, the dark web ruined my life. This is the last of my sanity so please, don't be like me and make the dumbest mistake in the world by going on the darkest and most dangerous thing on the internet. So as I rot in this cell writing this and if you found it I hope you can tell this story and stop these twisted people.

-John Williams 


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