The Cement Cage

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A girl lost in a world with only her thoughts to save her.




I will play a game today. 


The little girl says to herself as she stretches her arms above her toward the cement sky. 


Today I am a butterfly. 


Her golden hair falls over her shoulders in a river of tangles. Her cheeks are apples, rising like the mountains’ summit. 


I will fly! 


Twirling in circles, her bare feet dirty and calloused, she can ignore the black and blue of her arms for the moment. Right now, she is soaring through the clouds, the wind against her skin.


Tomorrow I will turn into a princess, my gown ritzy pink.


Just like that, the smile begins to drop off her face. The beautiful wings she grew from her cocoon rip in half. She hears the pounding of footfalls getting near, the sound of cacophony eating its way toward her. 


Her frail bones shake in their sheet.


The beating of her heart is music like a tachycardic rabbit revisiting the verge of death.


The sweat pouring from her makes wine like fresh rain as it slithers down her once beauteous face. 


Without thought, she rushes over to her dank bed, sitting down on the uncomfortable springs that nearly come through the mattress. 


She now pretends that she is a porcelain doll that sits elegantly upon her shelf. 


A pretty display she is to entertain.


She has learned to master the art of stillness.


She doesn’t blink as the door to her room creaks open.


Her mind begins spinning a whimsical tale of a valiant knight and a towering black dragon.

It’s easy to envision a blue sky. A blue so pure that not one human on this earth would ever get the gift of seeing it but her. 


Here, in her mind, she is free. 


Here, the bed is as still as her statuesque body.


She imagines a bird flying overhead. Its glorious wings stretched out across that pure blue sky. She longs to reach out and touch the softness of its feathers. 


But this crow foretells of mysteries to come.


She gives it a little wave as it swoops above her, no bars containing it. It is free — Freer than anything in this world, which brings her happiness as well as jealousy. 


The man who infiltrated her room doesn’t speak as he makes his way off the bed, staring at her as she lays there like a doll — pulling her inch by inch away from her lovely fantasies. 


Back to her reality of gray cement.


He smiles. His eyes the abyss of eternal torment.


His demeanor seems to say; I’ll be back tomorrow.


He smirks filthily as a golden stream runs down her yellow and purple leg that’s caked with grime.


As he leaves, she hears the heavy door close behind him. 


The lock clicks in place.


Her tender body quivers from more than just chill.


This is a cage she longs to escape.




This is a cage she will escape.


The silent tears that creep down her cheeks cease as she looks above her to the ceiling.




She sighs dreamily.


Today is the day that I shall swim through the galaxy.


There is a light fixture above her, casting a dim glow. Surprisingly it’s not far out of her reach. 


She feels a sense of peace, a smile playing at the corners of her lips. 


Humming, she stands on her bed, twirling in circles of ease as a small giggle escapes her.


Weaving a story with her sheets, she tosses one end of the material up. 


What a lovely freedom they will bring.


She pretends she has the strength of a thousand knights as she catches the part of the sheet that hangs down from the fixture. She ties a knot as tight as her little hands are capable of. 


Her cheeks once again learn how to rise as she places the ring around her neck as if a warm hug is securing her. 


Tomorrow I will turn into a princess, my gown ritzy pink.


She calls out to the crow as she makes her flying leap.


And I will be the dragon the guides you through the night. 


The crow sings in her ear. 





Submitted: November 08, 2019

© Copyright 2020 Camlann. All rights reserved.

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Miles Gatling

The tone and atmosphere is very well set. I enjoyed it

Sat, November 9th, 2019 11:41am


A really horrific poem, Callan, but so very well told.

Sat, November 9th, 2019 10:06pm

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