Jeremy and Abigail.

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Jeremy never thought he would meet up with a girl, but the unexpected happened. This is another story, and I don't know where its taking me to.

Table of Contents

Jeremy meets Abigail

Jeremy is out with his friends and meets up with Abigail.
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The Weekend Hike.

Jeremy leanred that Abigail was a hiker; then they all decided to go hiking.
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The Group Goes To London.

Jeremy and Abigail and the others all departed for the city of London.
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Jeremy And Abigail Tie The Knot.

Jeremy and Abigail decided that it was time for them to get married.
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The Music Group.

Four good musicians within the group decided to form a music group.
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The Fifty Kilometres Hike.

They'd been preparing for this 50 kilometres hike for a long time.
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The killer Walk.

The group heard the news, and started training.
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