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Once upon a time there lived a very beautiful princess. She would wake up every morning and go to her corridor to sing as she wasn’t allowed to go out of the palace and meet other people. The king was very strict, especially about princess Sarah. Going out of the palace was forbidden for the princess. She could not even go to the market because the king had left her two maids; if the princess told them what she wanted, they would go and bring them from the market. Every morning when the princess sings on the corridor, a magnificent bird arrives to tune in to her song, and the king watches it secretly every day.

One day the princess thought that the bird should be kept with herself, so the bird would not have to come here every day. The princess puts the bird in a very beautiful golden cage. The princess gave the best food to the bird and tried to make the bird feel comfortable in every way. But since the day the bird was kept in the cage, the bird never sung in the morning. Then one day the king came to meet the princess and advised her to release the bird, because every animal expects freedom. Then the princess opened the cage door and the bird flew into the sky.

The next morning, when the princess started singing, the bird came flying and began to tune in with the princess's song like before. The king arrives and tells the princess “As you released the bird it came today to tune in to your song. She did not sing because you had imprisoned her, she had no freedom. It just needed freedom!” Then the princess said in her reply "Father, you could see the pain of this bird that the bird wants to live independently with freedom, but you could not see the pain of your princess? Don't you think that I also should have freedom? Don't you think I should mix with people outside?” The king went away without saying anything. The king thought for a long time and realized that the princess was not wrong, everyone needed freedom.

The next morning when the princess was finished singing; the king came to the princess and said, "Sarah, do you need anything from the market?” In reply the princess said, "Father, I have told the maids. They will bring whatever I need from the market”. The king said, "Let's go to the market". The princess exclaimed, "Father? Are you telling me?” The king said, "Yes, Sarah. Tell you. Let's go to the market. I'll buy you a nice dress and a nice earring for the queen”. Princess Sarah said "Father, are you alright? What are you talking about?” The king regretted, "Sarah, my princess. I thought so much. You are right. Everyone hopes for freedom and living a life with freedom is one's basic right”. Princess Sarah was very happy, so she kissed the king's dress to show respect to the king. Then they go to the market and buy a very nice dress and earrings. From then on, Princess Sarah lived her life with full freedom.

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