Red Ruby in New York City

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Red Ruby a female spy for the U.N takes on the supervillain 'The White Rose'. Set in New York City in 2040, while Ivanka Trump is the President.

Submitted: November 13, 2019

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Submitted: November 13, 2019



Red Ruby in New York City

Short Story by $ENTO

It is the year 2040, a gold Ferrari 328 turbo races down Fifth Avenue on its way to Wall Street, New York City. Manhattan is now full of police drones, but still they can easily be taken down by terrorists. Newly appointed Mayor Hope Hicks, has commissioned that walls be constructed around the city to protect it from climate change. But still, the realism of the anthropocene does not stop the fumes of the classic v8 sports car. The driver of the Ferrari is 'The White Rose', an attractive Anglo-American woman who was a Victoria Secret model, but now has her sights set on being one of the two New York senators. Her alliance is to the Republican Party, however red is not her colour, gold is. Her infatuation with the Au element has made her insane.

The White Rose is not her real name; it is what the United Nations has called her. She is on their top ten, most dangerous women of the world list. In their view, she has to be stopped. A rich woman with socialite Republican friends in the political world is considered dangerous, especially if your friends are Ivanka Trump, Sarah Palin and Omarosa Manigault. The White Rose pulls up outside of the New York Stock Exchange building at 11 Wall Street. She has long brown hair and is wearing a black, white and gold skirt suit. She then gets out of the car and looks up to see one of the new flying yellow cabs that were the latest craze of the late 2030s. The White Rose then walks into the building, while a female cyclist bikes past wearing a Nike lycra cycling kit.

Shortly after, a brand new red Ducati motorcycle pulls up behind the parked Ferrari. The rider gets off and takes off her helmet, it’s none another than the beautiful Jane Ruby, better known as 'Red Ruby'. She is an international spy who works for the UN. Her job is registered as a criminal defence lawyer, educated at the prestigious Harvard law school. The young kiwi woman was born in New Zealand. Red Ruby is wearing a leather outfit; a black jacket and matching pants, with her lucky red scarf. She has dark brown hair, and has on her favourite cherry red lipstick. “That looks like The White Rose’s car, she must be inside.” Red Ruby thought to herself. She then started to walk into the main entrance of the building. Above her, a digital billboard up top of the building, displayed U.S President Ivanka Trump smiling on the 3.D screen. At the same time, a monorail was passing underneath at a tremendous speed.

Inside the New York Stock Exchange building, the old system of the 2020s had been replaced by one gigantic screen called SE3. It was showing all the ins and outs of the latest companies. Conversely, Disney is still the juggernaut of the entertainment world. In front of the screen, The White Rose stood, surrounded by five of her elite guards known as Gym Treats, they were all wearing black and gold spandex outfits. A sexy Chinese woman in a black and gold Chinese dress, known as Minx, walked up to The White Rose and started to whisperer something into her ear. They both then looked at Red Ruby, who was making her way through a crowd of greedy businesswomen. The White Rose smiled sinisterly. She pointed to Red Ruby, all five henchwomen started to move towards the thirty year old spy. Suddenly the buildings lights went out, Red Ruby was knocked unconscious.

Red Ruby was now tied to a chair in a little room in the back of the world's most important business building. The Wall Street building was now surrounded by The White Rose’s stormtroopers known as Gold Girls. They were all wearing gold uniforms; metallic gold bras with matching miniskirts, with tight shorts underneath and gold high heels. All the Gold Girls were equipped with the new laser guns. Meanwhile in the room, Red Ruby was dazed while she looked at her red high heels. Red Ruby then looked up while she was being laughed at. The White Rose stood in front of her. Caramelo, an irresistible Italian hit woman stood beside her. She was wearing a metallic gold cocktail dress with white opera gloves. She gave The White Rose a taser. Both of them smiled at the spy, while the five Gym Treats stood around them in a circle. Red Ruby looked at The White Rose, who was grinning. “You fool hearted liberal, all about your LGBT rights, didn't you know, there is no place for Democrats in New York City anymore.” The White Rose said, and then laughed. “If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was President, New York would not be like this.” Red Ruby said in anger. “Silence! You weak socialist!” Commanded The White Rose. She then turned on the taser and pushed it into Red Ruby’s chest. “Sweet dreams!” 

The End.

© Copyright 2019 Sento Mehlhopt. All rights reserved.

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