Rabbit under the Lake

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ron was looking for the rabbit under the lake, but instead found himself.


Here it comes the night once again, full with agony and detachment. All that has been thought and sorted out didn’t work once again, failure after failure, like the life is laughing at him every time he falls down. It was painful, year after year, suffering was getting worse, and thought of being helpless was creeping in. Self pity was no more the out let for his problems, he has been there and it’s never worth falling into it again. The door at other side was closed even his thoughts were confused, what next? He asked himself every day but never came the sound, which he was waiting for ages. Frustration was killing him, not able to achieve what he wants, but the truth is he never knew what to do, being in this world was his misery. Waking up day after day not knowing what to do? Where to go? All those questions were spreading like a plague and having no cure for his pain and suffering, it was actually making him distant from this world more into the darkness. The places he never went before were actually started living him; he made a whole new world for himself, because to him all the answers he craved over the years, he was getting them from there. He made this new world and to him it was real now, and his conviction to believe in this world was so strong that what he thinks and do, becomes a reality for him. It was like he was now controlling every thing in this world, the world without boundaries of any kind, made him feel free, he wanted to live there but some how the reality struck him again. H e had no choice between two worlds, the place where he is right now is not letting him go but he doesn’t want to stay either. The thin line which he made between two worlds, now he is standing on it, and he has no choice to fall back into it.


This is Ron and it is his story. It all started years ago when he was a kid living the life like that there is no ending to it. And the world which he created back then came back to him after 18 years and it never felt so real the way it does now. May be creating that door again for him and to get back there is because he couldn’t face the life or it realities, which hit him one after another like a storm, which keep on pushing him away right there to the corner of the world where losers live. But I won’t categorise him with them because it’s not him, he’s an asshole who can’t take this shit of world anymore. People may disagree with him but the thing is, he doesn’t care or may be he does. The things matter most in life continue to fade away from your conscious with the passage of time and then eventually they become memories and later it transfer to your subconscious part of the mind. Same thing happens with Ron but he could never let go of the memories and they started coming back to him.


Ron was a handsome guy six feet tall, fair complexion, dark grooved eyes, thick hair and well toned body. He was a guy if you see him at first sight you will definitely get impressed by his personality. The problem was he never realised what he got, all what he had was nothing for him or may be he was looking for something else which doesn’t exist in this world. Because of that he was angry all the time and that made him under confident person later in his life. Ron started to slip away from the world and distant himself from the life, he always thinks that he’s unwanted person on this earth and his presence doesn’t make any difference to any one. But he was surrounded by some great people in his life specially his family. He had a great family which always cared for him but his mind was his biggest enemy which even makes him think that he is also a liability to his family and that part of his life which actually makes him happy being in a family also got away from him. He couldn’t stop thinking about the world which he created to get away from the realities of life. It keeps him happy but he couldn’t realise that it wasn’t real and every now and then he got struck by the bitter truths of reality and each time it destroys him more.



Another winter season was setting in and it was beautiful cold morning of November in early 90’s. Ron was sleeping in his bed with all the dreams in his head, there was a beautiful smile on this 13 year old kid, like someone is singing a beautiful song to him in his dreams. The room was at back side of the house and the window was facing towards the mountains, it was open and cool breeze was coming in the room. He had one sock on his foot and other was removed and breeze kissing his one feet and that’s the feeling he likes to get in the morning. His room was full of small bears stuff toys, he never liked those but his father always brings one for him when ever he visits. The door of room was slightly opened so the light can come in during night, because he was always afraid of darkness. He always thought darkness chases him and someone is calling him through that darkness, but he never turns around of fear, he might see some thing which might scare him, and he won’t be able to pass through that. While he was in his deep sleep, suddenly someone shook his bed and the voice came, “wake up darling it’s school time”. And like every kid it took him time to get his lazy ass from the bed but the best part was all this time he was smiling while he was walking to the bathroom. Ron walked down the stairs, all ready to go for school, Mom said, “good morning son” and served him his favourite breakfast, pancakes with hot milk. Ron family house was on a beautiful hill where he lives with his Mom and brother; his father usually travels a lot because of his work and couldn’t spend much time with the family. But he did all this so that his family could live a comfortable life in which he succeeded very much, Mr. Whisker was very respectable man in the town, there family was one of the founding members of the town. Ron had an elder brother who loved him a lot and always took care of him, they were not friendly but had a great regard for each other. Specially, Dale who always look after Ron and kept him away from all the danger and even hide his mistakes from the mother. Dale was perfect elder brother and perfect son which any family would want. Ron mother was a housewife and spend all her life taking care of the family and her house, which she did splendidly with the entire time smile on her face.


High mountain town was a beautiful place in the north of the country with beautiful mountain range and deep forest surrounded the town. There’s a beautiful river run through the middle of the town which separates it in two parts, and it was connected with amazing bridges. Ron house was little away from the town which separates it with thin line of forest and they had to get through it to enter the town. Ron every morning goes to school with his brother but now Dale was in his senior year and his building was on the other side of the forest, so every morning Ron had to take15 minutes walk through the forest to reach his school. There was a small beautiful lake in the middle of the forest where Ron usually sits and wait for his brother while returning from the school. Ron had caught early liking to the lake especially in the morning when there’s a thin layer of mist covering the lake with sun breaking through it. Ron used to dream a lot and he always thought that there’s something more to this world than what has been told to him, he always went one step further to look into the beauty of this world and the mysteries which lies between the truth and the things which you believe to be real but for the world they are not. Ron actually able to cross that line in his head where the things which he believes to be real come to life in his world.


Whilst thinking all this in his head he reached the school, he never liked the school because he had no friends. He was also never bullied by anyone either but he never took a liking to school from the start and just went there for the sake of it. The only thing which makes him goes to school was that he get to look at Patricia, he always look at her but never had the guts to go up and talk to her. He couldn’t get it, what it was? Why he likes to look at her? May be he loves her but love never cross his path and he left the school every day with her last look in his mind.

One day on a beautiful morning he sat beside the lake, he was getting late for the school but also didn’t want to go because he was having so much fun there by looking at the lake and sun breaking through the beautiful forest. He was in deep thoughts when a beautiful rabbit came and sat next to him.


Rabbit, ‘’young boy, what are you doing here on this beautiful morning’’


It took him some time to process and replied


‘’Nothing, just looking at this beautiful view’’


“Yeah, it’s beautiful, isn’t it, I have seen you often sitting here alone; I tried some times to talk to you but I thought it may not be appropriate to talk. But now I think, what the hell, oh sorry for my language, you are too young to listen the shit like this, oh again I do my apologies. Am I talking too much? What is your name? Tells me about you?




“So that’s it, ok Ron what you do? You seems to be little short on words”


“What’s your name?” he asked


“You can call me Rabbit”


“Ok Mr. Rabbit!"


I said Rabbit!!


“Yes that’s what I said Mr. Rabbit”


“Don’t Mr me you kid, I am a Rabbit and call me that!” said angrily


“Where do you live?” he asked


“I live under this lake; it is a beautiful place not like your world. I think I am getting late I have to go, but if ever you feel sad in your life you can come to me, I will take you there”.  Rabbit said that and then jumped into the lake and disappeared, Ron never saw him again. After many years Ron came back to his home town because his family was worried about him and they asked him to come and stay with them for some time. On one beautiful winter morning Ron went for a walk in the forest and saw the lake, he walked near to the lake and sat where he used to sit when he was young. He waited hours for rabbit to appear but he never showed up, so he decided to go see himself what’s under the lake. He was standing in the lake and ready to dive in, but when he looked down he saw a rabbit instead of his face in the water, and he was smiling at him. Ron smiled back, stood there for a while and then walked out of the lake and never came back.


Submitted: November 17, 2019

© Copyright 2022 Nauman.D. All rights reserved.

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This was quite a unique story, Nauman.D. A very different kind of rabbit-hole.

Sun, November 17th, 2019 9:36pm


I am glad you liked it. Thank you : )

Mon, November 18th, 2019 6:58am

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