My Storyteller's Wish

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Christian Writers

If you meet someone who is so lost in this faith, please do care untouched in this unraveling reality for a wish from a Christmas Star. Let us be worthy for this belonging everywhere. +

What will I pay to travel along with the wind?

I hope the world will win in this twist to settle our wages,

I love to see how God will be so kind,

Who shares a prayer take us all in a humble day how it can be,

I expect the change how reflects on the little things saving the right way ahead,

Ever asking as the Sunrise opens your heart before this storyteller,

So, after every day for the new roles, through the hearts ways I feel so lost;

In HIS crafts untold somehow may a traveller voice how I open my eyes,

To hold in HIS care no one will tell where to go flying on this beautiful day,

Now I always love a tomorrow in the unbelievable roles how I am lost,

Rising to pursuit in a time the whole test gives my imperfections a dream to fly around,

If this kills and rock a goodbye in a chasing spirit,

The people looking into one footsteps of the Sun playing with a time reaching the ends of our living creation,

Wondering these rivers gives us richness who give gratitude to each other,

Pebbles covering the hard ways never know I believe will be stronger,

Only this living creation play the move on the courage blindly forgetting fissures on touch,

When we feel the love of a wave of pouring faith within treasure these words left all my worries away,

After the life will be rarer than a care in perfect silence holding a voice to a giveaway in God’s beholden wish,

Where the children of the heaven above will rinse a soil below on the eve of a change,

This heart skips a beat deep into your thoughts as a simple life sprouting from a time I grew up as loved life,

Our bravery will extend this someday at the hands of a great challenge,

The God who spend this day for a reach from the chosen Stars twinkling above in every weakness we are never lonely,

Now our Sun in a soul’s turncoats be a purity inside this heart,

Where there is no end again as a help we need in forgiveness,

This heart so real for a shore grafted in no influence,

Must there be in every game we make to return this energy as our Sun holding on to it,

For the best life be deep in a destiny I find time for our denomination as my heart tell no lies,

Always this weakness seems so strong unbroken in a victory I will never forget this is our home coming,

How the life plays at the hand of God the ways trust what I feel is a deep call within us,

Who will reach leaving there a style for each other this togetherness came to show us a destiny not scrambling upon in time again,

For God is always in our hearts the end never short of the light our Sun will be there as always be,

Just always this storyteller may never end without a living creation,

For every hour we felt this great love how much this be happy to spend together here,

I always felt it had beckoned for some gestures we will never be lonely feeling an answer to this quest,

Loving me with all the heart how will the great love smile instituting a reason we must be beautiful for our teacher so loved us ever again is really the truth,

Still it comes to us how will the living creation be so honourable unless there is a new way to show each day ever again is a happy dance around,

No time you stop caring knows there is a God now who loves us as children why greets this tomorrow even with a heart,

No one can make or break it without the great love in silence,

Let us not cry how be hard the wellness be the way we love each other is so granted,

May the tribute we watch each step all be a blind service before our living spirit,

Last time when these words be behind the way our world is so shifted,

I still feel all those years we were living in a burden,

Now it is a time so lasting ahead falling in a Sun so afresh as new,

All the once I feel the difference we made, is worth contributing as new roles?

My humble heart fallen in a kingdom will rise like a heaven where our future will be as good as you let go,

For this Sun never kept distance from our fears that heal what is a dream,

My heart so stop before this wish,

I have faith in every soul ever lived living again for all gestures we have humbled in a prayer,

How long I cannot be stop believing may not be the truth yet I read the memories of a Christmas star so near in a story night,

This promise of a morning Sun someday I will far away be a dream unforgettable so real in my realities,

Moments this grace be how this blessing share Gods gifts for all in a divine source,

Far away let us save a moment that keep living a beat for this dream everywhere;

Happily, ever after let our Sun so near as things we belonged fill this a moment of grace in this nearness;

Hope one day recite leave our longest day ever lived in the great love so spend for walking everywhere,

Let these memories kiss me away into the faith that remain as vision so near into this lifetime we spend now,

If God finds a season near this shore under the spell of a sweating living creation,

How much I have opened my heart be a word for any better than a reality where I leave these footprints,

More did God who came here in a promise for being my teacher who chose the freedom as a resurrection lived as a living grace in every street I have ever walked together,

Let us take a strength to bear this treasure for HIS presence so beautiful everywhere.

Submitted: November 17, 2019

© Copyright 2022 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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