The Tragedy of the Rainforest Hunter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: November 21, 2019

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Submitted: November 21, 2019



Many of Africa's major forests are unique and of great value outside the borders of Africa. It preserves the world's most valuable biodiversity, it also contributes to the conservation of the environment, as well as being a major attraction for various people including tourists.

In one of the Congo forest, which is a large forest with many trees and dense vegetation, there was one hunter known as Atelo.

Atelo grew up living in that forest which has many adventures, he was used to hunting small mammals such as rabbits, deer, and some big bush birds.

People who loved to live in that forest were hunters and some of them were poultry men. The people of the forest lived in fear and defensiveness due to the forest's predatory behavior of wild animals, venomous snakes and scary sounds especially in the Congo Valley forest at night.

At the periphery of the forest were lived by the pygmies of Congo who isolated themselves from fear of invasion by wild animals, venomous snakes, and scary sounds, so they established their habitat on the outskirts of the forest.

Since the forest is so big and dangerous Atelo couldn't understand and master the forest easily.

Every time he had to go hunting, he finds a native of the forest so that he could escort him.

Atelo believed that the native could show him the right and safe way by protecting himself from dangerous wild animals, venomous snakes and scary sounds in the forest.

One day Atelo decided to go alone to hunt after seeing that there was a daily disturbance being escorted into the forest. Atelo was able to make the trip to the largest forest in the Congo Basin.

The forest of the Congo valley is large and dark and always wet because of the intense rainfall of the equatorial rainfall.

The forest was also used as part of the ritual, so no people of any kind were allowed to enter the forest. Inside the forest, there’re strange noises and heavy roar especially when night falls.

Atelo walked for a long time and eventually managed to get into the forest during the day, the forest grew thicker due to the many trees, he also heard birds chirping some times and sometimes silence reigned.

As Atelo was so tired he had to rest before starting his prey. After a little nap, the sleep lasted for about 20 minutes.

 He was shocked with heavy thunderstorms and rain began to rain.

After he was shocked, he was startled by the thick gloom spread into the forest as a result of the heavy rains. The situation gave him anxiety and began to panic and hold on his weapons and disappear on the other side of the forest.

Because the forest was large he did not know where he was going so he went around with his weapons ready to attack any animal he finds along the way.

Suddenly, he was startled by a loud voice that he could not hear from where it came from and the sound repeated over and over again due to echoes. Atelo became very scared and started running away. The more he runs, the more he disappears into the vast forests and shrubs.

When he came to a stop he saw a huge animal behind him, from fear he could not recognize the angry animal with a mighty roar.

Atelo lay on the ground and began to scream vigorously by calling on the people to help him, he was trembling and experiencing the intense fear. The beast, having heard the noise, was afraid and fled and wandered into the forest

When Atelo felt that the animal had fled, he got up and continued his journey to find his way home. He decided to return home after seeing his journey as strange and overwhelming, he thought how he could return home to meet his family again because the forest for him had turned into a ghost and he had no idea what to do.

After going to the vast forests and shrubs not knowing how to get home, he came across a grass house in the middle of the forest. At that house, he found a man who was neither talking nor looking, the man was standing in the middle of the house.

Atelo decided to approach him and greet him. The person did not answer or look at him, the person was unknown either he was dumb or he was acting.

“Hello brother,” Atelo greeted him

The man did not respond and did not look at Atelo, he kept looking down despite his standing.

"Brother I am lost. I beg your help on how to get back to my village." Atelo continued to plead.

But the man did not respond, he kept quiet.

Atelo became furious and decided to leave, but strangely when Atelo left, that man grabbed his shirt and put him back near the door. Atelo began to fight-him but it was not easy because the man was strong and brave. The man held Atelo tight and vigorously without letting him go. Atelo tried his level best to fight with that man, unfortunately, he failed and decided to be calm.

The man was able to hold Atelo for a long time until darkness came. At midnight, Atelo slept because was too tired while still being held by a man.

A deep sleep went through Atelo and he forgot that he was in the hands of the man who didn't know even his name or heard his voice. Suddenly Atelo awoke from a deep sleep and found himself in his village and his family.

Atelo and his wife were happy. Since that day Atelo has left to go hunting and entered fishing activities in a Congo river.

“The world is deceitful; the world is for the brave”



Writer: Mbega R Ngata


Phone: +8618627757217

Website: about-us

© Copyright 2020 Mbega R Ngata. All rights reserved.

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