Engagement: Times Torch

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
The flowing fever which flared as you swung out. The blood of you and your opponent, stuck to you and your blinded eyes. The adrenaline, anguish, and action of it all- accumulate as the properties of Engagement.

Submitted: November 21, 2019

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Submitted: November 21, 2019



 ~Engagement: Times Torch~

The flowing fever which flared as you swung out. The blood of you and your opponent, stuck to you and your blinded eyes. The adrenaline, anguish, and action of it all- accumulate as the properties of Engagement.

Autumn was when the worlds fall began. That unknown Autumn, a new age began and ended, time was torn away. Sporadically did beings known as the Onset appear, curious creatures whose existence was a mistake, but was heralded.

 The Onset, not meant to exist, manifested throughout the world, and with no true place- they had no time. Without the constraint of time, the Onset ravaged all matters with nothing any normal era could do to fend them off. However, just as the Onset’s existence was not meant to be, something else meant not to arise did, Engagers.

There, arisen from the world's inhabitants throughout time, those who were capable to Engage, an ability seemingly able to stabilize time and allow them to match the Onset. With time slowly being rebuilt in random intervals, the Engagers formed an organization to eradicate the Onset, and have made great advances together. Yet, a common trait within the Engagers is coming to light, a part of them which will set time astray. 

Agni was in a flurry as he inspected all around the field.

No,” thought Agni, as he hung upside down a tree, “it has to be here. I can not have lost it. Not now of all times.”

As Agni was in suspense, he turned his head to see a bird’s nest. There were two hatchlings who chirped as their mother arrived, and who carried an object which glistened in the sun. There was Agni’s searched object.

“Imma kill them!” shouted Agni, as he swung on his perch with his legs, and with his arms grabbed the bird’s nest and threw it at the mother. Birds, nest, and prize crashed into a nearby bush.

Agni quickly descended from the tree and dived into the bush. Agni scuttled around until he emerged triumphantly from the bush, having recovered his treasure, he went to do the deed.

Agni dropped the dollar coin into the cashier’s hand as he snatched the Potato Snack from the counter, and immediately shoved it through his mouth. As he chewed the crisp mush, he felt it, not the warmth of the food, but the heat of an undeniable urge.

Geez,” thought Agni, as he crunched down the last of the snack, “finally get to an era with Potato Snacks still in existence, and I do not even have time to savor one.”

Agni looked around himself, he was in a pre-automa modern time period; an outdoor mall bustling with stores, nature, and people. Agni looked up at the sky, the one thing he trusted to always stay relatively constant. Agni looked forward, but he still only saw the open expanse of the sky. A platform of yellow light was what kept him from plummeting from the clouds.

A small chimp with a fedora approached Agni and offered him a cookie, which it ate when Agni tried to reach for it. The small chimp then signaled for Agni to follow it. Agni and the chimp then arrived to a part of the platform where a hole was present, a Time Breach.

“There bloody down there, go get them you dumb donut,” shrieked the chimp, “as your new commander I want you to give them a right rumble for me, you hear? Also, I got news, your not special. Another Engager got promoted to my platoon also, congrats you have reinforcements.”

Dear lord,” thought Agni, “this is my promotion. Used to have Commander Cow, and now I have Commander Chimp and a comrade. Sob, I am moving up in the universe.”

“Also, your reinforcement is a rookie,” mumbled Commander Chimp, “a girl named Irene.”

As the commander said her name, a girl materialized, over the Time Breach, and fell all the way down to an unknown era.

“Huh, I forgot you people materialized in front of me, should not have been talking to you across the hole,” said Commander Chimp, scratching himself, “well bloody save her you donut, and take out the Onset too I guess.”

Commander Chimp whipped around and pushed Agni down the Time Breach.

Agni face planted into a hot mess of dust. He had arrived in a glaring desert, an endless expanse of sand dunes, not a stir of movement. Agni looked up, the same sky he always saw. Unfazed, he began to dust himself off, he noticed that the Engage Bracer was already equipped to his left arm, it was beeping. Agni tapped it, which activated its locator.

Era: Timeline Five; Post-Nuclear Human Extinction, Insect Dominance, Barren Desert.

Area Scan: Irene, Five meters away.

Agni looked around to see an oddly sunken sand dune. Agni made his way towards it, and peered down to see a sobbing girl who rocked herself inside it. Irene looked up at Agni and began to bawl even louder when she saw his Bracer. Agni sighed at the sight, she was not going to be easy to handle.

“You lost your Bracer, huh?” asked Agni, who pointed at her arm and started to survey the perimeter.

“I have no idea where it is! I just woke up inside this sand dune after falling, and it was not here. They are going to demote me!” cried Irene, “I just got promoted from the Academy too! Why, worlds?”

“Wait, you got this position after graduation?” inquired Agni, “I had to go through three promotions to get here. What did you do?”

“Study, I was always breezing through the material,” sobbed Irene, while she wiped her tears, and then the sand. Then Irene was in tears again.

“That got you here huh?” pondered Agni, “I remember those days, the organization just made the Academy about the time when they found me, and just shoved me into all those classes. I flunked right out of there, might have been why I needed three promotions.”

Irene chuckled at Agni’s anecdote, and finally realized how to clean her eyes properly to get a clear look at him. Agni beamed a smile, and Irene did the same.

“There you go,” said Agni, while he helped Irene out of the sand dune, “cheer always works better. Besides, the organization is quite forgiving and will forgive a lost Bracer. Maybe cost you a kidney but nothing more.”

“Hah,” sighed Irene, “let us pray that is not the case. Well, formal introductions are in order by now, my name is Irene.”

“Agni,” responded Agni, he felt a warm hum to his left, “and now we should probably make a way to the Time Stage and take out the Onset.”

“Is this not the Time Stage?” asked Irene, who took a small notebook from her jacket, “I thought that the Time Stage was past the Time Breach.”

“Gosh, this is why you never listen to the textbooks. Yes, but we are still in the Time Breach, the hole and this whole era is that. The Time Stage is the specific part where the Onset are located.” explained Agni, who began to wander in the direction which made his gut feel tighter.

Agni and Irene went on in the desert, still silent except for the mush of their feet and the hum of the heat. Agni was unaffected from the heat, but Irene was not accustomed to such activity. Agni knew each step was vital, each one set Irene at a greater risk of collapse, and them coming into contact with the Onset. Agni’s stomach churned a concoction of potato snack, anger and anxiety as he walked unsure what was the safest course of action, but was stopped by an onset of answers.

The air around the Engagers became dense, from above rained down the Onset who swarmed the pair completely. Irene let out a nervous laugh, the heat and stress of the situation had made her delirious, she was at an impasse on what to do with her wits unprepared. They were at the Time Stage.

Agni let out a laugh, but one of a different craze when compared to Irene’s laugh. Agni’s stomach had stopped churning, but his gut was hot and his blood boiled. Agni’s knuckles popped in anticipation, he clicked his Engage Bracer.

Engage! Strike Time!

“What! We have not even began dating yet! I am not ready,” shouted a delirious Irene, who blushed in confusion and from heat exhaustion.

A mechanical blade materialized and attached itself to Agni’s Bracer, and with it he began his rampage. Agni headutted straight into an Onset, the impact shook Agni with slight whiplash, but hurled the Onset into its allies. Agni went into the fray, tactless, solely bent on the Onset. 

Agni slashed at the lot of them, he cleaved into their tough flesh with ease, which let their blood to drench his blade and the ground. Agni’s sides burned as he slid on the stained sand into another cluster, this time in an attempt to sever the Onsets’ heads. Agni grew continuously red from the heat and the blood which covered him as he enjoyed the battle, a relentless cycle of attacks dealt and vicious jabs in return that twisted at his flesh which just made him further lost in an urge to fight.

Soon, only one batch of Onset was left, which disappointed Agni. Agni approached them slowly, as he felt the warm blood on the cold metal of his blade. The Onset who remained were quite finicky after the sight of so many of their allies fall, and one in strong spite was bold enough to shoot at Agni. The attack dissipated as Agni caught it in his hand, which sizzled sparks from his own heat.

“You aggravate me,” murmured Agni, who slumped in posture, “death will bid you farewell.”

engAGE the stAGE! Times Up! Sayonara Strike! 

A massive flame erupted from Agni’s blade as he doused the horde with the attack, and left the desert in flames as the fire crept in its quest to consume every corpse. 

Irene was terrified and partially dazed, what she had witnessed was ludicrous. Agni had displayed phenomenal power, but it was perilous. Irene was weary, but she went to reconvene with him.

“You see now?” asked Agni, as he stared at his redden blade, “This is our ability, this is what we get to do. We Engagers get to set ourselves in an era, engage to our very own stage and battle to our whim. Wonderful, we just get to continuously battle in a place without time’s normal regulation, or any sort of consequence. And who says we ever got to stop?”

Agni turned to Irene with cold, crimson eyes.

engAGE the stAGE! Times Up! Sayonara Strike!

© Copyright 2020 MysticVictini64. All rights reserved.

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