In Another Reality

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This is a love letter to every person all the other me’s have fallen in love within every other dimension and a love letter to the woman I have fallen in love with, in this dimension.

Submitted: November 22, 2019

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Submitted: November 22, 2019



Do You believe You only have one soulmate?


I do


More than believe, I know it too


Then again, there are multiple me’s and numerous You’s


There is a soulmate for every version of us


In each of them are various excursions and moments of lust


And sometimes I can’t help but to envision the one with us two


In Another Reality


Maybe we met as children because we had familiar families


Or perhaps we became acquainted by mutual friend relations


The endless possibilities are quite maddening


The same way I am madly in love with You


In Another Reality


Sometimes its quite saddening


Even though I’m with someone else happily


I don’t even think of being with other people realistically


In this existence until You pass me


And the only way I can calm the passing storm in my mind


Of the thought of my chances with You are passing me


Is that I’m already with You, only


In Another Reality


In another life maybe we met at the right


Time and the signs were pointing to You


And I could assume You were my type


Through love and spite 


Whether we liked it or not


We fell together, from the highest mountain top


And landed on a ship of clouds, we could sail together


Until we dropped off into standing water


But we will make it through the weather


Or we’ll drown together


But instead of You and I, it’s me and Her


And for this version of my mind


Despite the fantasies


That’s better than if it were


In Another Reality


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