Broken Dolls

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Book 1 in The Dolls Series

Two groups come together to fight one enemy that has more parts than they had ever imagined. Together they will all come out victorious, or will all burn in defeat.

Chapter 1

Jackson Forest College was god awful at 9 am on a Thursday. Rachael held her coffee close to her face, breathing in the sweet smell as she fought to keep her eyes open. Mark, walking next to her, was bubbling with his usual morning pep. Rachael shot him a dirty look as she plotted ways to cut out his tongue. They walked towards the courtyard in the middle of the school grounds as Rachael downed the last of her coffee. She growled that she was going to the vending machine as she nodded at Jade and waved to David as he started heading to what looked to be the library. Rachael stood at the coffee machine, paying for 2 servings of espresso. As she leaned against the machine, waiting for it to brew, she got the odd feeling like someone was watching her. She scanned the room around her, looking around to see if anyone was looking at her. No one was paying attention to her at all.

Rachael got her coffee and went to sit out in the courtyard with Jade and Mark. Mark was ruffling his too-long brown hair again to try to get it out of his blue eyes. On the other hand, Jade's perfectly styled, auburn hair was nowhere near her perfect dark green eyes. Rachael had no idea how Jade did it, but she always looked nothing short of perfect. Rachael noticed the silent blond girl walking their way and waved at her. Mark and Jade also smiled and waved. She saw Natalie hadn't noticed her greetings, then realized why. Natalie was being followed by two guys she had never seen at the school. They were talking at Natalie and she seemed to be doing everything she could to ignore them. Rachael walked in Nat's direction, trying to look nonchalant as she got closer, trying to hear what they were saying to her.

"You're such a pretty little thing. I'm sure you'll talk to us after you let us get our hands on you. Stop being so silent and cold to us," one of the guys said, trying to coax her around. When Natalie kept walking, trying desperately to get to their area, the other guy reached out to try to grab Nat. Rachael quickly grabbed his hand before he could touch her.

"Get to Mark and Jade. Now!" Rachael yelled over her shoulder as she stepped in between Nat and these two jerks. They looked at her like they had just won a prize. She smiled at them, shaking her head. Rae just looked at them and warned, "If you try to touch me, I'll scream till security gets here. You won't get away with harassing people like that." They looked at each other, and one of them swung his arm out to try to grab her. She quickly ducked under his arm and maneuvered behind him. She looked to check Nat was safe, and saw Mark and Jade had their arms around her and were watching Rae.

She continued to dodge the two of them, waiting for someone to report what was going on. She had managed to keep them away from her by ducking and sliding out of the way when she caught sight of someone standing at the back of the crowd, watching. It was someone she did not want to see this early in the morning. This was enough to make Rachael drop her guard for a brief moment, and both boys took advantage. One came in under her arm and punched her directly in the ribs. She gasped for air, but that gave the other boy enough time to punch her across the cheek. Then they were dragged off her by security. After they got the two handcuffed, security asked her what had happened. She explained that she had seen her friend Natalie, who she pointed out, when she got to school with those two following behind her. Natalie seemed to be acting unusual so Rachael had gotten closer to try to figure out what was going on. When she heard what they were saying to Nat, Rachael understood that they wouldn't leave Nat alone till she talked to them. Knowing Natalie after having had people give her problems almost constantly for 3 years, they just nodded and let Rachael continue.

She informed them she had only tried to keep them busy until security had been able to get here. She only grabbed one guy's hand one time to keep him from touching Natalie. They let her know they will check the security videos to verify what she had told them. She gave them her phone number so they could get a hold of her if they needed to. They asked if she needed medical help, as she had been holding her breath and breathing shallowly, she waved them off. When they started to insist, she got angry and said she had a doctor that she'd go to if she needed to, then she didn't wait for anything else, but walked to her group of friends at a quick pace.

As soon as she got to Nat, Rae pulled her into a tight hug. "Are you okay, Sweets? Did they touch you at all, in any way?" Rachael asked Nat, concern painted across her face. Nat shook her head and quickly pulled herself away so she could get her hands free. She signed, "Thank you," and Rachael pulled her in for another hug.

"You're welcome, but where was your whistle? You know security would have been there in a heartbeat," Rachael asked, knowing it was usually attached Nat's wrist. Natalie just shrugged. She signed a little more and Rachael sighed. "You realize David is going to freak when he hears you were almost attacked, right?" Natalie gestured "No," in very large motions, but Rachael had to state the obvious. "Do you actually think David won't find out?"

"What am I not supposed to be finding out about?" David says as he comes running up, his longer blonde hair over one eye, but his blue eyes scanning the group in confusion. "I heard Security was called up here when someone was attacked." Rachael looked Natalie in the eye, and Natalie tried to shake her head, but David caught the motion and immediately turned to Nat. "Explain Natalie. Don't make me break out the full name." They all flinched at the threat.

That was about the time that Cooper, his brunet hair falling in his eyes as usual, and Paul came ambling up. Nat looked David dead in the eye and held up one finger. Rae took that to mean that she was only telling this story one time, so she pulled out her phone and texted Naomi and that she needed to get to school right now and it was an emergency. She got a message about 5 minutes later that said Naomi was on the way. Natalie showed them all just to make sure David would shut up about it.

While they waited for the 30 minutes for their friend to show up they all did various things; Jade pulled out her sketchbook and put the finishing touches on the drawing of the outfit she was making for Rachael; Cooper, David, and Paul checked out the girls walking around the courtyard; David, Mark, and Natalie had a conversation about the English paper they had just turned in yesterday. Rachael just sat back, enjoying the time with her friends and trying not to feel where the first guy hit her in the ribs. It would bruise. She knew without a doubt. She almost lay back in the grass, but felt someone watching her again. She shot up, looking for someone watching her. It has gotten to the point where she felt someone might be watching her even when she didn't have that feeling.

Naomi finally made her way to school, showing up in her usual Gothic glory, and plopped herself down in Paul's lap. "Okay. So what's the emergency that I had to drag myself out of bed?" Rachael looked to Natalie to start the explanation, but Natalie looked everywhere but at the group of them. She sighed and explained how she had seen Natalie getting to school, but acting weird because she wasn't acknowledging anyone. Then, Rae had noticed the boys following her. As she continued with the story of what happened, Rachael saw the tension in in everyone rise, especially David. Once she was done, she waited because she knew there would be comments.

David looked at Natalie first. "Where was your whistle?" he managed to calmly ask. To this, Natalie just shrugged. David groaned in frustration and reached into his pocket to pull a neon green one out and wrap it around her wrist with the bungee cord. "Nat, you know if you're not going to come to school with me, you need this. Dad says. No one can tell if you are in trouble otherwise." He quickly scooped her up and pulled her into his lap, squeezing her tightly and kissing her head. She just hugged him back.

Mark then turned on Rachael. "And what the fuck were you thinking?" he bit out at her. "I saw those guys. They were twice your size. If they had gotten their hands on you, you never would have made it till security got to you." He reached over and pulled her into a hug as well.

She just shrugged. "I knew I could keep out of their hands. I didn't want Nat in that position anymore. So I reacted when they tried to grab her. No biggie. The only reason they got any hits in is because I got distracted by something. And you see I'm fine now," she responded like it was nothing.

"The big question is," Naomi said, looking at the group, "what are we doing tonight? None of us have class tomorrow, so it is time to go out and play." The last part of this was said with a dark and mysterious air around Naomi, and she saw reactions out of some of the guys. Naomi was the only one of the girls who tried to get any sort of sexual reaction out of the guys. Rachael knew they had probably had them towards Jade, and David, of course, towards Natalie, but Rachael just never saw herself as having any sort of sexual appeal towards anyone.

"There's word of this club that has new safety restrictions starting tonight. A club called Nightline," Cooper interjected. "Nothing brought inside but ID, payment method, and phone. Everything else has to stay outside. They've had attacks, like all the other clubs. They're trying to stop it." Cooper was the party headquarters, but he always went out of his way to make sure it was a place where they all would feel safe if they ended up alone for some reason. They all looked around at each other as they thought about it, then, as on, everyone nodded.

"Looks like Nightline gets the vote for the night. as long as we can dance and drink a little, I'm good," Rachael said to throw her two cents in. "Nightline here we come!"

Chapter 2

Ethan leaned his head in his hands as he went over the books one last time. He hated this part of the business, but he knew it had to be done. After going over the calculations and his numbers one last time, he finally shut the ledger and leaned his head back to close his eyes. He knew it would be a long night, especially since the club didn't open till 7 PM and things didn't stop until 3 AM most nights, and he'd been up till 10 AM this morning because of trying to make sure everything was set up for the new security protocols. That was if they didn't have some drug or assault issue to have to file a report for. Things had gotten to the point lately that if things didn't get better, they were going to have to close for a few days to move the cameras and find better ways to keep them hidden. Three women had been attacked this week alone and he was pretty sure that whoever was behind it had somehow slipped them something. He just hadn't figured out how yet.

Deshawn came walking over at just that moment, and Ethan sat up and waved the head bouncer to sit next to him. He looked over and saw the other main bouncers, Alex, Roxy, and Michael doing a final sweep of the club to make sure someone had not stashed any drugs in any places they could find. Caleb, Christian, and Danny were discussing something quietly at a corner table. He looked back to Deshawn before asking, "Any news on how they've been drugging the women?"

Deshawn sighed before answering. "Nothing concrete yet. We do know it's not something oral or by air. There were several who didn't stop for drinks before getting affected. And if it was by air, there would be more people with memory losses. Only thing we can think of is something by blood, which we think unlikely since some of these women hadn't been with anyone before the attacks and had no scratches, or by touch. That's looking to be the most likely. Danny'll be in the computer room tonight to keep an eye on things with the cameras, and we will have extra guards in civvies patrolling the floors. You, all of us on the door, Caleb, and Christian will have ear pieces in case Danny does notice something."

Ethan nodded, sitting up straighter to pop all the kinks out of his back and neck. "We need to get the drugs out of the city. I know it's more than us that's having the problem. There are too many people trying to make sure this stays a safe city for everyone, with no gang or mafia influence. Fuck, we have even come up with a deal with most of them that this city will stay territory-free. No one wants that mess here. I know particularly none of us." Ethan's eyes scan the people working around the room, knowing everyone here and their story. They were the only family he had, or needed, and he would die for them, as they all would do for him.

He called out to the room, and everyone got together for their usual before opening meeting. Ethan spoke up, not waiting for anyone else to pitch in. "I know you all know about last night's attack. Same symptoms. Woman started acting slightly drunk. Someone said they were going to get them off the floor and out of danger. Next thing we know, someone finds her, violated in one of the only places we can't put up cameras." He nodded to the boys, "Caleb and Christian, you guys will have to keep an eye on the men's room on each floor." He nods at the women, "And two of you will have the women's. No one brings anything in other than their ID, cash or charge card, and phone. If they have a problem with it they can find someplace else to go. And considering most clubs have started these policies for the same reasons, I don't see that happening. If there is any problem at the door, let me know and I will come handle it myself."

He nodded at the group before taking the ledger back to the office and getting dressed for the night. His last stop was by the computer room to pick up his ear piece before sitting himself at the corner of the bar, near the middle of the room. There was still an hour till open, but he needed the time to get his head straight before the crowd showed up. He took a couple of deep breaths then looked towards the door, noticing Caleb not far away from him. "What?" he growled in Caleb's general direction.

Caleb shrugged. "Nothing much," he said. "Christian and I have just noticed you've been tense lately. And not over this whole drug fiasco."

Ethan sighed again, rubbing his forehead this time. "Something just feels off. Not with this situation. That whole thing feels off. Something about life in general. It's just like it's not as fulfilling as it used to be. I mean we're still helping people like before, but something is missing. I just haven't figured out what."

Christian sighs and nods at him. "There are a couple of us that have said something like that. Deshawn has noticed and said something about it to me. I think it's really starting to get to some of us, not being able to figure out what's off." He bumped Ethan's shoulder before finishing off with, "Don't worry. We're smart people. We'll help each other figure it out." He then turned and started to wander, as Ethan's eyes went back to the door.

Chapter 3

Rachael stepped out of the shower and looked around at what she had planned to wear. The skimpy black panties, barely more than string, covered what needed to be covered and nothing more, the short black skirt laced up the sides and hugged her hips perfectly, the thigh high hose that she knew would be seen when she danced and bent over a little more than she needed to, and the boots that were some of her favorites. A little harder to dance in because of the stiletto heels, but worth the effort with how amazing her legs looked in them. She had every intention of being cruel to some men tonight: teasing them till they were about to explode, then walking away. HE had turned her into this type of woman. She tried not to use it on Mark and the rest of the guys, but sometimes it got the best of her. She knew they would be watching her tonight but she didn't care. She needed to let loose and free herself for once. She felt like she had been bottled up for so long and playing the "nice little girl." She was SICK of it! She wanted to be bad. She wanted to get a guy on his knees, begging for her, then walk away without giving him another look.

She laced up her white halter without a bra, making sure plenty of cleavage was seen, and put her choker on, tossing her hair over her shoulder and blowing a kiss at herself before she walked out of the room and down the stairs. She peeked out the door to make sure Mark was standing there so she would be able to make a proper entrance.

As Rachael walked out the door and locked it behind her, She could feel Mark's eyes scanning her body. She slowly walked down the sidewalk, swaying her hips a little more that she needed to. His eyes never left that sway. She leaned into his chest and felt his arms come around her waist. She simply leaned up towards to ear and whispered, "Are you ready to...go?" Before she said "go" she gently licked his ear. She saw him shiver and felt the hard on he had suddenly gotten before she pushed his chest and walked over to the drivers side, keys in hand. "I don't think we'd make it if you drove right now," she said at she giggles at him turning red.

She slid into her white 1976 Ford Mustang II Stallion and reached across to unlock the door for Mark. This was her baby. She had rebuilt the engine herself. Her rules were the only rules that had mattered in here, as people found out the hard way. She had even thrown people out while driving down the road. Mark was the only one who could get away with "bending" the rules.

As he sat down, Mark had to adjust himself to be able to make sitting more comfortable. He gave her an evil glare. "You know you are a BITCH, right? That was just cruel!"

"Be glad I'm not going to turn all of my tricks on you and the guys. I'd have you all on your knees begging for me." She sighed, then lowered her voice, "No, tonight is about punishing those who see women as a prize and a trophy. They're the ones I'm after. Why do you think I've built up my tolerance for alcohol so much. Fuck, you've seen me down an entire bottle of tequila and still have a sober conversation. I just have to act drunk. They'll come to me once I start acting to drunk to stand. I'm not letting these assholes put innocent women in danger. It's not fair to them, especially if they don't know how to fight back."
Mark watched her for a minute, still trying to figure out what changed for her to make her like this, but knew she wouldn't tell. Rachael never talked about the things that bothered her. He had learned to just go with it, because with the resources and skills she had, she was never wrong when she said something was wrong. Unfortunately, he didn't have time to figure it out, as they pulled up to the club.

They cleaned out their pockets of everything except ID, payment methods, and phones and Rachael held onto her stuff for the moment. She knew the guys would carry their stuff once they got into the club cause the girls would not have pockets. Once everyone finally showed up, it was decided that Mark, David, and Paul would be designated drivers tonight to make sure everyone got home safely.

On the way towards the club, Mark explained how he had worked on the head bouncer's car a couple of days ago, and that's how he had heard about the club. The bouncer was really nice, and with the way he talked about the owner and his friends, he thought they might be good guys too. The bouncer had told him that during the holidays they all spent time together as a family. They headed towards the front entrance for Mark to wave at the guy. A very muscular black guy waved back at him and nodded at them before they went to the end of the line to wait their turn to get in.

After about 10 minutes of them standing around waiting, cutting up to pass the time, one of the female bouncers made her way to them and told them that Deshawn wanted to see them at the door. They shrugged and followed her to the front. As they walked by, someone who apparently thought they were cutting in line grabbed Rachael and attempted to restrain her. She flipped her arm and uses his momentum to flip him so he was laying on the ground with her knee on his kidney. She slowly and calmly explained, "We're not cutting. We've been called to the front by the head bouncer. Once he's done talking to us we will go back to our spot. I'm going to let you up, but if you touch me, or any woman, without their permission, you might end up with more than a few bruises. Understand?" She said all of this with an eerie calm that had everyone but her friends and the bouncer backing away from her. She slowly stood up, never taking her eyes off the guy and backed to the point where Mark could lead her to the door while she watched him.

Once they got to the door, she turned and faced the head bouncer that Mark had been telling them about. He took a few seconds to study Rachael, before speaking to all of them. "The fact that you went to wait at the back of the line instead of using the fact that Mark knew me has impressed the boss. He wanted me to go ahead and let you guys in. If you guys need anything, just ask for me, Deshawn, or the boss, Ethan. We both appreciate your consideration. You'd be surprised how many people try to use who they know." He looks at Rachael one last time. "Which Martial Arts have you studied?"

"Only Jujitsu. I only wanted to be able to defend myself, not hurt someone unless I absolutely had to," she told him, looking down at her feet.

Deshawn placed a finger under her chin and lifted it so she was looking at him. "Don't be ashamed of what you did. You kept others from getting hurt while giving him something to think about. Someone as small as you in a skirt and stilettos should not have been able to take down a man of his size in his mind. Now he'll rethink anything he does before he does it. Not only may you have saved someone else, you may have saved him." Deshawn gently patted Rachael on the shoulder and gestured the club doors to the group of them.

"Welcome to Nightline. Enjoy yourself!" the bouncers all said.

Chapter 4

Rachael glanced around as they got inside and saw that the first floor was the bar and seating areas. She assumed the dance floor was on the second level. First thing she wanted was a couple of shots of tequila to loosen herself up. She looked around at the group, seeing that most of them were headed in the direction of the bar.

As she slid her way to the bar, she looked to see who was already sitting there. The only guy who caught her attention was a guy scanning the room as if he was looking for someone. His brown crew cut was perfectly in place and his black button down had absolutely not a single wrinkle or crease. As he turned back to the bar to take a drink from his bottle of water, her eyes met his blue ones and she could see the sign of a smile in them.

In order to throw him off, she got the bartenders attention and ordered eight tequila shots. Once they were all lined up in front of her. She met his eyes again and threw each one back as she drank, never breaking eye contact from him. Then she turned her back to him and started talking to her friends.


Ethan sat at the bar and watched with interest as the petite little girl threw back all eight shots. He spoke quietly into the headset asking the bartender who was serving the group what kind of eight shots he had poured for the small brunet. When he was told top shelf tequila, he didn't know whether to be concerned or to laugh. He asked one of the floor guards to come to the bar to keep an eye from here on things going on so he could keep his eyes on this girl to make sure she hadn't gotten herself into trouble.

He stepped back and kept his eyes on her, but after about 20 minutes, when she should be in the floor after so many shots that quickly, she was talking to her friends that she wanted to go dance, but it had to be something "fuckable." This peaked his interest. He sent a text to Caleb asking him to meet up at the dance floor in 10 and watched as the group wrote down their requests, the little brunet adding a heart with something over it on the side.

He waved the bartender over and said he would get the requests upstairs. He then flipped thru them, trying to see if he could find the one with the drawing. When he found it, he was floored and turned on in the same instant. And the heart she had drawn thru him for a loop, too. The heart was stabbed with 2 knives and had a little halo over it. The girl was either seriously disturbed or seriously twisted. He wanted to find out which.

Once he got upstairs, he pulled Caleb to the side and he told about the group waiting outside even though one of them knew Deshawn, how one of the girls had put a guy on the ground and told him not to touch women without their permission, how when she had gotten to the bar she had downed eight tequila shots and was currently still standing 20 minutes later, and how apparently had an extreme sex fetish because of the song she requested. He showed Caleb what was requested and his mouth fell open.

Caleb demanded to know who, and Ethan pointed the brunet out. He asked which song to redhead requested and Ethan shrugged since he hadn't been paying attention to her at all. Caleb flipped thru the slips and apparently came across the one he thought it was. He told Ethan he would turn in the redhead's first, then the brunet's. They would make sure they got a chance to dance with them and maybe even exchange numbers somehow.

Caleb got a very curious look on his face and went to give the slips to the DJ. Ethan got ready to move as many people away from the girl and Caleb as he could while keeping her friends distracted. When Porcelain by Moby came on he saw her close her eyes, freeze, and then rise onto her tiptoes. Apparently this was the song she requested.

Caleb gently held her hand supporting her to make sure she kept her balance. When she held her leg out behind her, he placed one hand at her knee and the other and lifted her into the air. She had been in the process or moving her arms, but when he picked her up she freaked, turned so she was being held in his arms, and wrapping her arms around his neck.

He smiled and said something quietly to her as he watched her. He carried her over to her friends and quietly spoke to her as he pulled out his note pad. He handed it to her and she wrote something down. She smiled at him once she was done then leaned up to kiss his cheek. Caleb looked like his year couldn't get any better after that.

He finally came walking back over to Ethan. "What the fuck was all that?" he had to ask.

"I was partnering her with her ballet. Not something most people know how to do, but both of us have had years of training. Her name is Jade Martin, I've known her since childhood, and her and her friends are here tonight because none of them have class tomorrow."

Chapter 5

"The brunet is Rachael, if you want to know and her song will be coming up after the next two. Enough time to let her drop her guard. You might want to grab her quick though cause apparently a lot of guys have been trying to get her attention. Guys brushing up against her and touching her...."

Caleb's face paled as he said this, then called into his ear piece. "Deshawn, do not let anyone else in the club. Start getting people out. We may have another drugging attempt. Give me 15 minutes to see. I'll let you know by then."

Caleb then looked at Ethan. Ethan's eyes were glued to Rachael, looking for any signs of her acting drunk. He was gripping the seat to keep himself from jumping up and running over to her at this very moment. Her song finally came on, and she did the same as Jade had done and closed her eyes.

Ethan made his move quickly and signaled Caleb to clear the floor.

Rachael heard Closer by Nine Inch Nails come on and started moving to the beat. This was a song if she ever had sex she wanted to fuck to. She could actually feel her body getting hotter at the moment and she had no idea what to do about it. She knew someone was dancing with her and it felt like it was only the two of them anywhere nearby. She turned towards him and tossed her arms around his neck.

She continued to grind into him, and she could tell she was getting a reaction from it. She opened her eyes and stared at the two beautiful blue eyes that were currently staring down at her. Eyes that looked familiar, but she couldn't remember who they belonged to. "Can I kiss you? Even better can I fuck you?" Those eyes look behind her in a panic as her head started to feel weird. It felt like the room was spinning and turning upside down at the same time. She looked back up at him one more time. "I -- can't --" then the world went black around her.


Ethan screamed out as Rachael passed out. "Clear the club. Call Doc. Get her here now so she can get blood work." He held Rachael close to his chest and internally panicked. She didn't move or respond at all. One of her friends, the guy who stayed close to her, tried to take Rachael out of his arms, but Ethan snarled at him and cupped her cheek in his hand.

The guy started talking slowly and quietly at him. "I've known Rachael since we were born. We grew up together. She's like my sister. I just need to make sure she's not having a reaction to whatever is going on. She's allergic to penicillin and it can actually kill her, so I need to take a look at her really quickly to make sure she's not starting to have a reaction. If you don't believe me, she's wearing a medic alert necklace. It says it." The guy spoke quietly and slowly the whole time, so while he had Rachael's mouth open checking for something, Ethan pulled out the necklace to take a look at it. On the back it did tell him she had a severe allergy to penicillin.

Mark sat back and looked at him. "It doesn't look like an allergy attack. Usually if that happens she starts swelling up with hives and her throat swells shut. If you ever see it, you have to force air into her lungs to keep her breathing, preferably by sticking something like a pen tube down her throat past the swelling."

Ethan nodded quietly, but still held Rachael close to him. "I don't think this had anything to do with her allergy. Caleb mentioned you guys made comments about her getting touched by random people tonight. Does that usually happen?"

Mark thinks about it, but eventually shakes his head. "Rae actually doesn't like most people to touch her. It's a trust thing. She's more likely to slap someone who tries to touch her." He thinks very hard for just a minute. "She stopped having a problem with people touching her once we got up to the dance floor."

Ethan got an idea, but he needed Rachael awake to get answers. He gently scooped her up and shook her gently. He called to her and tapped her cheek, trying to get at least a little response from her. Once she got her eyes open and was looking at him he asked the question that was on his mind, "Rachael, when you were coming upstairs to dance, did anyone touch your bare skin." She slowly nodded, and gestured to her stomach and left arm. She then whispered one more word. "Jaa-ason!" She then slipped back into unconsciousness.

"Who's Jason?" he asked her friends. They looked around at each other most looking guilty, especially Mark.

"Jason was Rachael's ex. He still goes to school with us, but she keeps a really close eye on him. He turned into a stalker and he did a lot of things to her. Some things we don't even know about yet cause she still hasn't talked. We know he physically, mentally, and emotionally abused her, but we think there was more." He would not look Ethan in the eye.

"What kind of more?" Ethan growled, his fists clenching and trying not to start hitting people. Christian and Deshawn had come in, and both got their hands on him as quickly as possible. They knew if he lost it over this people in this room would bleed.

"I've never seen it but there is supposedly a video he put out of her getting raped by multiple guys at the same time. I did hear the audio from it and she just screamed and begged for them to stop. We're not sure when exactly it happened, but there was a period of about 2 or 3 weeks last year where she wouldn't see anyone. She won't talk about it, even though she knows we know." Mark looks broken after this conversation. Like he might feel better if he carved his heart out.

Chapter 6

He looked around the group of them. He knew he was angry, just not quite at them. He knew it was the situation he was mad at. He looked around at everyone, then centered in on Mark. "Are there no parents watching out for her and caring for her?" he asked. The thought that there would be parents who could put a stop to a guy like that in her life made him want to hit someone.

Mark shook his head. " No. Rae's dad was killed 6 years ago and since then her mother has had nothing to do with her. My parents try to help her, making sure she eats and stuff, but there is only so much they can do cause she's legal. Her mother is a bitch who blames Rae for her Dad's death, even though she was the only one who did anything to try to save him." Mark got more and more worked up as he continued so he gestured Christian over to Mark.

Dr. Joanne finally got there with the blood tubes and took enough to test for any foreign substances in Rachael's system. After checking to see what other medicines or health conditions she might have, she told Ethan she would have the information to him by 7 am at the latest. Ethan looked around the group and made a hasty decision. "She's staying at my house. I don't like the idea of her being home alone with these drugs in her system, especially if she has a stalker. I don't have room for all of you to stay, but one or two we should be able to manage."

Mark immediately spoke up, " I'm staying with her. You guys know she trusts me and I should be able to calm her if she freaks."

"Freaks?" Caleb questioned.

Mark nodded. "Yeah. She's only done it like once or twice, but sometimes if she wakes up after a bad situation with no one familiar around her, she goes into these episodes. She panicked, starts throwing things, hurts people, trying to escape, things like that. Like a panic attack, but much more extreme."

Caleb looked like he wanted to say something, but Ethan held up his hand and nodded. "We've dealt with those kinds of panic attacks before. We have all the equipment and medication necessary. Since when has she been going into these attacks?"

Natalie started motioning, and Ethan had started to notice some repeated gestures in whatever she was motioning. He looked over at Deshawn, who seemed to understand exactly what she was doing. "Natalie says she started acting a little differently about eighteen months ago. The panic attacks started a month later," Mark translated for them.

He looked at Christian and a look was exchanged between them. He had his suspicion about what was going on, and he knew Christian did too. "Christian has a key to my place. I have a suspicion he's going to need to work with her some. I'm not going to say anything till we get a better idea of what this is, but we may have an idea of what this is. He doesn't live far from me, so if she goes into one of her attacks he can be there in less than 5 minutes. Give us a little time and we'll see if we can help her more," Ethan clarified. He wasn't going to tell secrets that were his to tell, but he already knew this group of friend was close, and could see them becoming a strong part of his group if they got as angry about what he thought why Rachael was drugged as he thought. He had a feeling that nothing would be able to stop them if someone had intentionally done this to her.

Chapter 7

Ethan looked around at everyone, taking note of the irritated look on Danny, but he would take care of that in a minute. "Mark and Rachael will stay at my place. Deshawn if you wouldn't mind coming over in the morning with the girls we'll see if we can get some more information out of her once she's had time so get some of this stuff out of her system and get her on her feet," Ethan clarified. "Let's keep the club closed for a few days since there have been so many attacks and I'll get in touch with the other club owners and let them know we had another attack tonight and we do have confirmation the victim did have skin contact, so it looks like it's a touch based transfer system."

"I thought the safety restrictions you guys put on where supposed to help with that," Cooper said, trying to sound as nonjudgmental as possible. "That was the whole reason for the ID, payment method, phone rule being put in place in the first place, right?"

"Yeah. Unfortunately, it didn't work. If you guys wouldn't mind, I have a feeling you guys could help us with that. We'll pay you, of course," Ethan offered, "and depending on what we have you doing this might be something you guys can use. I know at least a couple of you are at the college. I'm suspecting all of you." They nodded at him. "Good. If anything I can use more people on the floor who don't look like staff. Just regular club practitioners. Completely off the subject, but it's stuck in my head so I'm asking. Rachael drank 8 tequila shots when you guys got here and was fine wasn't she?" They looked at each other to clarify then nodded. "How was she still standing?"

Mark laughed. "She has herself trained," he scoffed. "She downs tequila like it's nothing. I don't know how she does it, but she does. She has this trick she does when she's out with us. She acts like she's had too much and when she starts acting drunk and she gets them. She has audio devices anchored in the tie breakers of her skirt and visual equipment embedded in her necklace. I know cause I got her the equipment and she put it all together." Ethan gestures for him to clarify. "Rae is a genius with computers. Built her first one when she was 8 from spare parts in my garage. My parents own a security company so we have equipment and can get the top of the line stuff if she wants it." He clarified about the rest of the people in the group. "Jade's father is Senator Martin. David's Dad was a Army Colonel and put him thru sniper training and Nat was adopted by them and knows all the secrets of the world about everyone. Cooper is our network and information hotspot. He's the reason all of us knew about your security lockdown. Nothing phases Paul. Slasher flicks. Car accidents we pass. Nothing gets to him. And there's nothing that seems to make him squeamish. It's like nothing gets to him. Naomi is out underground diva. Anything we're not supposed to have but want, she can find a way to get." Ethan looks at Caleb, Christian, and Deshawn. "We even have this trick we do with each other. Nat always has to come inside before David. Nat which pocket does David have your stuff?"

Natalie looks at David studying him for a moment, then pointed to his right hand. David reached in and pulled out two cards and showed them to be Nat's.

Ethan looked at all of them, then he looked at his men. "I'm gonna talk to my guys real quick about some business stuff then we'll all get out of here," he said to them. He gently laid Rachael in Mark's arms then stood up and motioned to them. He then walked to to other side of the room. First thing, he looked at Danny. "First off, what the fuck is your problem?"

Danny looked at him like he had grown another head. "You don't even know these people and you're letting two of them stay at your house? What the fuck are you thinking?" Danny spat out.

Ethan looked at him very hard for a moment, then grabbed him by the back of the neck and forced him to look at Rachael. "She's in this situation because of us," he growled. "Because we didn't do enough to protect her. I have a feeling their groups can help us with the skills they have and with what they said about what she does with trapping men, I don't think there is anything we could do to stop her, so it's better to have her with us so we can make sure she's safe. And since she's a computer genius, she may be able to help us with our security issue. We can help keep her safe with the stalker. It's a win-win for all of us."

The more Ethan thought about how someone had done this to her. He let go of Danny before he hurt him without meaning to. He then turned and punched the wall three times, desperate to get rid of the anger. Christian grabbed his arms and turned him to look at him. 
He started doing deep breathing exercise motioning for Ethan to join and get himself centered. He did it and felt better after a few moments. He nodded at Christian. "I want her," he admitted. "I want her

us fight these bastards."

Chapter 8


Ethan finished up with his guys then walked back over to the rest. "Mark and I are going to take Rachael to my house. Are you guys going to be okay getting home. If not, I can get some of the guys to give you a lift." They assured him they would be fine getting home and he makes sure they have his number if they wanted to check on Rachael and Mark and if they needed anything. He told them all good night before he gently scooped Rachael out of Mark's arms and headed to the back parking lot. He knew the club would be locked up after Deshawn made sure everyone left safely.

He laid Rachael on the back seat and buckled the belt to make sure she didn't roll around. He then climbed behind the wheel, Mark in the seat beside him. He adjusted his rear view mirror so he could see her. He then slowly left the club, wanting to have plenty of time to get as much information about her as he could. "So tell me more about her. Why does her mother have nothing to do with her?"

Mark sighed. "Her mother blames her for her Dad's death. They were walking down the sidewalk, headed to his office, when he was run down by someone who jumped the curb. She was hit too but nothing that caused much damage. Only a few bruises and scrapes. Her Dad was dead instantly. She tried to save him anyway. She couldn't walk, but she crawled over to him and tried to do CPR. She wouldn't stop. The EMT had to drag her off him and sedate her. She was destroyed when he died. It took a long time before she would talk."

"It was our senior year of high school," he continued, "and everyone else saw her as too damaged, I guess. They got sick of her tears and didn't think about how she was grieving for the person who meant the most to her. I was the only one who saw it. I stayed with her at school as much as I could, and made her come to my house after school so she was away from the memories for a bit. Her mother had already thrown herself into her work and abandoned Rae. My parents tried to fill her parent's shoes, but there was only so much they could do. I think my Mom helped her the most. Mom was the first one who was able to hug her without her bursting into tears."

"We thought she was doing better so I started letting her go home after school. I would watch her from my tree house every once in a while, just to make sure she was okay. I fell asleep one afternoon and when I woke up I saw Rae cutting herself directly over her heart. There was blood streaming down her chest, so I knew it could be deep. I broke down her door and grabbed her into a blanket before I called emergency services. My parents were there with me by the time they got there. She was hospitalized under emergency watch. I never left her though. Only when they changed the bandages. She had apparently been cutting herself since I had started letting her go back. The same place, right over her heart, every time. It was like she was trying to cut out the pain."

"She refused to speak for weeks. I stayed with her the whole time. Her mother only came once, and she tried to have Rae committed. My parents said something to convince her to leave her in our care. I was the first person she spoke to. When she started talking she told me she was sorry I had found her like that, but the physical pain made the pain in her heart hurt less. I think the only people who understood what she meant are Naomi and Paul, but I haven't asked them. I know they've talked to her about how she used to cut. Every once in a while she'll ask if it's okay if she still feels the urge. Naomi tells her it's okay to feel it as long as she doesn't do it. She's come so far in her recovery and she doesn't want to fall back on it."

Mark stopped talking and took a deep breath. He didn't say anything else. Ethan's curiosity had peaked about something else. "So is there anything between the two of you?" he asked, hoping the answer was no.

Mark laughed. "No. Fuck no," was his adamant response. "We know too much about each other. It would be like dating my sister. If anyone messed with her though I would be first in line to beat their ass. The rest of the gang wouldn't be far behind me, and I think Paul would make sure he was last cause there would be nothing left after he was done. I think he would kill them. He has a strong protective streak over the girls, especially Naomi. When ever she goes to do her underground deals, he goes with her. Sometimes she doesn't even know he does if she's pitching a fit at the time. Lord help any man who fucks with Naomi cause they will beg Paul to kill them before he's done."

Mark turns to look back at Rachael, and Ethan watches her in the mirror. "I just want her safe and happy," Mark whispers. "She deserves that more than anyone I know."

Chapter 9

Rachael saw only darkness. Nothing. She started to make out a face but it was still to hazy for her to see clearly. Then she saw and she screamed. Jason! Jason was here. She was alone with him. Before she had realized it, he had gotten close enough for him to hold her hands up near her head. She realized he had her pinned to a bed.

She tried to struggle, but felt like she was being held down by more hands, like he had an extra ten to use to torture her with. She saw him talking, but couldn't hear what he was saying. She managed to get one hand loose from him and she swung it out trying to hit him. To hit anything. She felt her hand connect with something and cried out in pain.

Another, larger hand replaced the one that had been there, and she felt someone gently brushing her hair away from her face. Then a quiet voice started talking to her. She tried to focus on the voice and close her eyes so she wouldn't see Jason. The voice told her she was safe. Mark was with her and so were people who would protect her. She slowly began to relax as she listened to the voice, slowly feeling the hands letting her go. Once they had all released her the voice told her she needed to open her eyes and wake up. There were people who needed her.

She tried to open her eyes and found it difficult, like she had weights attached to her eyelids. Once she finally forced them open she was someplace she didn't know. She did see Mark though, who was still brushing her hair back as he sat near her head. Ethan was sitting beside her on the bed, watching her. She looked around the room and saw Deshawn, the female bouncer that had led them to Deshawn, and two other women. They watched her warily. "Wha-what's going on? Where am I?" she asked, feeling very confused.

"Hey, Gorgeous. How do you feel?" Mark asked, concern in his eyes.

"Like a bus hit me and very confused. Where am I?" she asked again, getting irritated. She noticed both hands were in fists near her face and tried to open them. When she went to open the left one she cried out in pain. Ethan cupped her hand in his and gently helped her open it, then turned it to see the outside edge.

"It's already starting to bruise," Ethan said. "You took a swing at us and hit the nightstand. It'll be bruised, and might swell a little, but you'll be fine. Give me a minute to wrap it and we'll explain what's going on." Deshawn handed him a med kit as if he had been holding it the whole time. Ethan gently but quickly got her hand wrapped and gave her a hand so she could sit up. She noticed her clothes from last night were gone and she was wearing a t-shirt and shorts that weren't hers.

Mark looked guilty. "I didn't have much choice but to change you," he apologized. "I know you wouldn't have been comfortable if Ethan had and we were the only ones with you last night. Deshawn and the girls showed up right about the time you started your episode."

She reached up and kisses his cheek and pulled him into a hug. "It's okay, Mark. I know you did it cause you had to. My equipment wouldn't have survived otherwise. Thank you for thinking of that." She sighed and relaxed into him. "Okay, can one of you guys explain what is going on?"

Ethan motioned for Deshawn and the girls to give them some time and turned back to face her. "You told us your ex, Jason, had touched you last night. That he had touched your stomach and left arm. How did he get to you?"

She shuddered before she whimpered. "He was just there then he was gone. It's like he was watching and waiting for me. What did he do to me? I started feeling weird once we got to the dance floor. I didn't feel like myself."

"That was a drug he got into your system. It is apparently the newest date rape drug. We had a theory it was transferred by touch, and you were able to confirm that last night. Thank you. Mark also told us about the specialties you and your friends seem to have. That you're a computer genius." Rachael blushed at that, which Ethan thought was cute.

"I also know about your trick you do with your outfit. How you make men think you are drunk and trap them. I do have to say it's clever." He looks at both Rachael and Mark. "I wanted to know if you would work for me. We have a problem with our surveillance system. That's how women have been getting attacked at our club. If you can solve it, I can let the other club owners know how you do it and they can fix the problem in their clubs."

"I'm part of a group of people who are trying to keep the gangs and mafia out of our city. It's the only way we can keep people safe. That is the whole goal my group has. All of my friends have a story, some of them bad. If we can keep other people from having to go thru those situations we will. We've payed to keep the gangs and mafia out, but are still having problems with the drugs. Once we get that problem solved, the city will be relatively safe."

Rachael and Mark looked at each other, seeming to communicate just by look. Then they turned back to him. "We're in," Rachael said adamantly. "Anything we can do."

Chapter 10

Mark led Rachael around the house, showing her were the important rooms were. When he led her to the work out room in the basement, she stopped and refused to move. "Mark, I need some time here. I've got to get some stuff out of my system." He nodded and gave her the space she needed. He went back up to the kitchen and let everyone know where she was. Ethan was curious about if she was okay. So he silently walked downstairs and watched her work on the heavy bag. She was kicking and punching it, holding nothing back. In the five minutes she had been working, she had already built up a heavy sweat. He could tell what ever she had seen during her episode was messing with her head. Her knuckles had already cracked and were bleeding from how hard she was hitting the bag.

"Rachael?" he quietly said, trying not to startle her. He could tell she was in her own mind, battling something. She jumped when he spoke, she turned quickly to him, arms up and ready to start swinging. He held his hands up to show her he was not a danger to her. Her shoulders slowly relaxed and she turned back to the heavy bag. He walked behind the bag and held it for her. "Do you want to talk about what you saw?"

She growled, making it very obvious she didn't. "If I haven't told my friends, what makes you think I'll tell you, no matter how hot you are?" She stopped punching and kicking the bag for just a moment to look at him. "Thank you for letting me and Mark stay here last night. If I had been at home when I had my episode this morning, I probably would have hurt myself a lot worse."

He looked at her for another minute. "You're welcome, but I think it might be a good idea if you talked to my friend Christian. We both think you are suffering from PTSD. Your episode this morning makes me think it even more. People with PTSD are prone to flashbacks and outbursts like the way you had this morning," Ethan explained.

Rachael gave him a hard look and scoffed at him. "Unless he's been raped and forced to watch his father's murder over and over again while it happens I don't think he can help me." She turned and walked to the speed bag. She started quickly hitting it, getting into a rhythm. Ethan was stunned someone could be so cruel to do something like that to this woman. He slowly walked over to lean against the wall, studying her again. He knew he looked calm and collected, but really he was boiling on the inside for her.

"Who did that to you?" She shook her head in response, but he refused to let it go. "Who forced you to watch your father's murder while they raped you? I need to know. I need to know who needs to pay for doing something like that you. I need to know who I need to rip apart with my bare hands. I need to know, Rachael," he asked, an air of pleading in his voice.

She hit the bag one last time, hard enough to make the bag explode, all of the air bursting out of it. She looked at the bag, then turned to him. "Sorry about that. I didn't mean to break it. It's a touchy subject." She walked over to a bench and wiped her face. "Everything was fine with Jason for the first few months. Then he pulled a complete 180 on me. He became violent. He started hitting me and being cruel. When I tried to leave him, he broke into my room. He tied me up and ripped my clothes off me and put the video of my father's death on my TV. He told me if I didn't watch while he fucked me he would slit my throat. When I tried to protest he beat me. Then he held my eyes open and held my face towards the TV while he raped me over and over again. Once he was done, he left me tied up with the video on repeat. I didn't have to watch it anymore, but I did have to hear it. My episode this morning was about Jason. I saw him. He was talking to me. When I swung at you guys, I was trying to hit him. I've been collecting evidence against him since I was finally able to leave him. I've been forced to watch him kill people. I've been forced to be with him when he sells drugs. I want him to go down. I want him dead at my hand. I want to torture him as much as he has tortured me," she spit out. "I want him to suffer!"

Ethan walked over to her slowly, trying not to startle or scare her. He gently placed his arm around her shoulder. "We will help you get this fucker. He's the type of man we've been after. He's the type of man who needs to be taken down. Help us and we'll help you get him. No matter what." She stiffened with tension for just a moment, then wrapped her arms around him and started sobbing. He knew she needed this. She had been carrying this on her own for so long. He let her cry until her tears dried up, then wiped her face clear with his fingers. He scooped her up and placed her in his lap, wrapping both arms around her. "You're not alone anymore. But you do need to tell your friends. They need to know this. They want to help and protect you. They are your family the same way my friends are my family. They will be there for you just like my friends will be there for me. You just have to trust them."

Rachael took a deep breath. "Let's call them and meet up with them and your friends. I'll tell all of them. If we are going to be working with you guys, they should become our family too." Ethan gave her a little squeeze and kissed her forehead before he picked her up bridal style and carried her upstairs. He placed her gently on a bar stool and handed her his phone so she could call her friends. She gave them his address for everyone to meet up, while he called his friends for them to come over as well. Once they had both finished, they looked at each other and nodded. "I'll be right beside you the whole time." He walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her as well. "I promise I'll be beside you no matter what." He then kissed her forehead again.

Chapter 11

Ethan could feel his blood boiling. What Rachael had been thru was something no woman should go thru. He now understood why she had her little tricks, but he didn't want to see her do it anymore. He knew if she continued she would continue to be in danger. He wanted to keep her safe. He had no idea what was going on with him. He never got attached to women. He screwed them then never spoke to them again. He didn't want a situation like that with Rachael. He wanted something long term. He wanted to figure out a way to convince her to live with him. He never got feelings like this about women! What was going on with him?

Everyone slowly made their way over to his house and sat around the living room. He stood with Rachael between the two groups, his friends on one side, hers on the other. She looked very nervous, like she wanted to hide. Ethan, placed his hand on her lower back and rubbed small circles there, trying to assure her he was right there beside her. She took a deep breath.

"I have something to confess. The rumors about Jason raping me are true." Her friends became tense, looking like they want to hunt someone down. She continued quietly. "It started as physical, mental, and emotional abuse until I tried to leave him. He broke into my house, tied me down, and forced me to watch my father getting run over as he raped me. He did it repeatedly. He's done other things, but that was pretty much the worst." She refused to look at anyone. Ethan wrapped her up in a hug. Then Mark, Jade, and Natalie joined them. After a moment, she was surrounded by everyone, giving her hugs. A few tears slipped from her eyes, but she kept it mostly under control.

Alex looked at her with a serious look on her face. "Did you ever have sex with him willingly or was it always rape.

"Just rape," Rachael whispered, looking guilty.

"Well, then you're still a virgin. You only stop being a virgin when you give it willingly," Alex informed them all. Rachael smiled at that. The thought she had the choice to give that to someone again made her happy. She couldn't stop the smile painting her face, and Ethan squeezed Alex's arm and mouthed a thank you to her. They all knew that was something a woman who had been in a situation like that felt like. They knew Rachael would feel a weight had been lifted from her.

Rachael sighed. "The rumor about being gang banged is true, too. I couldn't fight them all off. That's why I started with jujitsu and working out. Once I was finally able to leave Jason, it took a fight between the two of us and I had to restrain him and call the cops to have him removed. I have a restraining order on him, but if he gets it in his mind to come after me, it's not going to keep him away." She looked down at the floor, the guilt painting her face.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Mark asked, brushing a hand across her cheek. He looked like his heart was breaking over the pain his best friend had gone thru.

"He threatened you guys. He knew you guys meant so much to me and he said he would do horrible things to you if you guys every do found out. I couldn't let that happen." Rachael looked shaken at the though of her friends getting hurt because of her, and Mark pulled her into a hug, petting her hair to try to soothe her. She pulled herself close to him and hugged herself onto his shoulder. Ethan saw her beginning to shake as she fought the tears back. He looked at Mark and held his arms out for her. Mark nodded and Ethan easily scooped her out of Mark's arms and into his lap, sitting her so she was sitting perpendicular to his body and leaning onto his chest.

He slowly petted her hair and back, whispering softly into her ear. "I will never let him touch you again," he whispered to her, so only she could hear. "You will be protected by me, my people, and your friends. No one will ever touch you like that again. I swear it. If anyone tries, they will beg for death before I am done with them." He gently kissed her temple and wiped her tears away again. He held her, but looked at the rest of her friends. "I've already brought this up to Rachael and Mark. I would like you guys to work with us. We have a group that has made deals with the gangs and Mafia to keep them out of the city. The only problem we've been having is this new date rape drug. We want to figure out a way to stop them from using it. We think you all have skills that could help us. It's up to you, but Mark and Rachael have already agreed." He looks around at them again. "You would be helping to stop situations like what happened to Rachael last night." As he watched them, they looked at each other, seeming to communicate silently. Then they all nodded.

"We're all in," David spoke up. "We want to stop this bullshit as much as you guys do." He looked at Rachael, Jade, Natalie, and Naomi. "We don't want someone we care about hurt again."

"Good," Ethan interjected. "You will have to go thru some training to see where your strengths are. I have a good idea for some of you, but I want to make sure my impressions are right. I want to put you in a position where you will be the safest." He looked over at Jade, "Actually, I'm the most curious where we can put you. I have an idea, but you will need to change, and we need a "volunteer" for you to test this on." He smirked at Caleb. "I already know who I want my volunteer to be, so go get changed. All the girls will help you." He then dismissed them, staring at Caleb like a shark deciding on its next meal.

Chapter 12

Jade felt like she was half naked. She knew why the girls had dressed her like this, but she hoped once she got into "character" it would get easier but at the moment, she just felt uncomfortable.She looked at herself in the mirror again and tried to pull her skirt down a little more. She heard a knock on the door. She knew that was her cue to try to do her mission. Depending on who the volunteer was would depend on how hard this job was.

She slowly walked down the stairs and saw Caleb was the only one sitting in the room. Everyone else stood around the edges of the room so they wouldn't get in the way. She heard music playing, to make it seem more like the club she supposed. Caleb hadn't looked at her yet, so she continued down the stairs and stepped in front of him. He blinked when he saw her shoes, then let his eyes drift up to see who was standing in front of him. When he saw it was Jade, his mouth dropped open. She gestured to the seat beside him. Acting like she had just walked into the club, she started swaying her hips in her dance in front of him to #1 Crush by Garbage. She started looking around like she was looking for someone. She started looking around more. She caught the corner of Caleb's eye and acted like she had just spotted him. She gestured for him like it was important, and he was curious to see what her play was, he took her hand and went next to her. "Could you dance with me, or at least stand here like you're with me so the creeps will stay away? They can be kind of persistent."

He didn't really dance, but he put his hands on her hips and pulled her against him. She ground into him, and he gasped as he bit his lip, because she somehow seemed to line herself up with him perfectly. She slid down his body and back up, keeping that same perfect alignment.

She spun quickly, and he swore he caught the vision of a thong, and laid her hands on his shoulders. She gently swayed her hips back and forth as she slid till she was crouched at his feet before gliding herself back up. Caleb knew Jade could move, but he hadn't realized she had added this kind of movement. He was on the verge of saying "To Hell With This" and just dragging her off to "catch-up."

She turned around again and continued dancing again, pressed up against him again. "You know I should really know your name so I can thank you."

Caleb saw the weak attempt and just replied, "Caleb."

"Caleb, huh?" She seemed to think about it for just a second. She then bend straight over at the waist and pressed her hips into his crotch as she rolled her way back up. "What if I want your whole name to scream out so everyone knows who makes me cum so hard." He moaned louder and lay his head on her shoulder. She heard him whisper out his full name and wrap his arms around her waist. She know she had done what Ethan had asked, but she felt bad for getting Caleb so worked up. She gestured for the music to be cut and headed for the kitchen, leading Caleb with her, and gestured for Ethan to follow her. Once she got there, she turned on Ethan, her eyes blazing with anger. "That was a really shitty thing to do to your supposed best friend."

Ethan smiled at her. "The only reasons I had him do it is because 1) he has a thing for you, and 2) if anyone wouldn't tell their full name, it would be him. I am the one one who knows it. Unless he told you." He raised an eyebrow at her, asking if she had completed her task.

She looked at Caleb, who looked back at her and nodded. She slowly and softly told Ethan. "Caleb Jacob Mitchell, III," she reluctantly told him. "But it shouldn't matter anyway cause I've known him most of my life."

"An even bigger reason for him to fight to keep his name from you." She saw Ethan and Caleb motioning to each other as her mind ran, but she wasn't paying and attention to them. Then Ethan turned and left while Caleb picked her up and carried to a bedroom, where he sat her on his lap so she faced him.

"What has you so bothered about finding out who I am, princess? Is it because I'm supposed to be dead, or because I was getting in the way of your father's business?" She looked at him, and eventually shook her head.

"Neither of those things bother me. I don't agree with a lot of the things my father does as far as business. And I figure you faked your own death for a reason. Probably having to do with dad." Caleb slowly nodded. "Don't worry, Caleb." She kissed his cheek softly. "Your secret is safe with me. I promise." She went to wrap her arms around him shoulders, but he caught her by surprise. He kissed her deeply, flipping her so her back was laying on the bed and his body was pressed down over her. She gasped in surprise and he just deepened the kiss, making her feel like his lips were burning hers. "Caleb...," she moaned, wanting his hands on her more. He gently laid his hand on her knee and slowly started sliding it higher.

"Jade, tell me if I need to stop," Caleb pleaded. "I don't want to do anything to hurt you." She started to say something, but there was a knock on the door that stopped them both. He looked down at her and smiled. "We'll finish this later. No one is staying at my house, so you could stay with me if you want." She nodded at him, leaning up to kiss him one last time. She stood up and tried to make sure she wasn't to mussed from their make out session. Caleb gently wiped around her mouth to fix her smeared lipstick, then took her hand as they left the room. Jade saw Deshawn standing by the door waiting there for them, and felt her face to get warm.

They walked back into the living room, and every one of her friends were giving her a smirk. She knew her face turned even redder. Fortunately, Caleb had the ability to ignore them all and he pulled her into his lap and kissed her temple. "Just ignore them," he whispered to her. "They're just jealous that I'm lucky enough to have you." He kissed her on the mouth again, marking her as his property.

Chapter 13

Ethan looked around the room at his newest members. He knew he would have to think of a reason to keep them from home and under his protection. If Jason had threatened her friends, they were in as much danger as Rachael. He looked at the people in her group and decided how he would divide them up between his people. Rachael would stay with him. He didn't want her out of his sight. He decided Mark would stay with Roxy so she could keep his mouth in check. Jade would stay with Caleb since he seemed to have put a claim on her already. Paul and Naomi would stay with Deshawn so he could keep them out of trouble. Natalie and David would stay with Michael since they seemed very calm. He looked around at who was left and decided Cooper would stay with Alex. She would have no problem slapping him around if he needed it.

Rachael looked at Ethan and then looked at David. "Is there a shooting range we can use. David and I like to keep our practice up." Ethan looked at the two of them, surprise flashing across his face. He gestured to Deshawn, Caleb, and Christian and the three men led them out into the backyard. Ethan stood back, leaning against the back post so she could take a good look at their stance and aim.

Deshawn went first, using the hand gun he was most comfortable with, a Glock 42. Rachael had seen one before but had never used one. She would show them she could take on a challenge. Deshawn took his stance and took his shots, only one being slightly off center. She took the gun from him, to everyone's surprise, reloaded it, gazed down the sight to get her bearings, then emptied the clip. Once she had finished, she turned her back on the target and handed the gun back to Deshawn. "NRA World Shooting Championship three years running," she simply said. Her shots were perfect.

David took one of the rifles and took aim out further into the woods. He took a minute to take his shot then fired. As he unloaded the gun, He caught the bullet in him hand and slid it in his pocket. He moved the rifle and took aim again and fired. He took 5 more shots this way, then motioned for them to follow him. He wandered for a long time into the woods, before he walked up to a knot in a tree trunk that David had hit dead center. He walked to the next place and they saw the same thing. Rachael looked at him curiously and finally asked, " You're father's sniper training?"

David nodded and explained to those who didn't know. "My father started sniper training me when I was 7. If I enlisted in the Marines, I would automatically go in with the rank of Sergeant.

Ethan looked at his shooters and felt safer. "The girls have some training. We'll have to intensify the training to make sure all of us are safe. The only danger spots I see are Alex, Michael, and Roxy's homes, and I know you all have safe rooms in case someone gets in. Do not hesitate to use them if necessary. We will get to you as quickly as possible." He looked around the group, then waved them into the kitchen. " Come on, everyone. I'll make waffles for breakfast."

Ethan pulled Rachael to the side, using the excuse that she was helping him with the waffles. Quietly, so no one else could hear, he whispered to her, "Mark told me about how you used to cut." He immediately saw her tense and loosen her hold on the egg she was holding so she didn't shatter it in her hand.

"What exactly did he tell you?," she quietly asked.

"That he had been watching you to make sure you were alright and he dozed off. When he woke up you had cut marks on your chest and he broke in to help you. How your mother didn't seem to care and tried to have you committed, but Mark's parent's convinced her they would take care of you. That Mark's Mom was the first person you were able to hug with out crying." He gently lifted his sleeve and showed her something that made her run her fingers over them gently. He allowed her to as he continued talking to her. "You'll find most of us have our own story. Some it just takes a little longer to get it out of us. Do any of your friends know other than Mark?"

Rachael quietly nodded her head. "Naomi and Paul know." Ethan gently pushed her in Michael's direction and said, " Tell her you want to show everyone. She'll understand and not judge. Honestly, no one here will judge."

He got Michael's attention and gestured to Rachael. Michael walked over to her and took her arm as she led her out of the room. After about ten minutes, he saw Rachael coming down the stairs in a pair of short shorts and a revealing bikini top. Everyone looked up at her in shock. Ethan could tell Rachael never dressed like this. As he looked her over, he could see more razor scars than she had mentioned.

She refused to look at anyone for a moment, but Michael whispered everything would be okay. Rachael took a deep breath and looked up at all of them. "Some of you know this already, but I am a cutter. I started cutting after I got out of the hospital when my Dad died. I didn't know how to handle the pain, so I turned to cutting myself to make it better." She pulled up her shorts and pulled her bikini top down over the area of her heart. The cuts on my legs are the most recent ones, but I haven't done then in about a year. Paul and Naomi have been helping me with those. The ones over my heart I haven't done in over 5 years, and Mark was there to help me for that." When they looked at the ones over her heart, they saw scars layered over scars, they would never heal or fade. They were something she would have to heal from her entire life. She looked around the group to see if any of them were judging her, but saw something that made her mouth almost drop open. Naomi and Paul had pulled their clothes up to show their own scars. Deshawn did too. After a moment Jade and Caleb did. She already knew about them, but Ethan pulled his sleeves up. Christian, Roxy, and Michael also pulled up their clothes to show their scars.

Rachael was floored with how many of them had known her pain and what she had been thru. She felt the tears start flowing for her cheeks and her knees began to wobble. She was thankful when Ethan scooped her up and held her in his lap, pulling her close and holding her tightly in his arms. He kissed her gently on the forehead and rested his lips on her temple. "Everything is going to be alright, Rach. You have people with you who understand now. Let us help you get thru this. Please!" He kissed her lips gently, before he deepened the kiss, making her head spin. "You may not have heard it before, but I want you." He slid a hand up her leg to the edge of her shorts. "I want you how ever you'll let me have you."

Chapter 14

Rachael set herself up in the video room the next day. She had a few lessons to teach Danny, who apparently thought since because she was a girl she was an idiot and useless. For the safety of the computers, the first part of the lesson would be given on the dance floor. There was plenty of room there and it was unlikely other people would get involved. She could see the arrogance across his face and didn't let it bother her. She knew what she was capable of. She stretched herself out and stepped into her fighting stance, watching as Danny made the mistake of thinking she was trying to act tough. She looked over at Ethan and rolled her eyes at him. He know exactly what she was referring to. They had talked about it this morning at breakfast.

Danny finally took an over-exaggerated stance and waited for Rachael to make a move on him. She didn't. She waited for him to get fed up and come at her. Which he finally did. He swept at her front right leg, and she easily stepped over it. Then she kicked him in the center of his chest, knocking him on his butt. He stared up at her like she had grown extra arms or a head, but she continued to watch him as he sat there.

Finally, Danny got back to his feet. "So you think you're some little hot shot. Let's see what you think when I bust your lip. He swung a roundhouse kick at her, which she caught on her shoulder and pushed his leg up, so he was once again sitting on his butt. This time, she brought her foot down on his face and busted his lip as he had threatened to do to her. She took a step back to give him space to give up and make sure she was out of his reach.

She could see the anger building up and this was something she could use to her advantage. She stayed out of his line of reach during the next couple of hits, then slipped behind him, hooked his foot, and shoved him face first into the ground. She lay her knee right above his elbow and drew his arm back behind him, showing him it would take nothing to break his arm in the position he was in. Danny thought about how he could get out of this position, but realized it was futile. He tapped out and stayed on the floor till Rachael got up. She reached out a hand to help him up and everyone seemed to move at the same time, but Danny got to her first. He pulled her hand so she was closer to him, then cold cocked her across the cheek. Rachael took a step back as Danny got to his feet and everyone who was watching this fight knew Danny had fucked up. Rachael shook her hands out, rolled her shoulders, and motioned for Danny to come closer. Ethan had a feeling that Danny wouldn't be able to move in a few minutes. Rachael had a fire in her eyes that most of the group had stepped back from. Danny wasn't smart enough to see it.

Rachael hopped a little on the balls of her feet, then shook her head at Danny. "You think I haven't taken a beating from someone bigger, stronger, and more vicious than you, you would be very wrong, Danny Boy." Rachael cracked her knuckles and adjusted her grip slightly. "You are about to get the lesson I hadn't planned on giving yet, but with that cheap shot, you deserve a Jason lesson." All of Rachael's friends barricaded themselves against the wall, the guys protecting the girls as much as possible. Ethan's group took their cue and stepped back as far as possible, but made sure they could see what was about to happen. Ethan had a feeling that Danny had crossed a line and he was about to get what's coming to him.

Danny set up his stance, but Rachael left her arms relaxed by her sides, simply watching Danny. Once he finally made a move on her, Rachael threw up a high kick and brought it down directly across Danny's spine. Danny collapsed on the ground and fought to get back up, but it took him a minute to get his legs to work. He finally got back up and put himself back in a stance, and Rachael once again waited for Danny to make the first move. He swung punches at her next, which she easily dodged and simply tripped him up. Again, she let him get up in his own time and got back into her stance. Danny was getting more and more pissed at being humiliated so he rushed her, which is exactly what she had been waiting for. She jumped over him and centered herself over his body and drove her knee down in where his kidney would be. So when Danny landed, he landed with Rachael on top of him digging her knee in his kidney. "Are you done having your ass handed to you by a measly little girl, or would you like me to make you bleed internally some more, cause I can guarantee you that the next time you go piss there will be blood?"

She looked at him carefully before taking two steps back and allowing him to stand up. Ethan walked over to her slowly, kissing her temple and squeezing her around the waist. "Good job, Bad ass! I think we need to turn that into you're new nickname." He grinned at her and kissed her again, trying to show her how proud he was of her. When he stopped kissing her and looked down, Rachael was trying not to blush, and failing miserably.

"Danny Boy, has been slacking of on his security duties as well. Fortunately, we're closed at the moment so we can get them fixed before we reopen, but they could have been a lot worse." Rachael gave Danny a sidelong look and went for a cheap shot. "Not only do you have to take cheap shots on girls to beat them, but you also don't know shit about security or computers. Good to know." She turned her back on him and started to walk away, but when he clenched his fist she stopped and added, "If you plan on hitting me again, you'd better hope I never get back up because if I do, I promise you I will beat you within an inch of your life, and make sure to remove body parts that I KNOW you will miss."

She looked over her shoulder at him and gave him an evil and vindictive smile. "The first shot was free. Don't see what I do to you if you go after a second shot." Rachael continued walking, and Ethan realized he was so turned on after that little exchange, that he wondered what Rachael would do with him

Chapter 15

Rachael led Ethan and Danny to the computer room and set herself up in the chair. She pulled up a few monitors and gestured to them for the boys. "What do you see?," she quietly inquired to them.

"The restroom," Danny responded as if she was stupid. Rachael nodded, turned off the monitors, gestured for them to stay there, then walked out of the room. They waited about fifteen minutes before she walked back in with Deshawn. She turned all the monitors back on and gestured for them to look again. All the zones where they had been having problems with people had disappeared. They both looked at her on stunned silence. "What the fuck did you do? We've been trying to solve that problem for months!"

Rachael looked at him and smiled. "I actually thought about the problem. You were having problems with those spots because of privacy issues. If you move the cameras slightly, you still give them the coverage they need but are still able to keep them safe." She started typing on the keyboard and pulled up a few screens of what looked like garbled mess to Ethan.
"This is some of your firewalls that you have been having problems with. I went thru and reinforced them using some of the codes we came up with at school." Danny started to protest that, but Rachael raised her hand,stopping him before he even got started. "If you think college students can't program and write something that beats out that payed for crap, then you are very wrong. Our lives revolve around how to make those programs better and beat each other in the class room. And they haven't found anyone better than me yet." She shot him a dirty look, daring him to challenge her in anything.

Danny thought about it for a second, then Ethan saw an idea run across his face. Ethan know it would be vicious and mean. Danny smiled and leaned against the desk. "Well, since you know what your attacker looks like, why don't you pull down some clear footage of him and get us all pictures so we can all be on look out for him." Ethan heard the smirk in Danny's voice and tried to signal Danny to stop quickly, but he wasn't paying attention.Rachael took a deep breath to center herself. Ethan motioned that Deshawn needed to get Danny out for a minute, even though Danny bitched and protested the whole time.

Ethan got on his knees in front of Rachael and looked her in the eye. "Talk to me, Rae. What's going thru your head? I know he doesn't care, but I do, and it doesn't matter. You know that." He brushed her cheek and held her face as she took another few moments to get herself centered.

Rachael took another deep breath then met his eyes. "Danny is right. It would be smart to have images of as many of his gang as I can place. It just pissed me off that he used such a sneaky, underhanded way to do it. She pulled up footage from the night she was attacked and began running facial recognition software on it. After three minutes, they already has three faces for them to be on the look out for. She made copies and Ethan grabbed a copy of them.

"Which one is he? Jason?," Ethan asked, looking at her very closely. Rachael quietly sorted thru the pictures and placed Jason's on top.

"Jason Mitchell Bradshaw," she said quietly, barely above a whisper. "Things started out fine between us. He was even sweet. He knew I wanted to save myself until I was sure I was in love. I guess he got tired of waiting. After about six months of trying to get in my pants, he'd had enough. He snuck into my room one night tied me down, put a video in, and waited for it to start. When it did, it was my dad and I walking down the sidewalk right before he was hit. Then, Jason told me he relived the moment he hit my Dad every time he got off. I was shocked. I couldn't believe someone I knew had been able to do something so horrible to me. Then he raped me multiple times, making me watch that fucking movie the whole time." Rachael wrapped her arms around herself and made herself as small as possible.

Ethan scooped her up from the chair and sat in it, placing her in his lap and wrapping his arms around her. "You don't have to act strong all the time, Rae. Quite a few of us suffer from PTSD. We can help you get thru it. And we will find a way for you to get that bastards back. I will do everything I can to make sure it is painful to him. I promise you that." Ethan pulled her close, kissed her gently, and laid her head on his shoulder, letting her rest on him for a few minutes while she collected herself.

"Get him back in here," she told Ethan. "I think it's about time I put him in his place." She gently stood up while Ethan called Deshawn and Danny back in the office. Rachael shoved the picture of Jason across the desk at Danny. "This is Jason Mitchell Bradshaw. This is my ex-boyfriend and the man who drugged me last night." She met Danny's eyes and did not let him look away. "He's also the man who stole my virginity while he repeatedly made me watch the video of him running my father over. If you were trying to piss me off, you succeeded, but not in the way you were trying to. I can hold off kicking his nuts off and just take yours instead. You're closer. And as far as college students and their ability with fire walls and what you're unable to do with them, it's because they have taken the time to study these systems and you haven't. You're inept. Now get out of my sight before I decide to cut off body parts that Ethan might need from you later." She gave him one last cold look and Danny scurried out.

Ethan and Deshawn stared at her like she'd grown another head. Deshawn bowed his head and chuckled at her. "Miss Rachael, I wish I had gotten that on video. He'd never live it down."

Rachael gave him a radiant smile and pointed to the cameras in the corners. "Anyone who was in the bar or dance floor have already seen it. Of course I made that jerk pay for it. I'm in charge of the cameras. I have it recorded." Her face dropped. "He doesn't know my past."

Ethan crouched down in front of her and pulled her into a hug. "And not only did he get it from you, he will be getting it from me, too. You are here because I want you here. Because I see your worth. And because you make me happy. Honestly, the rest of them can get over themselves." He kissed her lips gently then her forehead. "Call me if you need anything." She squeezed his hand and turned back to her computer monitor.

"Just give Danny warning to stay away from me right now cause I'm armed right now and I'm still extremely pissed," she said as she smiled at him and blew him a kiss, which made him laugh a pure, heart-felt laugh.

Rachael worked in the computer room over the next few days, trying to get as many faces from Jason's gang as she could come up with. Mark talked to his parents and introduced them to Ethan, explaining his concept about having clubs in the area that were safe for people to be at at all times. They were all for the idea and said they would do what they could to help and Ethan said the cost of equipment was not going to be a problem. In fact, they might be able to upgrade some of it as well. Naomi dug up what she could about any new drugs that have been making the rounds in the rumor mill. Anything new was pointed out to Ethan and the guys had their eyes out for signs of it on the floor. David, Caleb, and Christian made sure they had spot points on top of all the buildings and surrounding ones, to make sure they were always covered. Rachael actually took some of the left over surveillance equipment in the camera room and made booster buddies for the dancers. They picked up sound even farther and Rachael could direct them towards where they were headed for a drug attack every single time. This is how she was going to help people for what they did to her Dad. She knew Jason had a hand behind a lot of this, but if she course figure out a way to shut them down for good, then maybe she could get her vengeance.

Rachael heard an odd noise from the club area and checked the monitors. She saw a group of men in black masks storming the club and piling all her friends together into a pile. Before she could think, she released the ceiling panel, grabbed both guns and grenades she had with her, then launched herself up into the ceiling. Once she closed the hatch, there would be no way for them to tell she had been there. She silently crawled her way above the paneling, looking for any sign of anyone other than her up here. She caught a flash of movement and pulled her gun up to fire, but caught the signal from Michael. A little further back, she saw Naomi. She figured the three of them could cause enough confusion to get some of the guys lose and a couple of weapons. Naomi pulled her black inks out of her hair, and dropped them in quiet places around the room. When they finally released their ink, the tendrils wrapped their way around everything, making it so some of our guys were untied though it looked like they weren't. Michael dropped her spare gun right at Deshawn's feet and they got ready to drop into the room. They all knew where the extra weapons were and Rachael was handing Ethan her spare gun as soon as she hit the floor. They looked around at each other and started to count. On three, they all dropped to the floor and did their parts, but someone was out of place. A large, hulking, nightmare was standing behind Ethan and was about to shoot him in the chest. Rachael silently kicked Ethan to get him out of the way, taking the bullet hit under her right lung. She knew it didn't pierce the lung, but it hurt like a motherfucker. Ethan turned to see why she had hit the ground the way she did, but Deshawn already had the other 3 handcuffed and was beating Jason senseless.

When he started looking for a way to restrain him, Rachael motioned to the office. "Zip ties. Computer room," she whispered to him, knowing exactly what he was looking for. Deshawn came back in with the zip ties and after, getting Jason tied, he lifted Rachael's head and kissed her forehead.

"We need to see about getting you looked at." He tore her shirt away from her side and she cussed.

She managed, after a few brief breathes to tell Deshawn that it wasn't punctured. Deshawn called for an ambulance, while Ethan called the other clubs to let them know they had been attached and by who and they had a member down. The member getting the security holes patched, in fact. Before Ethan hung up, Rachael put a request in. "I get to take him out." He looked at her while he passed this little portion on to them, then he nodded to her. Rachael got to be the one to take this mother fucker screaming to the pits of Hell. It might destroy her and make her twisted, but she would enjoy every second of it. She gave a very evil little smile and looked at their security. "This will be a torture detail, so if you guys want out, let me know. I'm not going to hold it against you."

It took a moment, but Paul stepped forward. "If you're going for torture, you'll probably need me and Naomi." He looked at Naomi as he said it and she nodded, slipping her surgical scalpels out. Christian also stepped up.

"You should be able to use my help as well. Military training in torture, so what they don't have covered, I've got the other side," Christian told them as Deshawn placed some more gauze on Rachael for the moment.

Rachael looked at Jason looking at her from the ground. "Do we have the facilities to keep them from being heard cause if I have my way, there will be a lot of screaming and begging from this panty wad." She watched him as she walked over to Ethan. "Are you okay, Luv?" Jason stiffened over the pet name and she knew exactly why. Jason knew Rachael would never call someone something that unless she meant it.

"I'm going to leave our friends to get him situated in his new quarters, and we'll go get you seen over at the hospital. I'm sure you could use some pain killers right now." He wrapped his arm around her and kissed her gently, showing Jason once again that nothing here was his. Rachael walked her way out of the room, but once past the door way, her legs gave out and she hit the ground. The pain was too great to deal with and focus on walking and breathing right now. She was having too many problems fighting to keep her eyes open. Ethan scooped her up and carried her out to the street, making another phone call that they were losing their computer genius. She was fading on them right now. He put the phone on speaker so he could talk to them as he needed to. "Rachael, I need you to stay with me, baby. I need you to fight for me. Take that jujitsu training that you've had, focus on pushing the pain away and on every breath and how important it is. Because it is, Rach, every breath has you connected here to someone. To me, Caleb, Christian, Danny, Deshawn, Alex, Roxy, Michael, Jade, Natalie, Naomi, Mark, David, Cooper, and Paul. We all need you in our lives. You are too important to all of us. You're too important to Mark's parent's. I talk to them every night about how you're doing and how you're adjusting. They told me they have been worried about you for years, and doing this and getting yourself in our group has seen them put light back into you. You're shining again. Please don't take my light way." Rachael watches a tear fall down his face before she caught it gently. "Please don't make me feel like I'm alone again,"Ethan whispered to her and she saw Deshawn over his shoulder. There would need to be explanation, but that would need to wait. Rachael squeezed his hand as hard as she could, and looked him in the eye as she faded out to sleep and recuperate.

Chapter 17

Ethan did everything he could to keep himself in check. He knew Caleb, Deshawn, and Christian all knew how torn up he was with this. Ethan motioned to Roxy and asked her and Michael take Rachael to the hospital and let them know she was there during the initial attack but they were worried about how much she was bleeding. That Rachael said it hadn't ruptured her lung, but they would rather have a professional check it out. They gave their assurance they would be with her the whole time and let him know as soon as they got any news about her. The four men stood there watching Jason, until Ethan realized that everyone was here. Danny, David, Mark, and Paul had come in as well and the police were not interpreting with anything they were currently doing. David and Christian had Jason's arms pulled over his head and actually grabbed extra zip ties to be able to tie Jason's arms to the metal legs of the table legs that ran directly into the floor. Caleb and Deshawn grabbed his legs to stretch out the lower half of his body doing the same things. Ethan saw what they were doing. Rachael would get to finish him off, but all the men, and most likely some of the women, would take a piece of Jason. Natalie, Jade, and Naomi looked as furious as the men in this room. And then, Jason made it worse on himself.

"Ah, I see Rachael's little people. I'm going to have such a field day destroying you guys now. The little Goth girl, let's see how much pain you can really handle cause I'm pretty sure you could handle more than Rachael did when we all had her at the same time. Six men doing her at once. You'd think it wasn't really possible but we showed her how much of a slut she actually was. And the silent little one. I think I would keep you for myself. With as tiny as you look, I would tear you in half trying to get into you. Then you really would scream for me. And you, Dad's little princess. I can think of so many things to do to you. Maybe chain you on your stomach and take your anal cherry, teach you how to beg for it." The surprising thing was, it wasn't the guys who reacted. It was the girls. Naomi stepped down on the neck of him, cutting off his words and air with her heel. Natalie stepped on his crotch, turning to dig the heel of her shoe into the offending body part, putting plenty of pressure to make him believe she would take off body parts. And Jade walked over and grabbed a very expensive bottle of champagne. "Ethan, I'll pay you for this after I'm done with it." He looked at her confused but just nodded at her, knowing she could afford it. She looked at Jason as Naomi and Natalie had him held. "The problem is that you think we are weak and therefore now will be beaten into submission. We are here to let you know right now, that's not the case. You see Naomi has your throat, Natalie has your balls, and I'm shoving this up your ass to keep you submissive till Rachael gets back. Then, we're going to let her show you what happens when not only do you take away the most important person to her, you take away her right to say no. You take them away and you make her watch the video of you killing that person over and over again." Jade laughed in a sick and twisted way. "Jason, boy, you are so thoroughly fucked when she gets back. You have no idea the types of things she's going to do to you." Jade got the guys to drag him down to the confinement room where they could keep him chained, behind a locked door, and under cameras.

Once he was gone from the room, Jade grabbed Ethan and made him sit on the floor, realizing he was about to fall. She called out for Christian desperately as Ethan started going into a panic attack. She held him as they tried to get him stabilized, but ended up having to sedate him to make sure no one got hurt. Deshawn took him home and Jade stayed at the house to make food for the two of them. She didn't understand what had happened this afternoon. She started cooking dinner and heard when Caleb started talking to Deshawn. They started talking about that was the first time in 8 years that Ethan had an attack. She went about cooking dinner, wanting desperately to ask why what happened to Rachael had to do with it. When she turned with a bowl full of food, almost walking into someone who had been watching her, she squeaked in surprise. Both Caleb and Deshawn came around the corner with guns drawn but put them away when they saw it was Ethan. Caleb took the bowl of food from her and kissed her. Deshawn dished up the meats and placed them on the platter. Ethan grabbed plates while Jade went to get lemonade, but Ethan waved it off and said they would need something stronger.

Jade realized this was no a normal meal when Caleb had her sit in his lap and had her share his food. Ethan started explaining how Rachael coming out of the ceiling like that was a trigger for him. Before, when things were still unstable for his little group, his sister, Becca, had pulled a similar stunt, but had been shot thru the lung and had bled out before they could get her the help she needed. When he saw Rachael fall out of the ceiling, and had the blood coming out of her mouth and chest, he had started shutting down. Not a good thing to do in front of Jason. That's why he was so thankful to her and the girls. They did exactly what they needed to do to keep his attack covered. He was impressed with all of them.

Jade looked at Ethan for a minute, then watched him till he looked at her. "When are you going to tell her, Ethan? If you told her you wanted her right now, she'd throw all of us out and rock your world. You are exactly what she's been looking for her entire life. A man who'll let her fight by his side for the people she cares about. And if you can manage to make her forget about that slime ball the first time you take her, you would have her for life. She doesn't give her heart to many, and I doubt she ever really gave it to him. And she is, from what I've been able to tell, exactly what you need in yours. You both balance each out perfectly. You bring the physical strength. She brings the mental. You both help each other when you're in the middle of one of your episodes. You can teach each other so much and learn so much more from each other. You already know you have a girl who wants to help you with the group. What's it going to take for you to reach out and grab her?"

Chapter 18

Rachael took 4 days to get out of the hospital. She was not asked a single question about why they had been attacked or what had been going on. She knew she had guards on her door, but they just asked her if she wanted to see her guests and if she needed anything.

Her friends let her know in secret that these guys are members from the other clubs who wanted to show their respect for what she did in taking down Jason and his crew. Apparently, they had come to the club to try to destroy everything Ethan had build and Michael, Naomi, and Rachael's actions had stopped them, and now Jason was waiting in a cell for her to get out and decide what she wanted to do with him. She had asked for that specifically and that meant anything and everything that happened to him was entirely at her say so. Rachael got a very contented smile on her face and started mumbling something about going thru files and uncorrupting files. 

She seemed lost for a moment, but finally looked at Jade and asked where Ethan was. Jade looked slightly panicked and said he was at home, bedridden. Rachael knew he had not been here the whole time, but Jade was not good at hiding things. Rachael begged her to tell her what was going on with Ethan. Jade held her hand and told her how when she got shot it threw him back into a PTSD episode and they were having problems keeping him calm. With those words, Rachael threw clothes and shoes on and told someone to check her out of the hospital cause someone was in need of her help.

She let Deshawn and Jade listen to the notes, but she was becoming more and more impatient. She needed to see Ethan. She knew he had already been told she was coming back because everyone was outside when she got there, getting ready for a barbeque and mixing up drinks. Rachael knew he knew she was there because of all the commotion and people saying hi. She managed to bypass all of them and go to Ethan's alone places. She found him sitting in the chair looking out his window. She gently walked up to him and turned him to face her. When the words, " I'm home." came out of her mouth she had to try to catch him and herself. She knew this was all because of his sister. She just needed to be there for him. Just to make sure Ethan knew how much she meant to her, she held his cheeks and looked him in the eyes. "Jason, I need to tell you something very important." She gave him a serious look and softly kissed him, "I love you with all my heart Jason, and I don't want to run the risk of losing you when I still have the chance to tell you.

Ethan wrapped her into a hug and held her close. Once he got his arms around her he swore he was never letting her go again. He picked her up and started kissing her like his very life depended on it. He held her so close that no one could see any air between them, until he started taking their clothes off, trying to get as much skin to skin contact as possible. Once the clothes were gone, Rachael stroked his cock and slid him inside her, the fit being tight because of how long since Jason. Ethan just fingered her harder and got her more worked up. He carried her up to the bed and laid her down on the silk. He knew he was going to hurt her, but he couldn't wait anymore. He whispered,"I love you with all my heart," as he pushed into her and made her his as far as he was concerned. She was his forever! Rachael felt the pain fade quickly and Ethan hooked her legs around his waist. He went at a slow steady pace until she felt she wanted something else. "Ethan,please...," she begged. Him knowing what she wanted, he decided to play with her. He began rocking hard and deep into her. Of course that made it so she couldn't speak cause it was almost what she wanted. "We'll let's try this," and he began fucking her super fast and leaving her breathless, but unable to speak again. "Well, I guess you'll come find me when you've figured out what you want." He kissed her gently then laid her down, but didn't get more than a hair's breathe away before she said,"Yes, yes, and yes!," she said as she wrapped her legs around his waist and bit his shoulder so hard they both knew it would be black in half an hour. Fortunately that turned him on and made him fuck her harder. He ripped her shirt over her head and began biting on her nipples as he fucked her hard and she left little bites around his neck. When he pulled her legs even higher up around his waist, her screaming orgasm hit and she came so hard that she clenched all her muscles of her pussy on him and caused him to cry out as he came, too. They he pulled her on top of him. She laid chest to chest with him and he held her while she held him. As they faded into sleep, they both said,"I'm not alone anymore."

The group was now complete. They had almost finished their first task. The tasks would show themselves, and the group would become closer. How close was the question?

Chapter 19

Rachael stood at the top of the stairs, watching part of their group lead her down, while part of the group would follow her down. She was in the place of power. The place where punishment would be decided. She felt Ethan had her hand and squeezed it gently before she followed the rest of them. It was a slow walk, but she felt her anticipation rising. She felt it rising in her blood and in her mind. She was going to make him pay for what he had done to her and others. She released Ethan's hand as he continues the other way around the circle. Her friends knew they were being initiated into something they couldn't get out of, and none of them wanted to. They wanted to make the corrupt people who slithered in the darkness quake in fear from them.

Rachael looked around the circle and saw even Natalie had the look on her face. She wanted them to pay for stealing her voice. She looked to Jade. She wanted them to pay for stealing her freedom. She looked to Naomi. In Naomi she saw something dark that wanted to feed on all these evil people. Naomi herself was not the darkness, but just the house keeping it there for now. Since he was just like her sometimes, She also looked at Paul. She saw the same darkness. She looked at Ethan and understood he knew what she had seen with Naomi and they were a complete unite now. She held her hands out in either direction taking Ethan and Mark's hands and the rest of the circle connected. Once the last link connected, she felt their hands lock together and she saw a dark light coming from Naomi and Paul. The same dark light surrounding them and the entire group.

Once the light had faded, Naomi and Paul looked at each other and Naomi explained, "We are technically human. We can die, but if we do, we come back with our same memories and set out to hut for our other half. That's why we know what gets to each other, and what "gets" to each other so much. This ritual you just did is part of it. You have 4 parts to complete and some of them you might think might break you. That is why you are doing this as a group. Alone you could not handle it. Together, you can be unstoppable. Some have you have had ideas on how to combine your gifts," Naomi looks over at Jade, "while others have come up with new forms of technology to make everyone's jobs easier," she looks over at Rachael. "Use these ideas, and any you come up with. You were given these gifts and abilities for a reason. Use them to the best of your abilities. We will always be with you at the completion of a mission. Now we begin completing this one."

Rachael focused on Jason. She stepped away front the circle and had the chains turn him over so he was belly down on the ground. She called forth a young boy, looked to be the age of 5 years-old. He looked frail and weak, like his life had been stolen from him. She looked at the boy and gestured to the stick. "Is this about the thickness he was when he took you?"he boy looked down at the ground and nodded. "We will make it an appropriate size for how big he is now." She walked to the other side of Jason and spoke to the boy again, "No matter what screams come out of this man, he will earn everything he did to us, and if I have to replace you in the ritual, it will be 10 times worse for him because I will make sure the staff is bigger. And I will let all the children he did this to have a turn to violate him the way he did to them. I am giving you the closure you should have gotten by ever experiencing a beast like him."  She looked to the first boy, and once the first boy looked at her and nodded, he shoved the staff into Jason's ass as far as he could and watched as Jason shrieked in pain and misery.

They each took their turns, some taking a turn with the staff, some having a bite off of his dick or balls. Rachael watched all the children he had done this to from probably about the age of 4 or 5 and felt sick. The fact that so many children had come thru this all alone sickened her. She felt Ethan kiss her temple and steady her. "It's almost your time." She walked till she was right behind him then motioned for the chains to be turned so he was laying on his back. You have 2 things left to pay for: one I will be doing, the other he will be doing on his own. Rachael stood a little straighter, the fatigue of all of this obvious to all of them. Jason cried like a little child, begging for mercy and forgiveness. Rachael laughed at him, "I know that you'll get neither from me, and from how quickly the other spirits left I don't think you'll get it from them either." At this, she keeled next to him, slide out her razor with it's curved blade, and began to quickly saw his cock and balls off. Once she was done, he was screaming so much again that all she had to do was shove them as far down his throat as they would go. She wiped her hands on a spare cloth and turned back to Ethan and Mark.

Both looked slightly green around the edges, but most of the guys did. Jason continued laying there, choking on his own cock. "Now the final step, we call your final killed. I hope it's a painful for you." The circle connected again and the dark light connected them all again. They all heard the sound of a car in the distance, but knew they were safe. When they finally saw the car barreling it's way thru the distance, Rachael could barely stand. He Daddy was the last spirit. The spirit the take this fucker away. He had known everything Jason had done to her the whole time and how hard she had tried to get away. She saw her Daddy stick his head out the window as he hit the gas and wave at her. As the tire of the spectral car ran over Jason's neck, both the parts were separated and a road burn was left there. Rachael dropped on the spot, too overwhelmed to stay conscious.

"Hey, Mark, who was that waving at her out the window?," Ethan asked as he caught her and held her close, feeling he already knew the answer.

"That was her Daddy, the greatest man who ever lived to her."

Ethan chuckled for a minute, then kissed her again. "I'm hoping that was approval since you already know what we've done."


Submitted: November 23, 2019

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Well done (-:

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Musings by Glenna

An Interesting story-line. It was intriguing and kept my attention, however the grammar and word misspelling seemed to increase with each successive chapter making parts difficult to read. I had to backtrack several times to reorient to what was meant versus what was printed.

Mon, June 6th, 2022 9:20am

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