Central Park Sleepover House A novel

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter One

Submitted: November 28, 2019

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Submitted: November 28, 2019



Central Park apartments

New York, 1991

Megan watched the new Pearl Jam video 'Alive' on MTV. She was eager to think about being a Grunge Girl from Seattle; she moved to the music in her bedroom. "Megan, you have to do your homework", her Mom said. 

"I did it, like, two hours' ago".

"Good. Your Dad has a new VHS video of 'Footloose' with Kevin Bacon".

"Oh, right. He's okay. It's a musical", she said.


"I prefer Anthony Michael Hall".

"Megan, that was the nineteen eighties".

"Yeah, I know, Mom".

"Get with the nineteen nineties".

She was exercising in the loungeroom. 

"Mom. Am I right to go out to a party?", she asked her. 

"Any party, Megan. You don't have a social life; you listen to Seattle grunge music from Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Nirvana; you don't have a life". Megan sighed.

"I want to be a writer", she said.

"Then write. I got you a typewriter for your birthday". Megan nodded. 

Typewriters were from decades past. 

It was nineteen ninety-one.

The modernization of American society had begun.


The idea of getting a computer was on Megan's mind. She was used to the simple way of life hadn't deterred her. 

She was born in nineteen seventy-eight. Her only role models hadn't come until she was eight, in nineteen eighty-six, when Bon Jovi had their hit song 'Livin' on a Prayer', and Guns N' Roses came along with 'Sweet Child o'Mine'. 

But her parents were from Seattle. When Kurt Cobain arrived on the scene, she had brought their early albums on CD. She enjoyed the heavier music scene. It helped her with her homework. "Get headphones", her Mom shouted. She did. She looked at the walls of Slayer, and Iron Maiden, as well as Motorhead.

And Metallica. 

Soundgarden was her favorite band. 

She heard the song 'Nothing to say', and wrote her first short story on her computer.


Megan awoke.

She had a shower, and had breakfast. When she was dressed in her school uniform, and shoes, her parents were in the kitchen. "Good morning, Megan", her Mom said. 

"Good morning, Mom".

"I'll drive you there".

"Fine", Megan stated. 

Then she grabbed her school bag, and they left the house.


Ally saw Megan. 

"You're new".

"Yes, I'm Megan".

"You have a strange accent".



"Yes, you know, grunge music", she said.

"Heavy metal".


"So, do you have a boyfriend?", Ally asked.

"Do you?".

Ally gasped. 

"Yes. Connor Ronaldson".

"I don't go out at night".


"I have family issues".

"This Saturday is my party. Every two weeks. You can come if you like, Megan".


She smiled, and the ice was broken.


Saturday night; 6:00 PM.

Megan was dressed in her favorite Soundgarden T-shirt, black jeans, a black belt, red socks, and grey shoes. On her right hand was her watch. She wasn't used to the "Rich girl party scene"; she thought she wasn't worth pretending to be in Hollywood, or Los Angeles; she was her own girl, nothing more. 

Megan saw Connor.

He smiled, and they connected.

"You're new". 

"Yes, I haven't been here before".

"Nice T-shirt".

"Yeah, it's about the music, you know".

"A lot of people are pretty. And I love 'Sixteen Candles', with Molly Ringwald".

"I saw that movie".

"Would you like to dance?", Megan asked him. 

"Yes", Connor answered her.

She smiled, as Ally vowed to get even.


Megan yawned.


She was glad to meet friends.

A darkness came over the house, as the teenagers were sleepy by Midnight.



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© Copyright 2020 Robert Helliger. All rights reserved.


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