Is It Love Jake?

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - POV: Jake: Competition. Head Vs. Heart

Submitted: December 02, 2019

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Submitted: December 02, 2019



As I am standing outside by the Limo, waiting for Mr. Carter to come out of the building, my mind is  inundated with memories of Devan in my bed this morning. A salacious smile spans the width of my face as I remember her positioned above me with her legs spread open, holding on to the headboard grinding her clitoris in my mouth while screaming in pleasure. My concentration is virtual nonexistent right now because the memory of her this way is all consuming, so much so, that my eyes are glued on the revolving doors of Carter Cooperation, in anticipation of her exiting the building.


My body shudders in an involuntary vibration as I attempt to refocus my absorption on scanning the perimeter to make sure that no dangers are lurking that might threaten Mr. Carter's safety. As I turn around symmetrically scanning the surrounding area, I am slightly successful at redirecting my focus and getting back to work; until... I see her finally departing through the revolving doors.


She and her friend are walking out of the building laughing and deeply entangled in their conversation before they notice me. So I take this opportunity to admire how beautiful she looks. 


She has on a black pencil skirt, that  is hugging her hips and round bottom in all the right places; a cream colored blouse, that possessively cups her breast and then falls loosely to her waist; and those damn high heeled black shoes ...the shoes she always wears in the fantasies that haunt me every night. 


As I am watching her covetously, her eyes find mine and she smiles whimsically as she and her friend Lisa approach the limo. 


I texted her earlier today to arrange for her to get a key to my place because I will be working late tonight; she was unresponsive, which worries me. I am hoping that she hasn't reconsidered staying with me and instead has opted to stay with Daryl instead. Even with this uncertainty looming over me, I can't help but smile when I see her.


"Hello Beautiful," I say as I grab her by the waist and pull her to me so that I can feel her body on mine. I missed you today." I whisper in her ear.


"I missed you too." She replies as I look into her eyes.


"Ahem, " Her friend says reminding us that she is still standing there.


She slowly pulls out of my embrace and my body feels the void as she steps back and stands next to her friend Lisa. 


Jake, you remember Lisa from the concert right?" She asks as I reluctantly take my eyes off  of her and look at Lisa smiling. 


"Hi Lisa, I do remember you. How are you this evening?"


"I am doing great Jake. How are you doing?" Lisa says observing the interaction between us.


"I am doing much better now," shifting my eyes and bringing my attention back to Devan. I reach into my pocket and pull out my extra key to the loft hoping that she will accept them.


"Here is a key to my place.  Feel free to put your things in any of the available bedrooms...or you can stay in my room with me if you like,  it is up to you."  I say hopefully and with a little uncertainty.


"I will be a little late getting in this evening so make yourself at home."


I am relieved when she reaches for the key; and when our hands touch, the  contact and electricity is overwhelmingly crippling because no other woman has made me feel like she does. I ache for her when she is not with me.  The vibrating of her cell phone interrupts our encounter. 


"Excuse me for a minute, I have to take this." She announces holding up her finger as she begins backing away.


I shake my head, mouthing to her to go ahead and take the call.


As I watch Devan backing away, out of my peripheral vision, I see Lisa looking from me and then to Devan and smiling. 


"Sooo lover boy ," she says bringing my attention back to her. "Given any thought to what your going to do for her birthday?"


My eyes expand in surprise because we never got to the part about birthdays, our exes, or our favorite color. I was hoping we would cover that on our date this Thursday.


"You didn't know?!" She says surprised.


I shake my head no.


"Well she loves animals, dogs preferably; Small but beautiful things and fine clothing," she says finishing up as she looks behind her and sees Devan walking back. 


"So what did I miss?" Devan says rejoining the conversation.


"I was telling Jake here that your birthday is Saturday and imagine my surprise when he said that he didn't know." Lisa says  looking at Devan questioningly. 


My face has an equally interrogating look.


" With everything that has been happening, I can barely remember what day it is let alone my birthday; But yay me! I absolutely love my birthday!"She says     1dsgiddily. 


I look at her laughing in surprise because of her  sudden burst of energy and all of her excitement about her birthday. It makes me happy to see her so happy especially after her emotionally charged weekend.


"Unfortunately this year I will be in Paris,  away from my family and friends but you guys can make it up to me when I get back." She says with a cheeky grin.


I smile suggestively. "We can definitely celebrate early...starting with our date Thursday night," 


Lisa interrupts our suggestive exchange. "Are you guys  still going to Daryl's party Friday right?  Brian said that we are going to stop through just for a minute. He said that Daryl's parties are infamous!" 


As Lisa says this, a car pulls up and the driver rolls down the window and calls her name, "Ms. Martinez." 

I suspect that this must be the security that Daryl has set up for her.


She signals the driver to let him know that she will need a minute, so he pulls over and parks in front of Mr. Carter's limo.


She looks over at me skeptically to see if I still want to go to the party with her. If I wasn't bound by this investigation to attend, I really would keep her away from this party because we are putting her directly into the line of fire...she doesn't even know how much danger she is in. But I shake my head yes and smile my approval despite my trepidation.


"We will be there." She says to Lisa and begins to walk to her car where the driver is waiting.


"No,No,No, not so fast," I say objecting to her swift departure as I grab her around her waist, pull her close to me and I whisper in her ear. 


"Wait up for me so I can show you how much I missed you today," 


My body reacts instinctively to her body as my hardness presses against her.


"I will," she whispers back as she nuzzles against me. 


She pulls away from me reluctantly and ask Lisa if she needs a ride anywhere. Lisa says that she is meeting Brian at the Starlight for drinks so she will be okay. Satisfied that Lisa  will be fine, Devan waves goodbye to both of us and gets  into the car, disappearing into the night.


When I can't see Devans car anymore, I turn around to find Lisa still standing next to me, watching me quizzically, as if she is debating with herself about something.


"Is everything okay Lisa?" I say looking  at her as if I am peering through her brain trying to figure out what's going on up there.


She smiles, I guess resolving  to utter whatever it is that her subconscious was determined to keep her from saying.


"I like you Jake and from where I am standing, Devan is totally captivated by you; Which is saying a lot because she has only been with one man since what happened to her; and he wants her too. So be patient with her because although it looks like she knows what she is doing she does not; but make sure she knows how you feel." She says literally.


Surprised by her forwardness, I respond equally as bold. "So I am competing?"


She smiles as she starts to walk away shaking her head. "You might not be...but he certainly is...Good night Jake." She says as she waves goodbye . 


I turn my attention back to the revolving doors as I think about what Lisa said. I know that she was talking about Daryl and she was basically telling me that Devan is having a hard time deciding between Daryl and me which I am sure her telling me this is breaking the girlfriend code of silence,  but she thought it was necessary that I knew...which means that she is rooting for me.


My thoughts are immediately interrupted as I see Mr. Carter coming through the revolving doors. I walk towards him, looking around to make sure he is safe before I take his briefcase and hurry him to the car and I open  the car door. 


"Thanks Jake," he says as he gets in the car, I give him his briefcase back and I close the door behind him.


When I drop Mr. Carter off at his first dinner meeting, I park in front of the restaurant. After about 30 minutes of waiting in the car, I decide to take my phone from my jacket pocket and listen to the live audio fed from Devan's phone. I put my ear plugs in my ear and turn up the volume.


- (Door closing)


: Daryl? 


- (things dropping to the floor....running...kissing...panting)


: (whispering) "Please tell me that you are still all mine. Have you given yourself to him yet?"


SOUND: (kissing...walking up stairs)




"Damn it!" I say as I pull the earpiece out of my ear and slam my fist on the dashboard.


I have a sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach that she is going to have sex with him and I am furious and consumed with jealousy. That bastard is taking advantage of her vulnerability and I can't do a damn thing about it.  I look at my phone and start dialing her number. 


"Please pick up...", I say to myself in desperation as I listen to the ringing of her phone,  as disappointment sets in after every unanswered ring...then it goes to voicemail. 


I try one more time...but still no response but I leave a voicemail message this time.


"Hey Devan. Just wanted to make sure you didn't have a problem getting into the loft. Call me when you get this. "


As I am sitting in the car, my mind is going crazy thinking about everything that he is possibly doing to her. And in my despair, I decide that I am going to drive over there, beat his ass and take her home with me. 


I start up the limo,  with the express mission of stopping this before it is too late. But as I am about to pull out of the parking space, I see Mr. Carter coming out of the restaurant shaking hands with the clients he just had drinks with, 


"Damn." I say as I put  the car in park, and get out of he Limo to open the door for him. I wait patiently as Mr. Carter says his final good-byes and gets into the car; we are off to his next meeting. 


While I am driving, I try to contain my emotions because I am still on a job that needs my absolute attention and I can't afford any distractions. I am subconsciously thankful that Mr. Carter arrived when he did because I was about to ruin this whole investigation because of my emotional attachment to this woman. My bosses words infiltrates my irrationally thought and behavior as I remember the word he said to me this morning about treating her as an asset and not as a woman that I have feelings for because my feeling for her can compromise all rational thought and may involuntarily cause me to abandon my training thus getting me killed. I have to find a way to get my feelings in check. 


When we arrive at Mr. Carter 's second appointment, I get out of the car to let him out before getting back into the drivers seat. 

I put the ear piece back into my ear waiting to find out if what I suspect is true....








After I drop Mr. Carter off at his penthouse with his female guest, I am edgy and nervous because I haven't heard anything from Devan and it has been 3 hours of torture. I am just about to take the earpiece out of my ear when I finally hear Daryl's voice on the audio feed.


: (on the phone) Matt, when can you get to the Villa? Devan is here sleeping but she is going to want to talk to you when she wakes up.


: ———————



: Damn it Matt! So what if I had sex with her? I already told you how I feel about her! Does it really matter why she is here?! Can you just please come over...and bring Brian too! We have a lot to discuss!


: (sounds like someone picking things up.....footsteps walking.....door opens...things being put down....door closes)



I take the earpiece out of my ear as I pull the car into the garage of the limo agency that services the vehicles for Carter Cooperations; and I get out of the car. I walk over to the office to fill out the necessary paperwork and then I get into my car heading to I don't know where. 


As I am driving , the thoughts in my head are having an epic battle with the feelings in my heart. Just thinking about him touching her, kissing her and entering her is too much for me to take in. I think that I am falling in love with her and I realize, for the first time tonight,  that I am not only angry with that jackass Daryl for exploiting her vulnerability and using her allegiance to him against her; I am also angry with her for giving herself to him so willingly...I thought that we had something special. 


I can't go home to her right now because of the things I just heard on the audio feed. I don't trust myself not to confront her with the information I just learned; and I am not confident that I won't walk in the loft demanding explanations from her. How do I explain to her how I know these things? How do I remain professional and prevent my emotions from assuming control over all rational thought and behavior? 


As I ponder these questions, I realized that my car has steered itself  to a bar in Queens that I frequently visit when I don't want to run into anyone that I know. I get out of the car, go inside and grab a booth in the back. The bartender recognizes me and smiles as she walks over to take my order.


"Hey Jake, what can I get you tonight?"


"A whiskey neat...and keep them coming."


"Sure thing, Jake"


As I am sitting at the table trying to regain control of my emotions before I see her, Lisa's words from earlier this evening comes to mind:


"I like you Jake and from where I am standing, Devan is totally enchanted by you...So be patient with her because although it looks like she knows what she is doing she does not; but make sure she knows how you feel." 


I sigh and down drink after drink while drowning in complete uncertainty; because right now, my head is plummeting the feelings of my heart because I can't explain or justify with any logical, plausible reasoning what hope I might have against the history that they share. How do I convince her to abandon everything that she knows ,and apparently loves, for something undetermined and new?


I signal the bartender for the bill as I take out my phone to call an Uber; because I am in no condition to drive. After I call the Uber, I decide to listen in on her one last time before I head home. I am searching for something, anything that will prevent my unbridled emotions from blowing this entire investigation into tiny little pieces.


: (door slam...footsteps....kissing)


: (breathless) whispering - If you were mine...The things I would do to you this very moment..."


:  I am not yours anymore Daryl, I want to be with Jake. I need to try to get over you because I want a family outside of all of this violence, the gang and everything that your life entails. I want a boring and peaceful life with a man that is not threatened with death everyday." 


: "This is a temporary break for me Mi Corozan.  You are making decisions based on faulty information and I will back away now, for your safety but I will not let you go forever." (PAUSE) You know that this is the safest place for you, so I want you to reconsider staying here because Jake won't be around as much as you think he will be anymore."


: What have you done?!"


: Ask Jake about his new job." 


: (door closing)


I slowly take the earpiece out of my ear not really believing what I just heard...she does have feelings for me and not only that, she is thinking about possibly creating a future with me. 


When the bartender comes over, she lays my bill on the table and smiles at me.  "Can I get you anything else?" She says.


"Several cups of coffee would be great I need to sober up."


"Coming right up," she says walking back to the bar.


I decide, with new found hope, that Daryl has not won her back yet and that I still have time to make her mine; but that Asshole, probably out of spite, told her information that I didn't want to share with her until after Paris. I have to sober up so that I can get myself ready to answer questions that I know she will have about me working for Daryl.  Professionally, I have to redirect my focus to this investigation so that I won't get myself killed; and personally, I have to get my feelings in check so that I can convince her that she belongs with me not him...let the games begin.

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