No Care in the World

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - A Friend!

Submitted: December 02, 2019

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Submitted: December 02, 2019



Dale eventually made it to the nearby town centre where a majority of the shops were, nonchalantly killing upwards of one hundred demons. And if the monsters weren’t targeting Dale, they were after the humans running around near him. He paid none of them any attention, simply munching on his sandwich and figuring out where to go and what to do.

Food doesn’t last forever. It wasn’t long until Dale finished his little meal, but he remained a little peckish. He quickly put that hunger aside though as, in a pub window, he spotted a lone beer, untouched from all the carnage happening around him. The only working light was illuminating it, begging Dale to indulge and drink it.

Practically skipping, he made his way into the bar and found the table with the pristine beer resting atop it. Eyes sparkling, he swiped it and started chugging. After he drank about half of the alcoholic beverage he pulled the pint glass away from his lips and let out a large gasp. “Oh that hit the spot!”

Seeing as no one was around to keep things in check, he went behind the counter and refilled his glass. Dale could tell which brand it was from the taste, there was no way he’d mistake the brand and refill half his beer with the wrong thing.

With the glass almost overflowing, Dale carefully made his way outside while sipping the drink. He continued to make his way around town, looking at every shop while someone ran up to him, begging for help. That person was crushed not even a second later by the foot of a large beast. The blood sprayed everywhere, almost reaching Dale’s beer. Without hesitation he used the golden light to protect his alcohol and turned to stare down the beast.

“That was close, asshole. You almost ruined my drink.”

The beast probably didn’t understand English, but it still roared in response. To that, Dale cut the demon into a dozen pieces, multiple golden flashes appearing over its body for a second.

Now that that nuisance was dead, Dale kept moving. For some reason he was reminded that there was a game shop nearby with arcade machines in it. It totally wasn’t because of the blood and gore happening around him reminded him of a certain combat game famous for its brutality.

I hope the place hasn’t lost power. That’d be a real shame. His power could do many things, but it couldn’t generate electricity, so there was a high chance he was out of luck. There were many buildings that had been destroyed, and even more that’d been damaged in some way. The game shop was probably just rubble now.

Just one third remained in his pint glass. I got through this quicker than I thought I would. Maybe I should go back for a refill. Dale contemplated as he went to round a corner.

Something rushed around said corner at an insane speed, the wind created by the sheer force of movement was strong enough to make Dale’s drink slip out of his hand. His eyes widened as he could do nothing but watch his drink hit the ground in slow motion. The glass shattered and the beer splashed all over, even reaching his shoe.

He didn’t move or think for a few seconds, trying to process what he’d just lost. Many would argue that it’s just a glass with beer in it, that can be replaced with ease. But it’s the principal, you know. That glass was begging to be taken and looked after, but now it lay on the stone path in pieces.

Off to the side stood a bipedal creature, it’s scales a sickly green and spikes coming out of random parts of it’s limbs. Dangling from its jaw was a person, but she was only caught by the clothes, she didn’t appear to be injured in any way.

Not like Dale cared. He was just upset that his drink was ruined. He turned to face the creature and, before it could move weirdly fast like before, numerous golden flashes appeared around the demon. Dale wasn’t in the business of harming people, so the woman dropped to the ground unharmed now that the monster had been thoroughly killed.

Panting heavily, the woman rushed up to him. “That was you, right?! Thanks so much!”

“Huh? Yeah yeah, whatever.”

If Dale even cared a little, he’d have taken notice of the woman. Her silky brown hair was in a single ponytail that was long enough to pass her waist. Speaking of waist, she had the perfect hourglass figure. She wore a thick beige ribbed sweater and denim skinny jeans. To say she was good looking might be an understatement.

She glanced around as Dale looked over his spilled drink and paid it respect in his head. It was possibly the first time since the monsters showed up that it’d quietened down. There were no civilians in sight and only a few monsters flying in the distance. “Um, what are you doing now?” She asked.

Dale briefly looked her way and then looked roughly in the direction of the game store. “Going to the arcade.”

That didn’t seem to register with her properly. “...What do you mean?”

He clicked his tongue and began walking off. “I don’t have to answer to you.”

“Ah, wait, wait!” She grabbed his arm. “Um, I’ll do anything you ask, so please, take me with you.”

“...Anything?” A rather sketchy grin appeared on his face, making the woman wince. “Then, be my friend!”

Strictly speaking, Dale had never really had friends. From what he could remember, his childhood was pretty normal and the job he’d gotten himself wasn’t anything special. Both in school and at work it seemed like people just found it hard to approach him, although he didn’t know why. This may be the first proper friend he ever has.

Again, she had to take a second to process what he’d just said, staring at him blankly. “Like, sex friend? That’s what you’re asking for, right?”

“What?! Heavens no! I would never ask for such a thing.” His voice changed to reflect that of a posh person that he’d seen in a drama once, but the act vanished fast as he started twiddling his thumbs. “It’s just, you know, it’ll be boring on my own. The world’s ending so there won’t be many people left.”

“But you easily killed that monster, why aren’t you going around saving everyone? The world doesn’t have to end if you don’t want it to.” With her breathing finally in check, Dale noted that the woman had a good, calming voice to listen to.

“It’s not my fault monsters invaded, I don’t see why I should do something about it.” He nonchalantly claimed. It was so casual that it stunned the woman into silence for a third time.

She looked like she had something to say, but swallowed it and chose her words carefully. “Well if you’re fine with me, then I’ll be your friend.”

“Good! Then let’s go play some games. We’ll go eat at a restaurant or something afterwards. Oh, I’m Dale by the way.”

They set off side by side, the woman giving a wry smile. “I doubt there’s any chefs around to cook us a meal. And I’m Madeline. Just Maddie is fine though.”

...I definitely had friends. Why did I think otherwise?

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