Paradise - Found (Interactive Exploration Story)

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In 2391, a supercompany named SeRec sends a small five-person crew to a planetoid in the Andromeda galaxy named Planet Paradise. Before launch, this small five-person crew gets a sixth member- a stowaway. By the time the ship gets to Planet Paradise, approximately five years later, the five crew members are dead from Star Disease, leaving the stowaway alone. The stowaway believes he's going to an inhabited planet with other people, and a place he can make a life in.

How wrong he was.

Submitted: December 02, 2019

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Submitted: December 02, 2019



Five years, two months, fourteen days. After five years, two months, and fourteen days, the space vessel Explorer finally landed.

It has been approximately five years, two months, and fourteen days since the sixteen-year-old Adam Samuels decided to stow away on a company-owned exploration vessel. Adam had never figured out where this ship was going, but it had supplies, so he assumed that the Explorer was going to a populated area. How wrong he would be. When the landing gear of the ship finally finished cycling and four small metal poles connected to the ground outside the ship, Adam knew it was safe. The landing ramp lowered, and took hold, allowing Adam to exit the small ship.

Finally. Adam had waited so long to get out of this cramped vessel and see other people besides the same five faces. Those five faces eventually died due to Star Disease, and over time, Adam had forgotten what those faces looked like. Of course, he could step back and look, but no, that wasn’t a concern. Adam simply wanted to feel ground on his feet. He was tired of looking every which way and seeing steel in multiple patterns. Adam glanced at the open ramp through the airlock, before moving to a small table and picking up a tablet. He tapped it, and the screen beeped to life. He glanced at the tablet, his eyes moving from left to right as he read. Bars of varying meanings and volumes colored green- Adam had seen tablets like these before and knew what they meant. He could walk outside without a suit. Adam had heard that the five crew members originally planned to wear All-Terrain Atmosphere Suits, basically space suits. Adam was concerned- if he couldn’t leave the ship without one, he was in trouble.

While Adam did have some experience with technology like this before he became a stowaway, he had never experienced company flying. Never had he worn a suit like that, only seen it. The same could be said for a lot of things on the ship. Adam couldn’t fly it. He had picked up how the automated mapping worked, but nothing else. Before leaving the ship, Adam went to the bathroom to mentally prepare himself. He had to look nice if he was going to avoid the people on this planet from questioning him.

He glanced for a moment in the mirror, taking in his details. Curly black hair that went to the halfway point on his forehead. Brown eyes, decently pale skin. His nose was average, and his chin was rounded. He had a bit of a smuggler look to him, something that he was proud of. After Adam took care of other things, he left the restroom and stepped to the airlock door, pressing a button to open it. He entered the airlock, and it closed behind him. There was an atmosphere on this planet, so no filtering was done. The other door opened right away, revealing the whole planet to him. As he stepped off the ramp, he was horrified at what he saw. No rocks. No grass. No water. No buildings, at least no human buildings. When his feet first stepped onto the ground, his shoe colliding with the fleshy flora beneath him made a squelching and terrifying sound that made his skin crawl. He pulled his foot up to look at what he’d stepped on. Disgusting. What appeared to be blood and fluid could be seen on the shoe.

Adam placed his foot back on the ground and inhaled. The air had a fucking smell, and it was visible. The air made the sky look orange, and it smelt disgusting, like a human body after rotting for days. Adam had to deal with it- no way he was getting back on the ship and risking Star Disease. Adam pressed onward, looking at the strange outcroppings that patterned on the ground. The outcroppings looked like bodies, remains of creatures..strange, but they didn’t seem to surprise Adam. It was like he was expecting the remains of creatures.

As Adam pressed on, he came upon a pipe. The pipe looked like...ventilation, or escape pipes, maybe. He placed his hand on the top of the pipe. It felt like metal, but not a metal he was used to. He dragged one of his fingers on the rim and looked at the finger after. The pipe wasn’t rusting, it had some sort of flakey material on the metal exterior. He wiped his finger on his protective fiber jeans and thought about his next option. He could either press on or climb down the vent.

And here is where I pause. What does Adam do next? YOU tell me! Leave a comment about what should happen next. The more comments for either choice is what I will continue to write with. Thanks for reading! (Note - Bold font will always be me talking to the people reading this.)

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